Juranovic, Giakoumakis, then Abada


I see a bit of chat on Liel Abada in the Latest News section of CQN this morning.  I have been impressed with the player from his early outings last year.  Although a winger with a prodigious assists record, it is his ability inside the box that impresses most.

He understands when to arrive in the danger area and has the speed and touch to be effective once there.  With the right tutelage, I think he may end up as a striker – you will recall, the Great Swede played on the wing until arriving in Glasgow as a 26-year-old, when an opportunity opened to play through the middle.

I sense little resistance to the potential sale of Josip Juranovic.  He had a stellar World Cup, at 27 he is in his prime and we have already recruited a replacement.  There is less unanimity when it comes to Giorgos Giakoumakis.  Gio is enormously popular and brings a different threat to any other striker at the club.  However, at 28, we know the script.  His age profile and backup status mean that he is available for the right price.

Liel does not always make the starting 11 but he would if I was picking the team.  His age and contract profile are such that we are under no pressure to sell.  But I need to ask myself what I really want from Celtic and how to get there.

I want us to be a competitive Champions League team, not the cannon fodder we were this season.  To get there, we need an excellent recruitment regime and an aggressive trading policy.  I’ll back any plan that aims for this target, anything else is conservative and unambitious – I don’t know about you, but I’m neither.

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  1. Gerry


    I understand that totally, not that I agree with it mind you >:)


    What I don’t understand is the role of a PLC, and that is what Celtic are first and foremost, a PLC, and that is to make money for it’s shareholders, money is the be all, yet our PLC are going about NOT going about maximizing the potential of making money, that’s what I don’t understand, unless there are underhand dealings going on……

  2. Celtic FC Foundation are delighted to announce that we received a wonderful donation of £11,266 earlier this week thanks to the Club and a group of Celtic plc shareholders.



    The group, who had come together a number of years ago to seek to address certain governance issues in Scottish football, engaged with the Club and worked independently over a number of years, with the objective of highlighting the value of continuing to evolve the governance rules underpinning Scottish Football and European Cub Competition.



    The group of shareholders also privately funded legal costs in the process and the Club agreed in principle to make a contribution to these costs in recognition of the effort and funds that were committed.



    Thankfully for Celtic FC Foundation, with the agreement of the Club, the shareholders have directed this contribution to Celtic FC Foundation’s 2022 Christmas Appeal. We would therefore like to express our sincere thanks to all of those involved. We are exceptionally grateful for your wonderful support in helping us to ‘Share the Magic’ this festive season.



    News on the outcome of the Christmas Appeal was shared with supporters earlier this week, with an incredible £385K raised and distributed to vulnerable families, children, pensioners, women and children in refuge, the homeless and refugees.

  3. Prestonpans bhoys on




    Yip sat up till 1am watching it, opened a bottle of gin though to see me through🍸🍸🍸

  4. National lampoon’s Christmas vacation



    It’s the gift that keeps on giving




    Watch it nearly every year

  5. TET 8.43pm



    Without trying to get “board” thread going … they do nothing for me but in my family & friends & acquaintances … every one knows the Huns cheated but the majority want a Hun entity to beat …



    Celtic keep winning keeps me happy … the Covid losing “the 10” for me was a success MissGFTB has became far more interested after we lost … before that she thought Celtic just won …. By the way she mentioned your good lady the other day as she has a million books in the drawers under her bed … and she shouted dad this is the book about the person on CQN you know … “once in a blue moon the return of the gargoyles” from that person you know on CQN” … 👍🍀



    TET …. Is the book about the Huns ???



    Cracking title 🍀

  6. Apart from turkey – which my Dad insisted was always drier than chicken – the other Christmas staple for post lunch watching was ‘The Great Escape’. More recently I think it’s been replaced by Die Hard for the younger gens.



    For me, a couple of episodes of The Royle Family always works a treat.



    RogerMyArse CSC

  7. BOGNORBHOY @ 8:50 PM,



    What a great gesture, with the FSR, Newco on the watch list and now a real acknowledgement of what the Res12 campaign achieved and the personal sacrifices made



    We can really say persistence beat resistance



    Well done all involved



    Hail Hail

  8. Gerry


    Aye Celtic winning keeps me happy as well, honestly…


    I don’t want to get a board thing going either as it will get us nowhere fast, they are what they are and they don’t care about us, end of.


    No the book ain’t about the hun, it’s a weans story and I honestly loved it, couldn’t stop reading it till I was finished it, try it and get back to me, she has another couple nearly ready and IMO they are superb.

  9. Why can’t the VAR Refs be based in England? Not Madhun obviously, wipe out the cheating allegations at a stroke!

  10. TET 9.35pm



    A wee rubbish joke about the Huns … wee yin loved the book … am a rubbish reader, no patience … keep us posted about any new books … the Mrs & Miss GFTB love their books ….



    3pts tomorrow and onto Easter road … canny understand any grief about wee Kyogo and outstanding striker growing in front of us season upon season… the wee mhan will miss plenty but actually score more 🇯🇵

  11. Something happened today which made me very happy and grateful.



    It was my dad’s funeral and after the service at St Ninians I was approached by two gentlemen. Step forward An Tearmann and Bigrailroadblues…



    To think that they would take the time to turn up and show their respects to a stranger like me (and my dad) has left me humbled and grateful.



    Love you guys, John.

  12. AoW



    Reiterating my condolences, lovely to learn you were warmed by the good spirit of the caring Celtic family. Speaks volumes of the two guys mentioned. HH

  13. Hello again all you young rebels





    Just like you, I’m puzzled by some, not all, posters giving our wee


    striker grief.


    He’ll come good, just like all good strikers do.


    Hope you and family have a great Christmas.


    The same to everyone else on CQN.


    H H. Mick

  14. bigrailroadblues on

    Art of War 9.53




    Your opinion of me may change when you attend a meeting of the Shipbank Shipwrecks and are found staggering down the Trongate in yer simmet and drawers. 🤣

  15. THE EXILED TIM on 23rd December 2022 8:25 pm






    It’s well over 20 years since I lived in Scotland and there was many strange things going on back then as well >:)






    I missed the Livi game.



    The Fringe players, likely to be 2 or 3, I hope they become 1st Team Players.



    Ange is, a lot more invested into Celtic is than you & me, I’m ok with that.



    Those Above him Must do more.



    Those Cheats have got to 2 Euro Finals efter us.



    Thankfully they only wrecked 1 City.

  16. Bigrailroadblues, nae chance mate.


    You’re an honorary member of the Doogan clan now. You might regret this! 😁

  17. AULDHEID @ 10:02 PM,



    Awesome stuff, know that you ghuys didn’t embark on this for vindication but the FSR frame work, Sevco on the naughty list and now an acknowledgement from Celtic regarding your commitment and sacrifice are proof positive that your “journey” was worth it.



    Great to see Celtic make this wonderful gesture and the awesome Celtic foundation causes are beneficiaries



    Hail Hail

  18. Still think the best Celtic striker I ever seen was Joe ( Mr goals ) McBride


    Henke was a better all round player but Joe was the boss.


    H H. Mick

  19. Almore, indeed.


    I still don’t know how they found me to introduce themselves!



    Hope you and yours are well also sir.

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