Juranovic and scouts looking for value


I’m nervous for Josip Juranovic in his World Cup quarter final this afternoon. it is an historic occasion for a Celtic player to take part in.  A win for Croatia would bring them to a third World Cup semi-final in their short history.  It would also cement Josip’s claim to be one of the top defenders outside of the most monied leagues – that is a metric which is followed by scouts looking for value.

He will directly face Vinicius Jr, one of the game’s top young talents, for the third time this season.  If reports are correct that there is interest in Josip from Spain, he may have to stick to his task today, as the battle with Vini is one he will be expected to cope with in future.  As they demonstrated against South Korea, Brazil can ease through the gears and humiliate opponents.  Any nervousness is justified.

Enjoying reports that Nantes “No 1 target” has for most of this season been sitting on the Ibrox bench.  French football must be hard up.  There’s a fire sale coming to a dressing room near Milngavie soon.

Good luck this afternoon, Jura’!

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  1. Hooooooopy birthday Gia bhoy.





    Ì hope we can keep hold of him till the summer AT LEAST.

  2. Not sure who to support today. Like the football played by both teams at times, however the cheat that is Neymar makes it very difficult for me to want them to win. So it is come on Croatia!

  3. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Re Josip, don’t sweat it Pablo.



    He’ll have Vinicius Jnr in his pocket for 60 minutes.



    At which point Brazil will make a tactical change to try to win the game ….



    … and switch Neymar to the left wing.




  4. I would add to the BDO pot of money the sum they won by proving Duff & Phelps were at it in their handling of the administration process. The Duffers and Helpers had to give BDO £3.4m :-



    “Duff and Phelps administrators David Whitehouse and Paul Clark, whose efforts to save Rangers FC fell below an “ordinarily competent” standard, have been ordered to pay £3.4m to the club’s liquidators BDO.



    Judge Lord Tyre found they breached their duties while acting as administrators at the club.



    They were appointed by the Court of Session after HM Revenue & Customs took Rangers to court for £18m of unpaid tax in February 2012.



    BDO’s legal team told the judge that Whitehouse and Clark failed to cut costs sufficiently well enough, with Kenny McBrearty QC stating the pair could have made staff redundant and stopped the company that owned Rangers from being liquidated by making it more attractive to potential buyers.



    McBrearty told the court that they could have sold on players like Steven Naismith, Steven Whittaker, Maurice Edu and Kyle Lafferty, alongside assets like the Murray Park training ground and potential refinancing of the Ibrox stadium.”




    BDO were obviously able to mount a more effective legal case than Strathclyde polis did.



    In effect BDO won over £3m from D & P for their cheating/”falling below ordinary competent standards”



    Later on, Duff & Phelps sought damages for £120m against the Scottish Crown Office and received an initial £10.5m already. They had a libel writ against BBC Scotland for £3m too.



    They are , at least £7.5m up in their court cases so far, with more to come or already paid without publicity.



    The lesson is either:-



    Crime does pay



    or BDO had better lawyers than the Crown Prosecution Service



    or the Scottish Crown/Police prosecution was deliberately tanked.

  5. SFTB



    Ye ol podium chaser :-).





    I hope josip stays as I do with Gia.


    We are not in window yet, but we are practicing the window dressing daily.


    More interested in Gia’s toenail dirt than the hourly hun check/update,but then again an hourly update/reminder that we as a club done zero is welcome.




  6. Croatia have been pretty boring to watch, so I’m hoping Brazil win.



    My guess is that the Juranovic fee and buying club has already been agreed.

  7. Weebobbycollins on

    “My guess is that the Juranovic fee and buying club has already been agreed.”



    Ditto fee and club for Giamoumakis…

  8. I went on to Follow Follow to get a reading on their views of the BDO “settlement”. Suffice to say they read it differently:_



    “As an ex Bond Holder, I’ve had at least two cheques, total I can’t remember, but if we receive a third dividend, I’m fairly certain we will be in the 20p to the £ bracket, that’s much more than the CVA was offering and it shows, if proper financial due diligence was carried out, an agreed repayment plan over a 10 year period then very few people would have lost out on anything.



    I’m not counting Europa money or the recent transfer fees in this. The player value at the time and blue pound would have seen this achieved.



    This further underlines the illegal practices that were applied to our club by those yet to be legally identified.



    The sooner the criminal elements of the Whyte case are concluded, the sooner the public inquiry can start.”



    “So the 100 odd million hmrc claimed we owed them between both tax cases and the Craig white stuffed ended up about half that . They will end up with around 8 million I assume. If they had enter negotiations they could have got so much more . Still to this date feel someone at hmrc st the highest level simply refused to enter negotiations”



    “Will be bitter to the day I die about 2012.”



    and a rare honest one



    “Someone mentioned Arsenal, others mention the precedent not being utilised, and some mentioned an HMRC conspiracy against us due to Celtc fans working there.



    The image rights issues were settled in full by the many players and teams who were issued notices. Including Arsenal. I’m not aware of any other issue Arsenal we’re involved in.



    I’ve not seen any public Follower Notices for EBT’s yet but HMRC want all of the tax they are due and don’t do horse trading settlements. Settling with them involves reaching an agreement on calculation total of tax due. And they often go to court on the back of precedents like ours and get all the money they are due, or like what happened in our case, a small percentage of the liquidation.



    They went after us because it was an open goal. The EBT scheme was dodgy. Run by a dodgy smoke and mirrors owner who f*****d us over.



    Blaming a tim-led HMRC conspiracy is clutching at straws.”



    Back to the deluded



    “It would have been the dream result if we could have got the old Company back, Dave King mentioned this at one point I’m sure?



    Crazy that we are going to lose it for less than £50M.”



    “Yup, the amount we paid in ebts was around £40m, so the tax due on them was around £18m.



    The biggest scandal is still why there was never a fire sale of the squad, which at the time would easily have cleared the decks. Every other football administration, hearts Dundee, Motherwell etc has resulted in a fire Sale. Ours didn’t. Why not?”



    “This whole tax case episode was very dodgy to say the least. I honestly can’t think of another case in UK tax history in which so many stolen documents were uploaded to the internet years before it even went to a tribunal. We even had the BBC meeting someone in London and being given stolen documents in view of millions on TV.



    Look at a number of other factors also like we were told that HMRC don’t do deals with football clubs that hasn’t been the case at all over the years as multiple cases have been settled.



    Then we had someone at government level warning Celtic away from EBT’s.



    Whyte also being allowed to run up nine months of unpaid tax while at the exact same time Hearts get issued with a winding up order after 30 days of non payment.



    Lastly we were told that Rangers were being used as a test case for other clubs and since the case finished HMRC have done nothing to pursue other clubs for similar schemes.



    This whole episode was just way too orchestrated to be bad luck for me.”




    Another honest one:-



    “Ironically, if we actually had reputable administrators like BDO, rather than the extremely corrupt Duff and Phelps the stadium and training ground would have been sold to pay our debts.



    The crooks didn’t do this as it was all a stitch up to sell us back to the Charles Green led Spivs for a bare minimum.”




    Back to the deluded:-



    “It could be the case mate.


    However, D&P explained their approach to the administration was to save the football club. They understood its historical importance, significance to communities and economic importance to local and Scottish businesses. I think they were even a little shocked by BDO’s assertions they should have simply sold off the assets and let whatever was left to sink or swim. However, it seems a Scottish judge agrees with BDO and D&P’s primary aim to save the football club was wrong. Cost D&P nearly 5m!


    Personally, I’m inclined to believe D&P are telling the truth about their reasons for handling the administration the way they did.”



    On the Scotsman report:-



    “Absolute bollocks from another paedo sympathiser.



    The quantum of the original disputed debt to HMRC was circa £22M including both big and small tax cases and the separate £18M to Lloyd’s TSB was a historic debt to the Bank of Scotland which was bring serviced comfortably at £1M pa and another £1M in interest.



    Some dirty b*****d with great power and influence (almost certainly Dr Death aka John Reid) started the ball rolling with the EBTs witch-hunt, which in turn gave Lloyd’s the fear of losing out on their money if we lost the case and went under as was widely expected by the mhedia.



    One thing that is absolutely 100% guaranteed beyond a shadow of a doubt is if we had been advising our players to invest in film production companies who never made any movies to avoid paying tax, there would’ve been an identical media frenzy and HMRC investigation into this and we would’ve been in the exact same position! “

  9. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    SFTB @ 12:21.



    Was going to love in my thruppence on the size and component make-up of the BDO pot …



    .. but you nailed it succinctly.



    The cast included



    Clinical professionals (e.g. D&P) simply tracking the net (£) result



    Rank amateurs with blue schnozzes


    (PF, Police Scotland, SMSM, MSPs)

  10. I’m probably being thick here, but if the club and assets were sold to Green for £5m and RFC had huge debts; what money is left to divvy up at whatever pence in the pound allocation?



    Bank accounts with balances?

  11. I see there are suggestions that Ideguchi might be offloaded this January window.







    If so then that is a victory for the hammer-throwers in our game (in this case the Alloa cup-tie), the managers who encourage them (see wee Bawwy Fergushun’s post-match comments about getting in their faces and about their ankles) and of course the ‘brethern’ who oversee such thuggery on the park. The assault on Ideguchi went unpunished on the day (though the perpetrator was sanctioned the next week when it was of no benefit to us), while the assault on Callum, in my opinion worse than the foul on Ideguchi, was never sanctioned at all.







    Ideguchi never really recovered from that serious foul play, a guy who had been a current Japanese internationalist when he arrived. As I say a victory for the worst of Scottish football.





    What happened to the Morelos money?





    By the look of him, he spent it all on sweets and burgers…..




  13. Talk of £10 million for Juranovic is nonsense, that wouldn’t buy his dog,nearer double that IMO

  14. paulsthroughball88 on




    Agree with your post in the early hours on Neymar, a great player. He doesn’t do defenders any favours when taking contact, but given the malicious nature of much of that contact, don’t blame him.



    And based on whom England would prefer to win, and looking to maximize enjoyment of a semi-final against Argentina or the Netherlands, come on Brazil.

  15. Probably quite obvious but not to me !! But…..



    Was Ibrox Stadium one of the assets? If so, to whom was it sold? If not (sold) , who owns it and why was it not sold to pay of debts and fines?

  16. paulsthroughball88 on

    Of course the best enjoyment of the semi – final emerging from the top half of the draw would be provided by France being in the other one.

  17. HOT SMOKED on 9TH DECEMBER 2022 2:44 PM


    Probably quite obvious but not to me !! But…..


    Was Ibrox Stadium one of the assets? If so, to whom was it sold? If not (sold) , who owns it and why was it not sold to pay of debts and fines?




    Green bought the assets (buildings and players) for £5m in my recollection



    BDO said D&P should have sold them at property/market rates instead of preserving the club. Had to pay BDO a few million



    I’d like to know what the pot is that is being divvied up. Might be £1??

  18. Not a big fan of Neymar due to his onfield antics but his goal scoring is up there with the best:



    Current tally (give or take):



    International: 122 appearances, 75 goals


    UEFA club competition: 80 appearances, 43 goals


    European domestic competition: 269 appearances, 177 goals

  19. Time to see if Josip can beat Brazil. I`ll look for any replies to my assets / ownership later.


    Cheerio for now.

  20. HS



    No, his new company The Rangers owned it and he IPO’d it. Shareholders of the plc own it, same as us

  21. paulsthroughball88 on

    Good job Danilo got to the ball or that would’ve been red if he’d caught JJ on head with high boot. Yellow card.

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