Kieran, Jozo, daring to complain about the Government


I lost count the number of times I heard “Worst Dundee United team I’ve ever seen” on the way out of Celtic Park yesterday. They were guileless, unable to do any more than stand in Celtic’s way, and they didn’t even do that very effectively, as Leigh Griffiths demonstrated.  I hope Mixu gets a grip on things soon as I’ve seen a better United team than that relegated.

For Celtic it was an important win on the back of a week to forget. Martin O’Neill was fond of saying the most important thing after a defeat is to avoid another one, when confidence slips it can often do so for a while.

Kieran Tierney won the free kick which led to the second goal and the penalty for the third. His energy levels were high and he looked every inch a Celtic player. Ronny knows teenage talent needs to be developed at a comfortable pace but the stage is Kieran’s right now he might just make the position his own.

Delighted to see Jozo Simunovic after a long and, for some, worrying absence. This was a difficult game to judge central defenders, as Celtic did so little defending, but what was asked of him was carried out well. He also showed a decent change of pace and sent a rasping shot on target from 30 yards.

While last week will take a while to leave the system, the next five days are enormously important: Heats in the League Cup on Wednesday before Aberdeen on Saturday. We can speculate on what’s destroyed Aberdeen, but whatever it is, there will be clear decks for the visit to Glasgow on Saturday, but before then we have one of our biggest domestic challenges of the season at Tynecastle.  Need to get it right for both.

My first reaction when I saw the Green Brigade banner yesterday was they some poor sod was likely to get huckled for this entirely peaceful and appropriate protest against a ridiculous law and ever-conspiratorial government and police. Such is the nature of the Offensive Behaviour Act that you can’t really complain about the Scottish Government confident that you are free to do so.

The Scottish Government-Police Scotland pact is set in stone. No amount of ridicule from courts to stadiums seem to affect it.  I remain appalled and alarmed.

Brendan Sweeney, legend from Celts for Change and more recently Celtic Graves, is launching his book, Celtic: The Early Years, at the Jock Stein Lounge this Thursday, 29 October. I’ve had a preview, it’s an incredible work. If you’d like to attend the launch, to catch up with the author on some of the most incredible times in our club’s history, email him to book your seat, brendan67@ymail.com

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  1. BT – join the Roasters club :-)


    Mind you were already in it



    Work calls so Offf ooot






    Carlton cole , wait and see for me.



    Txt my west ham mate, he said stay away before we signed hIm.



    If we play him with Griffiths I think we might get lucky and he will turn into a worthwhile signing … On his own or cameo roles from bench I’m not convinced he will be worth the signing.



    No matter what way it turns out he is another cheap last minute signing by the board..a complete gamble.



    Hopefully he is a success

  3. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Received a reply from JP Taylor re Lawrie Ross calls.


    Celtic have been partnered with them so they maybe in touch with you soon

  4. Careful With That Tax, Moonbeams on 27th October 2015 1:03 am




    ‘The Tartan Tories have only gave us free prescriptions … Frozen council tax .. Free school meals … Free university tuition .. Spent millions to mitigate the affects of the bedroom tax .. I could go on .. ‘






    Free tuition fees, free prescriptions and the council tax freeze benefit the middle class at the expense of the worst off.



    The measures to mitigate the bedroom tax were proposed by Labour at Holyrood and adopted, reluctantly, by the nats, who would have been happier to use the Bedroom tax for political advantage than to do anything about it.



    The reality this morning in Scotland is that the House of Lords has derailed the Tories welfare cuts whilst the nat MPs have been totally impotent and ineffective.



    For those (not cult members obviously) who want to know the truth about tuition fees, and who benefits from and who is penalised by SNP policy, this is worth a read.




  5. Morning all, Delaneysdunky my sincere condolences at your loss, tragic is an understatement. RIP.



    Ayrshire is Green and White

  6. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Delaney’s Donkey: Just on. Terrible news about your family.RIP I will light a wee Spanish candle later today when in the town.

  7. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Has anyone else received an email this morning from changedotorg about GCC’s ambition to restore Govan Dry Docks with a cafe and souvenir shop? It reads like a page from Private Eye and I don’t know whether to laugh or cry as the great and the good continue to pummel Glasgow.



    Anyway I didn’t log-in for that but to thank Jobo and CRC for the message to LMS5ers about young Shay.



    Having lost three lives and now the recipient of a joker pass, I’m obviously as impervious to permanent damage as Ironman, so should Crystal Palace not prevail against United expect an asteroid strike to happen, before Sunday night, to keep me in another week.

  8. Politics on banners.


    Politics in CQN.



    Looks like the three year crash course Uni. Mob are on the March.


    The Trotskyite plastic comradeship in here is laughable.


    Stick to grooming teenagers getting arrested, while you grand stand at AGMs.

  9. A non exec member of our board – OUR BOARD- voted in the lords last night in favour of the tax credits changes that will hammer the poor.



    This guys is entitled to his beliefs, but he must be removed from the Celtic board. His continuation will be unacceptable to the majority of individual shareholders I would guess




    Ian Livingston, Baron Livingston of Parkhead, pack your stuff up. Time to go.

  10. STRINGER BELL on 27TH OCTOBER 2015 10:19 AM



    ‘A non exec member of our board – OUR BOARD-‘







    The reality is that it is not our Board, it’s The Great Desmondo’s Board.



    That’s just the way it is.



    The only way the fans could change it is a total boycott, and that’s never going to happen.

  11. BRISBANE 67...Sack Deila. More of Peter Lawwell # Serving up Tripe & Trialists since 2003 on

    TD67 10.06



    Do you fight with everyone?



    Goodness gracious.



    Save your puerile response; it falls on deaf ears.

  12. The Battered Bunnet on

    Tony, you seem to be unwell this morning. Perhaps a peppermint tea and a wee lie down will help.

  13. ernie lynch on 27th October 2015 9:43 am,


    Not getting in to an argument with you,but your narrow mindedness does you no favours.The Labour Party have either abstained or sided with the Tories on everything they are foisting on the public.Yes the HOL derailed,for a time,the benefit cuts.Cuts that have not been opposed by Labour,but have been by the SNP.


    The same SNP who are joining in with the Welsh Nats to oppose further laws being implemented to further weaken the Unions.The Bedroom Tax,if as you say was opposed by Labour,nonsense,lip service only,it has not done them any good in England.Around a month ago,there was a late night debate in Parliament on “The Living Wage.54 SNP supporting,and 8 labour,6 Tories,was all that deemed it necessary to even turn up


    You state that the SNP were impotent,and ineffective in the tax cuts.Really?.Maybe if Labour had done what the Nats did and joined in opposition,instead of abstaining,this would not have been the case..

  14. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    I was looking for a Celtic related matter on Google and unintentionally clicked on a Daily Record report on Sunday`s game. The article was ridiculously anti-Ronny Deila and was at pains to `encourage` the more easily led Celtic supporters to reinforce their belief that Efe is a dreadful `bombscare`. As soon as I hear or see the word `bombscare` in relation to Efe, I assume the speaker/writer is easily influenced.




  15. ERNIE LYNCH on 27TH OCTOBER 2015 10:14 AM


    Turkeybhoy on 27th October 2015 7:12 am







    ‘One thing,on this subject,they did not lie.’














    Wrong. Cameron lied about it.





    They promised in their Manifesto,£12 billion of benefit cuts.

  16. ERNIE LYNCH on 27TH OCTOBER 2015 10:27 AM


    STRINGER BELL on 27TH OCTOBER 2015 10:19 AM







    ‘A non exec member of our board – OUR BOARD-‘
















    The reality is that it is not our Board, it’s The Great Desmondo’s Board.







    That’s just the way it is.







    The only way the fans could change it is a total boycott, and that’s never going to happen.





    Not for the want of you and people like Neganon continually pushing for one.

  17. ERNIE LYNCH on 27TH OCTOBER 2015 10:27 AM


    STRINGER BELL on 27TH OCTOBER 2015 10:19 AM







    ‘A non exec member of our board – OUR BOARD-‘
















    The reality is that it is not our Board, it’s The Great Desmondo’s Board.




    That’s just the way it is.




    The only way the fans could change it is a total boycott, and that’s never going to happen.







    No, it’s our board. Our club, our fans, our team, our board. Everything about the club is associated with its fans.



    Of course, I take the point you make and know get your meaning, but when my phone beeped a minute ago, it a was a text from someone saying ‘I see one of your directors voted for tax credits’.



    Our board.



    Des,mods choice, but our board in everyone’s eyes..

  18. Turkeybhoy on 27th October 2015 10:34 am



    ‘They promised in their Manifesto,£12 billion of benefit cuts.’






    Do you accept that Cameron lied about cutting tax credits?



    The received wisdom about their proposal to cut £12 billion seems to be that they didn’t expect to win a majority, they expected to at best be in a coalition, and the figure for proposed cuts was to give them something to horse trade with. Thanks mostly to the nats they did gain a majority and are now stuck with trying to do something they never really intended to do.



    That may of course be why this change was being done by way of a statutory instrument rather than primary legislation, otherwise they could have invoked the Parliament Act 1911 and forced the change through. This way they can blame the Lords for the policy having to be rewritten, thus establishing themselves firmly in the centre of British politics.

  19. Jamesgang



    Livibhoy has got tickets!



    He’ll post later on if he gets the chance.



    Says you’re a lovely ghuy, so watch out!





    Wee quiz for you.



    Which two letters complete this description of my opinion of your latest rant?



    Thi si fu



    No need to thank me,but don’t take all day on it.

  21. Great article here,




    image: http://cdn.thecelticblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/10986478_521038698071606_8114521594694982617_n-300×264.jpg






    So, according to some The Green Brigade have been involved in another “controversial incident” this weekend.



    The nature of the controversy?



    A banner at the match on Sunday, calling Scotland a “police state” and saying that this state of affairs has been brought to us by the SNP.



    I voted for that party at the last Scottish parliament election, as did a lot of other Celtic supporters, and I can say without equivocation that a lot of people have a problem with what the Green Brigade did for just one reason; they told the pure and simple truth and the truth occassionally hurts.



    I’m not a single issue voter, so I didn’t consider the criminal justice side of the SNP manifesto in isolation. I voted for them in spite of those proposals, but be under no illusions about what I thought of the proposals themselves.



    I think large parts of the SNP’s criminal justice agenda are dangerous – and I make no apology for using that word.



    But governments of every stripe do stuff that makes me question the people involved.



    Both Labour and the Tories passed draconian anti-terror legislation and free speech is under attack in various bills going through the Commons right now.



    This doesn’t let the SNP off the hook.



    If this is what their vision of Scotland will look like they can keep it.



    I don’t disagree with everything in their criminal justice platform, by the way.



    I think the idea of centralising policing with Police Scotland might yet prove to be a good one, for example, in certain circumstances.



    I understand the concerns some people have, but this might not be a bad thing overall.



    For one thing (and this is a subject I’m researching thoroughly for a writing project) a centralised police force would be hugely helpful in a natural disaster or high-level act of terrorism; it would cut about five layers of bureaucracy out of the mix and make organising assistance to the affected area a much easier process.



    But the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act criminalises political expression, and that is a step too far for any government to make. On top of that, they’ve discussed abolishing jury trials in certain cases and, most worryingly, they’ve said they want to revisit their dropped proposal for a change in the law that would abolish the need for corroboration in certain criminal cases … which will be an outright scandal and something that may very well influence how I intend to vote in 2016.



    Does that make modern Scotland a police state?



    What, a centralised police force, prosecuting people for their politics, no right to a jury, mandatory sentencing, stop and search and a place where people can be convicted on hearsay and no supporting evidence?



    I’d say so, wouldn’t you?



    At the very least, we’re one of the most authoritarian nations in Western Europe, and that’s a goddamned outrage.



    And as some of this legislation specifically affects football fans, then the Green Brigade are doing us all a big favour in trying to open this debate up to a wider audience.



    As usual, a lot of people are focussed on who is sending the message rather than on what the message is.



    This is being labelled a “controversial” act, as if what’s happened to the Scottish justice system somehow isn’t, which is a frankly ridiculous assertion and one everyone should be challenging, and what never ceases to amaze me is how little support the Green Brigade gets from a lot of people in our country, people who should be on the side of the angels here.



    These guys, and the FAC team, have been fighting this battle largely alone, in spite of the tremendous implications for all of us which are contained in the Offensive Behaviour at Football act and other aspects of the SNP’s justice agenda.



    Where the Hell is the rest of liberal Scotland here?



    The Green Brigade has tried to raise these issues in a dozen different ways, and they’ve exposed the hypocrisy at the heart of the OBAF bill again and again.



    But some people don’t like the message and others don’t like the messenger.



    Some just don’t think we should be criticising the SNP for anything they do.



    I don’t care for any of those opinions or those who hold them.



    If the Green Brigade is guilty of one thing it’s this; they tell it like it is.



    They speak the truth.



    And a lot of people will continue to have a serious problem with that.






    These bhoys are doing a job a lot of other people ought to be doing.




    Read more at http://thecelticblog.com/2015/10/blogs/the-green-brigade-and-a-problem-with-the-truth#E3Zj6om0ByVbDyGE.99





    I Like the cut of your jib,mate. But your c&p is nearly as bad as my Dad!



    Btw,I’ve done the same. Often!!

  23. Tony D



    Have you got reply from Celtic about the ref performance from Motherwell game ?



    Haven’t been on much so may have missed it.

  24. Proudbhoy @ 10:59am


    Here’s the reply I received


    “Hi Patrick



    Thanks for your email, yes it was certainly more than one ‘honest mistake’ on Saturday.



    I think given the furore caused the last time we asked for clarification on a referee’s decision it’s unlikely that the Club will make its feelings public, however some of the decisions were quite unbelievable and I think this will be reflected in the post match reports.



    Best regards



    John Paul



    It would appear that they don’t want to rock the boat ….

  25. Olivier ( he’s a bombscare ) Tebily



    Glenn ( he’s a bombscare ) Loovens



    Gary ( he’s a bombscare ) Caldwell



    Du ( he’s a bombscare ) Wei



    Daniel ( he’s a bombscare ) Majstorovic



    Joos ( he’s a bombscare ) Hooveld



    Efe ( he’s a bombscare ) Ambrose



    Dedryk ( he’s a bombscare ) Boyata



    Welcome to the club csc

  26. The Battered Bunnet on

    “Thanks mostly to the nats they [The Tories] did gain a majority”



    You’re entitled to use the blog to spin your little stories Ernie, that’s the prerogative Paul allows us all, but do try to keep on the right side of fact.



    There are 650 Members of Parliament.



    330 are Conservative



    231 are Labour



    56 are SNP



    Even had the Labour Party taken every seat won by the SNP, the Conservatives parliamentary majority would be unaffected. As you well know.



    The Tory Party majority was won in England, where the SNP (as you also know) does not stand, and where the Labour Party singularly and spectacularly failed to make the case for votes.



    The reason there is a Tory government in the UK is because the Labour Party didn’t win in England. As is pretty much always the case in UK General Elections, the largest party in England wins the day. Labour failed to connect, to make the case.



    Wouldn’t have made a great deal of difference to the rest of us had Labour won though, given the Labour Party’s aping of Tory policy on most substantive issues. Two cheeks, and all that.



    Did the Tories gain a majority thanks mostly to Labour’s failures? Hell yeh.

  27. Turkeybhoy on 27th October 2015 10:53 am



    +1 on the quality of that article and it more or less sums up my position.



    I’ve never supported the OBFA and I’ve always made that clear but even if I thought that such a thing was justified it’s so woolly it’s nigh on impossible to a) know you’re breaking the law, nor b) for the police to implement it. The other thing that I don’t think ‘normal citizens’ realise is the harassment side of it, without the need for charges to be brought.



    Lets take a) they say ignorance of the law is no excuse but since no songs nor sectarian/offensive terms are actually documented it’s impossible to be truly ignorant. Which leads to;



    b) you could be walking to the game singing eg The Soldiers Song you pass one pair of officers, they’ve been in the game a long time and despite being several degrees up the masonic tree they know there’s no problem and allow you to pass (while cursing you under their breath). Two streets down you pass another pair of cops. Young and committed they think your chanting some Fenian nonsense and decide to do something about it. At the very least you end up inconvenienced. All because the law puts too much emphasis on the knowledge/objectivity of the cops.



    The whole thing is just far too vague.

  28. TBB I endorse your response to EL. Once again he blames the SNP but as you pointed out arithmetic is not on his side btw I blame those pesky voters how dare they vote like that!!

  29. Bhoyfromsky



    Very poor to be honest



    Not sure what I expect Celtic to do but to admit they don’t wanna complain because it’s too much hassle is abit poor.



    Ah well



    We should be well used to the honest mistakes by now.. And a board that sits back and says sweet f.a

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