Kazim-Richards signs 2.5 year deal


24 hours after a lightweight-looking Celtic were dumped out of the League Cup, Colin Kazim-Richards (29) joined the club on a 2.5 year deal from Feyenoord.  Kazim-Richards is a centre forward who can also play in the wide-striker positions.  No one will call him light-weight, not to his face anyway

The player left Feyenoord under a considerable cloud, after being suspended for the last two weeks of January for threatening a journalist, not his first encounter with controversy.
After spending 2006-07 in the English Premier League with Sheffield United, Kazim-Richards moved to Turkey, where he has spent most of the intervening years, playing for Fenerbahce, Galatasaray and Bursaspor.  Feyenoord picked him up 18 months ago and he delivered 12 goals in 26 league starts but he’s been used sparingly this season.

What’s he going to give us?  Well, we can expect a more combative style when he’s on the field, which is perhaps what Ronny Deila is looking for.  No more being pushed around.  For Colin, it’s an opportunity to get his career back on track after a what, from the outside, looks like a series of mistakes.

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  1. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    BTW, nice recruiting advert for the ole British Army at the top of the page [complete with the ole Union flag].



    I expect however, that a lot of the bhoys on here are marchin’ to the sound of a different drum.

  2. Every club makes signings that don’t work out – e.g. Andy Carroll £35 million Liverpool – De Maria £65 million Man Utd and umpteen across the country.



    We will make more bad calls because we can only shop in the ‘take a chance’ marketplace – sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.



    Now if we don’t accept this as a fact of life, we have only two alternatives:



    1) Take on massive debt and sign as many English Premiership types and hope we can get CL money to cover it, before our credit is called in – this is the road to bankruptcy.



    2) Only use players reared through our development system and pay no transfer fees and/or big wages – this could work over time, however there will be hard years with no league titles ahead.



    There are things that I am not satisfied with at the moment, chiefly the players’ performance and that of the management team; however I am savvy enough to know that for all its inadequacies, our recruitment policy is the only sustainable model…warts and all!!!!

  3. Good morning CQN



    From my twitter timeline i see Kazim is a MSM goldmine for quotes



    I can see already our PR dept has prepared him well



    Headline from tabloid rag “fans will hate me im an animal”



    I hope Kazim can do the walk

  4. A wild morning on darkest Lanarkshire, and it seems pretty rough on here also.


    To be honest ,I am glad Ciftci is gone, he was an accident waiting to happen, won’t be long till we see the ” my Celtic hell” headlines.


    As for the replacement, heaven help us..a guy deemed surplus to requirements for a number of clubs. However his agent, we know him, taught him what to say, all the normal platitudes out in play.


    How far we have fallen, still we have important business tomorrow night. Support the team, the players are nowhere near the level we want from our club, but they wear the Hoops and we must support them. Dear God, they need our help as the quality of leadership from the coaching staff is abysmal and even further from the benchmark Celtic need.


    Hail!! Hail!

  5. Good morning friends. The heavY overnight rain has stopped (for now0 but it’s still a very blustery and windy grey morning here in ole EK.

  6. Marrakesh Express on

    I don’t think I can ever remember a signing, well maybe Willo, where there’s been more negativity before the guy’s in the door.


    CKR has 40 caps for Turkey, a country higher ranked than Scotland. Give the man a chance to prove himself fgs, all the more so as the the msm lackies will be waiting to stitch him up.

  7. Some PR advice for Kazim



    Talent is God given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful.

  8. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    Still hurting from another hampden nightmare



    Why are our team so lightweight and frightened when things get tough … I kinda understand wee flimsy boys like gms calum and jamesy not being tough of body and maybe of mind too



    But nir is a bug pussycat and Joe Hanson is all running and the odd stupid tackle . I love broony but if he is our token hard manot then we are in a bad way .



    Our current and previous keepers are not brave enough and got bullied often and although erik looks the part at first sight I would go back to big mcmanus and Caldwell as a centre half’s

  9. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on




    What have we here?



    A rather appropriate title for this Neocon propaganda instrument,anyhow I digress.



    Here it is – straight from the horses mouth,and brazen as you like:






    A resounding endorsement if ever there was one.



    All just different strands of the same web:
























    This Sanders comedian probably is just a sideshow,(Clinton is the obviously the ruling elite’s candidate of choice)however he is a Communist in sheep’s clothing,a very dangerous individual -Foreign policy? He supports NATO for crying out loud? Bet ye a pound to a penny he is a hawk,particularly in relation to the middle-East .



    Almost the entire Western MSM and the Associated Press are increasing the tempo of their support for Clinton.






    Trump is a lowlife as well btw,he is at least honest though I think, and independent of those dark forces in the backround whom normally fund all the candidates.Only time will tell.



    That Clinton thing is evil personified though – Watched a clip on YouTube of her gloating over the murder of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi – sickening.



    The New World Order in full effect.



    Wake up before it’s too late.







  10. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on





    Hopefully the old right/left divide will be consigned to the dustbin of history where it belongs.


    Every issue judged on it`s merits.

  11. Ohalloran or Richards I know which one of the non scoring forwards I would have preffered.



    Ohalloran in two or three years time if successful could be sold.on (the boards strategy not mine)



    Hope Richards works out for us.



    Hopefully the cash windfal !! goes to charity.

  12. Michael O’Halloran chose to play for a manager who seems to know what he’s doing.


    Maybe, MO’H has inside information that, the rudderless ship that is Celtic FC / PLC….is heading for the rocks ?

  13. Just think of ‘all’ the celtic strikers that have been signed during the Lawwell years….how many, Arthur Daley types of ‘cuts’ from the deals go to Lawwell, Park and whoever else’s hauns in the till ?


    Snowmen don’t run Celtic….only dafties think that.

  14. Welcome to Celtic Colin Kazim let’s hope the Celtic jersey fits you, and I wish you all the very best at our club, 100% is all that is asked of you, nothing more, nothing less.


    Let’s hope you hit the ground running and Wee enjoy you as much as you enjoy us YNWA .


    Lurking Huns GIRFUYs.

  15. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    Macjay1 – I’m not sure about that.



    Did you read the article?



    It’s all encompassing, everything is there.



    Communists, Liberalism, Zionism, Socialism, Progressives.



    Explain to me, how someone can be both a left-wing Communist and a Neoconservative?






    It’s all the same – that’s what I’ve been trying to say on here for years.



    And I’m saying no more because that diatribe has proved me right.



    You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink.



    None of my business anymore.




  16. Tricoloured Ribbon on 2nd February 2016 2:00 am




    Hail Hail fella…hope yer well.


    In short…would you take a job on a sinking, rudderless ship ?



  17. so 2 players on bench on sunday were punted out on loan. dreadful its the players on the park should go

  18. We loan out young Nesbitt, who scores goals, from our development squad and we bring in young Richards from Man City on loan? What’s the plan with that? Is there a plan?

  19. get rid of Stokes who scores 1 in 2 in league bring in a dumpling Cole and a player with a dreadful career and a loan player shocking

  20. Cole and Richarss shoulsd have been loan signuings. I guaruntee patying them off like Bangura anfd Blade otr punting out on loan like stokes and Cifti. I am disgusted

  21. why not sign O’Hallorn. he is fit can play in scotalnd and a celtic fan.. no we sign washed up rubbish who are here for easy money

  22. Our fans are quickly becoming a joke.



    The default position is always negative.



    This morning my Twitter timeline is 99% moans. Likewise the forums I visit.



    Everything is bent to a negative slant.



    Kazim Richards has baggage but the reaction to his signing – in football terms – sums our fans up. This guy has been ridiculed. Some saying they would rather have O Halloren.



    Colin has near 40 caps for a very good national team and has played for massive clubs. He has won trophies and played at World Cups.



    Our fans need a collective boot up the backside.



    What Colin will find out quickly is that the atmosphere and intensity here is nowhere near what he experienced at Fene, Gala and Feyenoord.



    Our fans are too miserable to go to games or create atmosphere.

  23. Celtic are becoming a joke.. a farce.. is someone getting mobney to sign these duds? And to get rid of nesbitt is insane. Play him!

  24. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    We have a bloated squad full of mediocrities. We badly need more quality and less quantity.



    At least we got rid of Ciftci. However, you have to ask, how is it the judgement 5 months ago was that this guy was our number 1 target and now his level is relegation fodder in Turkey? Heads should roll. After all, as Lawwell constantly reminds us we’re not made of money.

  25. Why shouldd we be paying cole money when he is not fit to play football. waste of money. why did we no play Stokes?

  26. Good morning, hope the storm isn’t effecting Scotland too badly.



    The jury is in…



    So the Board are NOT prepared to back Ronny.



    Well in a way I guess it’s good, they see Ronny is not up to the job and change is needed. They have saved any budget for the new man.



    Of course it will make sense to the Board, they will know if the new Rangers are getting promoted to the top flight before they decide who to appoint and how much to give them.



    For me, I think Ronny should have gone last year and we let the new guy start this transfer window to put a squad together capable of UCL qualification.



    It’s going to be a tough ask, to get business done early doors in the Summer. Mind you, I don’t suppose we’ll not be looking for too many Internationalists, so with the Football world distracted by the Euros we might get some business done.



    Having said all that, we seem to have got ourselves an effective CB – much needed and a loan of a young man who could put bums on seats and hopefully back off them. Mr Richards I know little of but we do need experience, hope he can provide it.



    Welcome to Celtic lhads, hope it’s a great move for you all.



    Hail Hail

  27. Just looking at all spl transfer deals. Does anybody else think hearts have brought in decent players? Slowly building a good team.


    Also think we are stronger at end of this window, unlike summer window when we were definitely weaker. Will it prove enough to win the league and get past cl qualifiers? Remains to be seen. Marked improvement required to appease a growing number of fans.

  28. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    16 roads..,


    just had a loo at that article and can make head nor tail of what your blethering about, So he’s jewish and so what judean peoples have many differing political views, just like christians and most other religions, I note you have regular tantrums about political philosophies but never and I mean never seen you identify any political philosophy, its dead easy to have a go at everyone when you don’t have anything to offer as an alternative.


    What exactly do you propose as a better political philosophy than those you decry ?

  29. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    The lights are still on at Celtic park


    But naebudies in.



    Welcome to Celtic bhoys


    Hope you prove your metal

  30. I think that Celtic could win the double this season.


    But, from a, reality, medicinal p.o.v…..I’d rather that, Celtic FC and, some of it’s supporters were given their medicine…THIS SEASON…rather than next.


    Know why ?


    Well, I’d rather we win hee-haw this season then, hopefully most of Celtic’s supporters would realize that, for the benefit of the future of the club….Celtic FC has to be restructured…Lock, Stock & Barrel.


    Take the board on.


    At SB-renewal time…inform the club that, the only way that Celtic fans SB-money will find it’s way into the club will be in exchange for control of the club….Take It, or Leave It!


    The board would melt….head for the hills at the thought of having to run the club without the ‘mugs’ money.


    Then, folk of the ilk of Jeanette Findlay etc…could get the keys of the club and, the new huns would be faced with a board of uppity-Tims who won’t do secret deals with the cops for an easy life by, grassing-up Celtic supporters after….taking their SB-money….get all Celtic fans on the same page for once in 128 years.


    Who on here would honestly be surprised if, we were lucky enough to defeat E.K in the cup then, be drawn v’s the huns who’ll be backed by unbelievable levels of mibbery….who thinks that, Ronny would be the man to steer us through that ?


    Celtic on the pitch are P#SH!


    Celtic in the dug out are P#SH!


    Celtic at executive level are P#SH!


    All the money wasted on strikers alone without anybody being held accountable, and, as the late Hugh Adams(RIP) called them – “Celtic’s financial heavy weights on the board…..” tells me that, obviously the folk on the board are financially nobodies fools, so….incompetence can’t be leveled at them so,….what’s going on with all the frittered away, £millions of Celtic supporters money ?


    Please don’t give them any more of yer money….they’re bad folk.


    Sack the Board or….well…ye know the rest….

  31. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    Will try to read the article,but kind of reluctant to get into ” politicals.”



    However,the national socialist workers party were fascist.


    Simply names.No actual principles.