Juranovic and the Tierney lesson


Suggestions that Josip Juranovic was a target for English clubs reached me from Poland last month and hit the Twitter rumour mill yesterday.  I have no doubt there is substance.  Celtic players provided Kierna Tierney and Virgil van Dijk to the Premier League, both outstanding successes.  If we are regarded as a rich seam of talent, we will continue to see our players targeted in this way.

What I heard last month was little more than a trawling exercise.  Josip is a quality player with a reputation that continues to grow.  He is under a secure contract at Celtic, who will be suitably compensated if he ever insists Glasgow is no longer the place for him.

After Kieran, we should all know the game.  The lure of the lucre in England is too much for any of them to hang around.  Celtic’s task is to stay on the front foot, be ready for when the time comes.


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  1. Madmitch,



    The problem as I see it, is that everybody else is not thinking about it enough :)



    New fella’s skillset is based on shotstopping. Our team identity seems to suggest we need a ball-playing GK and someone with an ability to come from crosses (our achilles currently). He performs to date weakly on both of these. He may improve…but.



    Why not buy someone who fits with our team style. If Hart has the gloves then get in the mix a younger successor more aligned with that style (and the modern asks of a keeper).



    That’s it. I agree with you on Bain though. Not good enough by any measure.




  2. BSR…



    Add Ryan Mullen & Joe Morrison to your loads.



    Seems all a bit hit and miss long-term wise.




  3. Tory strike hypocrisy — Part 2022



    P&O — fire and hire cheaper labour = Big hoo ha all over the media.


    BoJo jumping up and down as his Brexit dividend didn’t turn out the way he wanted it.



    Trains — agency labour being pushed by the Tories to break the strike = no hoo ha / just media lapdogs panting with their approval..



    Media lapdogs — KB on SKY / what an erse / living in the 70’s / Tory gun for hire.

  4. Coneybhoy



    Maybe , and Hazard earned an extension and immediately went on loan.



    That’s the way it works, back up keepers are merely back up keepers, very few if any clubs have superstar goalies sitting on the bench and unlike outfield reserve players, only one can play at a time.



    Hart plays every week that’s why we signed him, none of the back up keepers might ever play and will move on.



    We can now afford to have three away on loan not two like last season.

  5. BW @ 11.19



    From memory / distant memory — JH was very good at commanding his box.


    He seems to have regressed badly in this respect — Hammer Horror style / afraid of a cross.


    Hopefully this can be worked on for this season.



    VB was another who looked to be able to command his box.


    That is when he played against us but not with us.


    20/21 and he looked to be afraid of his own shadow.


    NL and CoViD19 played its part but he collapsed completely.



    The recent JI interview told us far too much about the way NL handled the squad / any squad.



    BS is for today and tomorrow.


    Gives us time to sort out the youths and get things moving.


    If we could find the GK you describe he would be our No.1 and most probably cost a lot.



    Remember at times the the great can be the enemy of the good.


    JH is a huge step forward and he will do well next season.


    I think he will be significantly better as his confidence improves.

  6. Madmitch,



    Big Joe Hart’s been a revelation. But we are 1 injury away from finding out what we have beyond a good shotstopper in Ben.



    We have the makings now of a decent scouting system and a style to which to hire them against (something that was completely absent in Neil’s days).



    There are plenty, affordable young keepers out there that would be a better match.



    But as Joe Hart remains fit and well it drops down the priority list. I get that. But is it an unnecessary risk? We’ll see.




  7. Big Wavy



    I think the six I mentioned are in pecking order sequence. None of them including those on loan are ‘high’ wage earners the ones on loan get their wages paid outwith Celtic, and develop or don’t.



    We are servicing the game of football and cultivating our club, none of the back up keepers can be quite as good as Joe Hart ( at present) if they were they wouldn’t sit well on our bench.



    Back is back up but even St Brendan preferred Bain to Gordon at one time, natural assumption is that AP sees his own man ahead of Bain.

  8. BW @ 11.42



    The floor is yours — these young GK’s out there …


    Who are they / who should we be chasing?

  9. MM



    You must be still be getting a good signal in that VW California of yours. Must come equipped with wifi. Traffic busy on the Worthy Farm route ?

  10. Madmitch,



    Two to kick off with……



    Arijnet Muric – 23 YO – Man City


    Matei Safanov – 23 YO – Krasnador




  11. MADMITCH on 22ND JUNE 2022 9:25 AM




    AnonymousWank-Socialist my erse — you are just a rich man’s fan bhoi.



    Me – getting me mixed up with oor Gordi,Labour chancellor of the manse and overseer of the biggest transfer of wealth from Poor to rich in the 2008 Banking crisis



    Anonymous Wank-All the Irish Raj / DD luv a man can give — dry boak for the rest of us.



    Me- Your personal animosity is based on envy,it rips thro you.envy drippin off you,fun to watch,old 11fingers done plenty for the rich




    AbsoluteWanker-Regarding your comments about BW — incredible.



    Me- yeh I can hear the dust in your head move.



    AbsoluteWank-Big pal of TB was our BW — your luv comes as a bit of a surprise.



    Me- No it doesn’t.it only surprises idiots like you,who have your own stinted biases and political bigotry.



    Absolute wank-Either that or you are a bit calmer after midnight



    Me-No the post was not directed at you idiot, this Irishraj patter is so old Labour,it went out wi clause4,



    So riven by envy AW,but you an outright AW,


    How many ice cream vans to buy his shares AW.



    AbsoluteWanker Please keep it coming — the more you spout the easier it is to spot the contradictions.



    Me- is this so you can fart bout socialist vanguards/being a trot/ member of the cumbie





    Your a fantasist



    No fuck off anonymous skank

  12. Toaty Trumper @ 12.06



    No further questions your honour.


    Why interrupt when your “opponent” is making such a complete erse of himself.



    Rich man’s fan bhoi — 47 previous convictions point to a pattern in behaviour that is plain to see.

  13. BW @ 12.04



    OK — so how much and are they available?


    Would they be the bench sitter we need with JH in goals?



    Again I fear that the great is the enemy of the good.

  14. BW @ 12.04



    There are a few flaws in your cunning plan.



    AM = NT keeper with Kosovo / playing regularly / would he like to sit in our bench?


    MS = NT keeper with Russia / playing regularly / again a benchsitter?



    Both looking to cost real / big money.



    We have JH already in the squad plus BS who is a decent back up with some pedigree in the SPL.



    Can we afford big money — either wages / loan fees / transfers — to get the players you highlight to sit on our bench? Is that your plan?



    If we do manage to get them — as mentioned previously would they be our starting GK or would they be on the bench?



    If starting who would be our No.2 — JH or AN Other?


    JH was great for us and deserves some loyalty back.


    Consequently I don’t think your plan will work.

  15. Toaty Trumper @ moon howling central



    Cumbie — uses in WofS venacular — discuss?



    More than a gang / street !!!???!!!

  16. In egg chasing circles — Cumbie was soon replaced by Scumbie.


    The court cases / the suspensions / the banning orders / the Herald articles — they all took their toll.

  17. Cumbie/scumbie all in that amoebic brain of yours



    Your making things up.



    Do I get my 10p

  18. 80’s / 90’s dirt track egg chasing — AB couldn’t write about it / too physical for him.


    CO was believable / walk in the park compared to what was on offer.



    Would have been a great film if SK could have been persuaded to direct it.


    Again FMJ was a bit play school to Scumbie reality.

  19. Egg chasing:



    We were bad.


    Ayrshire was worse.


    The Borders was off the scale mental.

  20. HahahahahaHahahahahaHahahahaha



    Total banger.



    Now Where do I claim my 10p

  21. P67



    Thanks for the update.


    Having too much fun with our good friend Toaty Trumper.



    Cumbie is WofS vernacular — discuss / more than a street or gang.

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