Keane the bogeyman


I often thought that Roy Keane was the bogeyman newspapers taunted us with when we are looking for a manager.  He is box office, for sure, but as a parting gift from Peter Lawwell to new chief exec, Dominic McKay, he would prove a ‘handful’.  Roy has not worked as a manager in a decade, his future in the game surely lies in front of the camera.

Still waiting on the Justice Secretary dropping his faux threat to cancel Sundays’ game.

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  1. squire danaher on

    Happy Cheltenham to the racing fans.



    No doubt some whinge bags will be on complaining as usual that horse talk encourages gambling. If yeez don’t like it, scroll on.



    A disappointing card by festival standards in my opinion – I don’t like the 4 days and there are races over the 4 days I don’t even look at for potential betting purposes.



    I think the Fav in opener seems vulnerable, but not in the second.



    I like Alnadam (Skelton) and Milan Native in the handicap at 2:30.



    May get involved later in Champion Hurdle which is a devil of a race.



    🍀 Be lucky everyone 🍀

  2. Statement via Mr Singh’s twitter account:



    ‘We are not involved in the video that is deemed to be unacceptable’



    Either very badly or very carefully worded? ‘Deemed’ – by whom? By them or others?



    It would be unfortunate if a business for tarnished unfairly. I will however remain ‘loyal’ to Mother India anyway, just in case.



    And it would be grossly unfair if this overshadowed the incredible community involvement of the Sikh community in Glasgow and across Scotland.



    HamiltonTim – thank you, as ever. The bravery and determination in these words hit home every year.



    HH jg

  3. We have a buzz today about Cheltenham.



    Never underestimate the power of sport




  4. squire danaher on

    JAMESGANG on 16TH MARCH 2021 8:43 AM






    Important to highlight that these halfwits are no more representative of the Sikh community than our biggest trumpets are representative of the Celtic support.



    In any case, and pardon any unintended ignorance. I didn’t see too many in the video wearing turbans which I understood to be a requirement for Sikh males.

  5. SUPERSUTTON on 15TH MARCH 2021 10:34 PM


    ‘Pensions. Not sure what the difference would be.’







    So long as everybody understands that in an independent Scotland the state pension for current pensioners will be paid by the Scottish government from revenues raised in Scotland.



    It will not be paid by Westminster just because people paid their NI contributions while Scotland was a member of the UK, which is what the cult have been suggesting would happen.



    But given the fiscal deficit and the strictures the EU would impose on Scotland to allow accession to the EU it’s only right to wonder just how generous the state pension would actually be.

  6. Morning all



    First day at Cheltenham..ya beauty



    13.20 – SOARING GLORY 11/1



    14.30 – ALNADAM 17/2



    16.15 – DRUID’S ALTAR 22/1






    This time the morra we’l be millionaires !!

  7. Hopefully I will be Posting on here all the way from my new Villa in the Feckin Bahamas after ALL my horses win Today at Cheltenham ?


    Im a wee bit fed up with the South of France in recent years.




    On a more serious note…I sincerely hope ALL Horses and Jockeys return safely in any race.



  8. IF Morelos was a Jockey would want him to fall aff the horse in the Feckin Paddock !


    Having said that…the Huns would probably get a Penalty for it !



  9. Good luck to all having a wee punt today, I left out the Champion Hurdle, I bet Goshan in the Triumph Hurdle last year only to unseat the jockey at the last when at least 20 lengths clear never over till its over.


    Would bet it single today and Silver streak each way in the Champion Hurdle.

  10. fourstonecoppi 'Still standing for NFL' and Scottish Independence on

    I see someone tweeted Mr Singhs saying “We don’t care if we vindaloos or draw” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🍀

  11. I would prefer Keane not to get the job but I don’t believe he would be as bad as people are making out. As long as he had a good team around him like Gerrard has he could actually do quite well. People are talking about standards slipping around the place, that would not happen under him and given he spent so long at a big club he would bring that big club mentality to Celtic.

  12. Four-Leaf Clover Over & Over on

    Each to their own but two sports that i detest, with no slight on the bravery and skill of the humans and animals involved at the sore end, are horse racing and boxing. Two extremely dangerous sports where working class fodder, and animals, are groomed then exploited for the delectation of the ruling class. Repugnant in a so-called civilised society. Trainers sitting laughing on dead horses must have made a few of you racing fans cognitively dissonant this last few weeks going by you glee in your anticipation of Cheltenham.

  13. Weebobbycollins on

    I have never been interested in horse racing, not even Grand Nationals nor the Derby…never understood doubles, trebles(except celtic’s) accumulators, yankees…heard the terms, just never was interested enough. Closest I’ve been to a gambler is when I’ve called heads or tails…went into a bookies with a pal from school once. Put me off forever.


    What does that make me? Answers on a betting slip please.




    19th September 2013



    ONE of Scotland’s leading ­restaurateurs and entrepreneurs has been declared bankrupt following the collapse of his property empire and failure of his golf academy.



    Satty Singh, 44, a prominent supporter of both Rangers FC and the Tories, had been taken to court for failing to pay back loans, during which a motion for sequestration was granted.



    Friends say the Mr Singh has become yet another victim of the economic collapse and of regime change at the top of the Royal Bank of Scotland. He is also understood to have lost more than £1million of his own money in his business ventures.



    Mr Singh, from Glasgow, worked as a waiter before opening his own restaurant, and by 1994 he was running his famous curry house, Mister Singh’s India, in the city.



    He then expanded into property and in 2004 acquired the Mearns Castle Golf Academy. Two years later, he was named Entrepreneur of the Year at the Asian Business Awards.



    Mr Singh has had other sporting, business and charity links, becoming the first Asian to become director of Rangers Youth Devel­opment. He recently resigned from the board of urban regeneration company Clyde Gateway and has been an ambassador for the Prince of Wales Hospice in Glasgow.



    In the last decade he teamed up with John Viola, the football agent, to develop property in Dubai and across the Middle East.



    It is understood some of the biggest names in Old Firm football over the past decade are among those with money tied up in his golf academy.



    Having been on a list of top businessmen to oppose Scottish independence, he made headlines three years ago when he switched his support from Labour to the Conservatives, saying they represent the “new politics” and that the Tories were the only party capable of tackling the chal­lenges facing Britain.



    One close friend said: “I feel really sorry for Satty and he needs to realise he’s not the only one hit by the economic collapse. The sad thing is there was light at the end of the tunnel for him but there was no more slack from the bank.



    “The guys who have lost money in his golf academy have all been really understanding. He maybe overstretched himself in the last decade and the property collapse didn’t help. He’s a lovely, lovely guy and has lost a lot of his own money here.”



    One of his latest ventures was events management firm A&S Promotions, which brought former US President Bill Clinton, his one-time vice-­president Al Gore and Hans Blix, the former UN weapons inspector, to Scotland. He was also involved in commercial initiatives with ­Rangers. A life-long fan of the club, he has called his sons after 1990s Ibrox players Mark Walters and Oleg Kuznetsov.



    Mr Singh, whose other business ventures include property letting firms MS Namana Ltd and Namana Properties Ltd, was not present at Glasgow Sheriff Court when the hearing was called on Monday.



    Mr Singh was unavailable when contacted yesterday.





    Failing to pay back loans.


    Victim of the economic collapse and of regime change at the top of the Royal Bank of Scotland.


    Restaurants continued to trade still using the same name under different companies.


    Can anyone spot a pattern here?

  15. Really pleased to see that I am on the opposite side of the debate to Davie Provan regarding applauding the other team onto the park this weekend. Maximum repect for Provan as a player in the hoops but less than zero when it comes to punditry. Davie doesn´t do cheekie chappy, he´s as funny as toothache, no he does pomposity and hyperbole. It´s amazing how many Celtic goals on TV are always due to the other team´s defence. Davie´s ” How can they possibly give him so much free space in the box” mantra.



    Unlike players, who come to retire at 35 approx, our pundits go on forever!! Until they can hardly mutter ” it was just a vigourous challenge on Christie by the Aberdeen lad” Just imagine 30 odd more years of Michael Stewart…that is a life sentence!



    Celtic supporters are used to winning and it hurts to lose and especially to them. Let´s show we are not half of anything by being sporting always unlike them….and to raise hell with SFA´s, local governments and the Edinburgh politicians when we are unfairly treated. Like any good citizen would.

  16. Must admit, I’ve never seen the sense in using hard earned cash to stick on something with four legs and a tail!



    Good Luck everyone at Cheltenham today, por cierto.

  17. Weebobbycollins on

    Majestic Hartson…I played the lottery a couple of times when it first started. Then I realised I had more chance of guessing which lentil would be the last to come out of a 1 kilo packet…(there’s always one that sticks to the inside)….my mind works like that.


    Anyway, have to go shopping….buy some lentils. :-)

  18. I actually feel sorry for those nuggets in that video………..


    when you think, what THAT horrible klub stands for…


    what, it is ALL aboooot……


    …….then to see Glaswegian representatives of a brilliant minority community givin’ the hun hitlist big licks……..


    how utterly fubar is that????



    Sad chicken jalfrezi Nuggets…………

  19. WBC



    On here youl prob get branded a member of some cult or



    Hail hail Brother😉

  20. Harse racin’……………?



    nein danke.


    I’d rather stand in front of the fire and shove tenners into the stove.

  21. It must be some kind of psychological phenomenon…………


    Something cringeworthy………….


    You can’t tell me the knuckledraggers with their white proddy supremacist beliefs actually really accept them into the klan? No chance.

  22. squire danaher on

    BANKIEBHOY1 on 16TH MARCH 2021 11:37 AM



    No but they’re useful idiots who the Huns use as evidence to preach about their supposed inclusiveness.

  23. squire danaher on

    Jeezo what a shower of pearl clutchers.



    Big Jimmy starts a chat about Cheltenham



    The animal rights and moralists come oot like flies round farmyard waste.



    “Oh I just don’t see the point of betting”, are yeez proud of dead horses” etc.



    Do you who talk about dead horses eat meat? Do you who talk about wasting money take a drink?



    Away and gie the rest of us peace, and try living a bit.

  24. squire danaher on

    For attention of horse racing fans.



    Everyone else scroll on.



    Skybet are giving everyone money back up to £10 stakes on all losers in opening 1:20 race.



    Paddy Power giving ALL account holders a free £5 bet in opening 1:20 race.

  25. MAJESTIC HARTSON on 16TH MARCH 2021 11:13 AM





    Did you see the reply I got from my MP’s office re David Whitehouse and Paul Clark?



    I posted it on here a couple of weeks ago.




    Sorry, I did not see your post. please post again.



    It does increasingly look like there will be an inquiry but the next push is that it will be lead by someone outside the Scottish Legal establishment. I am still watching this case as bits of information emerge which is currently quite regular and the challenge will come when there are no new revelations. That is when it could fade from the public consciousness.

  26. FOUR-LEAF CLOVER OVER & OVER on 16TH MARCH 2021 10:07 AM







    Just for the record, I was ( and STILL am) DISGUSTED at the actions of those Two who posed for Pics/Videos on dead horses, but I will NOT ” Tar everyone involved in horse racing with the same brush”, or lose my love of Horses and Racing in general just because you say so.



    I hate Cruelty of ANY kind towards Animals and other folk etc…although I would raise a Cheer IF some Fitba player ( especially a Celtic player) broke the Legs of a certain Morelos and/or McGregor/Kent…Take your Pick.


    IF that happened THAT ” Cruelty” wouldnt stop me loving Football and Celtic , so why would i stop loving Horse Racing ?


    Morelos/McGregor/Kent etc…are just all Dumb Animals anyway.

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