Kazim-Richards signs 2.5 year deal


24 hours after a lightweight-looking Celtic were dumped out of the League Cup, Colin Kazim-Richards (29) joined the club on a 2.5 year deal from Feyenoord.  Kazim-Richards is a centre forward who can also play in the wide-striker positions.  No one will call him light-weight, not to his face anyway

The player left Feyenoord under a considerable cloud, after being suspended for the last two weeks of January for threatening a journalist, not his first encounter with controversy.
After spending 2006-07 in the English Premier League with Sheffield United, Kazim-Richards moved to Turkey, where he has spent most of the intervening years, playing for Fenerbahce, Galatasaray and Bursaspor.  Feyenoord picked him up 18 months ago and he delivered 12 goals in 26 league starts but he’s been used sparingly this season.

What’s he going to give us?  Well, we can expect a more combative style when he’s on the field, which is perhaps what Ronny Deila is looking for.  No more being pushed around.  For Colin, it’s an opportunity to get his career back on track after a what, from the outside, looks like a series of mistakes.

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  1. Just seen a transfer. Of someone called



    Rhoys Wiggins.



    Just needs a B & H for the replacement capitals

  2. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    Tontine Tim,


    Magical stuff pal.


    I mentioned before my dear oul da captained both teams and lived in Bank St in the Vale when the house was blitzed in Clydebank.


    Love reading yer posts mate.


    I have many,many friends from the Renton,The Vale,Balloch, and dear oul Dumbarton.


    God bless ye bud.


    Oh, Eddie in K,plenty in Helensburgh too.

  3. What is the Stars on



    Yes Fulham I see that now


    Just spoke to a friend who was involved with Fulham, said he was highly thought of and could be a good asset for celtic.


    Let’s hope so

  4. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    Transfer madness



    Just reading that Gary Caldwell has made 27 signings since he took over at Wigan on 7th April 2015

  5. Tricoloured Ribbon on



    I’ll tell ye what Ronny should be picking..the pick of the flights from Britain to Oslo in the morning and book Johansen on the flight with him..

  6. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    More transfer madness



    Watford alone in 2015-16 spent more, net, than Arsenal, Spurs, Villa, Saints, Swans, Norwich COMBINED.

  7. Just listened to Sportsound podcast from tonight.


    Job done with Spiers. Totally neutered re the Huns, completely supine and then McIntyre and co , including Spiers, celebrated Deila’s failures. Memo to BBC. He has a first name, It’s Ronny.


    Bloody sickening and made yesterday’s defeat all the harder to take.

  8. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    Lying in bed a mile away from celtic park. .. was hoping to get big kris aker in but with the wind and rain lashing on paradise I wouldn’t be surprised if theyou shut that transfer window early tonight

  9. What is the Stars on



    I agree about ronny. But we are stuck with him for the moment,


    Unfortunately it should be obvious to everyone that he is not up to it.


    Some want to stick with him because they are too stubborn to admit they backed the wrong horse.


    Others because of a sense of loyalty( he is the celtic manager and we must back him)


    Others because if the msm say he should go well that means that we want him to stay.


    At this stage I don’t bother getting excited about it, he will eventually leave. Just a matter of how much damage he does before he goes.


    But we are top the league so what’s the problem.


    All is good,

  10. Yesterday’s result could have been so different had we got a second early goal, but it would simply have papered over the cracks.



    Firstly we have fallen into a media trap of discussing trebles. The only time we should ever do that in the future is the day before the Scottish Cup Final having won the league and league cup.



    My first time at Hampden was to watch a much better Celtic side than yesterday and we got horsed 4-1 by Partick Thistle. Now that was a shock result!



    Gordon Strachan sometimes changed his system and altered his team when faced with bad weather and/ or sodden pitches. He’d miss out the midfield, drop Aiden, Naka etc and go long.



    MON’s Celtic was STRONG – not a usual Celtic characteristic. In defence, midfield or upfront, there wasn’t a player who couldn’t look after themselves.



    Neil Lennon’s side could adapt and could defend – things this side lacks.



    Too many lightweights.



    Most of all we struggle in the must win games.



    We beat Sevco a year ago today but they were dross. Then Dundee Utd in the final but they were also pretty awful as their results since has shown. So I’d go back to March and beating Aberdeen 4-0 for a crucial win.



    Maybe add QARABAG win to that but it just set up the Malmo disappointment.



    And Ronny’s ability to alter the game from the sidelines is not obvious from what I have seen.



    As for referees – yes, he has been done twice at HAMPDEN but so has every Celtic manager!



    Next season – assuming they get promoted – if we flop meakly against them then all hell will break loose. Is RONNY even aware of that prospect?



    I don’t know.



    I like the idea of RONNY. He speaks well and he fits Celtic well given we need to be very clever to compete. But talking is one thing. Celtic cant afford to be so weak as we were in Europe and at Hampden against the two Highland sides.



    The next game is massive for RONNY. Losing at Aberdeen will make it very hard to see a way forward for this management team.

  11. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on

    Winning Captains



    Winning on Wednesday ( which I suspect we will 2-0) will be another crack papering ..



    It’s the big do or die games we can’t win under Deila…

  12. winning captains @ 11.50



    good post mate



    Fundamental change takes a long, long time at any football club let alone at Celtic. If we are to believe the reasons and principles for why Ronny Deila was appointed by Celtic, we are still very early in his tenure, and we can’t go changing managers every two or three years, otherwise we’ll always be nowhere.

  13. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    Winning captains,


    That’s a very thoughtful and interesting post….


    But…let’s see what happens on Wednesday.


    let’s see if there is a fight and determination in these players.


    At least 4 of the jokers at Hampden should be binned.


    Get the three new signings straight in and let’s see what happens.


    If we lose then it’s definite curtains for Ronny.


    I like him as a person.I really do.He has to deliver on Wednesday though..

  14. Cup semi finals are not do or die games to the modern Celtic player.



    Mostly I get the feeling they couldn’t give a shit.



    It’s maybe symptomatic of foreign players. Were the national cup means he has.



    I feel the same with Ronny.



    I feel the same about the league cup.

  15. Winning Captains..


    Yes, Very well put.. Support the Team.. offer opinion, criticize yes, but lets keep it in perspective.. There are those of us on here that remember the barren years aswell as 9 in a r, so weve seen it all before.. and know what? were still here.

  16. We were all let down badly by the players on the park on Sunday – we deserved a lot better from them.



    Moving on – our central priorities are league title and CL qualification – without the finance from these things we will eventually become nonentities.



    So lets carry out our development in the domestic cups and use our top players only in the league and CL. This would leave space for extra coaching and team training.




    We would then be asking the ‘elite’ to play maximum fifty games per season, if we qualify – fifty is still a demanding number.



    Let’s stop this treble hype season after season – history tells us it is unrealistic.



    Finally, sad to say, Ronny, Johnny and John, are NOT the answer.