Key decision of the year for Neil Lennon


If you thumb through the pages of the Celtic Quick News comments section you’ll find a couple of overlapping areas of indifferent form being reported.  One for Beram Kayal and one for the team as a whole.  You’ll also note several contributors commenting that Beram’s form improved after his new contract was signed, settling speculation surrounding the player.

It may be coincidental that Beram’s form seemed to pick up after his future was settled but the fact that this happened a few days after the pivotal 3-3 draw at Kilmarnock suggests a whole lot of what has been going right at Celtic was linked to the Israeli’s form in this crucial central midfield area.

Neil Lennon has a huge tactical decision to make.  Get it wrong and he will not be able to replicate the impressive run of 10 consecutive wins.  Before making a decision, a good place to research would be videos of Celtic’s run up to and including that Kilmarnock game.  Knowing some of the things to avoid is a good start.

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  1. Steinreignedsupreme on

    ernie lynch: 13 January, 2012 at 11:24



    “The most likely is one of the lower leagues in England.”



    The problem is we might have to stay there. I don’t see the EPL voting to allow a club of our size entry into their money pit.

  2. JohnnyClash,



    Watched the under 21′s tournament not so long a go. Thought he was decent myself. Liked Shakiri of Switzerland.

  3. WGS says:


    13 January, 2012 at 11:28



    Agree. Should be the first 2 names on the teamsheet, together in the middle, then build around them.

  4. Damn caught napping was actually reading Phil Mac’s Blog which was an excellen riposte to the Jeff Winters scandalous blog….no birthday podium for me so I’ll just console myself with another beer :- ))

  5. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    I hate Lee McCulloch and hope Jeff Winter gets a right good kick in the stanes (from the authorities,of course).

  6. ome have suggested moving Matthews into Midfield and putting Lustig at right back but I think Forster, Mathews Rogne, Mulgrew, Izzaguire, Ledley Wanayama, Brown and Forrest as a Midfield four with samaras hooper and stokes up front

  7. Oops I have picked twelve perhaps start with sammi stokes and hooper and swop forrest for sammi at half time as I think we should be giving forrest a wee break

  8. DBBIA 11 09 -Last Thread



    That particular venue [ in the form of Mr Waterston ] ” barred” me following an incident during a gig by some blues shouters called Power——— I did return [ once ] in the early 70s ——– didn’t stay long .

  9. Apparently Derek Rae and Craig Burley broadcast wearing matching onesies. According to Ian Crocker.

  10. For what it’s worth.



    I have been posting recently about the procedural problems which Newco may experience if they are seeking to become the SPL’s newest member. I know there is a lot of concern about Newco “parachuting” into the SPL presumably after a vote by the SPL board. There is also a lot of concern about our board allowing this to happen with little or no opposition.



    As I have been saying for some time, there are some significant obstacles in the way of Newco taking Oldco’s place in the league. This is a subject which could do with a website all its own. We are entering new territory here and the way forward for Newco is not very clear – if it exists at all.



    There has been much discussion about what we will do when the time comes. For that matter, there is concern that the SPL will vote like sheep for Newco to take over the place of Oldco like nothing has happened. However, there is also an issue about what role the SFL clubs may have if Newco are seeking league admission.



    I have been looking again at article 14 which governs the procedure to be adopted where a club suffers and administration event. In short, that article states that Oldco’s share, which effectively entitles them to a place in the SPL, would be transferred to another club as the board directs. This would be a vote by all the members and a 90% vote would be required for Newco to be the club which receives the share of Oldco. The article is quite clear that this is how the vote would proceed. Therefore, any suggestion that the board itself will deal with this issue is nonsense.



    I have been thinking about the last words in the article which says that the club receiving the share of Oldco “shall become a member of the League in its place”. This begs the question whether it is even competent for Newco to become a member by this process. I feel that this article was brought forward to prevent the rise of a pheonix company so as to act as a barrier for those clubs who were not responsibly run simply taking up from where the previous company left off. Why else does the article refer to the new club “taking the place” of the old club? I am sure that there are a number of SFL clubs, and maybe even the SFL itself, who are looking at developments closely witha view to becoming actively involved in the whole application process.



    I cannot be completely sure that this is the correct reading of the article. However, it is certainly a possible reading and, in my opinion, is the most straightforward interpretation. If I am correct, this means that it will be legally impossible for Newco to become a member of the SPL for season 2012 – 2013. They will have to gain entry to the SFL and work their way up.



    Even if this is not the intention of the article, there remains a definitional problem for Newco. If the new member takes the place of the old member, can they still be Glasgow Rangers? They would be if they were so closely alligned with the old club that there was little or no difference between them. This could then entitle any league 1 SFL club to challenge a vote to allow Newco into the SPL on the basis that this did not allow for the “taking the place of” provision in the article. As I have said, I do not think that an Oldco/Newco exchange was envisaged when the article was drafted. If a court saw it the same way, there would be no way Newco could go straight into the SPL, either now or in the next 3 years.



    There is nothing being said by our board at present. I am reasonably sure that if they have not yet come to a view on the legalities of the Newco application, they soon will do. If I can come up with these arguments, you can be sure that Paul McBride, or others instructed by our board, will come up with even better ones. If we are hearing nothing about this just now, it is simply because you never lay out your arguments about the competency of the course being taken by your opponents until it is the appropriate time to do so – and that will be after the administration event has taken place. By that stage it may be too late for Newco to save the day.

  11. Former referee to face criminal charges over anti Catholic rant?


    by winner67 on January 12, 2012 · 2 comments



    I am sure you have all seen read or heard about the sickening attack on Celtic and Catholics that has appeared on Jeff Winters blog. The ex referee apparently known for his hate of all things Celtic or Catholic has had his site suspended after hundreds of complaints from disgusted readers.



    Alarmingly I have noticed some news outlets reporting that his site may have been hacked.



    I would like to point the attention to the following quotes that allegedly come from previous articles on Winters site.






    Now IF indeed these are actual articles from Winters blog and IF he indeed wrote the article which caused his blog to bu suspended one must assume its a matter of if and not when the authorities get involved.



    We have seen numerous football fans recently being prosecuted for writing similar comments on social networking sites.



    No one is above the law.



    I would urge you all to contact and ensure that his hosting company either cancels his hosting plan for good or confirms publicly that his site was hacked and they are active in finding the culprit.



    There is no place for this anymore.



    If the SNP are serious re this bill then this is their opportunity to show it. I await many public statements of criticism from those that pushed through the recent bill.



    Tic Toc Mr W.

  12. Steinreignedsupreme says:


    13 January, 2012 at 11:28


    ernie lynch: 13 January, 2012 at 11:24



    “The most likely is one of the lower leagues in England.”



    ‘The problem is we might have to stay there. I don’t see the EPL voting to allow a club of our size entry into their money pit.’




    The Championship would be preferable to an SPL that’s bereft of integrity.



    And lets be honest, how would international football regard an SPL in those circumstances? It’s bad enough at the moment. It would be a laughing stock with pariah status. Not for me thanks.

  13. JinkyvJohnGreig-saysitall on

    Here’s to another 10 wins in a row – do this and I think we will win the League at the start of the split…



    Fingers crossed.




  14. THree midfielders is a must.



    This includes brown on the right.



















    What balance.



    What a team.

  15. I think I may have upset some podium chasers. Sorry guys!!!



    I see Joe Ledley filling Kayals berth. He has been a great piece of business




  16. ‘ Barred from the ole Burns Howff’



    – sadly I can’t match that but I once nearly got chucked out of the ole Apollo during a show by the matchless Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen.

  17. Thanks for posting this Vinnie:



    Vmhan Supporting Lenny! says:


    13 January, 2012 at 07:49


    Message to CelticQuickNews readers:



    Its been brought to my attention that there’s a band from Port Glasgow/ Greenock area (The Soviets) who have brought out a record, where all of the profits from the sale of the single is going to the Tommy Burns’s foundation for research into skin cancer.



    My friend and CQN’er, John Johnston (412K26) sadly recently lost his wife Mia to the same type of cancer and is sponsoring the proceeds of the hardcopy sale of 1000 of these records, in the name of Mia and the Tommy Burns foundation.



    John asks that, if you can, then please get the band on your Facebook (google them, the soviets band Port Glasgow), listen to their single and get it downloaded, please also tell everyone in your address book to do the same.



    Below is an extract from the Huddleboard with further information re the record.



    The soviets are a band who are releasing a charity single via Celtic with all proceds going to the tommy burns charity foundation, you may have heard their song “good times” played at half time vs hearts a few weeks back. Anyway a source at Celtic forwarded the song to Mani of The Stone Roses and asked his opinion. This is his LEGENDARY response



    Mani of the stone roses



    “Dear Jim


    They’re very Mancunian yer boys The Soviets, in looks and sound !!!. Yet another link between the two greatest cities on gods earth !!!. I wish them every success, the same as Neil Lennon. The man deserves it after having to endure the shennanigans he has had. More power to him. He, like the great Tommy Burns, continues a lineage of great Celtic managers from Jock Stein through Martin O’Neil, Tommy Burns and beyond. Part of the fabric of this great club !!!. They should stick a statue up to him at Parkhead. Hope these quotes will do for you, love to all concerned, x Mani”



    Please communicate this via you’re friends, family and the Celtic community, you’re time and effort in reading this and forwarding on is greatly appreciated.



    Yours in Celtic and on behalf of those who are sadly missed.





    Hail Hail

  18. hoopeddreams,



    Two points;



    1. Administration does not mean OldCo would be removed from the league – but the points penalty would apply.



    2. OldCo and NewCo are two separate legal entities, not versions of the same thing. They make look similar from the outside but in the eyes of the law they will be separate legal bodies. There is, in theory, no reason why the league share cannot pass from one to the other, assuming that the NewCo meets whatever criteria are set for membership of the league.

  19. Steinreignedsupreme on

    ernie lynch: 13 January, 2012 at 11:42



    “The Championship would be preferable to an SPL that’s bereft of integrity.”



    When did Scottish football attain integrity?



    At least we can play in Europe as things stand. A club the size of Celtic needs income from European football. We have been playing in a warped league for over a century – there is no point in making things worse for ourselves when we have conducted ourselves in a proper manner.

  20. Paul67 et al



    With Izaguerre back in the team, Joe Ledley is free to play left of Wanyama in midfield with Brown, Samaras and Forrest supporting Stokes up front. That is a flexible five man midfield, with Ki, McCourt and hopefully Commons able to supplement it. Plus forward movement from Izzy and Adam. Hooper is only on the bench due to recent injury, but could come on along side Stokes as and when. Dundee United almost always play five men across the park against us, Neil Lennon needs to match that first, and if he does, there is only going to be one winner, and that is Celtic!

  21. ernie



    Do you think a lower teir English league would accept us and, assuming that they would, do we still play at Parkhead?

  22. This must surely be a joke does anyone honestly believe rangers would ever contemplate signing anyone called “CELIK” from the BBC gossip the Daily huns is reported to claim that Rangers are lining up a move for Swedish midfielder Mervan Celik, for whom GAIS will be entitled compensation.

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