Justify hooliganism is grossly irresponsible


Let’s be clear about this, footballers taking a lap of honour are not liable for hooliganism.  You know this and Police Scotland know it.  Forcing football hooligans to stay behind after a game and watch opponents celebrate, as happened when Newco visited Celtic Park earlier this season, was a poorly thought out police decision, but the police are not liable for hooliganism either.

The match superintendent’s report, made available under Freedom of Information, illustrates that forcing 800 losers watch 59,011 people celebrate is something that should have been considered prior to the match being allowed to proceed with only 800 away fans.

Losing fans at this fixture should be allowed to leave the stadium at full time.  If this cannot be accommodated with away fans getting such a small area of the stadium, away fans should be given an appropriate section of the stadium and egress areas.

This is a new problem and you know who caused it.  Give away fans appropriate egress at both stadiums and the problem goes away.

And while we’re discussing the matter, running headlines which justify hooliganism is grossly irresponsible.  You also know who staged this for the newspaper.

This is why we need to be relentless.  We need to win the League Cup and we need to rattle through the league in December.  Fight fire will irresistible football success.

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  1. 11:20KEY EVENT



    Robertson: We cannot have a repeat to scenes after Celtic Park match



    A disabled fan asks: “I was injured at the last Old Firm game as a result of the ‘thug like’ behaviour of the Celtic players. Can you comment?”


    Stewart Robertson replies “Having seen the effects of what happened in September, players have a responsibility to be very careful about their reaction during and after games because every action can have a reaction.


    “We cannot have a repeat of that (scenes at the end of the first Old Firm game). Players have to be conscious of what they are doing and we have to hope we don’t see a repeat of that – anywhere.”



    seriously, what planet are these peepil from?

  2. I wonder if our security chiefs will be happy to criticise bad behaviour at matches involving Celtic, as quickly as they seem to be willing to highlight what they consider as poor behaviour by Celtic fans.



    Police tactics at the last Rangers game were badly thought out and the police seemed to concentrate on the 800 away fans without much thought of the 51,000 home fans. Let us hear, Celtic replying to the leaked Police report that our players by celebrating and applauding the fans as they have done for the last 5 years, were culpable for misbehaviour by this group of away Fans.



    At Murrayfield there was several issues of behaviour by Hearts Fans but little reporting.



    Celtic fans are not always angelic but someone at our club should point out common denominators in the incidents.

  3. 100% agree Paul.



    The SFA stand by and aid sevco dictate how the game is run.



    Thump them Celtic and give them not an inch.



    My is a novice ref given a cup final? Surname?




  4. Police Scotland have asked Celtic players to refrain from scoring goals in the next sevco game so as not to upset their supporters, err, hordes of entitled hun barstewards.



    Whatever next.

  5. So if we follow Police Scotland’s logic, the guys back up in court for the hanging blow up dolls (daft- I know) can blame the Orange Order and their weekly hate marches?

  6. I believe that Police came to the dressing game at half time in our first game against newco and asked our players to tone down celebrations.



    We didn’t score in the 2nd Half



    Referee appointments are made by the SFA Referee committee chaired by Willie Young and with members being Iain Brines, Kenny Clark, Martin Cryans, Alan Freeland, Ian Fyfe, Calum Murray, Brian Winter



    A bigger load of Huns you couldn’t have gathered

  7. patmcgrathtakesapenalty on

    Surely the time has come to once more ban the wearing of the green. It is extreme provocation.

  8. The latest obstacle after Murrayfield in Celtic’s retention of the treble, is now announced with The Andrew Dallas BetFred Final.



    A meteoric rise to a cup final, there will be no ‘Kevin Clancy type apprenticeship’ for the Dallas clan, another astonishing SFA decision with. at best a woefully inexperienced referee for a major game, never mind a national cup final. At worst of course Celtic fans see ‘son of ‘ as something much more sinister than inexperienced.



    Following yesterdays deeply jaundiced ’Police Report.’ Celtic as a matter of course should have announced that without the security measures they sought when Sevco made up the bizarre ticket allocation ruling that we would not administer their 800 tickets.



    Brendan Rodgers shouldn’t be the required to respond to SFAism and an institutionally biased Scotland, he’s a football man, and need not be doing someone else’s job in the ‘media’



    We are openly treated differently time and time again and the sound of Celtic silence is tedious.

  9. Police Scotland was instigated for the wrong reasons. It was a monster created by two persons ego. One was arrested before an England V Scotland game and another is a wealthy individual who demonstrates his power by crowd funding to defend charges of sexual harassment.


    A police force founded as a result of political farce.



    Subsequently the police are only following the instructions of their political masters.



    To far fetched you say : I’ll let the facts speak for themselves.



    For the record, this is not a reflection on the rank and file officers.



    HH to all.

  10. 50 shades of green on

    Big Packy..



    Thoughts and prayers for the family and friends of Annette mate.




  11. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “Give away fans appropriate egress at both stadiums and the problem goes away.”




    I would be surprised if this wasn’t spoken about during the new Sky deal. Can’t see it not being back to “normal” before long. But it will require the person who caused it to come up with a “get out” as there is no way he will admit he got it wrong.


    We should keep the laps of honour for big wins – trophy wins, CL qualification, group stage wins against good teams. Not required for bog standard league wins.

  12. mike in toronto on




    An article on fan safety and media deflection, and the solution is ….”irresistible football success”?!



    The opposite seems to be true. We have won back to back trebles (can’t do much better), and their response was to cut tickets, and further endanger Celtic fans. What will happen if we are getting close to 10?



    How about our Board standing up and being counted for once and speaking out on the sectarianism and cheating?



    Why do I have the feeling that the last paragraph was tacked on as a response to the recent spate of posts by people (and not just rabble rousers) questioning season ticket renewal?

  13. The SFA announced a ban on ‘The lap of honour’ in Scotland after the 1965 League Cup Final.



    Celtic full back Ian Young was assaulted by a fan of original Rangers.



    In 2018 Police Scotland squarely blamed the celebrating Celtic players for causing crowd trouble.



    I’ll just leave that out there CSC

  14. Police Scotland: r*%gers supporters only trashed the Celtic park toilets after the severe provocation of a 5-1 pumping

  15. A Muppet interviewed outside the Sevco AGM,….’Goldson is a £10 million pound player…….’ nurse…..nurse…..incoming…..

  16. From huns agm:


    “Surprisingly the recent financial figures – showing a loss of more than £14million in the year to June 30 – were barely mentioned over the 90 minutes”

  17. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    I don’t think it can be denied that we are experiencing Honest Mistakes Season 2.



    Even this early, we have seen much that was similar in the Mowbray season.



    We have heard the commentators say, “I’ve seen them given, ” or , ” the ref was unsighted” and other explanations of dubious/wrong decisions.



    For me, Saturday reached a new high/low in deflection.



    At the non penalty, Mc.Coist et al, couldn’t invoke the usual caveats, so they just laughed off the incident.


    They laughes off an incident that cost us a penalty kick, which, if scored, would have eased us into a difficult match.



    A more serious matter for me, was Ballgate, when not one, but seven footballs were under inflated.


    This inspired Craigen to admonish Celtic for having the cheek to query the situation.



    His snide, “First it was long grass, now under inflated footballs”,etc.


    Once again subjecting a serious matter to ridicule.



    The common factor in both these incidents is the match officials.


    The non penalty one is obvious, but the ball one is sinister.



    It is the match officials responsibility to ensure that pre match inspection is complete.


    This involves checking nets, lines AND the pressure of the match balls.


    One under inflated is an oversight.


    But SEVEN!



    Welcome to HM2.

  18. thomthethim for Oscar OK on



    Forgot to say,


    Q. What do you do if you can’t let the grass grow ?


    A. You under inflate the ball.

  19. TERJE VIGEN on 27TH NOVEMBER 2018 1:03 PM



    Cheers. Posted on twitter so automatically thought it was.



    Note to myself, check next time. :(

  20. The attempted assault on Scott Brown, racist chants on Scott Sinclair, a battery thrown at Leigh Griffiths



    All in the one game at IBrokes



    ” I blame Kafflick Schools ”



    Police Scotland

  21. BBC site:



    `Rodgers is aiming to become the first manager to win seven successive Scottish domestic trophies since Walter Smith with Rangers in 1994.`


    Apart from any excuse to mention THEM m, how did that seven occur? I assume it was 2.3 and 2 so was it League Cup and League in season 3 , League and Scottish Cup in season 1 and the Treble in between?







    I agree re Anne Lundon. A wee Cracker.




    Those acolytes of the Deady Bears had been driven over the edge by Celtic being awarded 2 penalties and being uppitily brazen enough to score them.



    A poptastic choon from then-



  23. Paul67 et al



    Just heard on Radio 5 that Dave King will not reconsider his allocation of 800 tickets to Celtic supporters. Also reported were comments from Celtic Chief Executive Peter Lawwell that the decision “reduces the attractiveness” of the match. “The attractiveness of the match”. (Think that is what I heard)


    Back in September Celtic spoke of the “spectacle” of the occasion. Forget about the safety of our supporters, (as we did back in September) the Old Firm show must get back on the road. Today’s blog almost certainly reflects the position of the Celtic Board, and is certainly in tune with Peter Lawwell’s comments reported on National radio. It leads me at least to believe that the Old Firm is more important to Celtic than it is to Dave King. It is certainly more important than the safety of any 800 supporters turning up at Ayebrokes under the aegis of PoliceScotland, an organisation which cannot, repeat cannot be trusted. No Paul, the solution is not to go back, it is not to go at all. The Board’s responsibility is to the Celtic support, not Sky sports.

  24. Is the presence of soap the only provocation sevco fans need every time they wreck Celtic Park toilets?

  25. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    If Celtic are so keen to keep the “spectacle” going, leave a big space where our support would have been.



    Celtic have no power over this.


    It is all in the hands of the support.


    Show the way. Enough is enough.



    Ask not……….

  26. As was mentioned earlier they have a history of sour grapes or should that be papes. I stood on the terracing with the rest of a jubilant bunch of Tims celebrating our 2nd cup win in 8 years, it was also 4 days after the 8 th anniversary of hampden in the sun, a score which was all we had to cheer about for that period of time, it was grim back then.



    That was also the game that IMHO that was a catalyst to our Big Cup win and the honest and only legal NIAR as we had sown that not only could we win trophies by beating them but the day of their thugs bullying us was over.



    As a young teenage lad I went tae Clydebank Tech on the Monday and a bunch of Huns fae the birthplace of the original kinning park side, Rhu, were loudly boasting on how they had invaded the pitch to stop us celebrating our win.



    Animals then, animals now and if they survive animals forever.




    Thanks for the heads up / thought . Don’t think I’ll be attending .



    On the it’s a small world front _I recently met someone who like me had gone to see Lennie Tristano in Harrogate in 68 . . .That’s a small clique-




  28. Very churlish , I know , but when oh when are we going to take the lead for a change . We never ever start an action, we always react. No good.


    CELTIC should make a statement that NO huns will be allowed in Parkhead at all for the next hun game. Childish, maybe but the point would have been made .


    It really concerns me that our board NEVER make a stance, and being totally non paranoid I’m beginning to wonder if “they” have something on us. Could be, but I doubt it.


    At least the board should tell us what is going on. Secrets secrets, all the way.





    PS The statement i refer to should say why , hooligans etc

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