Kazakhstan CL ticket for Celtic


Celtic will play Shakhtyor Karaganda from Kazakhstan in the Champions League play-off round.  Shakhtyor are 22 games into their league season but are 12 points off the pace, so are unlikely to add to their two Kazak titles.

They lost 3-2 away to Skënderbeu Korçë of Albania after a 3-0 home win to reach this stage but eliminated Bate Borisov in the earlier round.

Everyone at Celtic will be delighted to know that St Patrick’s Athletic, from Ireland, eliminated Shakhtyor from the 2011-12 Europa League, overturning a 2-1 deficit to win the home game 2-0.

There is 16 hours of flight time between Celtic and Shakhtyor, not counting refuelling, so the journey will be for the hardy, but as a ticket to Champions League riches, they don’t come much better.

One to keep an eye on, five years ago Shakhtyor were briefly disqualified from league football for match fixing……..
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  1. pabloh_AKA_NEIL LENNON@11.33



    Artmedia was I think WGS first CL as Celtic manager. As a new manager it appears that he lost the head a bit after going a few goals down and sent on strikers to get away goals. We then lost some late goals to put the tie beyond us at 5-0.



    Later in his tenure would have probably recognised game was lost and shut up shop and taken 3-0.



    We were much better than them and I think beat then 4-0 at home.

  2. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    Squire danahar



    Thank you for correcting my mistake. Excitement getting the better of me :-))

  3. West Wales Celt on

    My only concern is that this draw is likely to reinforce any prevalent ‘lets wait and see if we qualify’ attitude to filling the yawning chasms in the spine of our team…




  4. Steinreignedsupreme on

    We had to get someone – so it may as well be Shakhter Karangandy.



    Don’t think 16-hour journey is such a big deal when you are travelling first-class. Not ideal, but we will be well prepared.



    The big advantage in this tie is being at home for the return.

  5. Bummer of a draw for the travelling fans.



    Guard against complacency Celtic and we are in the big bhoys league again.



    Lenny will have them well drilled.



    100% behind the GB




  6. I am abusing my use of the apostrophe. F Scott Fitzgerald had a fine quote about such grammatical folly. Off oot.

  7. son of VanShugsidonk on

    Couldnt be happier!! great draw cant wait!



    please someone let uz know when first leg



    is and where? God bless the CELTIC!!!

  8. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    11:58 on 8 August, 2013



    How do you go about annoying zombies /?)///@…..LOL

  9. Cathedral View on




    Wiki seems a little less than accurate today.





    Managers[edit source | editbeta]



    Sergei Gorokhovodatskiy (2001–July 03)


    Juha Malinen (2007)


    Revaz Dzodzuashvili (Aug 2007–May 08)


    Ally McCoist (2009–10)


    Walter Smith (Jan 2011–)




    Current squad




    No. Position Playerno= 16nat= sco name=gary hoffmanpos=cm}}


    1 GK JennaJameson -Lets everything in but the balls


    3 MF Gediminas Vičius


    4 DF Nikola Vasiljević


    5 MF Askhat Borantayev


    7 MF Iainy Boy Keir


    9 MF Osama Turkmani


    10 MF Wayne Rooney


    11 FW Toktar Zhangylyshbai


    13 MF Nacho Novo (Zombie)


    14 FW [[meercat simples




    17 DF Sasa Papac


    18 FW Viktor Wanyama


    19 DF Bono


    20 DF Aldin Ðidić


    No. Position Player nEIl LENNON


    21 DF Vladimir Sedelnikov


    22 DF Mikhail Gabyshev


    23 GK Valery Fomichev


    24 MF Aslan Darabayev


    25 DF Cristiano Rinaldo


    35 GK Peter Liewell


    45 FW Roman Murtazayev


    77 FW Stanislav Lunin


    78 FW Nacho Novo


    87 DF Aleksandar Simčević


    88 MF Roger Rabbit


    Henrik Larsson

  10. Afternoon Timland, hot and hun free in the mountain valley.






    It’s Aberdeen, but I agree, play the second team, fly out early to get used to the time difference etc.



    This game is worth 20 mill.



    Take no chances Peter.




  11. pigalle



    Thank goodness for that it would just be like him to come back and haunt us:)



    I’ve a recurring dream that ole Sebo is lying in wait somewhere desperate to ram that chant down our throat…dream on son!

  12. Interesting tie – glad the first leg is away.



    Anyone thinking of going from Glasgow – flights are via London and Moscow and you will be looking at £1250 return cheapest.



    Total flying time: 9 hours 20 minutes excludes stop-over times (approx 3.5 hours in Moscow). You would need to take the first flight out of London at 8:40 – arrive in Kazan 21;15 their time (means an overnight stop somewhere on route + an overnight stay to take in the game).




  13. 50 shades of green on

    has Charles offered them Murray park





    mind you he/they might not be about by then .:-)

  14. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    11:42 on 9 August, 2013



    Why is he ineligible..?

  15. starry plough





    Lifelong dream for me too. My boss told me five years ago he would give me the time off to do it when I turned 50. That’s this year and he’s been kind enough to keep his word.



    Mrs First slightly more apprehensive about how long it will take me and how much the maintenance costs will be for a hungry pilgrim, but she did the last 150 km while at uni so she understands the attraction and will be coming out to walk a bit with me, with the children, at half term. That’s the plan. The problem is we have no way of knowing how far I’ll have got, so it’s hard to decide on travel for them.

  16. Good morning folks,



    On travelling terms a long trip, but it appears at first look that on football terms we’ve had a good draw, possibly the best draw we could have received.



    After Wednesday’s excellent outcome, but poor display time to sort out the team in the coming weeks to ensure we qualify.




  17. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    the exiled tim



    11:45 on 9 August, 2013



    Fully agree…. we need to be as well-prepared as possible for the first game …!!

  18. CultsBhoy loves being 1st forever & ever on

    Charles Green… You deserve not only the freedom of Glasgow .. But a Statue outside Celtic Park. The best thing that has happened to Celtic for a long time.

  19. Erm £22M in as a result of IPO in December (we’re told). 30k ST at and average of £250 = £7.5M – let’s say only less than have of that is up front £3M. Total £25M.



    Are they really burning through £2M/month? What are they doing with it?



    There’ll be no Christmas for them at this rate.

  20. Was at the St Pats game against them and they were poor that evening. They beat Bate Borisov earlier which is surprising would be interested to know how that came about. Don’t think we have much to worry about if we approach it in the right manner.

  21. Listen, if we don’t get through this round (preferably beating them home and away) we don’t deserve to be anywhere near Europe.



    We’re in the ideal position that we can (and in my opinion should) send the squad over to Kazakhstan days in advance to get over the travelling and jet lag and get accustomed to the weather. Take chefs and food with them and make sure everything is organised.



    Play the kids at home. If we lose, big deal, the CL is what is important.

  22. Just checked google maps for directions to the match…


    Take ramp onto M5, after 203 miles turn right…


    Join A1 drive straight for 159 miles…


    Might need a few CDs for the car…

  23. The Bottom Line is ............. on




    Great info, ‘Alan’.



    Can I book a window seat ?

  24. .



    I Nearly went to Kazakhstan to Buy 2 Wives..



    My Current Wife asked me..



    Why 2..?



    I Replied..One for Each Ear to Replace You..



    Summa of DinnerInTheDugCSC

  25. Due to Shakhters stadium not meeting UEFA regulations the match will take place at the 30’000 capacity Astana Arena in the Kazakh capital.

  26. 50 shades of green on

    so Alfred mate fancy a wee trip to Kazakhstan .



    Cmon Peter its not stick or twist time .




    twist i tell you twist .

  27. weeminger



    Not seen/followed back the discussion on this but of the £22m IPO I’m sure it was reported that the majority is in promises and whispers.



    Probably only anywhere from £3-8m raised in hard cash.



    Don’t know how that would work maybe a financial wizz can explain it.

  28. Time for DD to get the private jet out the hangar.There used to be another guy in Scottish football had a private jet…….wonder what happened to him?

  29. 67Heaven … I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors



    A fluke really.



    The General Records Office of Greater Khazakstan (which houses contracts across the nation) was burned to the ground by recently by an angry mob after the Govenment announced new plans to curtail alcohol consumption.

  30. This is their league postion currently 3rd and stats, tidy at home not so good away , must be all that travelling !! 31 goals in 22 games not that impresive



    FC Shakhter Karagandy


    P22 Home W9 D0 L2


    ……… Away W1 D5 L5


    ……….Total W10 D5 L 7


    Goals For 31 Against 23

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