Key action for Celtic tonight is in Brussels, not Paris


I can tell how much you are looking forward to this one tonight……….. Paris Saint-Germain thoroughly humbled us at Celtic Park in September. They are have won all Champions League games and dropped only four points from 13 Ligue 1 games this season. This is a team without obvious weaknesses and with spare capacity to burn. We will do well to come closer on this occasion than we did in September.

What will be just as important, are events 200 miles north in Brussels, where Anderlecht face Bayern Munich. Even a point for Anderlecht will be enough for the Belgian champions to take a viable game plan to Glasgow for match day six. Anderlecht have zero points after four games with a three point deficit to Celtic. After Celtic’s 0-3 win in Brussels the Belgians will almost certainly need to finish above Celtic on points, and that will mean taking something tonight.

If Anderlecht can reduce the deficit to two points, they will come to Celtic Park hoping for the combination of missed chances/random red card/penalty that any underdog can exploit.

You might be feeling sore later, but if Bayern Munich do their business appropriately, we will achieve our European objectives for the season, no matter what happens in Paris.





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  1. Overall not a bad performance from Bhoys today first goal a bit scrappy but their 2nd goal created by Diaby who looks a player , thought Regan Hendry was superb !

  2. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Once again, a late in the game fade did for our lads.


    Are we competing with younger players, or is it a fitness problem?



    Nevertheless, we competed well. although we were reactionary for most of the game, but going into the last fifteen minutes,I though we were gaining control.



    I was silently praising the improvement in our defence, and crediting the influence of Kolo Toure, when they got into a bit of a fankle and lost the first goal.



    For me, the second goal was academic, as we had to chase two goals to progress and the second came from an uncharacteristic error from captain Regan Hendry, my Man of the Match.



    All in all, a great tournament for our boys to play in, which will serve them and the club well.

  3. Cops catch hungry housebreaker asleep on job after he crashed out scoffing a pie and covered in Doritos



    Monklands Police tweeted the hilarious story after they caught the would-be burglar red handed surrounded by crisps.




    12:25, 22 NOV 2017UPDATED13:56, 22 NOV 2017




    The intruder was found inside the house on Corsewall Street in Coatbridge after scoffing half a pie before falling asleep covered in doritos (Image: Google)





    A hungry housebreaker was nabbed after falling asleep on the job – covered in CRISPS.



    Police in Monklands shared the hilarious tale of the burglar who broke into a house on Corsewall Street in Coatbridge at 11.45pm on Monday night.



    The alarm was raised by people living in the house, who found the intruder inside.



    And when police arrived, they found the would-be raider had taken a “pit stop” and ate half a pie before falling asleep, covered in Doritos.









    Sleeping on the Job!


    We all feel tired when we start a shift & a thief who started his shift at 2345 yesterday was no different. He broke into a house on Corsewall St, decided on a pit stop, ate half a pie and fell asleep covered in Doritos. He woke up in cuffs #fingerlickinggood


    1:21 PM – Nov 21, 2017


    4 4 Replies 48 48 Retweets 116 116 likes





    I think this hoose breaker was CRACKERS !



  4. Thanks for the Celtic Bhoys updates.


    It’s great to read the influence of the coaching staff on the Celtic youngsters from some CQNrs.




  5. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    My own feeling on tonight’s game, is that we need to hold more possession. To that end, I would put Stretch on the bench. At SPFL level, he is an effective, dynamic attacking midfielder, but at CL level he gives the ball away too much, either by careless passing, or holding the ball too long when running at defences.



    I would pair Simunovic with Boyata in Central defence with Bitton playing as a forward sweeper/defensive mid. I would also drop Sinky in favour of Ntcham.



    This should give us more secure possession, and hopefully more potent passing in to Dembélé/Griffiths and Jamesie/Patrick.



    So now I have said that, get your money on Sinclair to score the first goal :)))

  6. bit sad to hear some comments earlier about hoping a player breaks his leg. cmon we are the best fans in the world. lets act like it hh.

  7. GARY67 on 22ND NOVEMBER 2017 2:35 PM






    There isn’t one, no official one anyway. Harp Bar (Paris CSC) will be one of the meeting points



    Thanks for that mate, tried to get back to you earlier but I kept getting bumped out, one of the reasons I don’t post much these days.




    Agree re: Sinky, just lately he’s not been himself, his whole body language tells me he’s on a downer. Maybe a wee sit doon on the bench might help refocus his mind.

  9. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Read the article on The Shamrock lead and it brought back a lot of memories some of which might be dubious!


    When my dad first started going on a CS bus to games,Saltcoats,it left from the League of The Cross hall in UNION St! Anyway,my recollections are it stopped at the Plaza pub in Nuneaton Street to let off those ‘going to the pub pre-game’ along with attendant weans inc. me!


    We were ensconced outside with ginger and maybe crisps and just waited till oor faithers came out!!


    A number of years later the same street was where my cousin and I stayed the night after the ‘dancin’ (it was his maternal granny) and it had the set-in bed and outside lavvy!!


    Great memories,especially after the 7-1 game!!!!!!!!:)

  10. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    BARNEY64 on 22ND NOVEMBER 2017 12:59 PM



    I reckon he will play Armstrong, but I’d gamble with Kouassi. I suppose that’s why I’m a Project manager and Brendan’s got the gig with Celtic!



    FAN-A-TIC on 22ND NOVEMBER 2017 1:32 PM



    I agree; both Kouassi and N’tcham are there for Europe and should be our fulcrums in midfield for the next few seasons.





  11. Disappointing defeat after for our U19’s but no doubt another invaluable learning curve in their careers.


    Less than four hours until kick-off in the main event. Mon the Hoops.



  12. Auldheid we are all grateful for your continuing pursuit of the truth and the hope that one day justice will be achieved. I know there are matters that are better not made public at present and will be used in a future date to defeat those who continue to use every means to hid the truth from us. However are you really looking for a truthful expose of what happened from the SFA ‘Compliant’ Officer? is it possible that he will actually find against those who employ him? Or, is he truly an honest man in the midst of corruption?

  13. Auldheid- the part of the national broadcaster, the public funded BBC Scotland’s part in the cover up, should result in an inquiry, and subsequent sackings.I heard Broadfoot’s obvious red herrings, and deliberate side tracking of the issues, Kenny McIntyre done his usual 3 Unwise Monkey Act.Another placeman, Russell at STV has pressumably been rewarded with a job at Level 5/Sky/Kack Irvine, for his blanket pulling stunts over the years, keep fighting the good fight.HH

  14. 1986…Dundee – 2 v Hearts – 0..( Just watched the 10 minutes highlights on Youtube)..


    Thanks to Albert Kidds 2 goals after coming on as a sub with about 30 minutes left.


    I had forgotten that it was Dundee’s ( Future Celt) Tosh McKinlay who was taken off for Albert.


    I had forgotten that ex Celt Roddie MacDonald was at centre half for Hearts that day.



    More importantly I have always hated that Hun Bigot John Bomber Brown…I had also forgotten that he played for Dundee that day…so instead of shouting abuse at Brown if I should ever meet him…I think I will go up and shake his hand and thank him for his part that day in ensuring that the Celtic won the league……..I’m sure that will ANNOY him more than anything else ( apart from reminding him his clubs dee) ?





  15. Those who play for us tonight should be the ones Brendan thinks will still be with us next season. This may well be our last significant test this season so best to give places to those who are here for the long haul.



    For that reason, I don’t think Armstrong should play as I think he is itching to move elsewhere.

  16. Almore, you been on the Guinness all day?



    “This may well be our last significant test this season”…



    How do you come to that conclusion?

  17. Hunderbirds are Gone on




    A bird in the hand is really just a red herring to the three wise monkeys as they are rarer than hens teeth. However, the real elephant in the room will bury its head in the sand as the dogs bark as the caravan carries on with its journey, and don’t forget, the early bird gets the worm, as all cats look grey in the dark.




  18. AULDHEID on 22ND NOVEMBER 2017 4:10 PM




    Keep up the great work mate…the truth must surely come out one day and heads will roll.



    it’s gonny be interesting to see what this Compliance Officer comes out with, and if he should ( as I expect ), enhance the corruption and lies to keep his job, thus ensuring that those still in power go unpunished and remain in power, then this so called Compliance Cheat should also be exposed by the Res 12 Bhoys……and hopefully Celtic FC ?



  19. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Auldheid on 22nd November 2017 4:10PM



    It’s said that truth will out so I hope it does sooner rather than later. Last weekend, people were saying to me 6th December for the complance officer’s findings. Time will tell.






    Wishing the Celts well tonight but I’m letting this game pass me by unnoticed. Sunday matters. Neymar and PSG don’t matter at all.

  20. I’ll be watching the Celts but my ears will be tuned into the Bayern game. As long as we are 3 points ahead of Anderlecht at close of play tonight, I will be a happy Tim, no matter how our game goes.


    Hope Bayern are playing their big guns tonight.

  21. Celticrollercoaster supporting @WalkWithShay on

    Good Evening CQN



    Just getting ready to go out to hide behind the couch in The Admiral with a few CQNers/lurkers, but before I leave, here is a wee link to allow you a chance to win an A3 Lisbon Lion print by predicting tonight’s score






    Unfortunately, you need to have facebook to enter. Take two minutes to set up an account or get a friend to post for you.



    Good luck and I hope if you have picked PSG to win, ( like me), you don’t win the print :-)







  22. Cosy Corner Bhoy,The Plaza.Bar , Nuneaton St, Tommy Mullen,and John Leitch, started the Celtic Bus from there,and as a very young man back in the day,was a member for a few yrs, were did your Gran stay ,and what was the ladies name.

  23. 21-5-79: What I mean is that we are unlikely to come across as high a quality team as PSG again this season.



    BTW, I can’t stand Guinness:-)

  24. Bournesouprecipie. I’m surprised at you posting that team, you should have known that Van Dijk is cup tied. ((

  25. corkcelt


    Its not Virgil but Dick van Dilk – who will do the (chimney) sweeper role




  26. tontine


    watching bob mcowan last night, gerry dee was on, his father is from a mining town in scotland.



    says his fathers father(grandad)played for glasgow celtic.gerrys real name is donahuge(sp).

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