Key action for Celtic tonight is in Brussels, not Paris


I can tell how much you are looking forward to this one tonight……….. Paris Saint-Germain thoroughly humbled us at Celtic Park in September. They are have won all Champions League games and dropped only four points from 13 Ligue 1 games this season. This is a team without obvious weaknesses and with spare capacity to burn. We will do well to come closer on this occasion than we did in September.

What will be just as important, are events 200 miles north in Brussels, where Anderlecht face Bayern Munich. Even a point for Anderlecht will be enough for the Belgian champions to take a viable game plan to Glasgow for match day six. Anderlecht have zero points after four games with a three point deficit to Celtic. After Celtic’s 0-3 win in Brussels the Belgians will almost certainly need to finish above Celtic on points, and that will mean taking something tonight.

If Anderlecht can reduce the deficit to two points, they will come to Celtic Park hoping for the combination of missed chances/random red card/penalty that any underdog can exploit.

You might be feeling sore later, but if Bayern Munich do their business appropriately, we will achieve our European objectives for the season, no matter what happens in Paris.





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  1. VFR, I just can’t see BR leaving Armstrong out. Kouassi hasn’t played much but should be on the bench at least. I think it depends how the games going. I think he will go for the same line up as against Bayern at the beginning though.

  2. Celticrollercoaster supporting @WalkWithShay on

    U19 game on BT3 now



    C’mon the young hoops







  3. glendalystonsils on

    The most important thing tonight is no red cards. We need a full strength team for Anderlecht.


    If Neymar tries to niggle any of our players (e.g. Broonie) they must not react.

  4. BGFC @ 12.44


    A good point. I am sure Paul did not mean it in that way but many others in the MSSM have done.




    On another point entirely. I would seem to be in a clique of one in thinking that Neymar is being viewed in a light which is altogether too harsh. Certainly, he is not the template for sporting behaviour but nor is he Dr Evil. Hoping for a broken leg ? Dearie me. Is it something to do with both the money he cost and is paid ?




  5. Don’t normally do the ‘here’s my team’ thing but reading back I’m surprised at the absence of McGregor. So here’s my own preferred starting line up




    Lustig, Bitton, Boyata, Tierney


    Forrest, McGregor, Brown, Ntcham, Kouasi or Armstrong (or both, if no-one’s looking)



  6. HOT SMOKED on 22ND NOVEMBER 2017 1:03 PM



    Nothing to do with the money he’s on or how much he cost. Although I dont advocate breaking his leg, I would be delighted if he got sent off as he’s had plenty sent off through his diving cheating antics in the past.

  7. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Jobo Baldie


    Same as mine (if you were to go with Armstrong).


    Need Bitton tonight for ball retention. Simunovic on Sunday for his physical presence.

  8. I’m not really worried about the result I’m more interested in the performance and performances. See who’s learned and learning, what players have it upstairs to push on and make themselves very good or great players.

  9. Best Wishes Eurochamps. Hope you enjoy game tonight.


    Look forward to a meet up in 2018.


    Young Bhoys holding their own so far. PSG look the more likely OK but still scoreless after 18 minutes,

  10. VFR


    I had hoped Kouassi would have been given more playing time and was selected tonight.


    The fact he received no game time on saturday suggests he won’t .


    He has impressed me in the few appearances he has made and i believe he and Ntcham were signed with Europe in mind.


    Would love to have seen Brown with Kouassi in defensive roles and Ntcham in the 10 role.


    We have been unlucky Injury has caused us to many selection issues this season.


    But if we make the Europa i expect us to be a far tougher opponent.

  11. I wish Neymar a metaphysical ability swap/’channeling’ event tonight.



    In that I hope that somewhere some Tim metaphysicist has the underground lab tuned up to perfection at precisely 7.45 pm and is able to execute the perfect switch – wee sleekit Neymar channeling Josh Windass for 90 minutes.



    We’ve witnessed this before in prototype experimental days back in the 2000/2001 season when a concentrated unilateral experiment used the entire resources of the United Nations Scientific Frontiers Research Foundation to enable Bobby Petta to channel Jinky for an entire season.



    Sadly this culminated in the shelving of the project when Bobby performed the in-yer-face-pisstake at Hampden in the Legue Cup semi-Final – standing atop the ball in play right in front of thousands of fermenting Orcs and saluting them.



    A treasured moment of boundary-pushing scientific progress? No. Thanks to the UN petition raised by the moon-howling screaming-wimmin of the Scottish press, the Foundation was disbanded and scrubbed from the record books lest it ‘start a riot’, ‘lead to civil unrest’ and precipitate ‘breakdown of society’. ‘Someone could have DIED’ according to police witness statements of the time.



    But tonight, may science triumph once more…

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