Key decision of the year for Neil Lennon


If you thumb through the pages of the Celtic Quick News comments section you’ll find a couple of overlapping areas of indifferent form being reported.  One for Beram Kayal and one for the team as a whole.  You’ll also note several contributors commenting that Beram’s form improved after his new contract was signed, settling speculation surrounding the player.

It may be coincidental that Beram’s form seemed to pick up after his future was settled but the fact that this happened a few days after the pivotal 3-3 draw at Kilmarnock suggests a whole lot of what has been going right at Celtic was linked to the Israeli’s form in this crucial central midfield area.

Neil Lennon has a huge tactical decision to make.  Get it wrong and he will not be able to replicate the impressive run of 10 consecutive wins.  Before making a decision, a good place to research would be videos of Celtic’s run up to and including that Kilmarnock game.  Knowing some of the things to avoid is a good start.

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  1. Paul 67



    Totally agree about Kayal’s contract but, what you failed to mention was that, after we defeated D/utd 4-1 at home last season in, april/may. Neil Lennon came out after the game and said that Celtic where almost at the point of agreeing Berams new contract!


    Now what I don’t get is…why after a period of, almost seven months…..Beram was still at a loose-end as PL didn’t give the player the promised deal ?


    Kayal for me is, almost as good as NL was in that position of the field. That makes him a key man. So, why put the form of the team secondary to the CEO’s bonus ? Thats what happened!


    PL’s dragging his bahookey tactics over BK’s new deal almost fecked-up the season for us! IMO!


    I would say that PL’s behaviour regarding this player was deserving of the sack for the CEO!


    Whats more important…PL’s bonus or, NL’s team on the park ?


    Hail! Hail!

  2. DBBIA —–



    Too much freaky dancing ?



    Was Snortin Norton Buffalo part of the band ?



    Did they do —-” Down to seeds and stems again blues ? “

  3. pabloh_AKA_NEIL LENNON on

    Has to be ledley & wanyama in the middle. Izzy left back. A no brainer for me.



    Does commons have a chance? Would love to see him back playing.

  4. Paul67



    Ledley & Wanyama every time for me.



    I detect you are suggesting Celtic should be open to accepting any sizeable bid received in respect of Ki.




  5. Midfield of James, Joe, Victor and Gio isn’t gonna work… Can Ki play the wing? How about a surprise… put Izzy in Midfield???

  6. Gordon_J



    Article 14 makes it quite clear that Oldco’s share, which entitles them to be a member of the SPL, shall be transferred on the board’s direction. Note the use of “shall” which makes the transfer compulsory. Any suggestion that Oldco would still be a member of the league is not correct.



    I am aware of the distinction to be drawn between companies which are separate legal personae. The defintion of a club, however, is that it is an “undertaking” (see article 2 for the correct deifition). This is a much more nebulous concept than a company, and is not helpful to Newco’s efforts. The use of “undertaking” blurs the distinction as to what is a club and what is simply a corporate entity. A club carries with it all sorts of associations which a company does not have. I feel it is important to note that “undertaking” has been used as it allows for corporate structures much like the one currently used by Oldco. So the bad news for Newco is that they cannot simply rely on the fact that they are a new company. My reading of the article is that you have to be a completely separate club, and that is where the SFL clubs will have their say.

  7. Kev-Jungle “Terracing’s are the way ahead!” IMO! says:


    13 January, 2012 at 11:55



    Can you categorically state that you’re version of events is any closer to the truth than me stating that Kayal eventually agreed to the deal that was first presented to him after stating that he wanted to delay signing to be sure that Scotland was the best place for him to be. We’ve given a big contract to a player that was more interested in his personal happiness than the team, at a time when it was critical?



    What inside knowledge do you have that I don’t?

  8. Paul,



    Apologies if it has already been mentioned.



    Not trying to distract from Kayal´s return to form as I am gutted he is out.



    But what are thoughts regarding our winning form coinciding with Wanyama cementing his place in the our 1st team? I would argue that our European form picked up at a result of this too.



    Don´t want to do Kayal a disservice but I think Victor is more important player to us at the moment. His goal against Hearts at home was massive for us.

  9. —————Forster—————–


    Matthews Rogne Mulgrew Izagguire


    ——-Brown Wanyama Ledley—–





    Subs. Zaluska Hooper Commons Ki Wilson Cha McGeoch

  10. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    To begin games I’d be tempted to play only one front and that would be Stokes although I don’t think Neil will,it’ll be a 4 4 2,he can’t leave Samaras out so it will probably be him Ledley,Vic n Brown in the middle.



    I always liked to see Izzy combine with Commons on the left but I just can’t see big Sammy drop out the side,I wonder if we’ll see Commons taking the place of a hooked striker as he’s a great goal threat,playing just behind the other striker?



    With Izzy back though,you know we have a better chance of him getting up to put a good cross in.




  11. Some say that his skeleton is made out of mineral lonsdaleite


    and that he single handedly built The Millau Bridge



    All we know is… He’s Victor Wanyama.





    Vic in the middle for me, with Joe lending an unnecessary hand.

  12. !!Bada Bing!! Kano 1000 on

    Was it that wee shoe shop in Stockwell Street,getting a new pair of ‘Wegians.Davie Provan was in.

  13. If everybody is fit that is expected to be fit






    Matthews Rogne Mulgrew Izzy



    Brown Wanyama Ledley Sammi



    ………Hooper Stokes



    I don’t want to take any chances with wee James

  14. playfusbal4dguilders on



    Matthews Rogne Mulgrew Izagguire


    —Brown KI Wanyama Ledley—





    Subs. Zaluska Hooper Commons Ki Wilson Cha McGeoch



    Rest Forrest

  15. Kayal33



    Spot on team for me.



    As for the media and the Huns signings”…..



    £5m…..£2.5m…….£1.5m”……………….HA HA HA HA….THEY’VE NAE MONEY……




  16. Steinreignedsupreme (11:50): “A club the size of Celtic needs income from European football…”



    I’m not sur eof the exact figures, but the club that finishes bottom of the EPL receives vastly more in TV and other revenues than Celtic will ever receive from participation in either the Champions League or the Europa League. We could play in the EPL, lose every match 0-5, and still be vastly better off.



    As for the income streams in the Championship, these are undoubtedly substantially less than those available in the EPL, but (perhaps someone in the know can advise) we might actually still be better off financially playing 23 home games in the Championship than 19 in the SPL plus 1 or 2 qualifying rounds and 3 group games in the CL, or likewise plus potentially a round or two more in the EL.

  17. Victor is still a very young mhan and cannot possibly continue to perform at these outstandingly high levels for the whole season.



    He has earned the right to be first pick, but we should be wary of heaping too much pressure onto his shoulders, even if they are enormous and muscular.



    There are roles for all of the midfielders to play over the 90 minutes. Dylan McGeouch has earned the right to stay in the squad. Kris Commons is coming back. We have options.



    Good luck to all the Bhoys tomorrow and always.

  18. Don’t remember seeing much comment on this last Sunday, but after Dylan McGeouch was hacked mercilessly at the end of the game, I was pleased to see Anthony Stokes take the miscreant to task.



    Dylan is an even younger mhan than Victor. Yes, these bhoys can look after themselves and are learning all the time to get better at doing that, but while they are learning, their slightly older team-mates need to look out for them.

  19. Wanyama has been the key. Not Beram. Check the stats.



    It’s as plain as the nose on yer face.



    It is black and white



    It’s not even up for debate.



    Any other opinions would be futile.



    Moot points.



    There is no point in even talking about it.




  20. wonder what the chubby brown of referees thought of the likes of Bernie Slaven, Gary Hamilton when he was growing up watching the Boro, never mind Tony Mowbray these days.

  21. ernie lynch says:


    13 January, 2012 at 11:42



    The Championship would be preferable to an SPL that’s bereft of integrity.




    I see the same issues with that as those of a NewCo joining the SPL – we would have no right, absolutely no right whatsoever, of joining the Championship. Given the English pyramid structure that has been in place for a number of years now, we would actually have no right, Uefa regulations aside, to even join League 2.



    And the prospect of buying a club down South and taking their place is quite abhorrent to me. No laughing now, but can you imagine if for some reason Real Madrid wanted to play in the SPL and decided the best option for doing so was to buy Celtic and then move the club lock, stock and barrel to Madrid, changing our hoops to all white and the name to FC Real? Outrageous.



    Other than that though, your point is well made. The Northern League Division 2 (ostensibly tier-10 of the football league system) would be more preferable.

  22. Steinreignedsupreme on

    BigChipsUK – This is just the beginning…: 13 January, 2012 at 12:13



    Celtic will not be invited into the EPL.



    Should any move to England come about we are unlikely to go straight into the Championship. But when we get there it is pointless being there with nothing else on offer.



    European football is vital in terms of player development, and maintaining the standing of our club as well as boosting our finances.



    If we are stuck in the lower leagues in England we die.

  23. Is Peter back from his Xmas holidays yet?



    I am awaiting a powerfully worded statement of Celtic’s intent if and when the impending cheating is made official and we get told exactly how much of OUR money was stolen.

  24. glendalystonsils on




    Don’t mock. R@ngers are quite literally ready to “SPLASH THE CASH” in pursuit of new players. Sally was seen throwing their last 2p into a wishing well,


    closing his wee eyes tightly and mumbling… pleeeez, gonny geeez……

  25. If we were to go to League 1 division 3 of England we would need to lock the squad in, this would be a four year job, yr1 get it right and acclimatise, yr2 win promotion, yr3 win promotion again, yr4 spank Man U.

  26. 10.00am news on Snyde had Rankers signing half of Euorpe but no mention on their main bulletin at 12.30pm.



    You have to wonder.

  27. Gaming the system (or bending the rules, playing the system, abusing the system, milking the system or working the system) can be defined as “[using] the rules and procedures meant to protect a system in order, instead, to manipulate the system for a desired outcome”.

  28. glendalystonsils on

    R@ngers are skint, but they are a buying club



    We are solvent but we are a selling club



    The gospel according to the scottish media twats.

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