Justifying bitterness


I have two significant concerns about Walter Smith’s comments yesterday. He spoke about the events which followed Rangers liquidation in 2012:

“There was no necessity for Rangers to be put down into the Third Division.

“That will always stay in Scottish football. There will be a bitterness in the Rangers ranks. It will be a massive motivation for the club. It would certainly be for me.

“How can they forget what happened to them? Nobody could forget that.”

I’ve spoken to people at Celtic about security concerns ahead of the weekend. The game itself will almost certainly pass off without incident, but what happens on the streets of Glasgow and surrounding towns is anyone’s guess.

You will hear nothing even close to inflammatory from Celtic, senior fans groups, or anyone who cares about the club’s fans and wellbeing. Justifying bitterness due to (mis)perceived persecution ahead of this fixture is inciteful.  I’m astonished Smith said this.

On his subject matter, let me give you an alternative scenario:

Newco Rangers are parachuted straight into the Premier League, hundreds of creditors are abandoned, they have a full squad of players and are not a penny in debt. They would have been out signing players within minutes of registration (they even tried to sign a player while still in administration).

With Oldco having won the league accumulating debts they would never pay in 2009, 2010 and 2011, Newco, free of legacy financial commitments, would have an excellent chance of winning again in 2013 and beyond.

This plan was one strand of Craig Whyte’s lunacy and it would have killed Scottish football. Celtic, and others, would have been left to consider, do we pay these millions of debts, or liquidate and spend the money on players instead? I had this very conversation with a senior figure in the game in October 2011, when the realisation of what Whyte was planning became evident.  Utter mayhem would have ensued.

The damage done to the Rangers brand of clubs by allowing Newco access only to the bottom tier was huge. It’s consequences are yet to be appreciated by most fans.  Newco may never win a top flight league.

But the question was not whether to impose a trauma on ‘Rangers’ or allow everyone to carry on as we had before, this was not an option. It was whether to allow the existing rules and processes to stand, allow responsibility for the enormous mismanagement of Rangers to be carried primarily by Newco, and have other clubs deal with the fallout, with or without a ‘Rangers’ club in the league.

Whyte’s plan replicated what he’d done in other industries, but it would have devastated Celtic in particular. We were beaten for years on the field by a team who could not pay their bills or correctly register their players, then we would be beaten again as they walked away from debts without consequence, which is why I wrote this article in October 2011 on the Prepack route for Rangers Newco.

Pretty much all of what I wrote about in that article came to pass, it had to be stopped (and you’ll never know the key movers in doing so).  Smith should consider if the boot was on the other foot, if he would be happy to allow his club to be subverted in the manner he suggests would be good enough for others.  It was simply never an option.


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  1. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Mr Pastry



    Ive forgotten…more than you will ever know…about anything.


    As for Res 12….The bhoys responsible, have been trying to instruct you.


    You are too ignorant to understand….or, you are at it.


    I think you are at it.

  2. The Resolute Mr Pastry on

    EXILEDTIM#8:03 – You merely parrot what you read – I say to you as I said to Green Man – if you know, then you tell me – I won’t hold my breath.



    What’s the proof?


    What’s the ultimate aim?



    Two simple questions.

  3. Mr Pastry



    I posted part of an article which very clearly stated that Fergus was going to sue the SFA.



    We’ll leave it there for others to decide.

  4. Saint Stivs says SACK THE BOARD on

    very funny call on ssb tonight,



    aberdeen fan,



    gerry before i go on to my main point i want to comment on the rangers fan who phoned last night wishing ill on dundee united, and they are getting what they deserve for hurting rangers ………. and that they ave whats coming to them



    well, all united need to do, is worst comes to worst, is go down ,liquidate, and the football authorities will grant them a new license, then they can claim to be the same, shed the debts, keep the trophies, jobs a good yin,



    gerry says


    “oh lets move on”

  5. Geordie Munro on




    That’s about the 6th gag I’ve read on here this evening that will be nicked and redistributed tomorrow :))







  6. Athletico showing that even the best players in the world struggle to play football against Ronnie style swarm defending from the top of the pitch.



    HH jamesgang

  7. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Tried that, waste of time but here goes again



    Resolution 12 – Get the PLC to ask the CFCB to investigate the SFA’s handling of UEFA licensing administration in 2011 is that dumbed down enough for you ?



    Nothing circumstantial about the following evidence to support the resolution



    Letter from HMRC demanding payment of outstanding tax bill on 20th May 2011, sourced from court case where rangers used it as evidence to defend charges brought against them.



    Reply from SFA to Celtic stating they had no further role to play in monitoring after 31st March 2011 contrary to CFCB rule 55e.

  8. ——-



    Hammers V Mingin’ Mancs….



    0-0 H/T



    Could This Be The Night Van Gaal Gets His Jotters….?



    Hope He Stays Around A Bit Longer….



    To Ensure The M*ncs Don’t Qualify For Europe…



    We Hiv Tae Support Slaven Bilic…!



    One Of Our Potential Celtic Managers…



    Who Was Ultimately Overlooked….



    Was THAT Doon Tae The Nefarious Influence Of Ernie + THE CLIQUE…?



    Thank Goodness KevJ An’ Kojo Stood Shudder-Tae-Shudder…



    Tae INSIST We Signed ‘The Griff ® ‘….



    Who Ah Christened BTW..!



    Not Tae Mention the ‘MegaWattie ®’….



    Ah’m Sure These Bhoys Could Make A Contribution Tae The’ Poor Clares’….



    In Appreciation Of Oor Efforts….!



    We Dinnae Win ALL Oor Battles…



    More’s The Pity..!



    Otherwise John Terry Wid Be 180 Minutes Fae Liftin’ The BIG CUP…



    Wearin’ The HOOPs….



    Wee KevJ Wiz Inconsolable For WEEKS..



    An’ Hid Tae Keep The Beside Lamp Oan..









  9. Athletic Madrid must be the worse fitba team in the world to watch, nothing but spoilers, get them gubbed barca.

  10. The Resolute Mr Pastry on

    AULDHEID@8:04 – Thank you for your answer – you are the only person who gives answers that I can understand.



    I am not being obtuse and I take on board everything thing you write.






    Who needs to “answer the bell”? – is it Celtic?



    Smoking gun? – does it have Celtic’s fingerprints on it.



    What do you want the final outcome to be?



    Who gets the blame?- Rangers (dead) – SFA – Celtic



    Would you agree with me that the majority who support the resolution, i.e. ‘the johnny come latelys, want an outcome with which to attack Peter Lawwell and the board?

  11. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Mr Pastry



    One minute you are the superior CQN voice of reason.


    Next minute you cant understand Standard English.


    Geeza break.


    You are not intellectually challenged…so you are playing a game.


    Spare us the bs.

  12. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    And there you have it, no matter what or how complete the answers given, there will be a follow up questions that are set out to ignore the facts and follow the agenda of someone who’s only aim is to create uncertainty and confusion.

  13. The Resolute Mr Pastry on

    CANAMALAR – Yes I got that months ago – but what do you want the outcome to be – presumably a guilty verdict – against who? – and what do you want done about it – what sentence would you settle for?



    I have long been convinced that there is a case to answer and now you go to UEFA – fine – but apart from them investigating – WHAT DO YOU WANT TO HAPPEN?- WHO DO YOU WANT PUNISHED?



    That’s what I have been driving at – that’s what the questions seek to uncover – I think you won’t say because you are really only looking for something with which to attack PL and the board with – you can’t hurt Rangers and you won’t hurt the SFA.

  14. Masty



    The contrast between the two sides is making it enjoyable for me.


    At least Atletico can defend, sadly a dieing art these days

  15. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    That’s no what you’ve been driving at, and the outcome has always been the same and never changed, heads to roll at the SFA but you knew that because it has never been a secret.

  16. Delaneys Dunky on




    Some major game playing on here lately.


    Level 5 tactics. They have the FEAR!


    Ian Brown CSC

  17. prestonpans bhoys on

    I do get a sore finger scrolling past the trolls, if you engage with them it only encourages more pish………

  18. —–





    Colorless Tuneless & Clueless In Florida..



    Shortly Tae Be In The Vegas Pen.



    Courtesy Of ‘Agent Kojo’…



    Shortly Tae Be ‘Director Kojo’….



    Of The CIA..!!




    Mind How Yous Go…





  19. Watching the Barca game,and I know I keep saying it,but someone please tell me the difference between Busqets and Biton.28 mins played and Busqets never played a ball forward.First pick for Barca and Spain,yet some on here,football know all,slag our player.


    Sometimes they amaze me.Jo Hansen gets slaughtered for being a headless chicken,yet Biton gets the same for keeping possession and being calm.Know nothings.

  20. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Hows it going bud.


    Yeah…they sure have us all fooled eh.


    Most of them can hardly tie their laces or string a sentence together…but they know everything.


    The thing about hun trolls…is that they dont realise how daft they are:)




  21. Saint Stivs says SACK THE BOARD on

    Turkey hoy.




    I think biscuits is Spanish. And biton is Israeli.



    Happy to help

  22. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    The difference is between you and me is I’m not afraid of what I find, you are, which is why you are afraid, pure fear drives you. If the board are complicit then it will be known, if not then you have nothing to fear, so it’s your problem no mine, I am simply looking to get the SFA to get their comeuppance if anyone else is involved then they deserve no better, why should they ?

  23. Pastry is a plant. He needs to get in touch with Prince Charlie. Maybe Charlie will get some sense out of him. Otherwise use the weed killer and scroll past.

  24. Mr Pastry


    Yip, you have it in one, I know nothing, I only mimic what others say, I bow to your superior intelect.


    Are you sure it’s ok for me to share the same blog as you ?


    Serious question btw, you are the font of all knowledge, posters give you the answers and you swat them away with such aplomb, we are not worthy O great one.

  25. Atleti are not just hammer throwers, they are utterly committed to their plan. Yes , Godin is a shite, but a very effective shite.


    Barca look distracted as they have done since start of March, strange things happening behind the scenes perhaps?


    They need to get up for this or Atleti will spank them, Atleti are really up for this and it Barca look like wee boys being bullied.

  26. Saint Stivs says SACK THE BOARD on




    Our heidie in Saint Stephens was called mcvitaie.



    Aka. The biscuit.



    Keep it bit.

  27. ——









    But Acting Like One…




    We Believe Sir Paul KNOWS….



    Who Came Up Wi’ ‘MegaWattie’ & “The Griff”…..



    An’ He Hiz The Sainted CQN Archives…



    Tae Check Back An’ Verify….



    A LARGE DONATION To The ‘Poor Clares’



    Is Required In Recompense..



    For Your Shameless Insubordination..!





  28. Sandman………..good on yer!



    In ither news………..



    Lhads…………..please stop engaging with the currant hun-monkey-troll franchiseeeeeeeees…….




  29. Saint Stivs says SACK THE BOARD on

    Rambling now. But a common wee shout out in old Saint Stephens when mcvitie was spotted was.



    Cheese it. Errs eh biscuit.




    I always found it funny.

  30. Jmcc



    I would take a few of Atletico plsyers before some of the shi** that play against them : 》



    Thats what I call teamwork.

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