Kazakhstan CL ticket for Celtic


Celtic will play Shakhtyor Karaganda from Kazakhstan in the Champions League play-off round.  Shakhtyor are 22 games into their league season but are 12 points off the pace, so are unlikely to add to their two Kazak titles.

They lost 3-2 away to Skënderbeu Korçë of Albania after a 3-0 home win to reach this stage but eliminated Bate Borisov in the earlier round.

Everyone at Celtic will be delighted to know that St Patrick’s Athletic, from Ireland, eliminated Shakhtyor from the 2011-12 Europa League, overturning a 2-1 deficit to win the home game 2-0.

There is 16 hours of flight time between Celtic and Shakhtyor, not counting refuelling, so the journey will be for the hardy, but as a ticket to Champions League riches, they don’t come much better.

One to keep an eye on, five years ago Shakhtyor were briefly disqualified from league football for match fixing……..
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  1. FF desperation to appear relevant:



    “FC Shakhter Karagandy v Celtc CL draw – Rangers related


    as the title says



    that is the draw they and has a bearing on when we play Berwick in the Ramsdens Cup.”

  2. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Referee for the away leg will be very important; preferably one who is immune to backhanders and finding his hotel room well stocked with the local totty.



    [Apologies in advance to anyone offended by this wicked stereotyping]

  3. starry plough





    they’re not walking to Santiago





    What kind of eejit would do that? In the football season too.

  4. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on

    Tyrannosaurus Tim‏@Itsatimthing1m


    if you want to get there in under a day it’s an eye-watering £2840 according to Skyscanner

  5. squire danaher on

    Celtic at Aberdeen 12:30 ko sat 17/8



    Next stop Kazakhstan



    Bring an extra toothbrush ….

  6. In the last round they put out the Albanian champions 5-3 agg , won home game 3-0 then were 3-0 down in away leg in first 30 mins before scoring twice , for 3-2 defeat. winning goal came when Albanians were down to 10 men.



    Previous round 2-0 against BATE both games 1-0


    In first leg BATE dominated possession, they were unable to break down Viktor Kumykov’s tactically adept troops who afforded them no space throughout a tight encounter in Borisov.


    2nd leg BATE missed penalty and lost late goal chasing goal which would take tie to ET.



    We can beat these guys if we play like we can , hopefully have the new dutch boys fit and I would like Balde to have a few games prior to game to see if we can be target man away from home.

  7. DBBIA @ 11:28



    I found myself having similar thoughts, except I thought of Rolex watches or a horse’s head on the bed …




  8. Squire, not saying they are mugs. Great draw though. Not worried about Bate result. Get a striker. Get the Dutch bhoys fit. Get CM in defence. Simple!

  9. Celtic_First



    I thought you might be lurking, it’s a wee dream of mine to make that walk, it would be great to hear of your trip sometime, a friend of mine here walked it and wrote a book about it, only in German I’m afraid..

  10. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    SOAL – none of your helicopters fly there?



    Would we have to get to Norwich Airport first?

  11. Whats the big deal?………take our own food and give the team business class beds.



    Job done and home again………..



    4-5-1 over there……..0-0 good enough then spank them at CP


    I suspect we might have the smallest travelling support in our history for this one.



    And the players are gonna feel shattered during the first leg and in the first game when they get back.



    Not a kind draw for us in that regard,but we should have enough to beat them.

  13. pabloh_AKA_NEIL LENNON on

    As far as draws to get into the champions league go…..it’s a belter!



    Wouldn’t be worrying about travel. What’s an extra few hours on a flight? The bhoys will hardly be travelling in RyanAir economy will they.



    And when you see a few of the other playoffs…



    PSV v Milan


    Lyon v Sociadad


    Arsenal v Fenerbahce



    Or we could’ve drawn Austria Vienna or Legia Warsaw.



    DELIGHTED we won’t be playing any of them!!



    I’m sure it won’t be easy, but jeezo I’ve never heard of this mob.



    Cue reply’s asking if I had heard of Artmedia…



    Hail hail!!

  14. traditionalist88 on

    If we had the same squad that ended the season this would be a skoosh. Beware the backlash Mr Lawwell if things don’t go well. Alternatively get the finger out and show some signs of intent.




  15. Do we play a league game before the first leg? I will be raging if we only have that friendly plus a worthless international week.




    I think there were only 1 or 2 that went to Batumi. One guy hitched it!


    Celtic fans in that area of the world will be there. Cheap flight for Asian or Middle East based Bhoys!




  17. The problem with this draw apart from the journey is PL might be tempted to go with the squad we have at present.



    Don’t even think about peter.





  18. Great draw for us.Khazakstan,since when were they a force in European football.Think Bate Borisov have been stripped of their best players.Looking at the other non champions draw.Phew,glad we were not in there.


    Dontbrattbackinanger,not at all,but have you seen the “Local tottie”in Khazakstan.Borats sister was only number two prostitute.

  19. We play Aberdeen on Saturday lunch time before the 1st leg



    If we play tie on the Wednesday that would be handy as it would give additional time to recover etc.

  20. •-:¦:-•** -:¦:- sparkleghirl :¦:-.•**• -:¦:-• on

    16 hours of flight time?!



    It took me less than that to get here (chile) – suddenly I don’t feel so far away.

  21. Hi Paul67,



    “five years ago Shakhytor were briefly disqualified from league football for match fixing….”



    Well with all due respect Paul, if they didn’t manage to get the disqualification commuted to a fine, that they paid out of monies that should have been paid for social taxes, it pretty much puts them in the amateur arena.



    We’ve had plenty of practice from domestic opposition.



    Hail! Hail!

  22. It’s important that Celtic take a chef and a hamper of their own food.



    As everyone knows, folk to the east of the Urals eat nothing but cabbage, yak dung and pot noodles.

  23. Singing Detective,


    Now is your chance to show your handsome looks to those Kazak women! You can do it. HH.

  24. Beamishismypint on

    I’d play a reserve team against Inverness as the prize is so great and the league will be won anyway.

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