Justice without fear or favour, but much more to come


The SFA Judicial Panel which disciplined Rangers two weeks ago was independent of the SFA.  Tonight’s appellate panel was also independent but as I was reminded tonight, there’s independent and there’s ‘independent’.

Celtic Quick News has cast its share of aspersions in the direction of the SFA in recent years but even President What-school-did-you-go-to? could not spike what appears to be well established processes.

The consequences from tonight’s decision by the SFA appellant panel will run deep for Stewart Regan, and I suspect life would be easier for him if a more accommodating verdict was returned, but the structure he created delivered what he promised.  Justice, without fear or favour. Credit where due.

You and I have a responsibility to start rebuilding trust, and Scottish football, from here. Don’t wallow in past times, or a in an old victim mentality. Tomorrow belongs to you and your neighbours who support Aberdeen, Dundee United, Hibs, St Mirren, Motherwell and many others. Make sure you enjoy that future and are not consumed by past torments.

Rangers is a former football club.  They played their last game on Sunday 13 May 2012 at Perth.

We’ve been predicting this for months, and if you think the revelations and shocks are over, think again.  Empires will crumble, oceans will dry and galaxies will collide next week.  The surface has only been scratched.

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  1. AN SFA independent appeals panel has this evening upheld a decision to impose a 12-month transfer embargo on the club.



    Duff and Phelps, administrators of Rangers Football Club, issued the following statement tonight.



    Paul Clark, joint administrator, said: “The decision by the appellate tribunal to uphold the sanction, namely the suspension of registration of players for one year, is not competent in the view of the club and its legal advisers.




    “Such a sanction was not available to the tribunal and should not have been imposed and it is the intention of the club to challenge the determination.



    “The club will consider seeking review of this most disappointing decision and it is a matter of regret that the certainty and finality Rangers sought on this matter has not been achieved.



    “Everyone at Rangers is bitterly disappointed and dismayed at this outcome.”



    Charles Green, who leads a consortium purchasing Rangers, said: “Our group went into the purchase of the club with this sanction in place but we hoped the decision would at least be commuted.



    “We fully support the club as it considers an appeal against this latest decision.”



    Sandy Jardine, spokesman for the Rangers Fans Fighting Fund, added: “Rangers supporters will be shocked and bitterly disappointed by this decision and will find it hard to take that the club has been so heavily punished for the actions of individuals.”

  2. CultsBhoy loves being 1st forever & ever on

    Lenny could become the first Celtic Manager to win 23 trophies in one season…?

  3. Paul 67



    At such momentous times it seems petty to point out a correction but I think you’ll find that it has been aspersions that we were casting.



    We might have dispersed them far and wide though because Lord Carloway seems to be aware of a few

  4. ernie



    What if the sfa can’t give them a licence ?


    I know they will attempt to, but shirly, someone somewhere will object, then uefa will have to intervine.


    Not that I expect uefa to do the right thing btw, but again, shirly, rules are rules, and somewhere along the line they must be upheld.



    Or am I living in dreamland ???



    Personally, I think the huns should take a year or two out, and then the rest of the footballing world in scotland will see the benefits of a hun free society, maybes I do live in dreamland :>)

  5. Paul67,


    are you suggesting that the dual contracts verdict may hit next week,


    or the big tax case,or even both?

  6. Hun free…..



    as free as the wind blows



    as free as the grass grows…..



    Hun free!



    PS – this is NOT an attemp to ignite a fresh Songs debate!

  7. I think it was well nigh impossible to overturn the original verdict, considering the logical and well presented document SFA released from the panel.


    The fact that they had considered withdrawing their licence altogether would have made a reduction in the sentence difficult to justify.


    I don’t expect Ally’s demand to name the panel helped.


    And when is he going to be hauled up for this rant?

  8. Are D&P going to waste money challenging the decision?



    I doubt it.



    Because they might be personally liable for the costs.

  9. canamalar



    Will do, how much grun you thinking about.


    I have half an acre, far too much to look after, I have fruit trees in a wee bit, the rest the goat man lets his goats and sheep on to keep it managable.

  10. CultsBhoy loves being 1st forever & ever on

    no Status Quo but deinately ‘Down Down ..deeper and Down!’

  11. Anyone else think this years annual be a bigot while drinking on the streets terrorising anyone who has all their own teeth and only 10 fingers while the polis do nothing march, will see riots?


    Last year Mrs Hendrix and I were in town on the big day, was the only time we could go pram shopping. She was 6 months pregnant and because we weren’t part of the march the abuse we got especially the mrs was some of the worst stuff i have heard, now I’m no angel and have a bit of an acid tongue at times but this was pure evil. Fortunately enough I work in the funeral trade and managed to get both of us into the city mortuary.


    So let the scum sucking pig f*cks run riot. They’ve done it everywhere else.

  12. tommytwiststommyturns on

    ht – I said on here a few months ago that the big cop out would be league reconstruction, with them dropping down only one division. If the SPL is a business, then so would a new SPL1/SPL2 structure….by invitation only!



    I was previously convinced that this would happen, but now I’m not so sure. Under a great deal of pressure, the SFA have rejected their appeal for the punishment handed out for the Whyte era. If all the allegations of EBT’s and dual contracts are proven, what would then be considered a suitable punishment…expulsion ?



    The end game’s getting closer.




  13. Just incase anyone forgets Jardines past . If you ask Morton fans their most hated player it will be him for his cheating to get Bobby Thomson sent off.



    the cheat

  14. Aye Sandy


    The actions of every broon brogued INDIVIDUAL who had anything to do with running your big hoose.


    Gonnae just go away eh? Gonnae?


    Just….gonnae eh?