Key action for Celtic tonight is in Brussels, not Paris


I can tell how much you are looking forward to this one tonight……….. Paris Saint-Germain thoroughly humbled us at Celtic Park in September. They are have won all Champions League games and dropped only four points from 13 Ligue 1 games this season. This is a team without obvious weaknesses and with spare capacity to burn. We will do well to come closer on this occasion than we did in September.

What will be just as important, are events 200 miles north in Brussels, where Anderlecht face Bayern Munich. Even a point for Anderlecht will be enough for the Belgian champions to take a viable game plan to Glasgow for match day six. Anderlecht have zero points after four games with a three point deficit to Celtic. After Celtic’s 0-3 win in Brussels the Belgians will almost certainly need to finish above Celtic on points, and that will mean taking something tonight.

If Anderlecht can reduce the deficit to two points, they will come to Celtic Park hoping for the combination of missed chances/random red card/penalty that any underdog can exploit.

You might be feeling sore later, but if Bayern Munich do their business appropriately, we will achieve our European objectives for the season, no matter what happens in Paris.





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  1. Half Time. Still scoreless. The young Bhoys have done well.


    Had a couple of great chances. For the most part playing the Brendan Rodgers way.


    Overall very encouraging.

  2. Young team doing ok so far , couple of chances and holding their own , hopefully see Mikey Johnston in 2nd half

  3. Cheers to CorkCelt and Moonbeamswd for the updates on the UYL game. I’m hearing a draw is no good to us here, we must win to progress to the next round. Young Mullan between the sticks looks a fine prospect indeed. Another one Stevie Woods can be righly proud of.



  4. Hot Smoked and others,



    I agree entirely with Barney when he says it has nothing to do with Neymar’s transfer fee or his bank balance, but wholly about his conduct on the pitch. There is no doubt he is a fantastic talent, definitely one of the best in the world, but the manner in which he carries himself and his behaviour is woeful.



    Back in the day when i kicked a ball around on a Saturday afternoon, on the odd occasion when you came across a guy who was so much better than the rest of us, it hurt, but generally i could look at their ability and appreciate and respect it. As I do with Neymar.


    That said, were they an arrogant, abusive, dismissive, cheating and general all round twat, then I could fully understand someone going in to “do” them. As I occasionally was known to do so myself.



    And I have no issue with any of our players carrying out said “do”ing tonight with Neymar if required.


    Ideally without incurring a card of any colour that would preclude their involvement v Anderlecht, if possible, but if not, so be it.




  5. Few moments of promise with a couple of half decent attempts but overall PSG pressing high and pacey defending from the front looking more likely.




  6. Aitchison strides offside with a great defense splitting pass from Hendry.



    Another chance with Aitchison first touch lets him down in on goal.



    Better from the bhoys.

  7. Thought the off side looked dodgy. Bhoys doing really well, Unfortunately I have an appointment at 2.30 so will miss out final 30 minutes.

  8. Robbie Deas makes brilliant tackle in own box unfortunately gets injured in process. Looks like he will be OK though. Thank God.

  9. TD67



    There isn’t one, no official one anyway. Harp Bar (Paris CSC) will be one of the meeting points

  10. BARNEY64 on 22ND NOVEMBER 2017 1:10 PM


    HOT SMOKED on 22ND NOVEMBER 2017 1:03 PM




    Nothing to do with the money he’s on or how much he cost. Although I don’t advocate breaking his leg, I would be delighted if he got sent off as he’s had plenty sent off through his diving cheating antics in the past.



    *that’s the way I feel as he’s a nasty individual on the park, a cheat who widnae think twice in trying tae get an opponent red carded. He claims tae be a Christian saying, “Life only makes sense when our highest ideal is to serve Christ!”, hmmm disnae demonstrate on the park the Christianity I know



    Off the park he seemingly tithes 10% his income to his pentecostal church and each year organizes a charity match with the purpose of raising food for needy families in his home town.

  11. Good play resulting in Regan Hendry shot saved low to left and out for a corner.



    Corner taken ball comes out to edge of box and shot over the bar.




  12. Ocerall played welll and definsively very good u until first goal.



    Couple of good opportunities but PSG always looked the most likely to score.



    Great experience for the laddies.




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