Keep Kyogo out of the squad


It is five weeks since Kyogo Furuhashi pulled up with a hamstring injury.  Almost four weeks since he returned for the League Cup Final and nearly three weeks since the recurrence of his injury forced an early exit against St Johnstone.

You and I have been watching football long enough to know that from the off, we are told players will need three weeks to recover from even a mild hamstring strain.  Kyogo may well be superhuman, but he has not been permitted this recovery period.

A return against Hibs on Monday looks foolhardy, I would also be reluctant to play him against Alloa the following weekend.  The Hearts game at Tynecastle on 26 January is exactly a month after his last outing, that should be his target.


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  1. 31003 @ 9:01






    Whether it bothers you or not….I’m warming to your posts (not all of them)




    Of course it doesn’t bother me – glad we can find some agreement HH

  2. 31003 on 14TH JANUARY 2022 9:00 PM





    Great post









    Thank you, much appreciated.






  3. sceptical citizen on

    Party girl.


    And yes its “The Telegraph” but when you really think about it, every other MSM rag is full of neo liberal, woke junk, apart from the real standout paper, “The Morning Star” all others are anti working class, anti socialist, anti the 99%.



    The Telegraph (@Telegraph) Tweeted:


    🔴EXCLUSIVE: Former government head responsible for Covid rules held ‘boozy’ leaving party during Christmas lockdown

  4. JIMDOM on 14TH JANUARY 2022 9:01 PM


    AN TEARMANN’s kettle boiling classic compilation of memorable goals just reminded me of something that always annoys. That being MON was just a quality goalie away from winning 5IAR and coming back from Seville with the trophy. Just a Boruc, just a Forster, just a Gordon. Maybe I’m just being greedy



    A great watch anyway.






    I agree, it was fine margins (EBT’s), at the time I thought maybe we should have went for Antti Niemi, I thought he was an excellent keeper and would have done us a good turn.




  5. sceptical citizen on

    Wee nippy face is an EU puppet.


    And arseholes want her to be in full control?


    If these arseholes constitute a majority of the Celtic support, then is it any wonder why Celtic fc is a hapless, hopeless, aimless, easily bullied club, on all levels?





    Neil Clark (@NeilClark66) Tweeted:


    Real divisions appear to be opening up between England -with reports of all restrictions including Covid passes being scrapped on/by 26th Jan & Scotland & Wales where the talk is of extending Covid passes still further. Sturgeon & Drakeford towing the authoritarian EU/Davos line

  6. sceptical citizen on

    Make this 👇 socialist, rebellious, cage rattling, Brexit Champion, 55% Indy ref Champion, the First minister, or easily gulled Celtic fans will continue to be the majority in Scottish prisons.


    100% of Celtic fc’s enemies are terrified to to face George Galloway.


    Terrified oot thur minds so they ur! 👊 💥


    Especially pink tie Ponsonby! lol 😊


    Get it done, or keep sucking up the swamp midden!



  7. 31003


    Your post about Douglas’s ‘warm up’ struck a chord. Quite a few years ago, I was in Hartford, Connecticut to see us play Liverpool in a pre-season game. Robertson took the team, as the blessed MON was at home with his ailing wife. Liverpool had a very vigorous warm up right in front of me. I was coaching at the time, so took interest in their routines, reps, duration, and rest intervals. By contrast, our warm up was, to put it kindly, somewhat laconic.



    We were 2 goals down in about 15 minutes, and never threatened in the first half. During half time, the Liverpool players to be substituted ( about 6 or 7 ) had a 15 minute warm down that was again vigorous. Our subs did not appear until just before the second half started. I happened to see Neil Lennon stroll towards the field. Just before he entered, he stopped, and performed an action akin to a huge yawn with arms outstretched. To my astonishment, that was the extent of his warm up! The Liverpool subs, which included Seethin’ G, just blew us away. We scored from a penalty, but lost 5-1. Again, at the end, as BBJ waved disconsolately at us, Celtic disappeared into the dressing room, while the Scousers performed an energetic warm down.



    We had enjoyed a friendly sing song with the Liverpudlians in the pub before the game, but we were embarrassed by our performance after it. Apart from beating a Tevez-led Boca Juniors in Cleveland, Ohio, courtesy of a Chris Sutton goal, we consistently underperformed in U.S. tours in the past 20 years, treating them more like a jolly than serious preparation for the season ahead.


    I have a feeling Ange won’t put up with that in future!




    For me….when I watch pre match warm ups….sub consciencely you pick out serious trainers and lazy bassas

  9. You also notice sprinters on to the pitch and bum scratchers. 9 times out of 10 the bum scratchers are subbed with 20 mins to go. Body language can tell you a lit

  10. 31003 on 14TH JANUARY 2022 10:05 PM


    You also notice sprinters on to the pitch and bum scratchers. 9 times out of 10 the bum scratchers are subbed with 20 mins to go. Body language can tell you a lit






    I consider you losing concentration whilst typing as bottom scratching ..regards hh

  11. Recent saw 67HH vid where Skippy McDonald echo my view Hearts picked up a cracker with Atkinson.


    Scotty also endorsed another name I threw in about 18months ago; a kiwi LB called Cacace (now in Belgium).


    Skippy said no other young A-league player who’s ready to go….


    Dunno Skip; Marco Tilio is a fast small forward with a real poachers eye for goal.



    Can’t wait for Monday nite’s game – 13 quid eh!! Hope Hesgoal is streaming it for breakfast.



    WHoever made the Novak ‘missing two shots’ quip; quality !

  12. I’m sure I wore that scarf along with a waistcoat, flared Wranglers, Wegians, complete with segs AND an 8 pice bunnet back in the day




    Late ‘70s there was a short lived fashion for 8 pice bunnets


    Basically a bunnet made up of 8 pieces. ( think of a pizza cut up into 8 slices. Normally made of tweed the were worn in a “jaunty manner”


    Watch a Rubettes video for an example…albeit theirs where cotton/white


    Anyway, at the time they were the biz…looking back….

  14. Unfortunately for me, I have a (physically) big heid.


    Burtons on Argyle St were the only stockists I knew of. Their bunnets went up to a size 7.5 (?)


    I needed a 7.75 so mine had to be ordered especially. By the time my order came through I had about a week wearing it before it went straight out of fashion. Bloody expensive they were too

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