Keane asks not to be considered


Reports out of Ireland that Roy Keane is no longer in the running for the Celtic job are correct.  The former Sunderland and Ipswich boss asked not to be considered as Celtic have tightened their shortlist over the past few days.

The overwhelming majority of opinion on the blog and elsewhere is that Celtic would be taking an enormous risk with Roy Keane, feedback which I know has reached the club.  These decision are all risky, and there are no guarantees we will be able to do better than Roy, but I’d be prepared to take that risk.

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  1. scotlands shame on

    shame, neil lennon had no experience and done well as he got celtic, maybe keane would have been the same.


    no owen coyle though, if board listened about keane they should continue to listen about coyle.


    huge no

  2. Now that the Roy Keane story has been discarded does that mean we are close to appointing someone?

  3. Bullet dodged IMO



    Steve Clsrk has been my long time suspiscion I hope it’s him. Ideal


    If Henke was his assistant.

  4. So, onto number 2 on the list, as they will now be known…..



    Big Budget my bahookie ;)

  5. James Forrest is praying for The Unconquerable Oscar Knox on

    Very much looking forward to seeing how certain people are going to spin this one. Done deal? I had my doubts. A good appointment? I really had my doubts. Deep down I was never convinced we’d see this. My last Fields of Green piece stated the reasons, most vivid amongst them that from the “strategy” point of view this one made absolutely no sense whatsoever.



    It carried with it enormous risks, including us ending up with a radically divided club. You only had to look at the collective joy on the Peepil’s forums as well to see that they considered it a catastrophic error … and that was pretty much in keeping with my own thoughts on the matter.



    I would have swallowed Keane’s appointment with a lot of reservations, but I truly never expected that we’d make it.



    So what’s happened here? Well, let me take a stab at this …. and for the first time in a long time I am going to offer this defence:



    I believe Peter Lawwell.



    I believe we interviewed Keane. We never wanted word of that to leak, but it did. The second it did, Keane’s people would have been in frantic spin mode, to make an interview into an offer. What do we know for sure here? There were “informal discussions.” Does that sound like an offer to you?



    Keane is a proud man, and he’s an arrogant man. I had a feeling this would happen the minute the news broke. Celtic knew it too, which is why we had a press statement out the very same day denying anyone had been offered the job as yet. The same day people. Come on …. think this through.



    Keane can’t allow anyone to think he’s been snubbed. So he couldn’t just become another candidate in a long list. No, the job had to be “his if he wanted it.” That’s all coming from the Keane camp.



    The media probably realises this too. But the Scottish press isn’t about to write that, for one very big reason. They can spin this as a snub, and the first question they’ll ask the guy who IS appointed is if he realises he was second choice.



    Nothing we’ve not seen before from our scummy hacks.



    But listen, friends, DO NOT BELIEVE FOR A SECOND that we were “snubbed” here. Interviewed. Yes. Offered the job. No.



    Now that this particular nightmare scenario is receding into the rear view mirror we can move forward and get the RIGHT person in.



    Stevie Clarke, come on down. Your time has come son.

  6. “feedback I know has reach the club”



    er…the relevance of that statement Paul is what?

  7. DoF – John Collins


    Head Coach – Steve Clarke


    Assistant – Peter Houston


    1st team coach – John Kennedy

  8. So Roy doesn’t want the greatest job in World fitba IMO .


    Some supporter he is !


    Two words for the bold Roy…… Sod off !


    I hope he doesn’t darken our door again !

  9. My friends in Celtic,



    I can only say ” Always expect the unexpected”




  10. JF



    Hope u are right.


    Personally I think Keane has looked at the budget on offer and thought thanks but no thanks

  11. I said last night that RK was a smokescreen… A very useful smokescreen allowing Celtic to tee up their actual preferred candidate.

  12. Burghbhoy



    14:01 on 2 June, 2014




    ‘Personally I think Keane has looked at the budget on offer and thought thanks but no thanks’






    I think he saw the price of hooses in Embra.

  13. Sir Paul



    Paddy Power says



    Steve Clarke …………Favourite……….. 4/6



    MALKLY MACKAY……………………….. 2/1



    Roy Keane………………………………….. 9/1







    Like Alyss Predicted..



    Shock Coming!



    But Who???






  14. I asked yesterday, what could DD tempt him with. So now that 40.000 have bought season tickets, who are we gonny get? KoK for me.

  15. scotlands shame on

    got to say lot of people using RK saying doesnt want to be considered for celtic as a rod to beat celtic board with. Even though some of those same folk thought his mangerial record should have meant he wasnt considered.


    Celtic have spoek to over 5, who says they would have picked him as favourite.


    knickers in twist time!!

  16. CultsBhoy



    14:02 on 2 June, 2014



    I suggested the same a few days ago.



    I still think Pope Francis is the man for the job.

  17. James Forrest – “Keane is a proud man, and he’s an arrogant man..”



    Stick to analysis fella. The character assassination stuff just ruins it for you. Unless you are looking for a job in the msm.



    Roy Keane ate my hamster….

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