Jullien, Forrest and recuperation periods


We are already at the stage of the season when a return of Christopher Jullien or James Forrest would have little impact on the outcome.  It will take a scheduling miracle for the Scottish Cup to reach its latter stages before club football ends to allow players to join international squads ahead of the Euros, so the news that Chris is likely to be in recuperation until the start of next season is no real hardship.

The return of James will be a welcome sight but it is hard to see any big picture relevance, no matter how brilliant he plays.  Celtic players get little time to allow limbs to rest and recuperate, this is one such period.

Sunday night in Dingwall is the very last place in Scotland’s tourist trail, apart from the Celtic squad, who will arrive looking for their sixth successive win this month.

Ross County have not played in two weeks since defeat to Dundee United, a period that has seen Hamilton collect 5 points to put the Highlanders bottom of the table.  History records that they were the team who stopped Celtic’s run of 12 consecutive domestic trophies, when they eliminated us from the League Cup during the disastrous month of November.  We owe them one.

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  1. Would like to see James Forrest back in the team as soon as he’s fit. We’ve missed his goals and assists tremendously this season.

  2. I don’t envy Julien having to wear that boot.



    When I broke my knee cap in July 2019 I had to wear that boot 24/7 for three months.






    Get well soon big mhan.

  3. Chris Julien is a tremendous CH and we are lucky to have him. With a multitude of problems to solve in 21/22 season, seeing big Chris (and James Forrest) back will be a major positive.



    Welsh is coming on just fine but needs a lot more development. He’ll have to wait for that I suspect.



    Ross County looked a dreaful outfit so let’s hope for another won, clean sheet and a better performance.




  4. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    I’ve stopped looking at the league table so I’m disappointed to hear RC are now bottom.



    Hopefully they can go on a run after Sunday and condemn either Hamilton or Kilmarnock to relegation. We need to get these plastic pitches out of top flight football.



    I’ve lost track of how the league functions with all this Covid stuff. If one of them goes down automatically and the other finishes second bottom, would the latter be involved in a playoff meaning there’s a chance for both to be relegated in the same season?

  5. PHILBHOY on 19TH FEBRUARY 2021 12:06 PM


    And they can’t be recycled


    I’ve still got mine.


    The things we hing oanty.




    so, you’re stook with it?

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  7. Ha Ha.


    Thanks for replies.


    All the big Julien fans rising as one to support the big absentee.


    Believe what you want that is everyone’s prerogative.


    If only he was as resolute in.defence.



    Stay safe.




  8. If Dingwall was the very last place in Scotland’s tourist trail then nobody would come back to Scotland. Been there, seen there, refused to buy the T-shirt.


    On a footballing note the sooner this league is decided the better. We might be able to do something we have seemed unable to do since the year dot, forward planning on the team and manage front.


    If anybody thinks Dundee Utd will get anything from the huns on Sunday or that the performance levels we have seen in the last 5 games from Celtic will be enough to do anything against sevco then I need to have access to your prescription meds.😉


    It pains me to say it but let’s get the pain over with ASAP, then plan for the immediate future.



    Hail! Hail! PMTYH

  9. Paul 67



    Ahh,………… James (empty jersey, wee coward, no final ball, blah blah blah ) Forrest.



    What a fankle we got into, after the only natural creditable winger at the club got injured.



    Never mind we’ve still got the diamond, whilst we’ve no longer got ‘a winger’ never mind ‘millions’.



    Chris (drama queen) Jullien has now had more long term injuries than consistent spells in the side, hope he can be tempted back from France for the challenge in SP Hell should there be one.



    DevonLochSeason CSC

  10. “MAGWAI on 19TH FEBRUARY 2021 11:00 AM



    🎵 Mars is Green and White 🎶”



    Brilliant. That post should be read by all whom this season has affected adversely.




    I expected Big Jimmy on telling us that he had been in the Mars Bar but didn`t like it. No atmosphere.

  11. Barcelona, I believe, are currently the record holders with the number of penalties awarded in a season with 23.


    That record could be under threat this season the way penalties are awarded to sevco. Did someone say confetti?


    Barcelona won most of their penalties through skill whereas sevco have taken over the Sons of Satan contract from the deid RFCIL by entering into a contract with Beelzebub. 🧟🧟‍♂️👹

  12. ROLLING_STONE on 19TH FEBRUARY 2021 11:47 AM



    most of them , I always have a chuckle when poor injured players who have been out for a while all of a sudden become the best players and are a big miss , Charlie Mulgrew being a prime example.

  13. AN TEARMANN on 19TH FEBRUARY 2021 12:47 PM









    Mars Bar in Glasgow,hosted some early Simple Minds gigs.78/79.




    I had a younger cousin who worked in it for a while, and who saw Simple Minds but I was never in it. I think it was in Howard Street ?


    Hope you are well mate.








  14. HOT SMOKED on 19TH FEBRUARY 2021 12:39 PM


    “MAGWAI on 19TH FEBRUARY 2021 11:00 AM







    🎵 Mars is Green and White 🎶”







    Brilliant. That post should be read by all whom this season has affected adversely.









    I expected Big Jimmy on telling us that he had been in the Mars Bar but didn`t like it. No atmosphere.




    I would gladly go to a Bar on Mars Tomorrow…the only thing that would concern me would be the ” Boundary charge” by Taxi drivers ?





    You live in Arbroath dont you ?


    I used to go out with a Burd from Arbroath… Although I met her in a Pub one Saturday at Tea time after watching Celtic beat some Mob that day.


    I met her in The Dolphin Bar in Partick, after my supporters bus got back there after the game.



    She used to be a ” Stripper”…or so she told me, but she had no reason to Lie.


    So I had an Arbroath Stripper…….not an Arbroath Kipper ?



    Very true, and it turned out she was living only about 300 yards away from my Flat in Scotstoun.


    So we were almost neighbours anyway.



    It was never ” Love”…just Fun. whilst it lasted.





    PS. Ive never liked Fish anyway.

  16. RC on 19TH FEBRUARY 2021 12:51 PM



    Nothing to do with him being injured. He was great last year. Consistent, good performances in big games and lots of important goals.



    Happy for you to list most of our CBs that were better than him.



    I’d only give you VVD and probably Denayer (albeit he played with VVD who makes everyone look better).

  17. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    So two NASA engineers are playing snooker in Dingwall with only the blue, pink and black balls left on the table to be potted. Someone bursts into the hall and shouts, you’ll never believe what happened on Hogan’s Heroes last night.



    Colonel Klink and Sergeant Schulz kicked in the front door of a townhouse in Berlin, said to the residents this property doesn’t belong to you and we’re here to help you share it with our people. Those two paintings are for our office. The piano will do the canteen.



    Herr Greenstein wasn’t having it, “beat it pal, your Reich’s deid. I’ll be retaining them within my family.”



    Whose side does the world take? I’m with them.

  18. CONEYBHOY on 19TH FEBRUARY 2021 11:49 AM


    DAVID66 on 19TH FEBRUARY 2021 11:45 AM





    So there is water on Mars, any pubs open there?





    Asking for a friend.





    D :)





    aye, the Mars Bar. Marvin the Martian runs it. Speciality cocktail is the xp400 Space Modulator



    Nae atmosphere though🍸🥤





    Coneybhoy – Good one.



    D :)

  19. @ Hot Smoked. Thanks. Still humming the tune to myself. 🎶


    @ Celtic Mac. Yeah, we watched all the stuff from early on until well after the landing. While there was, as you mentioned, a significant female involvement, my daughter enjoyed the fleeting appearances of the little Teddy bear, as much as the event itself.


    Hail Hail.

  20. lets all do the huddle on

    aye, the Mars Bar. Marvin the Martian runs it. Speciality cocktail is the xp400 Space Modulator



    Nae atmosphere though








    thats just anti-martian racism



    Mars does have an atmosphere, just a smaller one than the earth for a number of reasons, none of which are its fault!

  21. The worrying thing is that when Ross County knocked Celtic out of the League cup breaking our record run, they were the better team and deserved their win,



    How can any Celtic team be outplayed by any Ross County team. The blame for this seasons poor performances should be placed fully with the players. I contend that it is due to money and that in fact these players think they deserve more of it. I have got news for them, they dont deserve their current wages never mind a raise.



    I have watched Celtic for over 60 years and never have witnessed such a team of Non triers, They have won the last 5 games with poor performances with only sections of the game with acceptable play. The defence has generally been able to cut out errors and enable us to win these games usually by a single goal.



    Pogmahthonyahun above correctly identifys that this team on current form is not ready to beat Sevco. Its no use blaming Lenny as Zidane could not get a performance out of this squad. We need a major call of the squad at least half dont want to be here and need sold.



    Sevco dont have better players than Celtics but they at least are triers and will continue to limp there way to win the League before the split. Head to head they care and will work harder than our Divas.



    This needs sorted or we will be looking at the wrong 10 in a row

  22. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Interesting choice of words Pablo.



    “the news that Chris is likely to be in recuperation until the start of next season”.



    So he’s out for longer than I thought.



    Significant. If true, it means he’ll be in no position to make a meaningful contribution to our Champions League qualifying campaign.



    (Yes – I have no fears about Celtic finishing 3rd in the league. That one was doing the rounds recently and probably needs put to bed)



    So a new “starting XI” centre back required.



    WeeBobbyC – from previous.



    I like Welsh. Think he has a future.



    But three times on Wednesday, an Aberdeen player walked past him with no resistance or hold up.



    It happens – and we make allowances for younger players when it does.



    If Jullien did same he’d be getting “analysed/slagged” (delete as appropriate) by the media and some on here.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  23. FrankTerry if you’re about –



    Cheers for the Alistair Campbell article the other night. A great read that I’ve forwarded on to anyone with a passing interest.



    Good work.



    Aipple, keep up your links too please. I’m a big fan also. 👍🏼

  24. BIGBHOY on 19TH FEBRUARY 2021 1:55 PM



    Aye you’re right, though never mind Zidane, Sydney Devine couldny get a tune oot them! por cierto.

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