Juxtaposition of Keane with wannabes elsewhere


Worst Rangers [sic]team in history?

Worst Rangers [sic]chief executive in history?

Worst Rangers [sic]fans in history?
Oh, please.  They have played their part to perfection.

Worst Rangers [sic]manager in history?
Who, Ally the Great Enabler?  No way.

Charles Green would not have any authority at Ibrox if Ally McCoist didn’t act as his enabler last year.  While every Celtic fan with a keyboard was typing “Can they really be so stupid again?” Ally was cutting a deal for almost 5% of the share capital of the company [sic].  None of this would be possible without Ally.  If you see him, buy him a pie.

The juxtaposition was pointed out to me:

19 years after John Keane stepped forward with an amount of money very precious to him..

With no guarantee it would solve our problems…

Or that he would see a penny of it again (for the record, he hasn’t, and he is unlikely to)…

A very different history played out across the city.

Today’s Herald told us the group trying to overthrow the Sevco board contains Jim McColl and that, “McColl is one of Scotland’s richest people, but he won’t spend his own money”.

The world is full of rich men who will not spend their own money.  Long may they squabble over the Ibrox debris.

Our honorary chairman, John Keane, waved to the Celtic Park crowd before letting the league flag fly high, a direct consequence of putting his money where his mouth was.
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  1. The Boy Jinky on



    Tell the herald its over throw not through … although through the nearest window might be an idea :)

  2. Repost from last night



    Bhoys and Ghirls ,



    The Kano Foundation Bucket Collection



    Just back from the count and am delighted to announce that we raised over £7200 today at the Ross County game. Absolutely brilliant effort by all those involved – thank you very much.



    I know i’m missing a couple of cqn’rs so apologies in advance – they banished me to the Coach Park to stop me messing up the organisation1 – so i didn’t get to meet everyone , but a special thanks to LeftClickTic ,


    ClareIsland67 (hope you enjoyed the game ) , Malorbhoy , Theresa , Paul D + Calum and the other 50 volunteers who gave up their time to help .



    I know i’ve said it before , but our family never ceases to amaze me – it doesnt seem to register with Celtic fans that we shouldn’t donate and help others – we just do . It’s humbling , fulfilling and gives everyone involved


    a real sense of achievement .



    The good news is , we’ll now be able to just shut up and get on with what we do – taking kids to Celtic games and this season we’ll break the 2000 barrier .



    Ok. I’ve poured a guiness and i’m going to chill , at least until we take a group of kids to the Liverpool game in Dublin newt week.



    Hail Hail and thank you








    Very surprised indeed that the money still has not been repaid.



    I agree with you that Sally sold his soul for 5% of a rotting carcass. Until he was bought off,the huns were shy of buying in to the new venture.



    One press conference from the shyster and they were battering down the doors of the ticket office.



    Styoooopid styoooopid huns,right enough….





    Which one?



    Kidding,bud. The single life is the envy of most married men.



    And virtually all married women!

  5. The Boy Jinky on





    The celtic fans never cease to amaze ….its in our DNA so I suppose we should not be surprised anymore

  6. twists n turns on



    Tyvm. Never seen that post offering me one. If the poster is still around and has one, let me know please.



    If not, yes I’m happy to take one from the seller at the ground

  7. The Boy Jinky on





    All three actually :(




    And they say love dont come easy ……….

  8. Bhoys and ghirls



    Our friend didn’t get the news she was waiting for the organ wasn’t healthy enough for transplant! They are sending her home .



    Please continue your prayers for all involved



    Thank you





    You available for 28/9?



    Looking for venue suggestions,with THE BOY JINKY’s offering sitting proudly in pole.



    If the Killie game goes ahead on the same day,I propose it be bhoycotted!

  10. masty is neil lennon on

    on the Milan game, the players have to take a fair share of the blame also, they were at loggerheads with the club over bonus payments for winning the cup,although I also agree big jock certainly underestimated the ditch.

  11. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Paul 67 –



    “If you see him, buy him a pie.”



    Sure Ally absolutely wouldn’t thank you for it.



    But he’d want to know why you didn’t absolutely buy him two pies.


    MINX 1888



    So sorry to hear that,hopes dashed.



    Please convey my best wishes to her.



    Good things come to those who wait.

  13. ‘A very different history played out across the city.’




    Maybe, up to a point.



    But it’s just silly to equate the two situations.



    It would potentially have taken a commitment of around £100m to save the huns, to clear their debts, actual and contingent.



    Nobody was going to weighed in with that amount.



    And nobody would have weighed in with that amount to save Celtic.



    Which is not to decry what John Keane did.



    But let’s just keep it real.

  14. GlassTwoThirdsFull on




    A million pounds is nothing. Did you know you can make that amount as a Scottish third-tier manager in just over a year?

  15. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Did Challs score both Forfar’s goals yesterday?


    Heard some excuses in my time but that takes the steakbake.

  16. darwinsbeautifulidea on

    have you seen the crap at the bottom of the forfar game report,a competition for a new sevco


    book ,:RANK AWFUL have released a fantastic yes tha’ts fantastic new book that looks back on last seasons historic campaign, is this for real msm what a bunch of paid arse lickers

  17. South Of Tunis on

    A Stor Mo Chroi @ 13 45.



    I was at the game



    Circumstance had caused me to attend a wedding in a Rotterdam . That coincided with Feyenoord 2 –AC Milan 0 . I went to that game. . Feyenoord were excellent . They closed down Rivera and easily dealt with a very good AC Milan. All set against the noise of those klaxons..



    I got bored telling people how good Feyenoord were and getting a – we beat Leeds – in response.



    The Final was a bit strange —– hubris from the support and weird rumors in the air .



    I can still hear those klaxons

  18. I see the ole Feijenoord game is being discussed. I was in Milan and was living in Holland at the time. I think it is fair to say that the Dutch generally thought we would win but it is also fair to say that Feijenoord had some great players, especially big Wim van Hanegem, one of the best left feet I have ever seen. I still think Celtic underestimated Feijenoord.



    The previous season AC Milan had hammered Ajax in the Final and afterwards their captain said their hardest game by far was against ourselves. We drew the first leg in the San Siro but lost 1-0 at Celtic Park.



    We really were the best in that era.



    Long may their best ever manager run things over in Govan.





    You’ll need a well-stamped passport for that!



    I reckon TTT won the Eurolottery and just never told anyone. Uses this globetrotting job as an excuse for,well,globetrotting….



    And missing the occasional dayooooot!

  20. Regardless of all the shenanigans over at the asbestos dome is there the remotest modicum of a chance that Rangers 2012, The Rangers 2012,Sevco FC or whatever they are called will cease to exist?


    I wonder what the SFA is planning for when the bailiff’s arrive at Ibroke once more and they are face with Armageddon 2. What litany of excuses and made up nonsense will we be subjected to when The Rangers 2012 are placed in admin. Its not the football club in trouble its the business blah blah blah I guess we may even find out how many times can history be purchased in Scotland.


    Admittedly It is fun to watch the zombies squirm and come up with increasingly bizarre excuses but depressingly we know that nothing will ever change unless there is a coup to replace the incumbents who currently mismanage Scottish football for the sole benefit of one club. Will that ever happen?




  21. Jim McColl knows if he steps in financially ( rather than support ) he and his family will be hounded until his fortune has been spent chasing the Big Cup. He is too cute for that. Frank Blin ex PWC ain’t going to bring the cash to buy out Chuck and the institutional investors.



    So why should the shareholders hand over power to them as they are “Rangers Men” ; they will not put their own money in.



    It looks like the soap opera will continue for some time.



    As long as Alistair remains Manager and running the football business; buying/selling players, picking the first 11, motivating the team, setting out the formation, making the tactical adjustments during the game, developing the youths and be the seasoned voice of management ( for such a young manager ) , I will be more than happy. Alistair you are playing a blinder….keep it up.

  22. GlassTwoThirdsFull on




    The question then would be why did Murray – if he was so certain he would win the big tax case – not agree to take on any potential liabilities arising from it? That would have left the debt in the tens of millions – surely manageable for truly-committed supporters?

  23. The Boy Jinky on





    Patience wont be easy at this time …. your friend will remain in our thoughts and prayers

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