Jozo, Dedryck and maturing as a footballer


Ronny Deila will see his international players begin a staggered return to Lennoxtown today as he prepares for two away games: in Motherwell and Molde. If Leigh Griffiths’ modest calf strain is the only injury the manager will have to worry about, he’ll be delighted.

The injury which occupies most fans is the sprained ankle which has kept Jozo Simunovic from playing since making his debut a month ago. Celtic’s greatest need right now is consistency of selection in defence. We need to allow a first choice central defensive pairing to become established, and that’s almost certainly going to involve Jozo, our most expensive signing 8 years.

Jozo’s partner is likely to be Dedryck Boyata. Dedryck has played 18 games this season. His career total prior to arriving at Celtic was 32 games, a low tally for a player who turns 25 next month.

The early season form Dedryck demonstrated was patchy, but with only 32 games stretching over five years, there’s lots about the game the player is still picking up, not least of all playing meaningful games in front of thousands of fans. He was caught-out by a fast bounce at Hamilton but since representing Belgium in a European Championship qualifier against Bosnia last month I think there’s been a perceptible improvement.

For some years now we’ve talked about how many games a player needs to have played for your scouts to decide he’s a genuine talent, but before the wealthy English step in. Dedryck, and Jozo, are still a dozen games short of the mark Wanyama, Hooper and van Dijk were when they became Celtic players. Which means the next few months should tell us lots.

Don’t bet against them establishing a very strong partnership.

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  1. HAMILTONTIM on 12TH OCTOBER 2015 8:20 PM


    Evening gents.



    Only on very briefly. I didn’t get a ticket from Celtic for Hearts away. I’m not sure why as I’ve more than met the criteria, in fact I’ve taken tickets directly from the club for every one of hundreds of games.




    HT, fed up yelling you about the people you hing about with but, Ill get ye a ticket :-))))







    Hey ho, not happy but there you go.







    Anyway, if anyone hears of any spares can you please contact me at hamiltontim88@yahoo.co.uk



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/jozo-dedryck-and-maturing-as-a-footballer/comment-page-3/#comments

  2. H.T.


    That made me laugh, the thought of you sitting in amongst the Jambos.


    Although!!!!! when we played them in the cup, at Tynecastle, the last time, they didn’t even come close to selling out their allocation.

  3. Hunderbirds are gone..


    So you havin a go at me Cool.


    .Bitton Couldnae get in the Arsenal Midfield wi a Crowbar….Better than Ramsay..na…Better than Ozil….aye ok i tell the Jokes…He aint better than VIC67 and hes at Southampton not Arsenal….




  4. Thanks to all for Saturday, BMCWPs, and everyone else.16 Roads, Thunder Road, especially for organising the lift home.




  5. glendalystonsils on



    Saw the Jim Diamond RIP on Friday I think but it didn’t resonate with me I am ashamed to say. His brother Larry plays in our Monday competition and when I saw him a fortnight ago he was telling about burying his Mum the previous week. Some people don’t get a good hand dealt. RIP JIM DIAMOND.



    I knew Jim years ago when we both played in bands in my student days. A lovely guy and very talented.




    I’m heading to Puerto del Carmen (Lanzarote) on Wednesday. Can anyone advise of Celtic friendly bars where I can watch games while I’m there?



    Thanks in advance,








  7. BGX



    So in effect, if Nir Bitton is not nearly good enough, even ‘with the effect of a crow bar’ then you’ll not be the slightest bit bothered that SMSM are linking him with………………………. the Gooners?



    Arsenal sent spies ( don’t cha know )



    just asking like csc.

  8. Hunderbirds are Gone on




    Not having a go at you right off. It’s all about opinions, in my opinion Biton already is as good as VW was when he left Celtic. In your opinion, obviously not. Whether he is good enough for Arsenal in a years time, and whether they will pay good money for him, well that will be down to whoever the Arsenal manager is at that time.



    Correct me if I’m wrong, but your inference was that Biton is pash. I don’t agree. Nae drama.

  9. Hunderbirds are Gone…I already said ilike Bitton , He aint within a Mile of the Arsenal midfield…Will he be good enough in the future, i Dont know…Will they buy him at the end of This season on what hes shown so far in a Celtic jersey….


    I REALLY doubt it…..Its Arsenal….not Southampton….


    Bournesrecipe……i dont believe a word from SMSM…..They once linked me with Ms Diamond Jackson..


    .It was Nonsense…we were Jus Good Friends…..

  10. Hunderbirds are Gone on



    “I can’t hear a thing sir”


    “That’s just it Carruthers, it’s too damn quiet” :-)))

  11. VP thanks for the link to Neily Mochan. A bit before my time but must have been some player and backroom guy. Can’t wait for the film.


    Sorry to have missed Bobby’s Hootenanny .


    Interestingly, probably only to me was that when after the home game against Maribor


    and I thought we were going to the CL draw, I checked the dates for our ties and almost every one was near impossible to attend given shift patterns and potential swaps. UL games work in pretty well as it happens.


    Sorry for tempting fate.




  12. leftclicktic,



    Thanks m8ty.



    In true petec stylie, here is a track that will annoy, I wonder why? ;))



    Positions of authority are being trampled on, there is no reason for Benedict not to still be the Pope.



    Babylon as well



    It is a sad state of affairs when you support Vladimir Putin in his exposing of the Western LIEs.



    End Times are here and people are behaving incredibly strange. I blame that Cern thing going on.



    I cannae wait to see some of the 2000 age group break into this Celtic team, and the sooner the better.

  13. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Flamin’ pop ups on an ole chilly mornin’.



    it’s an ole Bbbbrrrrrr Ggggggggggrrrrr

  14. Good morning all, it’s cold here in Dublin. I hope all the players return injury free.



    It is budget day here in Ireland, the last one before the election. predIctions are that it will be the biggest giveaway budget ever. I won’t be holding my breath though, I’d say I’ll be a few euro better off each month.

  15. Morning all.



    Threatening weather-wise down here. Beyond the looming black clouds, it’s the ole “red sky at morning” scenario…………………Not too promising.



    Any promising news coming out of Parkhead, or even more promising news coming out of Govan?

  16. West End of East End on

    YogiHughes – Haven’t seen any replies to you for PDC, If the game is on Sky or BT then it shouldn’t be a problem as most bars will show it. If it’s a Celtic TV game only, then Brendan Behan in the Irish Centre in the old town will show it.



    I’m heading out a week today so will watch the Dundee Utd game in Brendan Behan….

  17. Seems like the ole blog-police-clique has emptied the place.


    The cage-rattling-rebel-malcontents who will ‘never’ conform to the ‘lets all be establishment bitches mantra’ espoused by the board when they, were more than willing creators of the law that see’s the Green Brigade watching the Celtic from a virtual kettled-gulag inside their own stadium that their parents paid to build with their share-issues which were, oversubscribed during the McCann era.


    Celtic supporters born during the Desmond & Lawwell era are, born into the bondage of a hierarchy who would, throw you all into the river if it meant that they’d maintain their teflon-image….in the eyes of those fans who canny see through the kowtowing hierarchy.


    The huns might go into administration on Friday(I wish they would go away awe the gither)….but, they’ll get a helping hand to pull them out the fire.


    The killer bow for the huns can only be delivered by the Celtic board who are supposed to represent their fans and, shareholders who’ve been robbed of, 22 trophies and x-amount of CL-money-pots since the inception of the David Murray era….imho.


    Problem is….Celtic’s hierarchy, dizny constitute the types of folk within their structures who….hurt enough to do the right thing….use their clout….33% of the financial turnover in Scottish football represents clout enough to, demand that the huns are suspended from ‘all’ levels of football until, all of the money that Rangers FC stole is paid back in full and, all the trophies that they stole are rescinded….imho.


    When the Celtic board took all the ‘honest-mistakes’ and, the LNS verdict on the chin….they should have been emptied….even the Aberdeen fans smelt a kowtowing-rat what with their banner at Celtic Park – “Celtic – Your silence is deafening!”…..and yet, Celtic supporters with apathy coursing through their veins…followed the boards lead and….looked the other way.


    Empty statements….nameless statements on the club website….decrying the FAC-Bill-thingy….fool no one….dont forget, the ones behind the statement on the club website have their fingerprints all over the creation of the FAC-Bill-thingy….dont ‘ever’ forget that….coz if you do….then you have been taken in….and that is the real ‘shame’ in all of this mess…imho.


    Celtic supporters will always, always, always, always be in rebellion in this country(Scotland)…and, the day that ‘that’ stops….will be the day when this island is covered with water.


    Dont ‘ever’ forget who you are.


    Dont ‘ever’ be taken in by folk who, dont get ‘who’ you are.


    When that day arrives….ye can put the lights out.


    Give the keys of Celtic FC to…Jeanette Findlay….the female Jeremy Corbyn….whats not to like?


    Take Care Tims….Off oot. YNWA.

  18. Can anybody that’s involved with a CSC tell me what benefit they bring to the club that sees them get a guaranteed allocation for the away games, if they still do (they certainly used to).



    Given that the CSC’s will be getting a fair whack of the allocation those outside the CSCs were always going to be balloted leading to Hamilton Tim’s frustration.



    In the period I worked in the TO it was probably the most complained about process and unfortunately there’s no perfect way of doing it.

  19. lennon's passion on

    Hamiltontim Jp just tweeted hearts will have 5000 empty seats doesn’t understand why Celtic aren’t getting more.




    Build a bonfire

  20. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    I am guessing that the Club believes Supporters Clubs help towards encouraging fans to continue going to games and they, the Club, want to ensure that continues.


    The above does NOT mean I agree with the policy. There is quite obviously something seriously flawed if a great supporter like Hamilton Tim is not able to get a ticket.


    Apart from the flawed policy, let us not forget that Hearts are also culpable.



  21. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    If Hearts really are 5,00 down on what I assume was their estimate, then I won`t be at all surprised if they suddenly have an about turn for ` the sake of Scottish football`. Money is God.






    PS I have a box of matches somewhere 0:-)

  22. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    Have all our players involved in Internationals now completed their National Service? Are they back at Paradise?






  23. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    Fav Unc



    ” J F you can keep she went on radio and got done over first question. ”


    Could you enlarge upon that , please?




  24. lennon's passion on

    WEEMINGER on 13TH OCTOBER 2015 9:22 AM



    Csc are the back bone of local communities. Let’s say a bus takes 40 people to paradise at a reasonable price. No bus how many say can’t get to game don’t renew season card. Multiply that by 100s lots of income lost to Celtic.


    Away side of bus 40 members maybe get 8 away tickets for each away game. They have to take these tickets then sell them on. Not every game is Hearts away. Allocation is cut when tickets are scarce,so the bus gets 3 guaranteed there will be some form of dispute on every bus about ticket allocation. With most of the away bhoys have the same arguments as Hamiltontim. I’ve been here there every Fecking where.


    Always the same with big games corporates take there allocation. Regular away support who will be at Motherwell will miss out.

  25. lennon's passion on

    GEORDIE MUNRO on 13TH OCTOBER 2015 9:51 AM



    Have read it wrong mate he sent that tweet to jp. Was wondering how jp tweet was not on my timeline. Sorry folks for the duff information.

  26. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    An excellent account of the reasons and vagaries involved. Apart from shedding light on ticket allocation, your post might encourage posters to realise that sometimes there is more to many situations than at first seems obvious. They would then, perhaps, voice their opinions in a more rational way. Perhaps 0:-)




  27. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    I now see your 9:57 post! Let me assure you I was not referring to you when I typed my final sentence!!!




  28. Lp,



    No worries. I really can’t see 5000 empty tbh.




    I can’t see us getting any more either unfortunately




  29. lubo of the lamp on

    KEVJUNGLE – 9:07 am



    “The killer bow for the huns can only be delivered by the Celtic board…”




    If you want yourself, children and grandchildren to be able to walk the streets in safety then the “killer blow” should be delivered by anyone NOT associated with Celtic in any way, shape or form. The psychotic elements within The Rangers support are bad enough as it is, as the carnage they have inflicted over the years clearly demonstrates, without them being able to associate us in any way for their demise – the sequel.



    “Take Care Tims….Off oot. YNWA.”



    We’d sure have too if we followed your advice including wearing a made to measure, pin stripe, 3 piece Kevlar suit of armour and matching helmet.

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