Jullien early return unlikely. Bolton sign off CVA


I doubt that Christopher Jullien was included in our Europa League squad is an indication that he will appear in a Celtic shirt near you anytime soon.  The final group game is three months away, a timeframe that is more likely for Chris to be ready for European action.

The player was a crucial addition to the team that won our ninth successive title, performing memorably heroics in that season’s Europa League group.  His goal in the League Cup Final that season resulted in one of the sweetest Hampden moments in a clutch of several in recent seasons.  You will recall, though, that his early season form in the summers of 2019 and 2020 was far from his best.  He is a player who takes a month longer to get up to match fitness than others.

Having not kicked a ball since December, the work required to get him back to his peak will be considerable.  It will do him no favours to force him into a level of competition he is not ready for.

I was delighted to hear Bolton Wanderers agreed a CVA with creditors two years after going into administration.  Chairwoman Sharon Brittan said; “After a very challenging two years we are absolutely delighted to confirm that the Club has reached agreement with its unsecured creditors.

“This ensures that we have met our obligations, satisfied the EFL requirements and are therefore free of any embargoes and penalties.”

Bolton faced a number of winding-up orders but clung to survival long enough to meet creditors’ requirements.  It is remarkable how few football clubs actually go to the wall, most fans find a way to pay creditors and keep their linage intact.

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  1. Right, sleep well Timland, much to do soon enough afore the sun gets hot and it’s no letting up, hit 48 today, this time of the year it shouldn’t be hitting 40, shouldn’t be close to 40, mid 30s max, something is no quite right, but it is what it is.



  2. prestonpans bhoys on

    INIQUITOUSIV at 10:08



    Their manager was in a team the deadly bears beat 5:0 about 200 years ago, comes to mind😵



    Thanks. I get it now. Anything tangential or completely irrelevant, toss it in. How pathetic are they?

  4. could anybody explain what was the extent of Julien’s knee injury following his collision with the post that required the length of time spent on the side lines.

  5. Fox…love your you tube finds ….


    I used to play a b side..Lonnie Donegan when i was wee….


    Kevin Barry…..Best version ever…..Can you find it and share it with the blog??







  6. I’ll tell you one thing that’s not two regarding Julien’s knee injury. We were two up against fcukall and he’s running headlong to clear a ball aff the line. Now every feckers screaming at him not to do it cause there’s a big feckin wooden upright he’ll smash his knee into.


    Well, here’s hoping the bawbag never gets in the way of our upright ever again.


    Hopefully stupidity was covered in his insurance policy.

  7. irish corrospondents, ta for all that input.



    quite interesting.



    so kenny it is then for a 5 year project.



    cmon the gaels

  8. DRAMBOWIECELT am no stealing Billy Sloan material. He’s been known to play the likes, Sat nite on Radio Scotland. 2200 hrs onwards.

  9. really….Kevin Barry??? A Bside??? genuine question …


    Ican’t find it anywhere….And it’s haunting me……..

  10. Recently on the ole blog ..Five Years came up … A plan??


    Perfectly summed up By David Jones……


    Off Ziggy….

  11. fox ..your scarin everybody off by being so obtuse…..


    say what you mean mate…….


    Give us the real deal……..

  12. There is One thing for sure.



    Celtic fans will never allow good central defenders to prosper in our no forgiveness philosophy. I know people who dismissed van djik. Then Hendry was crap but with no game time. Starfelt is the new Hendry!





    Duffy was a saviour to these people!!

  13. Gilmore is vastly overrated, if he was an ex Celtic player he wouldn’t even be in the squad, if the truth be known, he is pish




    Sorry,EXILED TIM,you did not say he was crap.Pish was your description.






    Crocker and contrived Huns references tonight



    Austrian manager played for Sturm Graz when beaten 5-0 by deadco



    Bulgarian referee gave Huns several pens in EL tie v Antwerp



    Never misses the opportunity – and has an incredible talent to find the excuse – to mention SuperCaleyetc, Du Wei and several others.



    Every commentary no matter who is playing has to mention The OF.



    Talks about Scottish football like it’s a freak show.



    I cannot believe he’s been on Sky for over 20 years. Absolutely insufferable.

  15. Drambowie I had an acquaintance that bought it in the Barras, it was the flip side of a song called Bewildered.



    He also recorded, My Only Son Was Shot In Dublin aka The Dying Rebel.

  16. Theorized Tim wrote




    haven’t seen any post saying that Gilmore was crap, but never let opinions get in the way of reality.






  17. Whenever a player leaves us with a sour taste in our mouths e.g..Macari, Nicholas, McClair etc we quite often rarely wish them well or talk about them again.



    Not so sevco, wee bully gulmer walked out on them and they are now gushing about him.

  18. For those commenting on the number of players called NGUYEN playing for Vietnam v us Aussies, it’s a deliberate ploy to ensure there’s at least a Nguyen-Nguyen outcome ;)



    On the game, Tommy R saw a lot of the ball but struggled to get into full spate on a spongy, cut up pitch where Vietnam sat w 10 behind the ball for all the first half, then upped the energy in the second 45.


    Rogic often turned into trouble and tackles and his vision wasnt always shared by lesser-qual team-mates. He seemed to pick up a knock late on, but I’m sure he saw out the full 90.


    Was excited to see Mooy come on and direct play from deep mids; he’d still be a great anchor for any Postecogou team.



  19. QF



    Too much of a generalisation re Celtic fans. Jack Hendry was part of the Celtic youth set-up, as was Andy Robertson, both in the Scotland team this evening. Both moved on, both have carved out professional careers in football, but only Jack came back and played for Celtic, from Dundee. For various reasons he never got much game time at Parkhead, but Brendan had seen enough of him to sign him, for instance up against Scott Sinclair at Parkhead. Was there too. What I like about him was his willingness to keep trying to develop as a player, and that he is still doing it, not many ex Celtic players in the CL this season, but he will be. Some of us saw that he had and has the basics to develop as a player, from Partick Thistle onwards, and sometimes you have to see a player in person to get an idea about him. He has a lot going for him, mobile, good in the air, good physique, and capable of being a good team player, with Paterson on Saturday, and with Stephen O’Donnell tonight, another Celtic youth player. We missed out early doors, on three players representing Scotland against Austria, cant blame the fans for that, but neither can the Club take much credit either, for their relative progress.

  20. Gilmour leaving the Huns for buttons has probably lost them around 25 million in the next couple of years.


    Only decent transfer cash since Souness fiddled the fees for Boumsong,and they get hee haw.


    Good lad.

  21. I missed the game tonight surprised and pleased enough for Scotland.


    As summer ends here, we took off for a swim as dusk fell.


    There is a phenomenon in the water called , I think, bio-luminescence (sp?)



    whereby as you swim the movement of the water makes algae in the water glow. Its like swimming with Christmas deccies on ye……absolutely surreal.


    When there’s a decent group in swimming it creates quite an effect.



    The water was warm or exceptionally mild.



    Aquarela CSC

  22. Wee Buuullly????



    Nae harm to the lad, he voted with his feet as far as the currants are concerned.


    He has talent but scoddland bummin’ him up at every turn smells a bit – I wonder if thems have a money-making clause somewhere……….?

  23. That workshy surrender monkey spotted cycling around bishopton again. ..



    Probably just being all french and pedalling for a move.

  24. !!BADA BING!! on 7TH SEPTEMBER 2021 10:40 PM



    Forget botons like Boyd and Fat Sally, Gilmour is a very good young player.



    Simple as that Bada .he is a good footballer.