Keane the bogeyman


I often thought that Roy Keane was the bogeyman newspapers taunted us with when we are looking for a manager.  He is box office, for sure, but as a parting gift from Peter Lawwell to new chief exec, Dominic McKay, he would prove a ‘handful’.  Roy has not worked as a manager in a decade, his future in the game surely lies in front of the camera.

Still waiting on the Justice Secretary dropping his faux threat to cancel Sundays’ game.

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  1. SAVO01 on 16TH MARCH 2021 10:04 AM


    ‘I would prefer Keane not to get the job but I don’t believe he would be as bad as people are making out.’







    It would indicate an absence of ambition and a complete lack of vision and imagination on the part of the board.



    When does he start?

  2. Worked in BT call centre in late 90’s early


    00’s.At least 30% of my colleagues were from the Asian community..most Pakistanis and Muslims supported Celtic and most Indians and Sikhs supported that mob.maybe a religious thing..surprise surprise

  3. SQUIRE DANAHER on 16TH MARCH 2021 11:49 AM




    sorry SQUIRE Mate I must correct you.


    I was NOT the one who started any chat about Cheltenham etc…it was that Big Bad Bhoy ” St TAMS”…who asked ME in a Post, IF I had any Tips for Cheltenham ?




    Being the simple man I am…I simply replied to ST TAMS Post.




    HH Mate.

  4. RE Singhs Curry Hoose etc….


    It has ALWAYS baffled me why ANYONE who is NON WHITE would support that Hun mob ?


    That Racist Hun support would ONLY have WHITE ANGLO SAXONS/ KKK Members playing for them, given the chance.


    If that Mr Singh has went bankrupt etc…thats the best news Ive had all day…so far.



    Maybe he could ask SEVCO for a nice big Loan ?




  5. squire danaher on

    Big Jimmy



    Apologies for misunderstanding – enjoy your day and hopefully everyone gets a turn today 🐎

  6. POR CIERTO on 16TH MARCH 2021 11:13 AM


    Must admit, I’ve never seen the sense in using hard earned cash to stick on something with four legs and a tail!







    Good Luck everyone at Cheltenham today, por cierto




    Ive never seen the sense in giving a Two Legged Wummin any money each week…otherwise know as ” Wives”.



    No wonder Ive been single for over 10 years now, and loving it.





  7. Paul The Spark on

    Does anyone know when season ticket renewals are usually sent out? The silence from Celtic is deafening but I’m sure they will engage with us then. Thanks in advance

  8. Hrvatski,



    Dear Mr Hartson,



    I am replying to you as one of Christina’s caseworkers. I am sorry for the delay in coming back to you, our office has been inundated with enquiries coming from matters arising relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.



    On the issue of the wrongful prosecution of administrators at Rangers Football club, the Lord Advocate spoke to the Scottish Parliament on 09 February 2021. Details of that can be seen in the official report, which I have included a link to: Official Report – Parliamentary Business : Scottish Parliament



    While speaking to parliament, he had indicated his support for an independent inquiry into the wrongful prosecution.



    On 10 February 2021, the Scottish Parliament passed the following amended motion:



    That the Parliament notes the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service’s admission of malicious prosecutions of David Whitehouse and Paul Clark, formerly administrators of Rangers Football Club PLC; notes that £24,086,250 of taxpayers money was paid out to Mr Whitehouse and Mr Clark for compensation and legal fees; notes that this situation is unprecedented in Scottish legal history; further notes that the Lord Advocate and COPFS have committed to supporting public and Parliamentary accountability and notes that legal proceedings are ongoing; agrees that there should be a transparent process of inquiry, once all related legal proceedings are completed; agrees that the precise mechanism of inquiry, which should be led by a judge, should be determined once all related legal proceedings have concluded; understands that further compensation is also to be paid on behalf of the Chief Constable, and believes that the remit of any inquiry should include examination of the role and involvement of Police Scotland.


    Motions, Questions and Answers Search – Parliamentary Business : Scottish Parliament



    I hope that this information assures you that this situation will be properly looked at, to ensure answers can be found as to why this happened.




    Kind regards,




    Neil Robinson


    Senior Caseworker to


    Christina McKelvie MSP


    for Hamilton, Larkhall & Stonehouse




    Links –





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