Key decision of the year for Neil Lennon


If you thumb through the pages of the Celtic Quick News comments section you’ll find a couple of overlapping areas of indifferent form being reported.  One for Beram Kayal and one for the team as a whole.  You’ll also note several contributors commenting that Beram’s form improved after his new contract was signed, settling speculation surrounding the player.

It may be coincidental that Beram’s form seemed to pick up after his future was settled but the fact that this happened a few days after the pivotal 3-3 draw at Kilmarnock suggests a whole lot of what has been going right at Celtic was linked to the Israeli’s form in this crucial central midfield area.

Neil Lennon has a huge tactical decision to make.  Get it wrong and he will not be able to replicate the impressive run of 10 consecutive wins.  Before making a decision, a good place to research would be videos of Celtic’s run up to and including that Kilmarnock game.  Knowing some of the things to avoid is a good start.

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  1. DBBIA —-



    Yes —–very sad -but is it as sad as —- My Son Calls Another Man Daddy ?



    Last time I was in NYC -I went to see a play called -Mama Hated Diesels —-kitsch as kitsch can be -set in a truck stop diner —- I liked it.



    The very kitsch Rodeo Bar on 3rd Avenue has —–Mama Hated Diesels on rotation.



    Off oot to Catania ——– sales time -way down south.

  2. hoopeddreams,



    If a team disappears from the league the share has to be transferred to another to keep the number of teams at 12.



    A club doesn’t have to be a company I suppose. It could be some sort of partnership or co-operative I guess.



    The argument would come down to whether the Newco was sufficiently “new”. Assuming that it was playing at Ibrox in blue and had a name that included the word Rangers in it there would be a good argument that it wasn’t new enough – but if the will was there to admit them it could still happen.

  3. BigChipsUK – This is just the beginning… says:


    13 January, 2012 at 12:13



    Championship clubs receive, from the current deal, £88m between them this season and, from the new deal to kick in next season, £65m.



    Where the ‘wads of cash’ that seem to float around that level comes from tends to be the knock-ons and kick-backs from the EPL, which can, for clubs recently relegated amount to the same as our Champions League market pool, participation and bonus moneys combined.



    From last season’s Champions League the orcs received, from Uefa alone (i.e. not including gate money), a total of €18.5m. Which makes me quite angry.



    CL distribution clicky

  4. Steinreignedsupreme, fair point.



    If we were ever to get into the English football structure, then it would probably only be if we were invited into the EPL by it’s member clubs, so issues of entering at the bottom of the pyramid are not really relevant. But as we’d never be invited into the EPL either, the whole thing is largely irrelevant.



    I guess I’ll just have to win the next £100M jackpot on Euromillions, put the whole lot on a mega accumulator at about 10,000-1 and come up trumps. I can then buy ALL the EPL clubs (keeping them exactly as they are), call for a vote on the matter… and command all my clubs to vote in favour of Celtic being invited to join the EPL.




  5. They should go and play their football in India where tax evasion is a national sport and costs the government €300+ billion a year. The filth are but mere amateurs at the thieving game.

  6. BigChipsUK – This is just the beginning… says:


    13 January, 2012 at 12:39



    I’d build a deathstar with all that money and then use it to knock down the govan deathstar.

  7. Ten Men Won The League on

    twists n turns@12:26






    On the Sheriff Court steps? ;)

  8. I may have stumbled on another wee anomaly by our tax avoising friends;



    Do we know if Rangers FC have been honest and declared the Scottish referees as dependants on their tax return forms?




  9. Steinreignedsupreme on

    BigChipsUK – This is just the beginning…: 13 January, 2012 at 12:39



    “I guess I’ll just have to win the next £100M jackpot on Euromillions, put the whole lot on a mega accumulator at about 10,000-1 and come up trumps. I can then buy ALL the EPL clubs (keeping them exactly as they are), call for a vote on the matter… and command all my clubs to vote in favour of Celtic being invited to join the EPL.”



    That would work…

  10. dirtymac



    Plus by finishing 3rd in their group, they received an additional €725k from participation in the Europa League.



    That’s almost €20m a year plus ticket sales that Celtic should be expecting if they vote to not accept a newco Rangers into the SPL.



    I think that would more than make up for any losses incurred by not having 2 home glasgow derbies.




  11. Rangers manager Ally McCoist has confirmed a contract has been offered to Swedish Under-21 winger Mervan Celik.



    The player, who is currently without a club after leaving GAIS, was revealed as a transfer target for the SPL side on Friday morning.



    It is expected that training compensation will have to be paid to his former club, but manager McCoist is optimistic that Celik can find the money from somewhere.




  12. Gordon_J



    I think it’s more simple.



    Newco presents itself. The world says: “Are you Rangers? If so, here’s your tax bill. If not, the queue to join the third division of the SFL is over there.”



    One or the other.

  13. The Fat Game Show Captain’s pre-match press conference has gleened the following nuggets of information



    pre-contract offer to Sandaza (who are they playing tomorrow again??), Jaager on trial (must be about 70 now, are they interested in Richards as well), offer made to Celik (hopefully Peter told them where to go ;)), no O’Connor interest, nothing on Afobe, no Jelavic bids (any club who want him will wait until the 31st and pick him up on the cheap when Whyte panics)

  14. James Forrest is Lennon on

    Hey lads



    The CQN Magazine Facebook page is changing a wee bit, trying new things as we take the project forward.



    I posted up last night my thoughts on the turning points of the season and it drew a good Facebook response, as it did here, and we hope we can do the same thing with our future posts. Here’s todays post, and I will share our future ones in the same way.



    “Over the next couple of weeks, we’re going to post some stuff on the history of our magnificent club. We’ll also have a daily question for the readers. Try and refrain from Googling the answers haha. With the depth of our history, and our traditions, there is no shortage of material. We hope that this will be informative, as well as fun, and allow our younger fans, in particular, to learn more about the origins and history of Celtic, how we came to be, our triumphs and failures and how we became the social institution we are now.



    Today I want to talk about the Cup Final of 1888/89. It took place at the “second Hampden” and it drew an attendance of 18,000 people, which was a record attendance at the time. Celtic ultimately lost the match by 2-1, to Third Lanark, but the match was, nevertheless, an important one in our history as, of course, it happened in our first season of existence. This was, as a journalist said in 1917, an “unparalleled feat”. The veteran writer went on to say “Football was given a new lease of life. They brought a new following to the game. Thousands who had never previously given a thought to football rallied to the new club.”



    The club broke ground in more ways than one in that first season. They set a club goal-scoring record which stands to this day. Does anyone know what it was?”



    I don’t imagine the guys on this site will struggle with this one.

  15. Sandman Is Neil Lennon on

    Forget the speculation about moving countries.



    UEFA rules state that as long as there’s a full-time professional top division in their own country, noclub can be considered for a move.



    I’ve said before it’s our financial superiority that can dictate a move – but only by starving the other clubs of income as best we can (and that would mean a concentrated away boycot).



    If the SPL ‘goes under’ and the majority of clubs revert to part-time status, THEN Celtic would have precedent to apply legally and with UEFA approval to join the English league. As in the welsh scenario.



    It’s a rock and a hard place; do we want to see the rest of Scottish football fail for the good of Celtic Fc?



    Personally, after the obsequious surrender of lesser clubs during the Hun title run-in and last season’s events around Lenny, I’d have as much sympathy for them as the Nazis at Nuremburg. Maybe a bit sad to see Aberdeen and Hibs go down, but that’s about it.



    Anyway, tomorrow, considering wee Jamsey knackered:






    Matthews, Rogne, Chas, Izzy



    Brron, Vic, Ledley






    Sammi, Stokes



    BENCH: Hooper, etc, etc.





  16. To add on European revenues…



    This season, discounting gate receipts and the tv market pool, from the EL Group Stage, we will receive €1.35m. Shamrock Rovers, the worst performing team this season will receive the basic €1m from Uefa.



    I have no idea what this season’s tv market pool share for the EL is, but suspect it to be around a fifth of the CL one, which would give us an additional €1.85m or thereabouts, which ties nicely with our ~3% of the anticipated total market pool of €60m.



    On that note: did you know that our market pool share is about 7% less than Romania’s, yet our domestic tv deal is about 50% less? Or that it’s 11% of England’s, yet our domestic deal overall is about 1% of the EPL’s?



    Sky & ESPN: screwing the SPL since 2009 :-(

  17. James Forrest is Lennon says:


    13 January, 2012 at 12:55



    most goals scored in the scottish cup in a single season?

  18. Sandman Is Neil Lennon says:


    13 January, 2012 at 12:56



    It’s a rock and a hard place; do we want to see the rest of Scottish football fail for the good of Celtic Fc?




    An interesting question.



    To turn it around: would the rest of Scottish football be happy for Celtic to continue to fail, by condoning cheating, for the good of themselves?



    I think the answers to both those questions should be the same, whatever way they pan out.

  19. Gordon_J



    What if we amend the question a tiny bit and say, “Are you quintessentiallyRangers? If so … ”

  20. philvisreturns says:


    13 January, 2012 at 13:14



    How far ahead of his time was George Harrison? Playing with his Playstation in the 60s.

  21. twists n turns at 12:26








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