Keep Kyogo out of the squad


It is five weeks since Kyogo Furuhashi pulled up with a hamstring injury.  Almost four weeks since he returned for the League Cup Final and nearly three weeks since the recurrence of his injury forced an early exit against St Johnstone.

You and I have been watching football long enough to know that from the off, we are told players will need three weeks to recover from even a mild hamstring strain.  Kyogo may well be superhuman, but he has not been permitted this recovery period.

A return against Hibs on Monday looks foolhardy, I would also be reluctant to play him against Alloa the following weekend.  The Hearts game at Tynecastle on 26 January is exactly a month after his last outing, that should be his target.


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  1. If Kyogo doesn’t make the Japanese squad, due to recent injury it could mean Maeda is definitely called up. I wouldn’t be surprised if Giakoumakis starts on Monday with Maeda playing wider.

  2. Bada Bing



    as you feared the other day; Ryanair are pissing around with flights on 2 Feb. My 13.30 is now 19.30 hence i would miss the game. Most people on that flight will be coming for the game and will have already paid an extra ton to move it from 2 jan. Piss poor. Only available option for free was to come over on the evening of the 1st and spend another night away.



    I went in and booked the morning red eye on 2nd to Edinburgh for €11. Breakfast , do covid test, amble around the sights, train to glasgow. Not too much disruption.


    Thankfully Dublin airport were happy to swap my car park and fast track for free.



    Like Radiohead, i want ‘no alarms and no surprises’ from now on!!!

  3. prestonpans bhoys on

    Der Hun obviously too skint to get Souttar now. And Hertz say would take a significant fee to do it now😵



    In-demand Hearts defender John Souttar has agreed to join Rangers after he reached a pre-contract agreement with the Premiership champions

  4. I know its self-defeating maybe, but I would keep the player but dump him in the reserves,


    unless a significant fee , say £3m is paid.



    nugget on radio, he is joining the biggest (i think he meant youngest) club in scotland, offer them 350k, we dont need him.

  5. They will keep him until they play Celtic on the 26th then let him move for 250k , this is fake anger I have said since the window opened they would sign Souttar.

  6. up to 14 parties in downing street now,



    its trending on trip advisors as the best clubbing night in london

  7. your getting it mixed up with Jacobs Dungeon at Number 10 which is an entirely different type of venue

  8. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Interesting interview with CalMac on Celtic TV.



    I was more intrigued by who he didn’t mention when asked about influential people on his journey to Celtic captain.



    I’ll say no more other than to repeat what we all know – last season was a total shit show.




    cmon spill, who did he mention, who was missing you thought should have been an influencer ?

  10. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    McGregor’s comments question the editorial stance of the blog that seems to be BR was a malign influence and his successor inherited a bad hand.

  11. Soutar is a good CH.Hoped he would go to England.Does not improve them,he wiil only replace Goldson,no harm done.

  12. BR left with the boreds consent…Leicester didn’t do a deal with him (and the backroom team) without their knowledge…the Rat narrative was to deflect from their complicity

  13. As an avowed tennis fan, I always look forward to the ‘slams’ and the Aussie one is number three on my list of favourites, just behind Wimbledon & Roland Garos.



    I will enjoy Melbourne this year and hope that Novac(x) is ‘in court’ and not ‘on court’. He is a superb player and a great champion, however his stance & behaviour means, in my view, he must sit this one out. The whole situation is now a circus with clowns the only act in the ring.



    I don’t expect much from young Emma – her US title, whilst achieved on merit, will, over time, prove to be a freak. I would not be surprised if she never won a major tournament again – ‘peaking too soon’ might be the thing – we have all seen it many times with young footballers.



    Finally, good luck to Andy Murray in the Sydney final – he deserves another title – I will be roaring him on.

  14. Evening folks,



    I am an occasional poster here on CQN; I used to post regularly quite a few years ago. I always enjoyed all the various posts folks discussed on CQN, with contributions from people on various subjects and at times it was very entertaining as well as educational.



    At that time there was the occasional spat and flounce, but generally both sides of the arguments were debated respectfully.



    There are still currently some fine contributors to the blog and I log in daily to read their views as well as scrolling by some others.



    I love Ange as our manager. I think he is doing an excellent job rebuilding the team. Practically from the first moment of him coming to Celtic park it has been one hundred miles an hour for him, a bit like the way he likes his team to play.



    For years I have been hoping Celtic would hire a manager whose football philosophy was close to big Jock’s beautiful attacking play. I believe in Ange we have that man, time will tell if he is as astute tactically, but at this time to me he feels like a perfect fit on and off the park.



    He gets what it means to us the supporters who follow our beloved club, why it’s more than just the football, it’s a way of life, he understands the humble beginnings and the why the charity work is so important to us.



    And he tells the truth and does not take any nonsense from the media, how long have we all been waiting in hope for someone at the club to put the anti-Celtic lobby in its place?



    I liked his reply to one of the questions yesterday at the press conference. Think the question was regarding if he was happy how things were progressing since he came. He said “no, we are not where we want to be yet.” But quickly followed it up by saying “even if we were top of the league and flying I would still be saying the same. I want to continually improve the team and always be on the lookout to improve things” This to me signals that we are very much at the beginning of the journey and that even if we were to win the treble, he will be looking to improve year on year.



    Even if we don’t win the league this season, (I think we will) I believe we are at the beginning of a wonderful journey.




  15. lets all do the huddle on

    these friday night scottish championship games that bbc scotland show – have they ever shown one that wasnt 0-0 at half time?



    in fact has there ever been a goal at all in any of them since they started being televised?

  16. sceptical citizen on

    Brendan was brought to Celtic at the same time as Rangers returned to the top league in 2016.


    What would Celtic PLC approach be to the return of the Ibrox club and a red hot environment of Celtic fans demanding trophies be stripped, with the added edge of Ronny just being dumped out of the SCSF by the Magic Hat, intensifying those demands for trophies to be stripped. PLC, either brass it out with Ronny still at the helm? Or PLC play the squirrel card by recruiting Brendan, making fans go gaga for Brendan, dropping demands for trophies to be stripped, and crucially, allow PLC to keep oldfirm tickets the same £49 in 2016 as they were in 2012, and bury the same club issue in one fell swoop? Well we all know what option the PLC took, but the thing is, who’s fault is it that the PLC thought that they could pull this deceitful trick, and still sell 53,000 season tickets? Was it Brendan’s fault that Celtic fans were mugged by the PLC in 2016, tricked into paying £49 for oldfirm tickets and bury the same club issue at the same time? Or was it simply that Celtic fans are mugs?

  17. Watched Cucurea (sp) a few times now for Brighton. Brilliant wee (am I allowed to say that???) player at left wing back. Would be sensational for the Hoops

  18. 2015–2016 Adelaide United NPL 27 (1)


    2016–2017 Adelaide United 17 (1)


    2017–2019 Club Brugge 0 (0)


    2018 → Newcastle Jets (loan) 12 (5)


    2018–2019 → Melbourne City (loan) 27 (7)


    2019–2020 Adelaide United 23 (10)


    2020–2022 Charlotte 0 (0)


    2020–2021 → Birmingham City (loan) 28 (3)


    2022– Middlesbrough 0 (0)



    23 year old Riley who?

  19. JHB



    I like a lot of the points you make and some I can’t stand, but, two things stand out in your posts that don’t sit right with me.


    Firstly, you seem to talk journalist speak, whether you pretend to be one or just like speaking like one…and secondly… my old mother used to say….you should take the plums out of your mouth when engaging in conversation



    No offence intended by the way

  20. AN TEARMANN’s kettle boiling classic compilation of memorable goals just reminded me of something that always annoys. That being MON was just a quality goalie away from winning 5IAR and coming back from Seville with the trophy. Just a Boruc, just a Forster, just a Gordon. Maybe I’m just being greedy


    A great watch anyway.

  21. JIMDOM



    I was behind the goals that Rab Douglas did his pre match warm up before the Seville final. His warm up was having the ball “hand rolled” to him for him to dive at. No smashes towards goal, no high lobs, no anything but hand rolls. I saw absolutely no point in that “warm up” whatsoever

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