Kazim-Richards signs 2.5 year deal


24 hours after a lightweight-looking Celtic were dumped out of the League Cup, Colin Kazim-Richards (29) joined the club on a 2.5 year deal from Feyenoord.  Kazim-Richards is a centre forward who can also play in the wide-striker positions.  No one will call him light-weight, not to his face anyway

The player left Feyenoord under a considerable cloud, after being suspended for the last two weeks of January for threatening a journalist, not his first encounter with controversy.
After spending 2006-07 in the English Premier League with Sheffield United, Kazim-Richards moved to Turkey, where he has spent most of the intervening years, playing for Fenerbahce, Galatasaray and Bursaspor.  Feyenoord picked him up 18 months ago and he delivered 12 goals in 26 league starts but he’s been used sparingly this season.

What’s he going to give us?  Well, we can expect a more combative style when he’s on the field, which is perhaps what Ronny Deila is looking for.  No more being pushed around.  For Colin, it’s an opportunity to get his career back on track after a what, from the outside, looks like a series of mistakes.

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  1. Wednesday fans getting their ‘C’mon’, ‘Clear it’ and ‘Ow did you miss that’ interjections ready for their new signing.



    Or singing.

  2. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    Mr Pastry,


    I think you know the game.I’ve read yer posts in the past and think ye know the script..


    Now I think we have two and I mean two players.Griffiths and Tierney..

  3. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    After watching the latest signing doing the business my first thought is that he won’t score as many goals in our league as he plays right on the shoulder of the last man and if you are wearing Hoops of green and white you will be offside more times than Sevco get penalties!

  4. Glad we r pash coz it makes signing diddys like colin wots his name…………………better.



    But coz we r better diddies than dundee utd it makes me feel better to pump their best striker to turkey.



    Bend over……



    …………and let DD and PL lube you up……………………but only before you buy replica kits and season tickets. God fecking forbid you buy the culinery excellence that we get!!






    ,………………bend over and lube the feck up coz its soon to be






    …………..old fecking/new fecking/ same club………….feck it no legal entity or identity……. love the identity bit.




    Thats the one DD and PL will push, not the old firm but the NO LEGAL ENTITY QC FIRM PASH……….WTF???



    Cant even talk about the fecking bollockless team,



    They must get it from the bollockless board…………..




  5. that last post represents the logic it takes to be a celtic fan in the current climate.



    Confusing as feck……

  6. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Just read On Fields of Green blog and couldn’t agree more. Killer point for me was that under Lawwell Henrik would have been sold after 2 years. So true. This guy is ripping the soul out of our club. Instead of the real romance we used to enjoy we get his PR pish about yesteryear. I am truly scunnered with his effin strategy and wish he would just do one. Enough years of Lawwell and Desmond’s cynical, hope crushing strategy.



    It’s brought us this clownish manager. As the big Hun in my work constantly tells me, he’s a keeper. Lawwell should be accountable for this disastrous appointment. And Park should be accountable for the endless stream of duff forwards we’ve bought in his time at the club, reaching a Nadir today (pun intended). His record deserves the sack, end of story.



    I’ve never seen player turnover like it. No team building, just guys passing through in the hope that we’ll get lucky and sell big to some middling EPL mob. Predictably for every gem we endure countless duffers and frauds.



    This is what you get when capitalist fat cats are running the show.

  7. rascar



    we have all dropped our drawers and taken it mate.



    Its been a slow gradual raping, homo erotic or not.



    We are being f#cked and have been for a good long time.



    Even CQN pushed the old firm agenda



    Dominant Celts enjoy derby day delight at Lennoxtown as posted by cqn magazine 7 hrs ago……………..



    Thats as disgusting a headline on Ceticfc.net as i have seen, as thats where the facebook post got shared from



    ‘derby day delight’??????????? DERBY DAY…………………at a kids game






    We beat a team that never existed until 2 or 3 years ago.



    looks like we are looking into the future here.



    And you call me homo erotic for suggesting we get shafted??



    Rascar wake up and smell the fecking coffee.



    We are getting ass fecked.



    you need to wake up

  8. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    We have a team of wee boys that are in the teacher’s pet image of their ineffectual manager. The one exception is Johansen, who is a wee girl and should be got rid of ASAP. He made a coward’s tackle yesterday and you could see it coming a mile off. A tosser of a guy and a crap player.

  9. Rascar the only time I was called a singing dick was the last time your missus gargled on my beezer……….



    Not very respectful and i fully expect to be red carded for that.



    But just as respectful as being called a singing dick

  10. Clunks



    Smiley face etc… homo…



    But i disagree with your assessment of where we are.



    I was born in 1972, so I watched Aitken, McStay, Burns, McNally, Annoni, Payton, Biggans, Larsson, Lubo, Grant, and Rogan.



    Good and bad.



    In a pish stadium with 13000 maybe… sometimes.



    I think todays Celtic is not so bad.

  11. Clunks






    The Singing Dick is in reference to a former poster The Singing Detective.



    A rouge and a bounder.

  12. Rascar



    Our team is up there competing well mate, no complaints there!



    The board however just gave you a glimpse into the future.



    This was as much of a derby day (as reported on Celticfc.net facebook page) as celtic and carlisle.






    Am furious at the derby day headline and so should al the fans that read it.

  13. Rascar



    You just gave the bet comeback line I have had in about 20 years an apology,



    Gargled was such a great comeback to that as well!!






    Take care bud…….

  14. Whether Delia survives the next couple weeks time will tell. Much is overlooked about how Celtic are building a good young team for the future. Young ones have been played regularly in the first team at home and in Europe. With many in the wings who Iam confidant under this regime will be given a chance. The players on loan will bear fruit. Our only chance off beating the Poverty trap of modern football,(develop good cheap young Scottish players on long contracts) this is the only way to go forward and we may be able to hang on to star players. You cannot keep talent from leaving, and silly money on offer they cannot not be blamed. We cannot compete with the wages in England.This is our strategy.


    It would be nice to beat aberdeen this week but it wont be the end of the world if we dont and we will advance to the next stage of the Scottish cup. Win on Wednesday, some breathing space for the management, something in short supply in Ronnies time. The team that will take us to Europe next year starts now. If we lose,against Aberdeen no problem, still effectively four points clear. AND this Celtic FC NEEDS to learn to play under pressure! Something in short supply in the SFPL.


    Deila is building a team that will be not only the backbone of Celtic of the future but also of Scottish footy. and maybe, just maybe if we make it to the final of The Big Cup, like last ime it will be local Bhoys. lol. Dare to dream, keep the faith. PS dont panic, we will hump that other mob. lol

  15. No mate



    We both know it wasn’t.



    It was a play on words designed to draw us in .



    You know it and I know it,



    it was a headline designed to generate clicks……clickbait as it is known,



    but it is a surefire nod in the direction of where we are going with der hun

  16. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    Nesbitt oot the door on loan to Partick Thistle.Official.Disgusted wae that.Slaughters Sevco the day and is booted oot the door.Laughable.

  17. Clunks



    I can’t hep thinking that the new Rangers (The) (Sevco) (Et Al) are a football team from Glasgow.



    Are they the same villains of old?



    Well I think yeah, but it doesn’t really matter.



    We will have to play them, they will be our main rivals, and we will really dislike them.






    A derby.

  18. Tricoloured Ribbon




    Cheers – Take your point but slightly disagree – I think we have a number of good players, however I don’t believe that they are managed well.



    Looking at the team on Sunday – Boyata, Ambrose, GMS, Armstrong, Biton and Johansen will not take us forward. There is no ‘true grit’ there – they are the type of player who fit into a middle of the table team – players who can look good from time to time – this is no good to Celtic.



    I just feel that we are in a muddle – performances have wide and wild variations – signing policy appears all over the place to me, with no cohesion.



    If, over the last eighteen months we had been bad and were steadily getting better, I could go with it – but it seems that whenever we get to a must win game, we go all to pieces.



    One last thing is Ronny’s utterances are not consistent and he seems like ‘a rabbit in the headlights’ when trying to explain setbacks. Remember about six months ago he said that he wanted to work with a smaller tighter squad – what has transpired is exactly the oposite.



    I will always defend Celtic to any critics, but right now I don’t think I could form a convincing case.



    We can all take defeats and move on if we can see a system and progress – I don’t think I can either.

  19. rascar



    touche……………….but a below the belt touche.



    its as much as a derby as celtic vs any team in the G postcode.



    Its clickbait at the very least and panders to the lowest common denominator in both our supports as the headline is designed to get liked and shared by as many tims to get it up the huns we have on our facebook feed.



    A sign of the times i am afraid bud!



    But in no way do i consider ANY game against them a derby……

  20. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    Can’t you hear the bullets humming,


    That’s a Provos lullaby..


    Kev j in for Lawwell,


    Green man,Sydney tim,Neganon,Canamalar et al at the top table and petec and 16 roads supplying the bevvy and grub .Legends.


    A good night for all..then delaneys dunky bringing in a wee zombie ticket inspector who is Ko’d.Magic.Marvellous.Love to you all.

  21. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    Mr Pastry,


    Yer absolutely on the button again.I still stand by my initial assessment though.


    Tierney and Griff.Thats it for me.Couldnt care less if the rest were heaved in the morning.




  22. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    Time for bed and a good bevvy to sleep off..


    Mr Pastry,


    Keep er lit.


    Most feared men in Ulster,volunteers on the run.


    We gave Britain our answer,from the barrels of our guns..

  23. Clunks



    Turns out these magnificently manicured posts take ages to type out when you’re pished.



    And spell check.



    Don’t think there will be emailing tonight.



    Or anything else.

  24. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    A wee addition before I retire.We should be playing a 3-5-2 or a 4-3-3..


    One man upfront. .Good God Almighty…


    And spare me the oul this is the new system nowadays….Naw its no..4 defenders ,2 defensive midfielders and a goalie.7 defenders against packed Scottish defences.



  25. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    The departure of Cifti after 6 months.



    Now that is a real indictment of our decision making in respect of signings .


    Hardly gives one confidence for our recent puchases / loans.

  26. Macjay



    That clearly didn’t work.



    And I’m a bit worried about the future.



    Despite being the happiest clapper this side of St Patrick.





    He’s not the first to be shown the door pronto. Rasmussen and Bangura didn’t last much longer,Pukki and Balde only a year,I think.



    There’s £10m plus wages right away. Not to mention the £10m or so pissed away by trying to push Bobo out.



    Aye,a financial genius right enough.

  28. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    But we could have been liquidated just like rangers, instead we are buying dross from all over Europe





    As I said in a post about 18 hours ago,our dross is getting drosser.



    That’s why I rarely castigate any of our players. If they’re not good enough,it’s not their fault. Blame the signing policy.

  30. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Rascar Capac on 2nd February 2016 3:23 am









    I can`t speak about the others you mention……..”.Rasmussen and Bangura didn’t last much longer,Pukki and Balde only a year,I think. ”


    But that didn`t bother me so much.


    Ciftci,however,we knew about.We knew his style and ability fairly intimately.


    I was a little surprised about his signing.but I thought these guys must know what they`re doing.


    His departure seems very much like an admission of failure.



    Something radical needs to happen


    You know where I`d start.