Juve let heart rule the head


Were you impressed by how smartly Juventus opened last night, pressing Barcelona into conceding a corner?  It was an ambitious opening.  In the days after we beat Barcelona in 2012 one journalist took all sorts of abuse online for recoiling against the suggestion Celtic put on a ‘brave’ performance.

He conceded Celtic’s was a brilliant performance, but defending your 18 yard line was more sensible than brave.  What Juventus did last night, pressing Barcelona, leaving space at the back, was brave.  It was foolish too.

Juventus are a remarkable team and have just completed one of the best seasons in their history.  They had a right to think they could have a go at Barcelona.  They came close too, for a while after they equalised Barca were penned back, but the game turned when Lionel Messi found 50 yards of space ahead of him.  You can’t leave Messi with that sort of freedom.

Three minutes into the game Juventus fans would have been encouraged, they had already forced Barca back and made an attempt at goal but the cost of all this expansionism was space in their own box.  Even this great Juventus team should have gone into yesterday’s game knowing their limitations.

If they played within them, were they good enough to sneak a win against Barcelona?  Quite possibly.

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  1. Funny how left footed players like Mijhailovic are considered one footed – Puskas, Maradona etc, yet right footed players are never labelled as such.



    I remember once going to OT and seeing Paul Scholes drag the ball onto his right foot all the time – he couldn’t cross the ball with his left.



    I read somewhere that lefties do better than average in sports – obviously it’s an advantage in one to one sports like tennis, boxing and cricket (which is basically as series of one to ones).



    However, the writer opined that maybe it was different brain chemistry that also helped – the old left sphere, right sphere of the brain and all that.



    My younger son is left handed but right footed. However he can throw a ball with his right hand (the ‘wrong one’) to an extent that it doesn’t look unnatural.

  2. Delaneys Dunky on




    That and the weather spoiled it somewhat. Nevermind! Was dry and great craic on the train there and back. :)

  3. Gerryfaethebrig on




    19:17 on 7 June, 2015



    I have been trying for ages not too mention some things as family’s grief should never be taken for granted, had a good wee conversation with Mrs Bigshuggy on Friday as she was speaking about Aidan & wee Aidan, a mirror image by the way !


    As for putting the ball in the pokey still remember you having by the throat in the dressing room in espiside, totally my fault for being a cheeky bam, hopefully I am a wee bit more grown up

  4. 50 shades of green on

    Not that am worried but is that all the pot 2 fuds or can we get a good team? ???

  5. Almore @ 19:30,



    Was it the Irish or English booing?



    Thought it might be the Irish Liverpool fans.



    Apologies for the itchy trigger finger @ 19:33.



    Hail Hail

  6. Clogher celt



    Wife and daughter spent three days in Carlingford this week staying with friends and had a fantastic time.



    Hope to join them the next time they go.




  7. What is the Stars on

    Chair bhoy


    I would say it was idiotic irish fans who support Liverpool

  8. ….PFAyr, just watched the hour record being battered by Wiggins, his coach said he can go faster!!!!


    Faster than 54.526km per hour.


    Stunning performance.

  9. 50 shades of green on

    Just had the pubs “Malt of the month ” could be going home soon.



    At least am in a Tim EK pub not like whats his name.







  10. Gerryfaethebrig



    Told you I was a poor loser !


    You scored 4 that day when it should have been 5 or 6 !


    That’s when I did the Moshny !

  11. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Gerryfaethebrig,, someone posted on here a while back about Dalziel had married a Catholic and he had said at at one point, it didn’t matter as she never went to chapel. I may be wrong but can’t remember for sure.



    We drew 3 3 with them in November 1981. Him, Polaris and Cooper scored. When Dalziel scored his goal, he ran straight to the Jungle making the **nker sign at us.



    Cooper then came over and celebrated with him. Cooper then started pumping his fist at the Jungle and was hit by one possibly two pies. He complained to the ref, it was one of the Hope brothers(or no Pope brothers as a pal called them). The ref told him to get on with the game and shouldn’t have been celebrating in front of us.

  12. Chairbhoy: Definitely coming from the Irish fans. Usually when Irish fans boo a club player other fans from the booed player’s club kick up a stink. That didn’t happen today so that’s why I thought it was more about his contract demands. The English players generally got a good welcome and there was little disrespect shown to their anthem. An interesting aspect about their fans was that there were no Butcher’s Aprons on display, only the St. George’s flag. I don’t think there was too much banter between the sets of fans, the funniest chant from our end was ‘Where’s the racist centre half’!

  13. What is the Stars on



    I wasn’t at the game ( I gave away 2 tickets) but from what I hear that’s what it was. No time for them EPL twits

  14. embramike says "the Huns are Deid" on

    Possible opponents in CL Group Stage Play Offs if all goes to seeding ..



    Seeded teams coef.


    ———————— — —————-


    FC Basel *3 Sui 84.875


    Viktoria Plzen *3 Cze 41.825


    FC Salzburg *3 Aut 43.135


    Steaua Bucuresti ** Rom 40.259


    Celtic ** Sco 39.080



    Possible Opponents ….



    Unseeded teams coef.


    ———————— ———————-


    APOEL Nicosia ** Cyp 35.460


    BATE Borisov ** Bls 35.150


    Ludogorets Razgrad ** Bul 25.350


    Dinamo Zagreb ** Cro 24.700


    NK Maribor ** Slo 22.225



    Anyone for a Maribor rematch ??

  15. Dallas



    Was at the game…….it was Celtic End, not Jungle.



    Boarding flight, catch up later.



  16. Dallas Dallas



    Being hit by a Parkheid Pie in the 80’s would have been no laughing matter. It would have been like getting hit by a half brick!

  17. Gerryfaethebrig on




    19:46 on 7 June, 2015



    Good times, by the way thanks for getting me my higher history although you did pull me up for playing fitba in St Ambrose the night before my history schedule, still remember you pulling me up in front of the the whole class asking if I was studying then answering your own question….. Blairhill/Columba were very good football times, a lot of right decent bhoys who actually played Saturday morning football the right way


    Not sure if the “Keeping The Faith” guy could kick a ball but I suppose that’s the same for all the GH mob

  18. Last nights game was a good game, especially for a CL Final and played in the right way. Respect Massimiliano Allegri for getting his players to have a right go, in the proper way.



    C’mon Ronny D, make next years CL final, against all the odds.

  19. fanadpatriot on







    I was told a story by someone I know,he was on the beach in Gullane and his Bhoy of 6/7 years old was doing Keepie uppie in Celtic strip,when the defunct club bus passed by,it slowed down and I believe the language from the bus was industrial..The kid looked at them and said ,I am on my second hundred would you like to challenge me.


    .ye Hun b. S..


    Ok the last bit was my impute .

  20. Almore



    I noticed the lack of Union flags too. I did think their chant of Blatter ‘paying for your stadium’ was quite funny also.

  21. 50 shades of green on

    Guys av decided am going to save up for next seasons champions league final, ma wee (large ) scum hun mate thinks that his newborn load of shite team will get to something called the petrofart cup final before we get into the group stages.



    Should I take his 25p or not?

  22. clogher celt on




    I can guarantee you will have a great time.






    I have the phone sorted. I know you are busy this week.


    I will text you during the week.



    Hope your son get’s back okay.



    Maybe see you see you next Saturday.







  23. Gerryfaethebrig on

    dallas dallas where the heck is dallas



    19:49 on 7 June, 2015


    I wasn’t trying to stand up for Dalziel, if it was me and anybody tried to influence my decision about my family over football well my family would come 1st every single time, I was just posting the fact that they would sell their top goalscorer (I think) over non-football matters, sums them up oldco/newco/or whatever co they are now

  24. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Pet the Beat 1931 . I am left-handed in that I write with my left, but , the only other thing I do with the left is play snooker( pool now ) At the primary school I was played at outside left as the teacher thought I was left-footed! Played on left for every team I ever played for including Juniors. Could kick the ball NAE bother but would never dribble with the left. Funny Old Game!

  25. Hamiltontim: I was at the opposite end to the England fans and didn’t hear that one but fair play on that chant. Irish fans are disgusted with FAI over that payment. Martin O Neill and Roy Keane refused to answer any questions on the matter and players have said they would have preferred a replay than the payment, which they knew nothing about at the time.

  26. South Of Tunis on

    Bradley Wiggins – wow!



    On a Pinarello Bolide HR bike .- you can buy one for @ 11000.euros .

  27. Gerryfaethebrig on




    19:59 on 7 June, 2015



    Poetic licence


    Nice ending

  28. sixtaeseven - Gardez la Foi on




    Just read your article and kinda concluded you were hoping for a Juve win ???



    I watched he game, enjoyed the spectacle…



    BUT… disappointed in the referee’s laissez-faire attitude during the match.



    I’m no lover of Barca, but a lot of tackles from Juve players were worthy of the second yellow!!!



    Scott Brown wouldn’t have lasted an hour…



    It shouldn’t matter if it’s a qualifier or the final – the refs should apply the same rule book!!!



    Obvious hand balls in aul Scotia, aren’t seen by local officials.


    Last night, a guy stepped up and said “saw yer hand there, wee man!”.



    No problems, no wailing and gnashing of dentures…



    Just continue with the game !



    However, in Scotland…

  29. ClogherCelt. After Wednesday is fine, I should be largely finished by then. Hopefully the Saturday meet up will work out. I brought Marc to the match today, it was his first time in the stadium since it was rebuilt. I hope to bring him and his other soccer-loving bro to next Saturday’s match.

  30. Almore @ 19:51,



    Thanks for the reply, you know the English very rarely have a Union Flag now.



    If you look at coloured footage of the ’66 World Cup final you’ll see they are ubiquitous, you’ll be hard pressed to find a St George’s Flag.



    In fact remember reading an article in the 70’s, think it might have been in The Guardian of all places.



    It was about how the Scots, Irish and Welsh displayed/waved their own National Flag, but the only time you see a St George’s cross was above a (CofE) Church. That was very true.



    Also I was looking back on some pathe (colour) news reels of the 60’s Scottish Cup finals between us and Rangers. There is NOT a union Flag in sight.



    It’s strange how these things change and adapt. No wonder people believe the Union Flag has been hijacked by the far right. They are welcome to it.






    I’ve no time for the FAPL, yoused to watch it quite a bit, then realised when my Dad passed away, watched most of the games with him.



    No authenticity whatsoever, the game last night proves it is far from the best, the attitude of the England players today showed they have no Soul. Money has polluted that League and as Rangers found out, when the tide goes out you see who are wearing trunks.



    Hail Hail

  31. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Gerry, sorry for the misunderstanding.



    Dalziel came out with a cracker on SSB at the end of the 13/14 season. ‘Rangers’ have the nuclear of a good squad.



    The closed mindedness of the the first Ibrox club’s policy regarding religion is now being repaid with interest due to the demise of the first lot that played there.