Keep Kyogo out of the squad


It is five weeks since Kyogo Furuhashi pulled up with a hamstring injury.  Almost four weeks since he returned for the League Cup Final and nearly three weeks since the recurrence of his injury forced an early exit against St Johnstone.

You and I have been watching football long enough to know that from the off, we are told players will need three weeks to recover from even a mild hamstring strain.  Kyogo may well be superhuman, but he has not been permitted this recovery period.

A return against Hibs on Monday looks foolhardy, I would also be reluctant to play him against Alloa the following weekend.  The Hearts game at Tynecastle on 26 January is exactly a month after his last outing, that should be his target.


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  1. FITBA…


    I had a good Fitba Bet yesterday as I took Aston Villa v Man Utd to draw 2- 2 ( Correct Score) @ 14/1…and I had £5.00 on it.






    Cheers mate. I think Im ” Human” ?





  2. I e-mailed the BBC re their site`s unsubstantiated report on Paterson`s transfer fee. This is the main part of their reply:



    `As many fans will be aware, it is not unusual for media reports to highlight details regarding a transfer fee in cases where the fee is officially undisclosed.



    We would also point out that similar figures were carried in reports by several other UK media outlets (please note that the BBC is not responsible for the content of external websites):`



    Basically, if others can report fanciful guff, so can we so there !

  3. TURKEYBHOY on 16TH JANUARY 2022 8:59 AM


    Oh ma Heid.Mrs TBs Birthday Party last night.









    Theres a CHUMP called Boris who enjoys a party…or Ten…


    Was he invited…Boris the party animal ?




    HH Mate.

  4. “DAVID66 on 16TH JANUARY 2022 8:57 AM


    Big Jimmy – The Human Big Jimmy that is, not the satellite or donkey, good to see you on big man.”



    ` not the satellite or donkey, `



    That really made me smile :-). Not a phrase you would read in a sentence every day :-))))



    and I echo the good to see you back sentiment re Big Jimmy.

  5. Melbourne Mick on




    Had a wee jaunt up to your lovely beach last week.


    Hope your big toe feels better soon, I find the rid biddy is


    a cure for onyhing. 🍷


    H H. Mick

  6. MICK – not wanting to create a shirazadol, is the best approach to have the biddy rubbed oan, or ingested orally, thru the gub ??



    Ahhh; the birds eye view of the St Kilda beaches eh??

  7. Estadio


    Superb, brilliant surreality.


    More power to your, well, imagination.


    Great to see you back, keep up the good work 👏



  8. onenightinlisbon on

    Griffiths like so many with talent never worked out how best to use it.



    He gave us some great memories and some not so good. I’ll leave it there.

  9. Sir Mick of Melbourne,



    I saw you got the Woodward book ” Peril” ….I did too – how ye finding it?

  10. @Big J….Always good to hear the bookies losing …


    Enjoy your first drink of 2022 when it comes mate…..








  11. LYNCH77 on 16TH JANUARY 2022 12:34 AM


    Apart from Corbyn, Galloway, Mary Lou, what else is there?



    Facundo Savala (@FacundoSavala) Tweeted:



    Remember that missing £600k? 🤔



    Galloway is a right wing snide


    Nothing to do with being left


    A handy right wing rent boy


    Workers party my arse


    A paid chatel either doing his russianpaymasrerss bidding OR


    A paid chattel by his pro brexit friends in tory and unionist establishment


    Unelectable tranp and topic where


    To all ex Russian money

  12. FRIESDORFER on 16TH JANUARY 2022 9:48 AM






    Superb, brilliant surreality.



    More power to your, well, imagination.



    Great to see you back, keep up the good work 👏






    Agree with that Friesdorfer.quality posting

  13. The Club looked after Leigh, and the erstwhile bhoy can have no complaints……( well-played Celtic)……he steps down from our cohort having fluffed his last attempt at “goal” and I’m always a little sad when talent fails at Celtic Park.



    He’s soon to discover that the grass is never as green…….

  14. AN TEARMANN on 16TH JANUARY 2022 10:22 AM



    I’m surprised that someone who construed being called a troll as an attack on the homeless is using the term rent boy as an insult.



    It suggests a degree of inconsistency and selectiveness in your sensitivities.

  15. Matt 8.58pm Thanks …..i think………


    Hope your pony tail grows back ………. You have the lovely gift of expressing your thoughts and feelings…


    Keep up the good work…..






    H.H Karloff






    What creative juices you have flowing and I don’t mean the six pack in the fridge.



    An amazing mind and orator, thank you 🤗




    You knew it was coming.



    England open 2nd innings needing 270 to win. At 68 for nought it was looking promising, at least for an exciting last day tomorrow.



    Less than 2 hours later – all out for 124 and Australia win by 144 runs and the series by 4-0.



    Shambles. Utter shambles.



    Sack the (cricket) board.

  18. Morning Ernie


    If ever my sensitivities align with yours Ernie


    That would be a time to worry!


    You look after yourself




  19. Big bgfc



    The hibs article are interesting



    Wee bgfc



    Top gee tarr postin


    Rainbow and oh well by Peter green




  20. with Conway speaking very keenly of the idea “not only for social but for political matters as well, so that the goal of every Irishman’s ambition – legislative independence of his country – will soon be attained.”



    Good morning all from Govanhill. What’s Big Jimmy doing on a satellite?




    I was ” Horsing around”…


    SCANIEL will hopefully back me up ?






  22. DRAMBOWIECELT on 16TH JANUARY 2022 10:11 AM


    @Big J….Always good to hear the bookies losing …





    Enjoy your first drink of 2022 when it comes mate…..





    IF I can manage to get out tomorrow ( Monday ) and my Covid Test is Negative….and IF I feel better ( a Big IF)….I would hope t have some Beers this week


    Ive been locked away in this hoose since New Years Eve, and at times its driving me NUTS !





  23. Im looking forward to watching Celtic tomorrow night…and maybe some of our new Bhoys will get a run out especially if Kyogo is missing ?


    I am gonna place a Bet with my Bookie Online, that ” DAIZEN” Scores a Hat Trick.


    With a name like that, maybe he is HALF Welsh ?




    If Jack Grealish is worth a Hundred Million pounds…then I am Brad Pitt and Kyogo must be worth £300 MILLION Pounds ?




  24. Thats our daughter away back to Japan. We got her for 6 weeks. Hadn’t seen her for 2 1/2 years because of this bloody pandemic. We know of others who’ve have the same situation but still my heart is heavy. Hopefully we’ll get through this and it won;t be so long this time but still my heart is heavy.



  25. bigrailroadblues on

    Big Jimmy, a few of us will be in the Crystal Palace, Jamaica Street on Wednesday at 12. If fit you are selected at left back.👍

  26. FOURSTONECOPPI on 16TH JANUARY 2022 11:29 AM



    Thats horrible mate…but hopefully you will see your Lass again real soon ?


    God Bless.





    Big Jimmy, a few of us will be in the Crystal Palace, Jamaica Street on Wednesday at 12. If fit you are selected at left back.👍




    Cheers mate, I will see what happens with my Covid Test and IF I feel any better no matter the result, as I could murder 12 Pints of Beer !


    I will try and make it but please dont play me at Left Back….as was usually a Centre Forward/Winger in my playing days….a natural born GLORY HUNTER !