Jullien early return unlikely. Bolton sign off CVA


I doubt that Christopher Jullien was included in our Europa League squad is an indication that he will appear in a Celtic shirt near you anytime soon.  The final group game is three months away, a timeframe that is more likely for Chris to be ready for European action.

The player was a crucial addition to the team that won our ninth successive title, performing memorably heroics in that season’s Europa League group.  His goal in the League Cup Final that season resulted in one of the sweetest Hampden moments in a clutch of several in recent seasons.  You will recall, though, that his early season form in the summers of 2019 and 2020 was far from his best.  He is a player who takes a month longer to get up to match fitness than others.

Having not kicked a ball since December, the work required to get him back to his peak will be considerable.  It will do him no favours to force him into a level of competition he is not ready for.

I was delighted to hear Bolton Wanderers agreed a CVA with creditors two years after going into administration.  Chairwoman Sharon Brittan said; “After a very challenging two years we are absolutely delighted to confirm that the Club has reached agreement with its unsecured creditors.

“This ensures that we have met our obligations, satisfied the EFL requirements and are therefore free of any embargoes and penalties.”

Bolton faced a number of winding-up orders but clung to survival long enough to meet creditors’ requirements.  It is remarkable how few football clubs actually go to the wall, most fans find a way to pay creditors and keep their linage intact.

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    Well Austria’s neighbours are HUNgry .


    However Austria is around 90% catholic.


    There were cheering crowds welcoming Hitler back home but there were also many opposed to the nazi’s and they paid with their lives.



    My friends in Celtic,


    I see referees are getting pelters for international games


    Just about every game watched draws criticism of referees.


    I’m not here to defend the standard of refereeing, but perhaps the game of football has changed so much over the years that we ( CQN’ERS) have not kept pace, and referees are refereeing to the modern game.







    You may well be correct but I referenced the Ireland v Portugal which was basically a long love letter between the ref and Ronaldo. Gave Portugal a penalty which I thought was the correct decision in real time. VAR asked him to review it and this clearly showed that the Ireland player got the ball, he ignored the slow motion and still pictures and gave it anyway! Justice was done as the Ireland goalie saved it. Before the penalty was taken Ronaldo raised his hands to an Ireland player, made contact, no action taken. In the second half Ireland should have had a penalty, replays showed the Portuguese defender climbed over the back of the Irish defender, I heard on the night, from so called pundits, that the Irish boy ‘went down too easily’ there’s no such rule, he was either fouled or he wasn’t! An Ireland player went down injured and he was desperately trying to get him off the pitch as Ronaldo was in his ear complaining, the Irish player was subsequently found to have broken his ankle! He gave Portugal a free kick for nothing, the Portuguese players even played on, from which they scored. That isn’t counting the extra time he added to the extra time for no apparent reason, other than giving Portugal extra time to score the winner. Added to this he was also smiles and gushing as he handed Ronaldo a yellow card for taking off his shirt after scoring the winner. Some reports suggest that the refs phone number was on the card! Rant over, hail, hail!




    Excellent point…



    As an erstwhile contributor would say… Some much needed uncommon sense.



    T’was debating the other day on the failures of Celtic managers* to bring through Academy players in sufficient numbers and quality.



    Rather than discuss the reasoning, the respondents were academy failure denialists and some p! $$ poor excuses.



    Rather than suggest Chelsea got it all wrong re:Gilmour, we should be debating why the Celtic “new academy of excellence” project failed and what is needed to improve it.



    Hopefully we can open the discussion up – the DofF seems to me a great suggestion to start.



    *I’m well aware this failure was multiple and does not sit with the managers alone.



    Hail Hail

  4. glendalystonsils on




    A full reserve league such as we used to have , would help. Loaning young players out might help them gain experience , but other teams have different playing styles/systems which may not give them experience of playing the Celtic way . Unfortunately there are not many clubs who have the resources to operate a reserve team .

  5. Weebobbycollins on

    I don’t want to touch the green bit..how dim does Gilmour’s mum across? Embarrassing really.

  6. I remember when Ronaldo booted Broonie in front of the ref at a shy or some other stoppage. Straight red for violent conduct…nothing.



    One rule for them and another for us plebs.

  7. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    I wouldn’t wear an Orange Order Uniform – what does that say about me??? Bigot!!!!




    You make some very good points.



    Question : Can you ever remember a Celtic game where the referee and his team haven’t come in for criticism on here?



    The planets referees can’t all be bad. I have come to the conclusion that the game I was brought up with is a totally different game today and refereed totally differently.



    Cheers and HH.



    Por Cierto


    “The only manager I can think of who put an effort into youth development was Alex Millar at Hibernian .


    Just look at the players that came through that system .”



    That was an incredible amount of excellent players in that era, and it didn’t happen by chance. por cierto

  10. Ronaldo elbowed Lustig in front of the referee, Portugal v Sweden a couple of years ago…….nothing happened




    Easily one of the most one sided referee performances I’ve ever seen. From the first to the last whistle he did his best to make sure Ronaldo broke the record that night.

  12. AN TEARMANN on 8TH SEPTEMBER 2021 3:22 PM.



    I was thinking more about European games, where the referee is not from this country.



    Talking Mcginley; yes I am aware of his past, orange Hall dinners etc.



    He even had the audacity to criticise John Reid for insinuating ( quite correctly) that Celtic were victims of institutional bias in Scotland.








    You make some very good points.


    Question : Can you ever remember a Celtic game where the referee and his team haven’t come in for criticism on here?


    The planets referees can’t all be bad. I have come to the conclusion that the game I was brought up with is a totally different game today and refereed totally differently.


    Cheers and HH.





    No probably not although to be fair to most on here, including myself, our bar for refereeing competence is so low that if the ref gets the coin toss right, we’re well impressed. The game has changed but there’s no doubt referees have lot more help than they ever did; assistant referees, 4th officials, VAR, there’s no need to get the big decisions wrong any more. However, to be fair to referees UEFA, FIFA ensure that the big teams and their ‘stars’ are also on show, it’s a product which can’t be diminished by ‘stars’ being refereed the same as the others, it’s all about the money and referees are fully aware of this.


    All aboard the money train, referees included.

  14. Is Gilmour better than Karomoka Dembele ?


    Or just as he plays in Ingurland, and been given a chance, that he can be seen


    PS – Think Karomoka has chosen Ingurland has he not ???

  15. McPhail Bhoy



    I agree on the ref in the Por v Ire game but the Irish player who got a wee girly slap on the arm had backheeled the ball away and then went down as if he had been punched in the face. It annoyed me until i realised he plays in Emgland. Everyone is at the cheating there (even seen Tierney at it; McGinn all the time)



    Indeed SQUIRE – with waving flags upon crossing the border, reports insisted.







    PS; the lad I was thinking of was Lord Niklas Bendtner – the champagne Charlie of Denmark.





    Talent squandered to addiction and ego. Ah well.



    And ended up marrying a Munter.

  17. Vienna is the most boring city break i ever did.



    Hard to say why as with all these trips, my wife and i spent a lot of time sightseeing, drinking and eating.


    Does Vienna have things to see, pubs and restaurants? Yes. Is it pretty? Yes



    Must have just been the vibe from the locals.



    PS I did keep using lines from ‘Vienna’ all the time which made me (but no-one else) chuckle.

  18. C ONEYBHOY,,



    I used to do stopovers every trip coming back from the Middle East.Prague,Vienna,Amsterdam,etc.Always vowed that the next trip would be different.Nope.All the European culture went for a Burton due to getting pissed.Everywhere looks the same,blurry.

  19. Re refs



    Romanian ref in the home tie with AZ was pretty good , sussed out the wrestling match with Carlos and their big lump upfront , once Carlos realised he could grab the bloke to counter the backing in … everything was OK



    Scottish refs don’t look as fit as most of their continental counterparts…. The SFA could change the ethos of our game here by pretending we are European and not Scottish in football terms

  20. There used to be a train of thought that Referees should be ex footballers.


    After listening to their drivel,and getting so much wrong,that would have ended well.





    GP I was thinking more from early 70s,relative of long missed cqn’r kilbowie kelt.



    I tend to assume bias is there hits institutional..but follow jocks line of we should be good enough.


    I do note the volume of criticism increases the more we play guff .






  22. Just back from the beach bar. Scorching afternoon with a good book and ice-cold beers.



    Any news on our Japanese bhoy?

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