Juve think they got a lucky draw but are scared of Celtic Park


Juventus’ closest journalist gave their fans a preview of what The Old Lady can expect next week.  Apparently, Juve were lucky drawing Celtic, who are not the same as the team who beat them 4-3 11 seasons ago (but didn’t qualify for the knock out stage).

The outcome of the second leg is a formality, but Celtic Park has them spooked:

“Juventus got a benign [Champions League] draw, even lucky.

“The Bhoys are not the same team who beat Juventus 4-3 a few years ago.  They have a few gems, like [Tony] Watt, but bet everything on physical and dead-ball football.  Celtic Park is absolutely extraordinary, it goes beyond what you can write, read or tell.  What you see on television is not even the smallest part of what you endure in the flesh, 60,000 people do not offend you but make you know you are in the enemy camp.

“The Park is one of the most influential and dangerous stages in the world.  It has everything to challenge you, to induce the classic ‘bad day’, to give you stomach cramps and the need to get out as soon as possible.  The fact Celtic beat Barcelona there was not random.

“Common sense suggests Celtic cannot beat Barcelona but football said different.  They did with merit, playing beyond their means and with a little luck.  This is what Juventus will need to be wary of.

“Antonio Conte will hammer into his players not to underestimate their opponents, but for once it is not the team, it’s the stadium the need to worry about.

“Forget folklore images of children wearing green and white scarves, or of fans coming out of Scottish pubs and going to the game by finishing a beer and ordering another.  Don’t let the chorus of ‘You’ll never walk alone’ charm you if you have not heard it with your own ears.  To watch from your HD TV is one thing, be there for 90 minutes, start to finish, ever if you’re winning, is different.

“Celtic are different than usual teams.  Juventus fans, if they behave the way they should and live this adventure the right way, will have a great experience.  The Juventus Stadium can be a bit like Celtic Park.  We Italians miss their culture, their history, their being able to accept any defeat and celebrate every possible outcome, accepting any opponent.  Their team will be sacred of Juventus but their stadium and fans will not say the same thing.”

We’ll play our part on Tuesday but I am sure Neil Lennon and his players will be pleased to hear they are considered something of a sideshow.  The victory over Barcelona was a magnificent but it was achieved as a result of a tactical master-plan, nothing less. It’s the men in green and white hoops Juve need to watch.
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  1. I hope Juventus underestimate the team and focus on the atmosphere, we have players that can hurt them.

  2. I’m Neil Lennon (tamrabam)



    I have still not spoke to anyone who bought shares in Sevco. I think any estimate of fans buying even £1m in shares is way off the mark!




  3. Working from Home, basically listening to 6 music and reading CQN :)



    write a comment cut, F5-F5-F5 new article! quickly paste in the vain hope of a podium



    Success would validate my persistence ( I’m sure even my employer would agree it was time well spent!?)




    Only to be outdone by forgetting my plan and stupidly reading the article first.. Doh!!





  4. The Old Lady should be more wary and not underestimate Celtic. The tone set is that The tie in Turin will be easy for them. Neil Lennon’s hoops are a better team on the road than given credit for.

  5. Paul67 ….nice



    60,000 people do not offend you but make you know you are in the enemy camp.

  6. Good news for Forster



    Fraser Forster ready for return as Celtic plan changes


    Manager Neil Lennon will make changes for Saturday’s visit to Inverness as Celtic prepare for next week’s Champions League tie with Juventus.



    Goalkeeper Fraser Forster returns after three weeks out with a neck injury.



    Georgios Samaras and Emilio Izaguirre will not feature and are rated “50/50” by Lennon for Tuesday.



    James Forrest, who withdrew from midweek Scotland duty, is likely to be given further rest as he recovers from a hamstring problem.



    The 21-year-old winger made his first appearance since December in last Sunday’s Scottish Cup win at Raith Rovers, scoring the second goal in a 3-0 success.



    “We have no fresh injury worries from the international games,” revealed Lennon.



    Continue reading the main story


    “This is a huge week for the players and the club




    Neil Lennon



    Celtic manager


    “But James has had two scans this week, the first one was all clear so we are waiting on the results of the second one.



    “Whether he is in the squad this weekend or not we don’t know yet but we are hoping if we get the all clear he will be in the squad for Tuesday night.”



    Describing the first leg of the Champions League last 16 tie as the “biggest games in years” for Celtic, Lennon refused to rule out the possibility of defender Efe Ambrose featuring.



    The centre-half will be playing with Nigeria in Sunday’s African Cup of Nations final.



    “I’m delighted for Ambrose and his country,” said Lennon. “I don’t know his travel arrangements after the weekend but we’ll see what condition he’s in.



    “We want him back as soon as possible, obviously.



    “He has not been around us for a month so it might be a gamble putting him in.



    “We are going to leave it as late as possible with Georgios and Emilio.



    “It is 50-50 at the minute [for Juve game]. Emilio has probably got a better chance than Samaras although they have worked very hard this week and we have been very aggressive with their rehabilitation.



    “The signs are promising but no guarantees just yet.



    “This is a huge week for the players and the club.”




  7. PS






    ” stupidly reading the article” should not be considered in anyway criticism of said article :)

  8. FourGreenFields



    When Celtic released sares I knew hundreds of people who bought them. They told everyone and you could see how proud they were to own shares in their club. I know a lot of rangers fans from where I come from and from work. I know of nobody who has bought shares and they know of nobody who has bought shares. Celtic supporter clubs purchased shares and the hearts bus in Livingston had a fund raiser and purchased shares. Again I have heard of no Rangers clubs buying shares. I just can’t believe that £7m-£9m was raised by supporters. I will repeat my question again.



    Does anyone know anybody who has admitted to buying shares in Sevco?




  9. Thomthethim, yes, he sure does ‘get it’. Not the first time he has written about Celtic Park either.



    voguepunter, true.



    Sheriff Fatman :-)

  10. Truly believe if we take any sort of lead to Turin then Celtic are perfectly capable of getting a draw over there as long as there are no unbeleivable decisions by the MIB.

  11. Paul 67.



    I know you are a very busy man ——but –



    Do you have a link to the Italian version of those words from Juve’s ” closest journalist “.?



    Please Please Please !

  12. Tallybhoy


    12:18 on


    8 February, 2013


    Not long back and a heartfelt thank you, grazie y gracias to all those who sent best wishes on my birthday today!



    Cheers bhoys!




  13. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Gordon_J @ 12:20 – “Can a crowd influence the result of a football match?”



    You only have to look at our woeful away record in the CL prior to this season and compare it with Fortress Celtic Park in the home games.


    WE were the difference and we can still help the team over the line.



    Personally, I would be feeling more comfortable about Tuesday if Efe, Sami and FF were all fully fit and available!




  14. tommytwiststommyturns



    Totally agree. Losing one out of the 3 would be bad but not a disaster. Losing 2 would be a huge blow. Samaras will make it. The man is made for these nights.


    I think Forster has just been rested and could have played last week. Efe is a young man I’m sure he can handle the travel and the adenalin will carry him through the 90 minutes and he will get the next 7 days to rest which he will need for the return leg.




  15. midfield maestro on

    Skiing conditions brilliant at Glenshee. Any skiers out there, get your gear in the car & get some money into the Scottish economy. Next to Celtic & running, this is the next best thing.

  16. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Tallybhoy – Hoopy birthday. Peroni all round….


    well it’s making me quite round going by this beer belly! :-)






  17. Paul67,



    Juve are in for a shock when we get them at Turin, IMO.






    I’m surprised the Arabian Knights are not all over this.









    I would be happy for Asamoah to play against us at Celtic Park, he is a fantastic player but subconsciously he may indeed switch off.



    0-0 then a 1-1 or 1-2 are my predictions for the Juve games. That means there should be goals on Tuesday. :))

  18. James Forrest is Neil Lennon! We are ALL Neil Lennon!



    11:47 &


    12:18 on 8 February, 2013


    James I honestly cannot see them listening this time either.


    The ability to take advice off”timmy” is beyond them unfortunately or fortunately as I see it :))


    They ignorned advice that lead to their death so IMHO the sevconions will go the same way as their fathers , Fingers in their ears while marching to the beat of the superiority & entitlement drum into the gates of death AGAIN.


    They are being advised by Chuckles,jabba and sally (your honour I rest my case).

  19. Paul67 etal.



    Their team will be sacred of Juventus but their stadium and fans will not say the same thing.”



    Or should it be.



    Their team will be scared of Juventus but their stadium and fans will not say the same thing.”



    I hope it’s the second quote,sounds more frightening,but the first quote is rather becoming also.

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