Juranovic, Giakoumakis, then Abada


I see a bit of chat on Liel Abada in the Latest News section of CQN this morning.  I have been impressed with the player from his early outings last year.  Although a winger with a prodigious assists record, it is his ability inside the box that impresses most.

He understands when to arrive in the danger area and has the speed and touch to be effective once there.  With the right tutelage, I think he may end up as a striker – you will recall, the Great Swede played on the wing until arriving in Glasgow as a 26-year-old, when an opportunity opened to play through the middle.

I sense little resistance to the potential sale of Josip Juranovic.  He had a stellar World Cup, at 27 he is in his prime and we have already recruited a replacement.  There is less unanimity when it comes to Giorgos Giakoumakis.  Gio is enormously popular and brings a different threat to any other striker at the club.  However, at 28, we know the script.  His age profile and backup status mean that he is available for the right price.

Liel does not always make the starting 11 but he would if I was picking the team.  His age and contract profile are such that we are under no pressure to sell.  But I need to ask myself what I really want from Celtic and how to get there.

I want us to be a competitive Champions League team, not the cannon fodder we were this season.  To get there, we need an excellent recruitment regime and an aggressive trading policy.  I’ll back any plan that aims for this target, anything else is conservative and unambitious – I don’t know about you, but I’m neither.

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    B2B…my impression is that Celtic have belatedly thanked Res12’s….and given them credid for the introduction of Financial Security Regulations….Persistance beats Resistance….eventually….shocker ;-))





    More like what Res12 drew to Andre Traverso (Head of UEFA Club Licensing) in 2016, i.e. a dodgy club and a dodgy national association helping them, made it easier for Celtic to persuade the same Traverso who was responsible for developing FSR in the last couple of years to accept that the rules needed beefed up to ensure clubs acted sustainably and national associations policed the regulations as UEFA intended.



    FSR was not on the horizon when Res12 began and no doubt was seen as an irritant to The Board but over time it started being helpful.



    Something lost in discussions is that as the result of a shareholder statement under Resolution 11 at 2020 AGM Celtic undertook to engage with SFA and UEFA re SFA’s failure to apply their own judicial process.



    The SFA would resist as it meant investigating themselves but UEFA would have to look considering the amount of evidence uncovered at that time and FSR provided the opportunity for Celtic to discharge their AGM undertaking in 2020.



    Very few believed it would happen in 2020 and are still having to come to terms with what has happened now.



    Understandable after years of mistrust but there ya go…..

  2. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Auldheid earlier this evening



    Thank you for such a comprehensive response.



    Night all.

  3. Likewise I’d echo Big AT’s Best Wishes to all the CQNers and Celts around the World.



    Listening to Mr C again. Nostalgia :))



    It is a cracker of a mix.



    I’ll be honest and say that I’d rather listen to Gerry Cinammon’s music now, and anyway I migrated to Radio 2 frae Radio 1 about 10 years ago.



    Anyway its still a classic mix frae Mr C.









    Delighted the Hibees are going in confident against Celtic – It means they will have a go and Celtic will hopefully have the game won by HT.



    The Mibbery is just nonsensical right now. They will be desperate to send off Cameron/Callum or Reo given the chance.

  4. Good morning all from a cold and frosty morning in the Garngad.



    Bring on the Hibees.



    D :)

  5. There was NO Bookie BASHING on Boxing Day sadly, but the Bookie DENTED ME a little.


    My Favourite Jumps Trainer had FOUR Winners across Three different Tracks, and I backed THREE of them with modest amounts.


    His MAIN Runner was ” CONSTITUTION HILL” but it was Odds On at 1/7, so I left it alone.


    A couple of other runners FELL, but such mishaps will happen over the Jumps.



    ” Constitution Hill” is some Horse, and its gonna take some mistake or some other horse to catch him having an ” Off Day”…both those options look VERY unlikely ?


    Onto Today, and there is plenty of Racing going on with ITV 4 showing NINE Races on TV.


    Its also the Day for the WELSH Grand National at 2.50pm Cheptow.


    My Money is on the Favourite at odds of 7/2…however it can be a Punters nightmare ?



    My Bets on the Fitba yesterday didnt fare much better, but I was a wee bit unlucky with some Correct Scores. BRENTFORD v SPUTS for example, it finished 2 – 2….I had Brentford to win 3 – 2.




    Im looking forward to the Racing Today…time and LUCK will tell ?



  6. DAVID66..


    I havent been out since Christmas Eve ” Morning, before Celtic played St Johnstone, so Ive had a ” DRY” Christmas.


    I will probably venture out for some Beers Tomorrow ( Wednesday) ?


    I hope that Santa was good to you and the family.


    HH Mate….See you soon hopefully.

  7. AN TEARMANN on 27TH DECEMBER 2022 5:02 AM




    Merry Christmas AT, its great to see you Posting.


    All the best my friend……YOU MUST come oot for a Bevvy real soon ?



  8. I NEED HELP…..in the last few months I have became ADDICTED to FERRO ROCHER Chocolates…


    NAE wonder Im overweight by about 4 Stone.





  9. Some stonking headlines flying g about this morning.Jackson reckons the Huns MUST pay the “Brilliant”HillBilly,£ 1 million a year extra,as he is Beales main man.


    Southampton,who have serious defensive issues,want to pay the Huns £ 5 million for the Hillbilly,with 6 months left on his contract.Must be for his terrific goals tally this season !!!!.


    English,the clown stenographer,not the race down the road,ponders whether Ange will soon get fed up winning.Yes,he actually said this.


    Some other offshoot rag,quotes Laudrup,”Huns must get back to the Gerrard years when they totally dominated Celtic” Yes,they actually wrote that.



    Roll on the 2nd.



    Big Jimmy





    Friday 6th January looks good for a few at the Shipbank




    That sounds good to me mate.



  11. It’s time we started building momentum by winning in the league at Easter road.



    Obviously they have not been in the spl for all of the time but 1 league win in 9 years is no good from a venue, counter intuitively, we actually never seem to actually fear going to.

  12. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2023 to everyone involved with CQN; posters, readers, moderator(s) and especially Paul67.



    I’ve been catching up with the Res12 situation in recent days following the Celtic FC Foundation statement on the 23rd December, through Phil’s related article, the Etims Diary yesterday and Auldheid’s helpful explanations here, there and everywhere. An impressive personal achievement from all.



    It seems appropriate to congratulate and thank Morrissey23rd, Canamalar, Auldheid, Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan (I remember there was one other significant helper at the signature gathering stage who remained in the background, excuse me not having your moniker to mind) for their efforts throughout the decade.



    My brother and I were two of the original signatories to the 2013 Resolution who slipped away from ongoing engagement, as happens. I hope any differences between you 4/5 have been resolved over time and all of you share the memory of a struggle worth pursuing. Thanks again.



    Celtic forever

  13. Bada Bing



    Thanks for that info.



    Not the best officials but then none seem to be these days. It was Dallas who gave the Huns their pen to equalize at St Mirren. Not sure if we have had him as VAR ?

  14. Muir









    All a type












    A different type






    The worst type



    None of the above helps us but magnified by a rigged VAR system it makes me yearn for the days of Willie Young, Bobby Madden, Thompson, Clark and honest mistakes.

  15. B78- notice how many times Clancy and Collum do VAR on huns games,both banned by the huns in recent years, obviously terrified to flag up a contentious incident to the referee……

  16. Big Jimmy – I have not had much drink myself


    I will make up for it tomorrow night v Hibs at the Howgait (all welcome) and the Huns game next week.



    Maybe the bells at the Howgait as well.



    I see BRRB looking at Friday 6th Jan, I should be ok for that.



    The big question is will it be a sober BRRB or the usual the real BRRB that turns up?



    D :)