Kazim-Richards signs 2.5 year deal


24 hours after a lightweight-looking Celtic were dumped out of the League Cup, Colin Kazim-Richards (29) joined the club on a 2.5 year deal from Feyenoord.  Kazim-Richards is a centre forward who can also play in the wide-striker positions.  No one will call him light-weight, not to his face anyway

The player left Feyenoord under a considerable cloud, after being suspended for the last two weeks of January for threatening a journalist, not his first encounter with controversy.
After spending 2006-07 in the English Premier League with Sheffield United, Kazim-Richards moved to Turkey, where he has spent most of the intervening years, playing for Fenerbahce, Galatasaray and Bursaspor.  Feyenoord picked him up 18 months ago and he delivered 12 goals in 26 league starts but he’s been used sparingly this season.

What’s he going to give us?  Well, we can expect a more combative style when he’s on the field, which is perhaps what Ronny Deila is looking for.  No more being pushed around.  For Colin, it’s an opportunity to get his career back on track after a what, from the outside, looks like a series of mistakes.

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  1. ha ha money attracts all sorts



    as we say we are all whores just need to decide the price??

  2. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    I have always loved football but never was any good as a player if I had the ability of an ordinary Scottish premier league player I would be so chuffed I would play for nothing. There are however more important things in life than football my Faith and my Family come along way in front of Celtic even though im Celtic daft.H.H.

  3. Lennybhoy



    Fancy a meet up in Edi/Glasgow for a blether/drink/ hug/meal/ or anything you fancy?



    Every time I’m on the Blog C asks me if I’m talking to you!

  4. Steven Fletcher joins Marseilles on loan. Topping up the pension fund before living the dream in the summer.

  5. PHILBHOY on 1ST FEBRUARY 2016 8:41 PM


    Where and when were you thinking?


    Busy the next couple of weeks.


    Give C my best.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  6. lennon's passion on

    17 – Colin Kazim-Richards has been involved in more Eredivisie goals for Feyenoord since the start of 2014/15 than any other player. Gone.

  7. Go tell the Spartim on




    I’ll bite and say Ronny’s signings



    I’m on the Deila bus until he’s told otherwise. Let’s try a novel idea and actually support the guy God knows he needs it and so do the team. Too many bedwetters

  8. Lennybhoy



    Open to suggestions!



    You pick a Saturday when we have no game and we can meet up. Glasgow/Edi fine with us.



    Earliest for us is the 20th of Feb.



    Hope you are all well!

  9. It’s a strange thing. Like most on here I was completely underwhelmed at the thought of Colin KR. Truth be told I’d never heard of him. But, when I see him in the hoops and pick up his enthusiasm on signing I can’t help but feel that old sense of anticipation any new player brings. Good luck Colin. Welcome to the greatest club you’ll ever play for.

  10. Final attempt at engaging with Paul.…






    I’m seriously questioning your agenda in the ‘Plan’ post. Seriously. Hints of winalot journalism and spin have been emblematic of CQN for a while now, but this particular article is absurd!



    Firstly – Will there be a defeat this season where we simply admit we weren’t good enough? Where questions about referees aren’t raised, or at least hinted at being the dark force that caused an otherwise valiant hoops to be narrowly defeated? Except we weren’t. Ultimately, *without* the penalty we’re still beaten 2-1. Ross Country won comfortably.



    Which brings me onto my second point. Ronny. Brought in to improve the team, to improve the players and identify talent. So… the state of the nation as we stagger into 2016? Before Ronny arrived, Efe was ridiculously unskilled player. I remember *before* Ronny arrived likening him to Tebilly. Nothing that’s happened in the intervening years has improved him one iota. Unless you count adding comedy penalties to his repertoire. Where is the faster, fitter, younger?



    Who has Ronny improved? Kris Commons? Our most effective midfielder since Stan Petrov neutered. And replaced with countless non scoring, ineffectual midfield players seemingly most skilled at letting the side down when it matters most. And then we get to the front players. Griffiths has improved in spite of Ronny. Unfavoured until he made himself undroppable by the sheer and utter failure of every other forward signed on a wing, a prayer and a healthy wage. Of course, I can’t forget – Craig Gordon. Improved to the extent that his form this year can only described as average because, well, the outfield players have managed to utterly redefine and own the terms risable, useless, pointless and mince. To drag them to hitherto unrealised depths. The defence? Well the least said about them the better, other than the phrase ‘You’re pure Celtic defence’ must be due to drop as a new witty pejorative amongst Glaswegians. I’m guessing it’ll mean rubbish, confused, disorganised and in disarray. Not forgetting prone to failure and leaky.



    On a separate point – the wee rhetorical fallacy about how we couldn’t sack Ronny just now? I’m amazed you could type it – what with the hysterical laughter that surely must have came over you as you realised there are some people who will not only *believe* it, but who will share the same opinion!



    If Ronny is sacked just now – it’s not because he failed to win the treble. He’d be sacked for a continual and persistent pattern of losing important matches. Of losing games that matter. Of failing to identify talent, and worse, failing to identify the garbage that currently infests our team. Any manager that looked at Celtic over Ronny’s ‘reign’ would not only recognise that but I’m sure would be astonished that a club that paints itself as ambitious would accept the absolute rubbish being served up in place of tactics, planning and forward thinking.



    The loan signing? He brings nothing to the club. He makes us no money. And comes with, in essence, pressure to play him regardless of form, lest we lose the opportunity to get more cheap loan signings. And we’ll lose him after ‘developing’ him (Or course, we’re more likely, given the current record to turn him into a feckless, lazy ineffectual imposter than a top player, but I digress). Ronny, unlike some of his equally bad predecessors (Lou Macari springs to mind) seems like a nice guy. But he’s out of his depth. His only skill is being the eternal optimist. And that sadly isn’t enough for a Celtic manager.



    I do not possess a crystal ball. Nor do you. We have no idea who might be available, but at the moment, pretty much anyone but Ronny would improve the team in my opinion. I’m not sure how it can be worse. Sorry, I can. When we’re cheated (naturally) out of the Scottish Cup. Not defeated mind, it’s not Ronny’s fault. Or Peter Lawwell’s. The plan isn’t the problem, the referees are.



    Maybe Man City can loan the SPL/SFA some referees too?



    Apologies for the sarcasm, but I’ll make no apologies for holding you to the high standards you’ve set. Or for expecting you to grow teeth when the people in charge at Celtic are failing. And failing badly.



    Update: I fully expect Kazim-Richards to be another example of the ‘plan’ that led to the signings of all the other ineffectual strikers. He possesses all the hallmarks – Low scoring, prone to violence and a career troubling chip on the shoulder. I should be thankful maybe he didn’t bite the journalist?




  11. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    GO TELL THE SPARTIM. Fella Ronny is the Celtic manager and until otherwise he will have my support. H.H.

  12. Tricoloured Ribbon on



    Sky Sports slabbering about the magnificent transfer deals in England and multi million pound deals involving the likes of Stoke City ffs.



    We’ll see how good that league is when the European Cup is being presented.

  13. “Best joke about prostitution ever done was by Bernard Shaw. He was at a party once and he told this woman that everyone would agree to do anything for money, if the price was high enough. `Surely not, she said.’ `Oh yes,’ he said. `Well, I wouldn’t,’ she said. `Oh yes you would,’ he said. `For instance,’ he said, `would you sleep with me for… for a million pounds?’ `Well,’ she said, `maybe for a million I would, yes.’ `Would you do it for ten shillings?’ said Bernard Shaw. `Certainly not!’ said the woman `What do you take me for? A prostitute?’ `We’ve established that already,’ said Bernard Shaw. `We’re just trying to fix your price now!’ “

  14. P8DDY on 1ST FEBRUARY 2016 8:53 PM


    Final attempt at engaging with Paul.



    Trademark passive aggression.

  15. Our ‘Number 1 target …’ from the summer window,binned after 5 months at the cost of £1.3 million plus wages,signing on fee. Someone from the Club should explain that one to us. Monumental waste of resources.

  16. Tricoloured Ribbon on




    Posted on that last thread.I’m late as usual.That is a magnificent post.Superb writing there bud.

  17. What is the Stars on

    Go tell the spartim


    Thanks for the reply


    Let’s hope these players are an improvement on what we have.


    Personally I have my doubts, the big centre looked ok yesterday,let’s see how the other 2 fit in

  18. Philbhoy – no need to stop supporting Celtic IMO.



    Always idly wonder what some folk think about hitmen/women – do they think they do what they do with some selective thought or loyalty – or just shoot whoever the hell they are paid to shoot and collect the cash. I personally wouldn’t use the toilets at Ibrox let alone play for them but as has been said its a bit hypothetical as I am crap at football.



    Good window – if Stokes and Ciftci arent going to play then better to loan them out – 18 month loan means this lad is here for CL qualifying and CKR wont be pushed about – LG is a great striker but we have needed a C Sutton or J Hartson partner for a long time and heres hoping he’s even a fraction as good as them.



    Liked the look of the Great Dane yesterday.



    Time will tell and they should get time.



    But we all wanted players in now for the Summer – its a notoriously difficult window to get what you want but Celtic have done 3 bits of potentially good business.



    Still got Derk though – why not lend him to ‘anyone’ for a few quid given we ain’t playing him to do hee haw anyhow.




  19. I assume Derk is on a pay as you play contract that’s why he doesn’t get near the pitch. Bad signing but great contract

  20. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on




    Don’t forget we signed him knowing he had a big suspension hanging over him ( see what I did there )



    Travel bhoy



    Likewise I was never a good enough player but if I was offered a job as maintenance maanger at Ibrokes I wouldnt even consider it no matter the salary. My old man and son would turn in their graves and I honestly couldn’t stomach going to work for that scum.



    Each to his own though

  21. Re: Young Nesbitt



    A (younger) friend of mine is in the Partick Thistle Youth coaching system – has been for a few years (pre-RD).



    He and PT think very highly of the CFC Academy System and Lennoxtown set-up. They have enjoyed the interface when competing and speak well of how they been assisted as they’ve developed their own in-house system.



    Their longterm philosophy is to get more of their Youth into first team football and play a passing game.



    Young Nesbitt is good and if he demonstrates those abilities at PT – I think he will get more 1st team starts and/or feature off the bench than at CFC.



    We will see!




    Surprised if he is as on a multi-year contract?



    He wouldn’t have earned anything in an awful long time….




  23. #1 Report Post


    Unread Today, 08:19 PM


    Dreads Dreads is online now


    1888 – 125 years unbroken



    Join Date: Nov 2005


    NSFW The Strikers List of Shame


    Camara – £1.5M – 1 year loan – 18 games – 8 goals


    Fortune – £3.8m – 43 games – 12 goals


    Kamara – Loan – 3 year contract – 9 games – 2 goals


    Rasmusson – £1M – 3.5 year contract – 10 games – 2 goals


    Lassad – Free – 2 year contract – 19 games – 3 goals


    Miku – Loan – 1 year – 14 games – 2 goals


    Pukki – £2.4M – 4 year contract – 27 games – 7 goals


    Murphy – £0.8M – 3 year contract – 19 games – 3 goals


    Bangura – £2.2M – 4 year contract – 11 games – 0 goals


    Scepovic – £2.3M – 4 year contract – 19 games – 4 goals


    Balde – £1.5M – 4 year contract – 20 games – 4 goals


    Boeriggter – £3M – 4 year contract – 16 games – 1 goal


    Cifcti – £1.5M – 4 year contract – 11 games – 4 goals

  24. lennon's passion on

    THE_HUDDLE on 1ST FEBRUARY 2016 9:06 PM



    Got told he was the 2nd highest player at the club.