Jullien early return unlikely. Bolton sign off CVA


I doubt that Christopher Jullien was included in our Europa League squad is an indication that he will appear in a Celtic shirt near you anytime soon.  The final group game is three months away, a timeframe that is more likely for Chris to be ready for European action.

The player was a crucial addition to the team that won our ninth successive title, performing memorably heroics in that season’s Europa League group.  His goal in the League Cup Final that season resulted in one of the sweetest Hampden moments in a clutch of several in recent seasons.  You will recall, though, that his early season form in the summers of 2019 and 2020 was far from his best.  He is a player who takes a month longer to get up to match fitness than others.

Having not kicked a ball since December, the work required to get him back to his peak will be considerable.  It will do him no favours to force him into a level of competition he is not ready for.

I was delighted to hear Bolton Wanderers agreed a CVA with creditors two years after going into administration.  Chairwoman Sharon Brittan said; “After a very challenging two years we are absolutely delighted to confirm that the Club has reached agreement with its unsecured creditors.

“This ensures that we have met our obligations, satisfied the EFL requirements and are therefore free of any embargoes and penalties.”

Bolton faced a number of winding-up orders but clung to survival long enough to meet creditors’ requirements.  It is remarkable how few football clubs actually go to the wall, most fans find a way to pay creditors and keep their linage intact.

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  1. Good morning CQN



    Stolen from Twitter



    Parking at Jim Henson Studios is always a problem.


    All the spaces are Kermit Holders only.



    Today’s shaping up to be a September scorcher in Scotland def taps aff weather



    Hope all those returning from Int duty are free from injury

  2. Good morning all from a beautiful sunny day in Springburn (work)



    Bankiebhoy1 – Kyogo never mentioned on any of his social media posts about an injury, so hopefully he is fine.



    I see Cal Mac took a knock in the Scotland game as well, hope he is fit and raring to go on Saturday.



    Although the good thing is Ange has a bit better quality replacements to choose from now.



    D :)

  3. @Iniquitousiv 1.49 Thank you ….whit a find….Flash backs ……….


    A wee 8 year old playin the 45 on an ole redifusion radiogram…


    CQN stirs the memories once again ……….







  4. @Tontine Tim..11.58…Never heard his version of That ….


    Ole lonnie had the perfect voice for it tho……


    I played it a lot on an Album…which had .The smashin o the van .Sean South…wearin o the green.


    Boolavogue. etc on it…My big Bro had a few Albums and when everybody was aff oot……


    I would run amok ..lol..









    I wasn’t getting that commentary on ESPN ( I had some U.S. numpty ). I’m curious how your commentators contrived to keep mentioning The Undead. I guess one would be Gilmour ( ex-player ) , but how many times can you say that? What was the context for the other references, if I may ask?




    He mention twice – once in each half, that the same referee had awarded 3 penalties in a Europa League tie involving Rangers (2 to Rangers).



    He also referred to an Austrian player as having suffered a heavy defeat to Rangers in Europe a few years ago. He also deemed it relevant to mention that Ronald de Boer ran the show that night.

  6. lionsroar67



    Not sure if Gerry Hassan adds much to the debate with that article but if you take a close look at the picture, top right hand corner of the banner…….Jimmy Johnstone reborn

  7. I like Billy Gilmour as a player and believe he has a big future for Scotland, but I felt he had a quiet game last night. He gave the ball away a few times and fluffed easy passes. Just one of those nights for him. It happens.



    Imagine my surprise when after the game Kris Boyd said “Gilmour was absolutely magnificent tonight.”



    He had that smug look on his face as he said it. He knew he was putting a message out there.

  8. Tom McLaughlin on 8th September 2021 8:49 am



    I agree, I thought Calum, Hendry, Hanley, Kieran and O’Donnell were all better than Gilmour last night.


    I also thought both strikers, though limited, put in a hell of a shift.

  9. Hrvatski…………



    incredible achievement.


    Less than 16 quid feeds a kid for a year.



    Thanks for sharing.




  10. in ither news…………



    wee Buuullly?




    Shortie look set to announce a new match reporting stat to update the currant……………..








    henceforth it will be referred to as


    “assists assist”


    especially when wee Buullly or Nat are involved however tenuously.




  11. The Battered Bunnet on

    No harm, mind, but see instead of slagging off Shortie for their trumpeting of Gilmour (pr Gilm-urr btw) and Patterson, would it not perhaps be more productive to reflect on how come a new club with a nascent scouting and youth development apparatus managed to beat the most extensive YD operation in the country (Celtic’s) to the recruitment of two of the most highly talented youngsters playing football in our own backyard?



    Jist sayin’

  12. prestonpans bhoys on

    I can see the point of shortie bumming up Paterson but not Gilmour, he’s left the Huns and they got a development fee, end of story

  13. Prestonpans Bhoys



    I think the reason BBC bum up Gilmore is to put some reflective glory on the Huns. They will spin the most tenuous link if there is a positive angle for their beloved club.

  14. TBB……………..







    Good shout………….However………


    I’d have zero insight….. :)






    …………..I’d have zero insight into how the Club goes about such scouting.


    Perhaps those with such knowledge might make a contribution?




  15. Gilmour is definitely a talented wee player and he seems very popular amongst the Chelsea squad…that’s surely a good sign.


    However, the dreadful Kris Boyd likes to give it the old, ‘he’s one of our own’ message.


    And what about the equally dreadful commentary from Andy Walker last night?




    It may well be more productive but we are talking of two different topics.



    I don`t know anything about Celtic`s scouting but I do know something about Media bias in Scotland and I see no harm in mentioning it regularly.

  17. Richard Gordon, Willie Miller, Craig Levine and Billy Dodds absolutely embarrassed themselves on BBC Sportsound last night. After Che Adams was hauled to the ground in the penalty box and play went on, they started to mock Adams for his “dive”. Gordon referred to him “diving like a starfish” which resulted in much hilarity in the studio. Their mocking of Adams was halted when they eventually realised a VAR review was in progress.



    “Che Adams has already been booked so he could be sent off here,” said Levine. “It was an obvious dive,” said Miller. “Scotland could be in trouble here.”



    Not one of these so-called professionals realised it was a possible penalty review. When they eventually realised it was a penalty review, they weren’t done yet.



    “I hope the referee doesn’t look too closely or Adams could be off,” said a confused Richard Gordon.



    Then they saw the actual footage.



    “Wait a minute,” said Dodds. “He’s pulled Adams to the ground.”



    The penalty was converted and the mocking was replaced by unbridled joy.



    I can accept them making a mistake in thinki g it was a dive, but the hilarity and the ridiculing of Adams was beyond belief.



    PS I watched the game live on TV. Someone texted me a recording of the Sportsound extract.

  18. Upon reflection………….



    I wonder how THAT conversation would go wi’ wee bully’s Maw?



    ” haw, mammy! ”



    “aye, whit is it wee bully?”



    “Mammy, noo that am 14 that’s thon selllick waaaaantin’ me tae sign fur thum, whit dae a tell thum???




    * Loud Noises Off *




    ” whit the @@@@!!!! XXXX****** and never &^6%%$% XX!!! ???????? !!!!!! ”




    ” Aye, OK Mammy……..”

  19. WBC


    You are doing a Madmitch on me !!


    Who is AW?


    Alan Wells? Arthur Wainwright? Absolute Wally?

  20. I really don’t think pundits offer that much in the overall enjoyment of a game. A good, insightful commentator is more than enough. So many pundits talk keech, telling us what we can already see.

  21. When watching the game live I thought Adams had dived as well, wasn’t until the better angle showed that he had been wrestled to the ground that I realised he hadn’t, why was the Austrian not sent off? Double punishment rule? or did the referee bottle it or just forget? por cierto










    Gilm-urr; too wee.







    Patterson; too many Ts






    That’s probably the heightt of it………..as I say i wouldn’t know about that at all and would never claim to


    but guff from the national broadcaster lets us all down.



    I know you have a lot of interest here and it would benefit Timdom if said insights were shared.



    If I was to venture an observation, i might suggest if the Mnagerdoesn’t value the youth structure then all else follows that it is not as prioritised as it might be?




  23. When watching live football in Spain, when on holiday, at halftime they just show ads, then a wee short view of the 1st half, more ads, then back to the game, that’s the way it should be, por cierto.

  24. TBB



    By that logic, Rangers or any other club should never ever have a player in their youth ranks who is better than any player in Celtic’s youth ranks.



    Fortunately, life and football don’t work that way.



    Rangers might just have seen Gilmour first. Celtic might have seen him first but maybe they were told to take a hike by his mother. We don’t know, but neither do you.



    The assumption that Rangers signing a top class youth player before Celtic reflects badly on Celtic’s youth and scouting system is completely illogical, and lazy thinking.




    I agree with your point but your conclusion could have been better expressed.



  26. A lot of managers don’t priorities the youth systems because they won’t be long enough there to see the results .