Keane would have been unacceptable risk to Celtic


What a lot of nonsense we’re been through since last week.  My information was that we were interested in Roy Keane but no deal had been concluded.  Martin O’Neill helpfully (cough) poured fuel on the fire by confirming he gave Roy permission to speak to Celtic, but despite several newspapers running the story that he was set to be appointed no later than today, the deal was never as close as reported.

Roy’s position on the short list was made time-critical by the fact that he was due to leave on tour with Ireland tomorrow, but talks continued in parallel with other targets.

The overwhelming reaction to yesterday’s news among the Celtic support was that we had a lucky escape.  There was a Rangers fan who used to come onto the CQN comments section after Neil Lennon’s first season in charge and taunt us that Dermott Desmond was going to sack Neil and appoint Roy Keane.  We didn’t take him seriously………

I’ve never been in the business of rubbishing Celtic players or managers before they arrive (although I’ve never backed a managerial appointment since starting CQN) but Keane represented a huge and unacceptable risk to Celtic.  We have an excellent football infrastructure and development strategy, with good coaches at all levels.  We need a technically gifted tactician, capable of dovetailing with this strategy.  Whatever Keane is, there is little evidence that he is a tactical genius, or that he’s likely to dovetail with anyone else’s strategy. The potential disruption his unique brand of focus would bring could be considerable.

Although you can expect a daily drip of ‘news’, I don’t expect any actual news in the short-term.

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    bobby murdoch’s curled-up winklepickers



    13:45 on 3 June, 2014





    Well,that kinda comment isnae gonna help!



    I reckon a wee trip to Witney of a Saturday is in order.



    Dauner intae a pub and ask if anyone knows a red-heided Scottish fella who smokes like a chimney and takes no shit.



    Canny be that many of them. Not in Witney.

  2. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on

    thomthethim for Oscar OK


    13:42 on


    3 June, 2014



    My information is that Hooper regrets leaving but wouldn’t come back.



    We’ll probably never know which one of us is correct.



    I’ve had a few meetings at Parkhead in the last few weeks, not only with JPT.



    I was there initially as an individual but then as a representative for another person.

  3. Repost


    This is probally old news, sorry if it is. SSN saying RK is in talks to become Aston Villa’s asssistant manager. He will stay assistant to MON but give up his TV pundit role. As I said sorry if this is old news,





    ‘We need a ethnically gifted technician’



    I think we need a Chief Executive who knows what his job is.

  5. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on




    Do you know if Keane was the preferred choice of those within Celtic in a position to make that decision?





    Blinkin phone!




  7. shamrock hoops on

    Stevie Clarke for me, learned his trade from some great managers, fingers crossed!!

  8. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    Maybe were waiting to snap up the World Cup winning manager … On a part time basis ;)





    You conversed lately with wur pal,and did he depress the s..t outa you with his Houston we have a problem,but Cape Kennedy for the future?

  10. The Battered Bunnet on

    “I’ve never backed a managerial appointment since starting CQN”



    I thought at the time wee Gordon’s appointment was clever. Still think so.



    David Moyes remains the one guy above all others for the Celtic job. Most prospects see Celtic as a “career step”. Moyes sees the club and thinks: Legacy.

  11. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    No news in the short term



    Just as well there’s such a long time until the CL qualifiers…not

  12. themaestro72 on

    Got season tickets yesterday for the kids and me yesterday, my 1st for years… I wonder if it will take that long to get a new manager lol

  13. Houston with Big John would be my guess………’In house’ is the new modus.

  14. Well, I did say that I thought SC was the best coach of the bunch. I also requested baws, though, as I like a Celtic manager to stand up for us, so would have got behind a RK appointment. I’ll back any Celtic manager tbh and won’t belittle anyone on these pages…..apart from Mr Coyle! You had your chance, big man!

  15. themaestro72: If you show up at the qualifier, rather than asking if you have some boots and fancy a match, Lawell will ask if you have a clip board and if you fancy a seat on the bench …

  16. !!Bada Bing!! on

    My favourite Malcolm Tucker analogy involved Ron Jeremy,but could not possibly be posted on here !

  17. Paul,



    What concerns me is that the powers that be at CP deemed Keane a suitable candidate to open up talks with him.



    His previous should have been enough for him to have failed the paper sift.

  18. minx1888 praying to Wee Oscar on

    Never mind who the new manager will be! The real breaking News today is John McKay is wearing a green tie!!

  19. Tactical genius. Sounds perfect Paul. Hope you are right.



    Natknow- I think we are both paranoid. To run a program on Dalmarnock for 3 hours and not acknowledge the most famous landmark in the area, the host venue for the event the program was all about, is strange.


    Having said that, I thought it was excellent. The community has been ripped apart, but maybe that was needed. Time will tell.

  20. WeefratheTim on

    From the last thread…………






    13:44 on 3 June, 2014


    Good afternoon all.



    How are you all this fine day. We got a new manager yet, or some front runner?






    Ii hope you got the congrats message I put on the other day regarding your lovely daughter. How ye keeping buddy? Looking forward to meeting up again in the new season. :-))






    Huv you nae work to do??? :-))



    Weefra HH praying to Wee Oscar.

  21. Geordie Munro on




    Good to see you back posting again. I hope the surgery on your dead leg went well :)

  22. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on




    Blue tie McKay …!!!! Must be something wrong with the settings on your telly

  23. Paul – most on here would appear to be in agreement with you regarding Keane being a high risk appointment and one that could have undermined our whole infrastructure. That being so, why was he even on the shortlist? One would need to assume DD was seriously interested in hiring RK and, therefore, willing to take that risk.


    Of the other candidates, which ones tick DD’s boxes? Coyle and MM are surely too low key for what he wants (a name that puts bums on seats). For all his perceived weaknesses, Keane is box office and I think box office is what excites DD.


    Moyes would be another that would surely rock his boat – Clarke on the other hand would be a dream appointment for PL.

  24. minx1888 praying to Wee Oscar on

    TBJ – my eldest has informed me Mr Blue tie will say it is Cyan!

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