Keane the bogeyman


I often thought that Roy Keane was the bogeyman newspapers taunted us with when we are looking for a manager.  He is box office, for sure, but as a parting gift from Peter Lawwell to new chief exec, Dominic McKay, he would prove a ‘handful’.  Roy has not worked as a manager in a decade, his future in the game surely lies in front of the camera.

Still waiting on the Justice Secretary dropping his faux threat to cancel Sundays’ game.

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  1. Apologies re my post about Bankier,seems the appointment was old news from a previous Herald article


    Does not change my view however.

  2. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Watching the clip of the Thommo winner against Barcelona doing the rounds brought into focus for me the reasons the league was lost this season.



    French Eddy would have chested the ball down from the cross with his back to goal, shimmied and danced, only for the defence to stick in a leg to clear. Once in twenty five, he’ll score the goal to make another highlight in his agent’s dvd.



    Griff would have headed for goal of course, an easy take by the goalie. The game goes on 0-0, half hour to play. Ajeti’s calculation is the acrobatic mid-air side swivel scissor-kick. Misses the ball, lands on his back, trainer on. Hardly seen Polish Paddy during his year and a half. Will he have seen a diagonal cross to the six yard area yet?



    Henrik made his own space, cross found him, the cushioned header to a supporting colleague. Now it’s part of our history.

  3. prestonpans bhoys on

    Thought St Pauli had turned the corner after the New Year but back to being gash again 2:0 down

  4. !!BADA BING!! on 15TH MARCH 2021 7:54 PM



    ‘Celtic will recroup a lot of money ‘



    Alex Rae






    I blame Kafflik schools

  5. was listening to 5 live.lot of arsenal fans were saying he would be England full back if he was to say.not heard a bad word against him all positive.




  6. AN TEARMANN on 15TH MARCH 2021 9:20 PM


    ‘was listening to 5 live.lot of arsenal fans were saying he would be England full back if he was english’







    He would have been eligible to play for any of the home nations as he was born on IoM.

  7. Weebobbycollins on

    Murray Walker…Harry Carpenter…Peter O’Sullevan…Kenneth Wolstenholme…Dan Maskell…


    Bill McLaren…Peter Alliss…Richie Benaud.


    Brilliant commentators…

  8. Celtic F.C. v Rangers F.C.


    Scottish Premiership


    21/03/2021 12:00pm Celtic Park


    Referee:William Collum




    Frank Connor




    Sean Carr


    Fourth Official


    Kevin Clancy

  9. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Not content with routinely singling Celtic out for punishment and not only exonerating but actively praising the huns, wee fuhrer now looking to punish Celtic for the huns’ sins and IN ADVANCE of any potential indiscretions this weekend.



    What mugs are buying this shtick?

  10. Ernie



    i was listening to radio.on that topic apparently there is “a gentlemans agreement” with the 4 home f.a’s not to do that sort of thing.




  11. Pensions. Not sure what the difference would be. Workers in Scotland paying NI at the moment to cover British pensions. Versus Workers in Scotland paying NI to cover Scottish pensions. It’s a pretty simple equation.



    How much do you want the weekly pension to be? How many people are to receive it? How many people contribute to NI?



    So not sure how that affects the independence debate at all.



    Better off on our own or not. If the argument is that we would be worse off, then it stands to reason that we must be betting propped up by England (and Wales and Norther Ireland).



    So, if we are such a drain on the rest of the union, why does the rest of the union want to keep us?



    I can only conclude that we are not a net drain on the British economy, we must be contributing more than we receive in return.



    So I think we would be better off in an independent Scotland.



    I would also join the Euro – subject to meeting their financial rules. But that is just based on the amount of travelling I have done in my work lifetime and the stupidity of having to exchange GBP for Euros. Only the money changers profit from that.

  12. garygillespieshamstring on




    He will be the only guy called Sean Carr who is in the orange and Masonic ludges.

  13. Has our justice minister had made any comment on the video circulating


    from a certain Indian restaurant,or is it only certain types of racism that he is upset by.

  14. WEEBOBBYCOLLINS on 15TH MARCH 2021 9:34 PM


    Murray Walker…Harry Carpenter…Peter O’Sullevan…Kenneth Wolstenholme…Dan Maskell…



    Bill McLaren…Peter Alliss…Richie Benaud.



    Brilliant commentators




    Who was the commentator in 1967?



    “without a doubt The European Cup is on its way to Celtic”



    think it was on Stevie rouching in




  15. Kenneth Wolstenholme commentated on the 1966 world cup final. He famously said “they think it’s all over. It is now.”


    He was asked in an interview in the Sunday Times what his favourite memory was as a commentator. His answer. The 1967 european cup final between Celtic and Inter Milan.

  16. The first question that should be asked in any consideration of player or manager for someone who has ties with the club shoukd be: “if he wasn’t one of us, would we be interested?”



    I don’t know if I have the finger on the pulse but I would estimate 75% + of the support wouldn’t want Keane anywhere near the club.

  17. Kenneth Wolstenholme was an excellent commentator and bigged us up in Lisbon, he allegedly said at the final whistle “we’ve done it” or words tae that effect. Jock always got a chuckle at that.

  18. Monday 16th March 1981





    I had a wonderful visit today with my mother, father and Marcella. Wonderful, considering the circumstances and the strain which indeed they are surely under.


    As I expected, I received a lot of verbal flak from Screws going and coming from the actual visit. Their warped sense of humour was evident in their childish taunts, etcetera.



    I wrapped myself up well to keep me from the cold. My weight is 58.25 kgs today, but I burnt up more energy today with the visit. I’ve no complaints of any nature.



    I’ve noticed the orderlies are substituting slices of bread for bits of cake, etcetera — stealing the sweet things (which are rare anyway) for themselves. I don’t know whether it’s a case of ‘How low can you get?’ or ‘Well, could you blame them?’ But they take their choice and fill of the food always, so it’s the former.



    They left my supper in tonight when the priest (Fr Murphy) was in. There were two bites out of the small doughy bun. I ask you!



    I got the Sunday World newspaper; papers have been scarce for the past few days.



    There is a certain Screw here who has taken it upon himself to harass me to the very end and in a very vindictive childish manner. It does not worry me, the harassment, but his attitude aggravates me occasionally. It is one thing to torture, but quite a different thing to exact enjoyment from it, that’s his type.



    There was no mirror search going out to visits today — a pleasant change. Apparently, with the ending of the no-wash protest, the mercenary Screws have lost all their mercenary bonuses, etcetera, notwithstanding that they are also losing overtime and so on. So, not to be outdone, they aren’t going to carry out the mirror search any more, and its accompanying brutality, degradation, humiliation, etcetera.



    Why! Because they aren’t being paid for it!



    I’m continually wrapped up in blankets, but find it hard to keep my feet warm. It doesn’t help my body temperature, drinking pints of cold water. I’m still able to take the salt and five or six pints of water per day without too much discomfort.



    The books that are available to me are trash. I’m going to ask for a dictionary tomorrow. I’d just sit and flick through that and learn, much more preferable to reading rubbish.



    The English rag newspapers I barely read, perhaps flick through them and hope that no one opens the door. A copy of last week’s AP/RN was smuggled in and was read out last night (ingenuity of POWs again). I enjoyed listening to its contents (faultless – get off them ! – good lad Danny (Morrison)). I truly hope that the people read, take in and understand at least some of the truths that are to be regularly found in it. I see Paddy Devlin is at his usual tricks, and won’t come out and support the prisoners…



    Well, that’s it for tonight. I must go. Oíche Mhaith.

  19. Has our justice minister had made any comment on the video circulating



    from a certain Indian restaurant,or is it only certain types of racism that he is upset by.





    Tik Tok is full of such videos. Personally I do not get offended, if I did I would close the app.



    But yes, they would all fall foul of the new hate Bill. As would thinking such thoughts but not posting them.




  20. ST TAMS on 15TH MARCH 2021 5:15 PM







    Any tips for Cheltenham.





    I won a few quid on golf last night. Looking to keep the winning streak going





    Cheltenham is Cheltenham, its very difficult usually especially when you have so many Irish Stables/Horses involved, as it just tends to confuse me even more than usual…However I do LOVE it.



    Having said that, there is is Horse called ” REMASTERED” running in the 4.50 TODAY at Cheltenham. I backed it last time out and watched it winning well at a very good price ( It was maybe around 7/1 ?). The Stable is a great Stable ( Pipe), and can usually be relied on to get a run for your money…but again THIS is Cheltenham !



    Its around 13/2 or 7/1 for Todays race. I wouldnt be surprised if the Odds came down a wee bit..but who knows.


    Its MY Banker of the day, then again maybe Im just being faithful to the Horse and Stable cos it won last time for me ?




    Dont put the Rent Money on it !




    Another stable that has been going very well in recent weeks is ” Dan Skeltons” especially when his brother Harry is onboard the horse.


    He has FOUR Horses Today at Cheltenham…and I have already backed them also.


    He had FOUR Horses running yesterday and I backed them all…TWO Winners @ 5/2 and 7/1 ( Early Prices)…and he also had Two 2nds at good each way prices, so I got a wee return yesterday, but it shows his horses are mainly in good form in recent months.



    Best of luck mate…whatever you back.




    HH Mate.

  21. Big Jimmy


    I have already bet remastered bit scared of Nichols horse though


    Cabot cliffs from Skelton


    Appreciate it


    Happy go lucky




    Just my selections don’t go crazy.

  22. Big Jimmy.



    Having a wager the day will check them oot.



    My mates just texted me tae say he’s dropped £220 in Cheltenham bets awready and he’s still no oot his bed!!.


    Whit a man..

  23. Weebobbycollins on

    Rodgers and humility…


    Huns and dignity…


    Referees and impartiality…


    Not in my lifetime…

  24. DESSYBHOY on 16TH MARCH 2021 8:00 AM


    Big Jimmy





    I have already bet remastered bit scared of Nichols horse though





    Im ” scared” of EVERY other Horse in every race !





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