Juranovic, Giakoumakis, then Abada


I see a bit of chat on Liel Abada in the Latest News section of CQN this morning.  I have been impressed with the player from his early outings last year.  Although a winger with a prodigious assists record, it is his ability inside the box that impresses most.

He understands when to arrive in the danger area and has the speed and touch to be effective once there.  With the right tutelage, I think he may end up as a striker – you will recall, the Great Swede played on the wing until arriving in Glasgow as a 26-year-old, when an opportunity opened to play through the middle.

I sense little resistance to the potential sale of Josip Juranovic.  He had a stellar World Cup, at 27 he is in his prime and we have already recruited a replacement.  There is less unanimity when it comes to Giorgos Giakoumakis.  Gio is enormously popular and brings a different threat to any other striker at the club.  However, at 28, we know the script.  His age profile and backup status mean that he is available for the right price.

Liel does not always make the starting 11 but he would if I was picking the team.  His age and contract profile are such that we are under no pressure to sell.  But I need to ask myself what I really want from Celtic and how to get there.

I want us to be a competitive Champions League team, not the cannon fodder we were this season.  To get there, we need an excellent recruitment regime and an aggressive trading policy.  I’ll back any plan that aims for this target, anything else is conservative and unambitious – I don’t know about you, but I’m neither.

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  1. Abada has only started 3 out of the last 8 in the league and 2 out of 6 in the champions league.



    He’s 7th in Jobo’s poty table



    We need to sign guaranteed starters in both competitions, selling Abada will help

  2. We need to sign players who’ll be top of Jobo’s list if we’re to do better in the champions league. Starters in all competitions.

  3. CELTIC40ME @ 3:04 PM,



    Why would that help?



    We need his goals now, we need his assists now



    His progress strongly suggests he’s only going to get better



    Underselling his importance to our squad when we are well aware we need more quality in the forward line is beyond my comprehension.



    We don’t have guaranteed starters anyway



    Big Joe, CCV and of course Calmac are Capitano material and I guess we want these ghuys to start but no one else is a shoe-in



    If we are trying to fund a twenty million pound striker then maybe we need to seriously consider how that ghuy is funded but that seems pie in the sky



    For the money we are talking about, if we sell Abada, who is this guarantee’d starter that we are buying? Do you have a name?



    Bearing in mind if the seventh player in Jobo’s POTY is not guaranteed a start he’s got to be way better than what we already have.



    Abada is only 21,



    he has been with us eighteen months, that’s why he’s not a guaranteed starter



    We were talking about selling O’Riley last time, now it’s Abada



    The manager has clear aims and objectives and a Lenny/Lawwell tranfer merry~go~round is not going to achieve those and he knows it well



    Hail Hail

  4. CELTIC40ME @ 3:07 PM,



    Well, I’m all for that…



    Who do you have in mind?



    Hail Hail




    Or when he’s on the road to Ibrox…



    This is no upwardly mobile freeway…



    Hail Hail

  6. lets all do the huddle on

    i would vote for christmas to be outlawed if it meant i never had to be subjected to that chris rea song again



    i have an extreme hatred of it, cant really explain it



    ruins my dinner every christmas day when it keeps coming on the wireless box

  7. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on




    The only time he (Chris Rea) opens his mouth is at Christmas when he’s driving home.






    Not sure about that BSR?



    Was listening to radio once when he suggest we dance.



    He caveated the offer though by saying


    “while there’s a chance and your near”



    Now I WAS close to the radio BUT was making dinner so there actually wasn’t a chance …



    … and so didn’t take him up.

  8. bournesouprecipe on

    Back to Basics / Chairbhoy



    Dire Straits and Chris Rea are getting together…..



    ……they are calling themselves Dire Rea.



    Big Jimmy Jokes CSC

  9. BSR



    Given the weather in the US right now Chris Rea should be releasing Hunker Down For Christmas!



    BTW I’m amazed to discover that he’s no’ deed yet.

  10. bournesouprecipe on




    I think he had a near death experience and was very nearly The Chris Rea.



    BizarreTunes CSC

  11. bournesouprecipe on

    Injured away player lying on Parkhead pitch;



    “ Dig a hole and bury him “ 🎶



    JungleChants CSC

  12. Weebobbycollins on

    I love that Chris Rea song. Could listen to it non stop. Can’t understand folks who don’t share my love of it…


    I could drive home for Xmas all year round…










  13. I think if GG was on from the beginning against Livi he might have converted a couple of the passes that were fizzed into the six yard box.I know last years GG would have he might need more playing time.

  14. Weebobbycollins on

    List time..


    Fav xmas tunes…


    1. Driving Home For Xmas. ;-)


    2. The Celtic song.


    3. YNWA.


    4. Sean South.


    5. BOTOB.

  15. CHAIRBHOY on 23RD DECEMBER 2022 3:27 PM



    No idea. Some things are best left to the experts :). Its what we need to aim for or champions league mediocrity awaits.

  16. lets all do the huddle on

    love that Chris Rea song. Could listen to it non stop. Can’t understand folks who don’t share my love of it…







    i just dont understand the song



    where has he been all year if he has to drive home for christmas? hes from middlesbrough for pete’s sake, he can drive back there any time he wants, its not that far from anywhere that he has to wait a full year to go back, though i can understand why one might choose not to!



    and the bit of the song that i really really hate is the bit where he says he looks at the driver beside him who is apparantly ‘doing the same’



    how the fk does he know? the other guy is probably just stuck in the same traffic jam cos hes on his way back from tesco. did Rea roll the window down and ask him what his reason is for being there and where he is heading?



    of course he didnt



    makes me cringe big time



    i hope i can now enjoy my turkey on sunday now i have that off my cheest 😄




    What do you think Ange was talking about when he spoke about an aggressive trading model? What would that mean for you in practice?



    Who were the clubs he was talking about emulating when he talked about clubs our size making an impact in the CL while using the same model?

  18. “I don’t fear losing our players. I see that as part of the process. If you look at clubs who do well at Champions League level that are our size, what do they do? They develop players, sell them on, and replace them with better versions, hopefully. That is where I think our growth lies.



    “I think it is part of the process. I don’t fear that. I think that has to happen for us to grow. We need to be bringing money in to be able to keep bringing better players to our football club.”



    ” If you look at all the clubs our size who have done well at Champions League level, as in making an impact not necessarily winning the competition, all of them are always in the Champions League and have an aggressive trading model. That is how you make up ground. For us to be that sort of football club we have to be the same.”

  19. bournesouprecipe on

    Let’s all do the Huddle



    He was banned from driving home during Covid. Estimated song royalties £200k annually since 1987.



    Google csc

  20. lets all do the huddle on

    Estimated song royalties £200k annually since 1987.




    thats mad.



    i bet he never even listens to it cos its that rubbish!

  21. As a young boy growing up in Dalmarnock apart from silent night the other song I liked and still do is White Christmas by Bing Crosby and to my mind he is the best at signing that song ,also nostalgia at this time of the year brings back memories,one in particular,this new shop appeared between Dunn Street and Dalmarnock Rd ,the usual adverts on the window,but to the one that stuck out was Santa Claus was visiting the shop,well here’s me running back home to Mordaunt Street telling my Ma Ma about Santa Claus opening the shop and coming with presents ,the entrance ticket was 2 Shillings and Sixpence which my mother duly obliged, Santa’s present was a joiners set of wooden tools ,funny these memories come flooding back to you all them year’s ago ,also I bought a DVD a few years ago called the Polar Express great Christmas film,which I play at this time of the year ,and do I at the age of 79 last month believe in Santa Claus?

  22. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Tomorrow could be especially tricky if Ralston is out.



    Obviously a predominately left footed defender playing out of position on the right is not going to be as effective.



    However, I’m more concerned about who is likely to play on the left if that happens. Thus far he’s been decidedly hmmmmm,………..

  23. Little known fact. The Chris Rea song was a cover of a song released by70’s Hun and pantomime villain John McDonald “ Diving home for Christmas “

  24. Greenpinata



    “We need to be competitive and believe we belong. I think this relative new found aspiration is capturing the masses as the bigger picture dawns.”





    We invest a lot of our own beliefs in the sayings and actions of others whom we admire and we tend to feel that the people we dislike or don’t rate, think differently.



    But all our managers were ambitious and all our Board members were ambitious and all our players were ambitious as are the players of Albion Rovers and the Castlemilk Girl Guides under 11 team.



    It is easy to talk ambitious but is is hard to achieve. We can quibble about the exact meaning of cannon fodder but Ronny Deila, Brendan Rodgers, Neil Lennon (2nd time around) and Ange are ambitious but provided teams who ended 4th in a CL or EL Group section in their time.



    All of them gave us an occasional thrill:-



    Ronny got us a post Xmas Euro tie v Inter Milan that was lost narrowly


    Brendan gave us home and away draws with Man City and an away win in Anderlecht and 2 post-Xmas EL ties.


    2nd time Neil gave us home and away wins v Lazio and topping our EL Group and a post-Xmas tie


    Ange gave us 2 home EL wins and 13 EL goals in 6 EL Group ties and a great 60 minutes at home to Real






    None of them have achieved what WGS did twice and NFL did last in 2013…. and that is post Xmas CL participation. MON never achieved that either but did give us an exciting UEFA run.



    In the past decade, no one has done what NFL did back in 2012/13. Talking ambition did not get us there because other clubs were either more ambitious or equally ambitious but more financially advantaged.



    I believe Ange will give it his best go with aggressive player trading, aggressive player recruitment but he is trying to make a silk purse with a scrap of bacon when you look at our money versus that of the clubs who can spend the kind of money that will tempt Juranovic and Jackie Mac and Neil and Jota and Kyogo and Maeda and Hatate to move on when they choose to.



    It doesn’t much matter whether Ange or PL or DD want to keep them. We can, occasionally, compete with them on the football field but can’t in the transfer room. We cannot attract Chris Suttons from Chelsea or Lennons and Guppy’s from Leicester, instead we lose players to Southampton and FFS Bournemouth these days.



    You cannot turn a deaf ear, blind eye and mute mouth to the reality of the financial world in pro football. So, if someone was prepared to offer £20m plus for Leil, he will probably go. If no-one is prepared to bid that high just yet, he will stay until his value improves and a willing buyer emerges. But, he will always go……. unless he loses form and becomes unsellable.



    P.S. There is no contradiction in Paul67 claiming ambition and being un-conservative, because he is prepared to sell players (at the right price) or wants more emphasis on defence. There are many ways to be ambitious in the CL- Man City are more cavalier than Simeone’s Atletico Madrid but both reached CL finals



    PPS- Doesn’t matter what Paul wants or what you or I want. Ange is going to do it his way or fail trying. I hope his ambitious talk is transformed into ambitious achievement. It will be great if he can.

  25. Having played as a attacker to a semi-professional level, I have to leap the the defence of our strikers — all strikers — when it comes to low, hard balls across the goal area from the wings.



    When an attacker enters the penalty box while a teammate runs down the wing with the ball, he obviously expects a cross, high or low, and must use his judgement to position himself to have the best chance of connecting.



    There are numerous positions to take up — inside 6 yard box, outside 6 yard box, between 6 yard box and penalty spot, between penalty spot and 18 yard line.



    Then he has to decide — do I go right, centre or left? All of these positional options also depend on the position of opponents in the box and indeed the position of teammates, if any.



    Whatever position the attacker decides to occupy, the pass has to arrive in that general area for a connection to be made. Sometimes the ball goes across the goal inside the 6 yard box while the attacker is positioned a few yards back. Sometimes the attacker is inside the 6 yard box and the cross is played yards behind him.



    All these decisions have to be made in a matter of seconds and most of the time it is down to pure instinct and a slice of luck.



    In an ideal world, the wide man will look up and see who is positioned where and aim for him, but in most cases he doesn’t have time to look up.



    Chris Sutton is a long time scourge of Celtic strikers who position themselves in the box outside the 6 yard area only for the ball to go across the goal yards from the line. He always says, “He gambles, he scores.”



    Drives me nuts when he says that. One time Maeda ran into the 6 yard box and Ralston’s low cross was yards behind him. Sutton had a go at Maeda for not holding back.



    Ideally if there are two attackers in the box, one should advance and the other hold back a bit, thereby increasing the chance of a connection.



    Anyway, my point is, don’t be too quick to criticise attackers who don’t connect with low crosses because they weren’t in the right position.



    It’s not as easy as it looks.

  26. lets all do the huddle on

    we need a more physical side to compete in europe



    in all areas of the park



    if that means selling players to make that happen then im cool with that

  27. CELTIC40ME @ 4:54 PM,



    It seems that Ange is quite prepared to sell players if the circumstances are right and buy other players.



    If the rumours are to be believed Juranovic and Gio are going, two very valuable players



    They’ll be sold for a profit if possible and the money from sales “should” go towards strengthing the squad



    That’s a world cup semi finalist defender and a Greek International striker who was top scorer in the Eredivisie



    That’s two key players going in the January window.



    There will be a lot of peripheral trading at the edges of the squad but that’s more than enough.



    More than that damages the squad and Ange has repeatedly said he wants to strengthen.



    I noticed you don’t have a candidate to replace Abada, that’s not surprising really,



    We can’t sell more than five players a season in a squad of twenty without severe disruption and Ange has said he’s olanning the summer transfer activities



    We need to get the replacements in first if we are not going to see the squad going backwards



    This means careful management and not hawking our quality youngsters away on the first offer.



    We know we had offers for players in the summer and Ange resisted their sale, he must continue to do this.



    Hail Hail

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