Kazim-Richards signs 2.5 year deal


24 hours after a lightweight-looking Celtic were dumped out of the League Cup, Colin Kazim-Richards (29) joined the club on a 2.5 year deal from Feyenoord.  Kazim-Richards is a centre forward who can also play in the wide-striker positions.  No one will call him light-weight, not to his face anyway

The player left Feyenoord under a considerable cloud, after being suspended for the last two weeks of January for threatening a journalist, not his first encounter with controversy.
After spending 2006-07 in the English Premier League with Sheffield United, Kazim-Richards moved to Turkey, where he has spent most of the intervening years, playing for Fenerbahce, Galatasaray and Bursaspor.  Feyenoord picked him up 18 months ago and he delivered 12 goals in 26 league starts but he’s been used sparingly this season.

What’s he going to give us?  Well, we can expect a more combative style when he’s on the field, which is perhaps what Ronny Deila is looking for.  No more being pushed around.  For Colin, it’s an opportunity to get his career back on track after a what, from the outside, looks like a series of mistakes.

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  1. TBJ – i agree with your principles – not sure most pro footballers (Mo J comes to mind) though, give a monkey’s who pays them a crapload.



    Each to their own as you say.



    Different world to normal folk – when anyone gets paid more in a week than I earn in a year I have to ask why – having a short career is no excuse as they chose to do that – I chose something I’ve done for 35 years so far. For a lot less.




  2. Welcome to Celtic


    Colin Kazim Richards.


    I hope you settle down and are a great player for us.


    How many players have John Park & Duda Duhan deals brought to us.



    bit of a worry for me.

  3. What is the Stars on

    Lennons passion


    Are you saying that derk is the 2nd highest paid player at the club


    That’s mad ted

  4. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    Still cannae get my head round this.Why is a loan move to Partick Thistle a good thing for Celtic? Nesbitt should be in the team at Aberdeen not footering about at Firhill.Get 4 or 5 out of this team of habitual under achievers and get young Celtic blood in.Nesbitt hands Sevco their dinner today and we are looking to lend him to Partick Thistle.Shocking.

  5. Philbhoy


    Reading back,


    If there were more like you employed over the city, it would go a long way to improving their moral and ethical standards.


    Go for it. Sign.



    ( any chance of a ticket for the next time we play ye at Ibrox:-)

  6. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    P8DDY on 1ST FEBRUARY 2016 8:53 PM



    Just one other thing.



    It has been obvious for SO long.



    The question……………..


    Will there be a change of coach?


    At the very least.

  7. AULDHEID on 1ST FEBRUARY 2016 8:06 PM



    A bit more info on Angela Haggerty’s sacking.









    It looks like some vindictive thinking took the opportunity to be vindictive.


















    Who are these peepul?



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/celtic-city-partnership-brings-roberts-to-glasgow/comment-page-12/#comments

  8. squire danaher on




    Worse than that.



    Story I heard not long ago was that he was on top wages along with Broon



    Pay him off and don’t let the door hit his arse on the way out – he’d only get injured

  9. We have 38 players in our first team squad, 38 ffs, we have 13 midfielders, and not a proper def mid in the whole 13, we have one striker in the Griff, we have signed a player today who has scored 38 goals in 12 years, we have Carlton Cole, no much to say about him, we have let a decent player in Stokes go.


    We need a back up for RB.


    We now have 14 middys on the books, Paul McMullen has been recalled from St Mirren.


    A total clusterfeck.

  10. Just seen Miku score 1 and make 1 for Rayo Vallecano. Been saying for years ,we should be getting players from clubs in bottom half of La Liga and Serie A,not everyone is on funny money,and most of the clubs are in debt

  11. Dear mister stivs.



    We represent a major headhunting recruitment firm and we have identified your skills as matching the needs of a well known Scottish organisations job opening for a head of corporate communications.



    We understand in your current job role as Diversity Officer Perth Council that your at the forefront of your profession.




    You will be joining a company. Not a club. Who are willing to quadruple your salary. Making your family secure for the future.



    Our client recently reintroduced some special cultural aspects to their marketing campaign. A throwback if you will to grand old days of yore.



    If you don’t mind getting knee deep in this, the client wants you to lead the campaign to persuade refugees to go home why don’t you. Consider this.



    4 times your wages. Other than your dignity and your forefathers whats to lose.



    Sign here.

  12. Have we signed an experienced ball winning holding midfielder to beef up our team, there must be one out there

  13. Sky Sports Stewart ‏@stewartmeston 9m9 minutes ago



    #CelticFC have put in a late bid for Scott Bain from #DundeeFC, trying their hardest to push it through. Huge talent. #DeadlineDay

  14. BadaB


    We should have gotten their coach a couple of years ago, he has kept Rayo in La Liga with no cash, and has had to rebuild the team nearly every season with freebies, he is a top top coach, and they play superb football for what they are.



  15. Boerigtter is a successful highwayman.Whoever is responsible for bringing him to the club needs medical attention. Apropos of that, we need some real Celtic Bhoys in the team instead of these mercenaries that crapped out yesterday, So why we let Nesbitt go out on loan is a mystery to me. He, like KT, plays for the jersey, so we have some serious leadership problems upstairs.Needs to get fixed ASAP.

  16. lennon’s passion on 1st February 2016 9:11 pm



    THE_HUDDLE on 1ST FEBRUARY 2016 9:06 PM



    Got told he was the 2nd highest player at the club.




    No way in hell Derk is paid that much, if he was then the guy would be involved in match day squads.



    The fact he’s no where near that proves he is on a pay as you play contract

  17. Bsr.



    It’s a little known fact that the floodlight at Celtic park are linked to lawell mansions heateddriveway on switch in the garage.

  18. Saint Stivs on 1st February 2016 9:36 pm






    It’s a little known fact that the floodlight at Celtic park are linked to lawell mansions heateddriveway on switch in the garage.




    The bombs dropped from german bombers heat up his pool, I think that is common knowledge by now

  19. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    Saint stivs,


    Saw ye mention Malky McDonald last night.Brought a wee lump to my throat I have to say.My da,God rest him,knew a player.


    Malky he proudly would say the best ever player to don the Hoops.


    Played in every position for Celtic bar goalkeeper.


    God bless ye st.stivs and God bless all in the Port.

  20. CELTIC40ME…



    “Final attempt at engaging with Paul.”



    Trademark passive aggression.



    Not at all. It was a comment on my playing catch up with new threads rather than a barbed aside at Paul67.



    I tend to think of myself as more openly aggressive. I’ll argue vociferously. I put that down to my Irish heritage – my family loved to argue like madmen. All the while recognising that we’re all on the same side. Hence why I steer clear of ad hominem insults and name calling. We’re all here for one purpose ultimately, but it isn’t a hippy free for all.




  21. Tricoloured Ribbon on 1st February 2016 9:42 pm



    The huddle,


    He’s on 17 grand,I can assure ye.




    I don’t believe you.


    No way someone on that wage wouldn’t get near our first team squad. The facts don’t follow here