Juranovic and the Tierney lesson


Suggestions that Josip Juranovic was a target for English clubs reached me from Poland last month and hit the Twitter rumour mill yesterday.  I have no doubt there is substance.  Celtic players provided Kierna Tierney and Virgil van Dijk to the Premier League, both outstanding successes.  If we are regarded as a rich seam of talent, we will continue to see our players targeted in this way.

What I heard last month was little more than a trawling exercise.  Josip is a quality player with a reputation that continues to grow.  He is under a secure contract at Celtic, who will be suitably compensated if he ever insists Glasgow is no longer the place for him.

After Kieran, we should all know the game.  The lure of the lucre in England is too much for any of them to hang around.  Celtic’s task is to stay on the front foot, be ready for when the time comes.


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  1. What is the Starz on



    Delighted for your Grandnephew.


    Hopefully he continues to progress and we will get to see him playing League of Ireland for Cork against Rovers in front of a full house at Tallaght on a Friday night….before he makes his big move “across the water “

  2. fourstonecoppi on

    BIG WAVY on 21ST JUNE 2022 9:53 PM


    Bain contract ends 2024 (then 33)


    Hart ends 2024 (then 37)


    Siegrist ends 2026 (then 34)


    Where’s the succession planning?


    Where’s the young un ?



    you forgot Ronnie Simpson ends1969 (then 39)




  3. Welcome to the Celtic family Benji, may your days with us be blessed and trophy laden.

  4. Corkcelt



    Well done your grandlad.must be a good structure over there..


    All the best,congratulations




  5. The Holy Boruc is the obvious link between us and Legia Warsaw. I was wondering if there would be any lingering animosity, either from their management or fans, regarding the past incident when they gubbed us 6-1, then were banned after fielding an ineligible sub in the last 15 minutes of the second game. As I recollect, Legia were extremely miffed that we would not return their calls during the appeal process. I hope that time has healed all wounds.

  6. think it was an 86th minute substitution with Legia leading 6-1.


    I reckon that time will not have healed the wounds,


    However if there is a good craic around the game maybe we can be friends again.

  7. Just been reading about the rumours about Juranovic,this guy is a superstar he is going nowhere .


    Ange has his sights on Europe ,he needs the quality players HH

  8. JIMDOM on 21ST JUNE 2022 4:54 PM



    AN TEARMANN on 21ST JUNE 2022 4:15 PM



    You may well be correct about DD’s dividend but I’m sure that NED, Tom Allison, falls into the extremely minted category. I would certainly like the role of the NEDS to come in for a bit more scrutiny. Are they just own version of the House of Lords ? Sleepy Brian Wilson only appears to come alive when there is a bit of Nat bashing to been done. That’s every week in his Herald column.



    Will be interested to see what the “remuneration committee” award Michael Nicholson for his year one efforts. The Lawwell years of salary and bonuses were, in my opinion anyway, an affront to everything that Celtic should be about. A view not shared by everyone I admit, and certainly not this blogs host.





    I don’t envy their wealth am sure it brings its own problem.


    There is governance issues within the democracy and voting structures of Celtic shareholding,getting the 22% unregistered reactivated needs to be done.


    At the moment they default to the board as a vote.


    77/8% votes are considered DD has 30 odd% so tis a case of ensuring our own house is in order.


    It is to Celtics benefit,maybe even make DD as active as he is in his booki shareholdings,for a time there last year he was hardly oot thi FT attending AGMS all over the place.


    Brian Wilson,was in his company few weeks back talking eloquently of his route to Celtic,if bashing Nats is his thing am sure there’s a Nat to answer,I have known of him since his free highland press

  9. Welcome to Paradise City Benjamin!


    Ignore the naydayers, the daenayers, the strikebreakers and the naysayers oan here


    Forgive them for they know not what do or say


    Celtic awaits




  10. Nice guy,is Brian,his Celticness unquestioned


    Good essay in Celtic minded 5 ,p130 go read




  11. Good morning cqn from a dry but grey Garngad



    Corkcelt congrats to the young fella. Hope he continues on this upward path.



    Benjamin welcome to the best club in the world apart from our board, who should all be sacked immediately.



    7 working days left for this bhoy before hopefully heading off to Turkey.



    D :)

  12. Good morning from a misty North Staffs – promises to be bright and sunny later.



    Nights are fair drawing in.



    Thought it was a strange time of day to make a signing announcement.


    Welcome Benji

  13. Toaty Trumper @ 12.58



    Socialist my erse — you are just a rich man’s fan bhoi.


    All the Irish Raj / DD luv a man can give — dry boak for the rest of us.



    Regarding your comments about BW — incredible.


    Big pal of TB was our BW — your luv comes as a bit of a surprise.



    Either that or you are a bit calmer after midnight.


    Please keep it coming — the more you spout the easier it is to spot the contradictions.

  14. Our goalie for the future is:





    Joining Celtic in February 2019 from Tottenham Hotspur’s Academy, Tobi Oluwayemi penned a deal to keep him at Celtic Park for three years.



    The highly-rated young goalkeeper currently features for the reserve team squad, with a view to working towards first-team action.



    “I am delighted to be joining Celtic, it really is a dream come true and a massive opportunity for me.



    “I know Karamoko very well and before I joined he told all about Celtic, the size of the club, the great supporters and the club’s tradition for giving young players an opportunity.





    Tobi Oluwayemi has represented England at every international age group so far.



    Date of Birth 08.05.2003



    Nationality England



    Birthplace London, England



    Signed For Celtic July 2019



    Previous Club Tottenham Hotspur

  15. Rail strike — the huge focus on it throughout the media.


    Surely this would not be a Tory friendly news grid with two by-elections coming up?



    Shameless / totally shameless — BoJo is just a posh FG.

  16. I wonder how Gerrard will get on now that Beale has now become a manager in his own right? Hope Beale doesn’t return to Govan in the future. More likely it will be to Liverpool.

  17. Beale was good ,while over Lennon and Lawell the players downed tools ,Beale will be found out at QPR just like another Sevco manager Warburton

  18. BREAKING: The prime minister has warned us that everything bad that’s happening right now under the Conservatives is what life would be like under socialism

  19. prestonpans bhoys on

    East Lothian roasting in a clear sky, walking of the 🐕then gardening is todays pleasure👍

  20. BB @ 10.09



    I must be making it too easy …


    Next step is using the Greek alphabet.

  21. BW @ 9.53 / last night



    You are over analysing things.



    SB — currently not good enough no matter his age.



    JH — currently 35 and maturing nicely.


    I expect his performance levels to improve next season.


    One year to settle in and his confidence levels should be improving.


    Injuries / illness are the big unknowns going forward.



    BS — currently aged 30 and a significant improvement on SB.


    He will get game time this season — the only question is how much?


    Consequently big step forward for the squad.



    Two quality keepers in place should give us time to sort out the youths and organise a pathway to the first team.

  22. BIG WAVY on 21ST JUNE 2022 1:20 PM






    I agree I was looking forward to seeing Souza in the hoops ,but it looks like we will have to make do with semedo instead , what was the factor there price or maybe Souza doesn’t want to come to us price wouldn’t surprise me jam instead of steak . the wee Argentinian has a bit of skill about him could be a good signing but would have preferred him to be a bit bigger ,so much for ange’s better and bigger statement but he is the man that’s done the business so far . Not long now until the end of the jota will he won’t he scenario , what will all the pretend Celtic site bloggers find to write about after he signs up as we know he will . HH

  23. News management — the Tory news grid takes another bow.



    Who would win the fight– CPI vs RPI?



    One is given the spotlight while the other is hidden in the attic.



    At the very least they should be properly explained.


    Especially if we are now talking about inflation figures that are 40 years old.



    Funny how the Tory dimension of inflation never gets the emphasis it deserves.



    Maggie’s VAT / interest rate inspired inflation spike of 1980/81 — now coming into focus.


    NL “boom” inspired inflation spike of 1989/90 — 10 years to fix things and still failed — now overshadowed by current events.



    The issue is that the numbers being pushed for days gone by are the higher RPI numbers.


    The numbers being discussed at the moment are the lower CPI numbers.



    Tory news management in all its glory. .

  24. It was the shameless that gave it away , no more clues .



    You really meant farmer Giles didn’t you …

  25. BSR



    I think Hazard will moving on with the younger lads taking his slot. He was vocal about getting game time etc so I expect him to go.



    We’ll always have his penalty saves but couldn’t see him becoming no1

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