Just. Change. Nothing.


Can we all just agree to change nothing?  I know it was a dead rubber and I know it’s different playing against a 10 man defence, but honestly, just, change, nothing.

We had a defender at the right side of defence, not a frustrated winger.  That subtly rebalanced the team; Kristoffer Ajer (22) was not 20 yards further upfield to connect to a Mohamed Elyounoussi pass, but he was back to provide cover and balance to the two to his left.

Christopher Jullien and Shane Duffy had their most assured game together – although Shane, you were never winning that ball, you should have shown the player down the line instead of committing to the foul.  It was a mistake that would have been sore on another day.

David Turnbull (21) got one goal, one assist and got the assist for the penalty.  That is an incredible return for a player who has been sitting in the stand or out through illness all season.

After a couple of substitute appearances in 11 months at the club, Ismaila Soro (22) made his starting debut and was even more influential than Turnbull to the flow of Celtic’s play.  The deep lying central midfield player has several jobs: protect the defence, intercept opposition moves, get the ball forward quickly and accurately.  A lot of off the ball work is also required; the best in the business are in position to stop moves before an interception is required.  Ismaila did all of this very well.

Like Soro, the lack of opportunities afforded to Patryk Klimala (22) made me think he was less effective than our other strikers have been recently.  Apparently not.  Patryk is all about movement.  He can take a ball, bring others into play and – effectively last night – win corner kicks.  At no time did he try to beat three players on his own, take note, Odsonne.

After THAT pass at Tynecastle in 2019 you may have wondered what happened to Ewan Henderson (20).  The player had a lost 18 months but, like the rest of the midfield last night, he was on his game.  He was tidy and intelligent in possession.  Use him.

The biggest compliment to the midfield and defence is that Conor Hazard (22) had little to do.  Blameless at either goal, he got a foot to a dangerous ball, handled and distributed well throughout.

I don’t know who deserved the win more, the players, the manager or you and me, no doubt someone has been busy running a poll on the subject…..  Onto Sunday!

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  1. Huns did very well to top their group.Dont forget though,the team has been assembled with money they don’t have.Lots of money ,they don’t have.I could say it was a very average group,but these are the teams of the calibre,we have been losing to.Benfica showed they are not a top bracket club with their performances.Been like that for a long time.No sour grapes though,with the lead they have over us,we must win at Ibrox,and it won’t be easy.

  2. DENIABHOY on 11TH DECEMBER 2020 12:14 PM


    Over the recent past, teams coming to CP and parking the bus has become an increasingly touted reason as to why we are struggling to win games.



    Have the rest of the league just cottoned onto this tactic? Wasn’t it always thus?



    Except we used to regularly play with a real winger and two forwards and blew their gameplan to smithereens in the first 20 mins.




    We are out of Europe, we do not need to show domestic opposition any respect by playing 4 at the back and 1 up front.




    Go for the jugular.

  3. Disagreed a lot with the articles recently, can’t disagree with that one.


    Although playing a team with 10 men behind the ball will blunt Klimala and put more pressure on the central defence to play football.

  4. Hello again all you young rebels.



    Just watched the game again, what an effort from everyone, but Soro


    and Turnbull, wow, exactly what we’ve been missing.


    Makes you wonder.


    H.H. Mick

  5. Paul67,



    Minimal changes Paul67 for me…



    Barkas back and build his confidence. Nothing against Hazard but lots of Sutton-generated hot air there.


    Duffy was not a positive from last night and I’d put in Welsh instead.


    Conflicted by Klimala. Lots of endeavour, very little quality. Bring back Eddie.




  6. Henderson, Turnbull and Soro should all start.



    I’d change Klimala not because he didn’t play well but I’m just not so sure how he will play with back to goal for 90m. Could he play with Eddie?

  7. Paul agree, re. Soro.


    Never took the ball off the back 4 , allowed them to play it forward early.


    When he broke up play and intercepted, he pas forward quickly, not back or accross.



    Don’t think Christie merits a place on Sunday.


    Would have Eddy alongside Klimala

  8. I’d like us to try building a two up front partnership, pick two and stick with them. With the current regulations we could even do a pair each half. I wouldn’t like to be an opposing CH having to play against all 4 at some point.

  9. Reading back,some of the stuff against Scott Brown was totally out of order IMO.Here’s a guy who is a modern day Celtic Legend, both on and off the park,respect is the most overused word in the English language, but he has earned respect. Turnbull and Soro need a run in the team now,after outstanding performances last night, I hope these Bhoys can achieve half as much as Broonie, when wearing the Hoops.

  10. Still a feeling of temp contentment prevails.


    One thing I’d change is Calum; he seems mentally depleted – not energetically – but the guy’s on fumes atm.


    Could a mid of Soro, Turnbull and Christie work as well/better?



    From prev: ST TAMS – I think Ferguson could be a good shout for the inevitable EoS rebuild. HH

  11. Pick the team on merit, not on price tag or reputation.


    Edouard does not deserve to start, nor Barkas, Brown or Christie.


    They have underperformed all season.

  12. Midfield players like Turnbull, are always looking for a quick forward pass ,(please don’t coach this out of him),I think he would bring Eddy back to life.Klimala was excellent last night, puts himself about,and creates space for others.A big difference last night was having legs,all over the pitch,and this showed when we didn’t have possession of the ball, chasing around in packs didn’t let Lille settle into a slow tempo,when they could have bossed the game.

  13. Jimmy the optimistist says –



    Strong performances all over the park


    We have a depth of talent in that squad


    The newish guys are only going to get better



    Jimmy the pessimist says –



    Neil, what took you so long?


    Why wait until we’re out of europe, the first cup and playing catch up in the league?


    I wonder what our coaching team see at Lennoxtown?

  14. lets all do the huddle on

    good to see the dismantling of the all scottish midfield obsession as i have been calling for 2 seasons



    please dont just replace it with another one



    the country still doesnt produce enough top quality players to merit having a load of them in our starting 11

  15. never follow sinatra, (last article) maybe after last night it should be…never follow lennon ….. on this the anniversary of his killing IMAGINE :)

  16. !!Bada Bing!! on 11th December 2020 12:26 pm



    Spot on, Scott Brown is the most influential player in the achievement of the 9.



    I love the man. Like Gordon Strachan he has grown to love the club and is regularly responsible for turning draws into wins. Sure he may be fading at 35 but any so called Celtic supporter abusing him is no friend of mine or of Celtic.

  17. One swallow does not a summer make ! But hopefully we can carry the good performance into Sunday’s game.

  18. Much better article today Paul; if only you had waited before putting out the puff piece yesterday! For Sunday just 1 change – Edouard for Elyanoussi.




  19. I hope that last nights performances will mean that we won’t have to see the half hearted wage thief Olivier Ntcham ever again in the hoops. Lets stick with the guys who actually want to play.


    We have more than enough with Calum, Broonie, Moi, Turnbull, Soro, Christie and Henderson.

  20. Let’s all- totally agree, the mantra of always trying to buy Scottish players, is something I have never understood. They will probably be cheaper options, but look at the national team for the last 25 years….

  21. Deniabhoy



    Spot on play the players on form.



    However, Soro and Turnball were very good and begs the question why did Lenny not play them.



    Moving on, I agree we should be playing 2 up front. In fact I think we should be playing 4 3 3 or 4 3 2 1





    Ajer Julien Duffy Laxalt


    Henderson Soro Turnball


    Klimala Ajeti Elynoussi



    We need to give game time to Welsh



    McGregor needs rested, he was poor last night



    Squad Management



    Sell N’tcham Edouard and Christie in January



    Buy Laxalt is summer sell Barkas. Elhammed, Biton and Ajer if he wants away.



    I suggest that we need to give O’Connor. Afolabi and Connell a chance as last night shows that despite what Lenny thinks there are players who deserve a chance



    I think it is now clear that the “Want aways” were told they were staying and downed tools N’tcham Edouard Christie McGregor Biton. Give them their wishes.

  22. Well played Celtic.


    Might have been a dead rubber to us but they had plenty to play for.


    Bit of a slap in the chops for Eddie and Ntcham,with wall to wall French TV coverage.


    Neither were missed in my view.

  23. Timmy7_Noted : …..”but any so called Celtic supporter abusing him is no friend of mine or of Celtic”.



    1 minute later.



    Timmy7_Noted : ….”the half hearted wage thief Olivier Ntcham” ….



    Looks like consistency isn’t just a playing issue.




  24. I gotta laugh at those telling us to sell x, y and z. Our inability to replace previously lost talent such as Forster, Tierney, Armstrong, Sinclair, Dembele and Boyata means we trust the same recruitment team not to allow us to spiral southwards again.



    Be careful what you wish.



    For what’s its worth, put the players in a system they understand and enjoy and you’ll reap the dividend.




  25. Without wanting to beat the manager, he has a very poor record, for playing youngsters, and given last night, could be the death of him.

  26. DENIABHOY on 11TH DECEMBER 2020 12:27 PM


    Pick the team on merit, not on price tag or reputation.



    Edouard does not deserve to start, nor Barkas, Brown or Christie.



    They have underperformed all season.





    I agree totally with picking the team on merit. I would play Welsh ( 20 yr old ) instead of Duffy.



    Players who are proud and hungry to wear the jersey is the way forward.






    PS : Scott Brown has been immense for us, unfortunately father time is catching up on him.

  27. We need to get the “Want Aways” away. Their lack of application has cost us the 10.



    I think UEFA rules are evolving and we need more Academy players and more Scottish Players.



    I think Porteous at Hibs is a must. Maybe Boyle also. Ferguson is a possibility.



    Scandanavia has been a good source of Talent. We should go back there. Asking players from the Mediterranian to adapt to the “cafe culture” of Glasgow and our terrible weather rarely plays well

  28. Big Wavy



    If you’re taking about consistency, there’s no comparison in the varying extent of the contributions to our club offered by S Broon and O Encham



    Broon has earned the respect of every Celtic supporter over 13 years. As Timmy7_noted says, he’s grown to love the club.



    Encham with the exception of a Glasgow Derby winner has always looked as if he’d rather be anywhere but here.



    Wildly differing contributions to the cause and entitled to be judged as such.

  29. GP- exactly re Scott Brown, his only crime is growing old,and if you look at Power and Dicker in the Killie MF,would you rule him out for Sunday?

  30. Broon has earned over 13 years – AND REMAINS ENTITLED TO – the respect of every Celtic supporter.



    Before the grammar polis shoot me doon.

  31. I see the hoots man are saying that we are looking at jack ross. Well it wouldn’t surprise me considering he won manager of the year when BR done the double treble.



    Let’s not forget the SMSM bias against our great club.



    Never done in the history of Scottish football and the guy who won the first division gets manager of the year.



    You couldn’t make it up.

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