Kieran’s premature deadline


There is no doubt Kieran Tierney wants to represent Scotland against England at Hampden in 11 days’ time, it will be an occasion to relist for any professional athlete, but this will be a game to far for many after an exhausting season. For Kieran, who suffered a facial injury on Saturday, it is a premature deadline on his recovery roadmap.

Right now, all the player can do is make the right noises and rest. By the middle of next week, he should have an idea what discomfort he is likely to experience at Hampden. Gum shields and masks can help, but a size 5 (or worse) in an injured face is not to be trivialised.



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  1. thomthethim for Oscar OK on





    Jim is still at CP. He is doing his A coaching licence in Ireland and sees his future in soccer.








    Big Jock told his players to forget what had been achieved by the club in previous years. He told them to create their own legends.



    They did and what they did will never be repeated under football’s present structure.




    Brendan’s team have created their own legend, which, arguably, may never be repeated.




    The only club hurt by Lisbon died five years ago.

  2. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    One out, One in


    All aboard:)





  3. The Green Man says SACK THE Board



    Well, after that they will be short on others to call on so Fox would be forced to stick at it for a bit…

  4. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    The PLC might surprise us and appoint Noam Chomsky:)


    But Liam Fox fits the bill….no doubt he has got a few tall tales to tell about how he stood in the jungle as a boy.




  5. starry plough



    A fella of Irish Catholic decent, born and raised in a council house in East Kilbride who went on to university and became a doctor. He then became a Conservative MP because he had a burning desire to destroy people’s lives.



    I’m his biographer btw…

  6. Is it possible to appoint Liam Fox to the Board without also appointing his special friend Adam Werrity?

  7. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    See he didnt learn much at University then:)





  8. Hi Paul67,



    We always have and I suspect always will differ on Celtic Players turning out for Scotland.



    I’m hoping KT is fit an raring to go with half dozen Inviolable Teammates that will be the Equal to anything England throw at us…






    Far be it for me to out a dampener on a Momentous Week by moaning but this was just something that got my goat…



    You may say Paranoid Moi…



    And I must admit the Many of The Stories and Praise that was heaped on the Lions has been Stupendous… Rightly So…



    As pointed out by at the time by a few on CQN some Media types couldn’t help but have a pop or a dig or a swipe at us…



    Obviously Didn’t say anything at the time but a rather snidey headline got me.



    It was in the Telegraph, a review of the BBC’s Lions Documentary, by Roddy Forsyth.



    “TV to celebrate Lisbon Lions’ fabled European Cup triumph 50 years on”



    Now their is a lot of adjectives you could use a and many ways to describe the Legendary ’67 Victory in Lisbon but it was in no way, shape or form a fable… I’m sure a Journalist of 30 + years standing knows what it means. Very underhand in my opinion.



    If Mr Forsyth wants to find a fable to write about he need look no further than his Favourite Glasgow Club(s).



    Hail Hail

  9. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Im betting that he got tangled up with Edmund Burke on a dark lonely night…when all his uni pals were oot experiencing various manifestations of the counter-culture:)





  10. The Green Man says SACK THE Board



    It’s funny you should mention that…



    Fox used to be a GP in Beaconsfield…the place where Burke had his estate…



    Must have been drawn to the area.

  11. The Green Man @ 11.39



    Liam Fox is the alter ego of Kev The Jungle.



    Aff oot ( actually starting work but a wee tribute)





  12. Looking like its increasingly likely we wont be seeing Paddy R in the hoops next year.But as someone said in his twitter page, you may leave Celtic Paddy, but Celtic will never leave you.

  13. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Now…how could i possibly be aware of that connection….Ha :)


    Ive er…noticed, that certain students have certain influences


    I note the Tory obsession with William Pitt.


    Liam Fox would be soaking these influences/ideology up for his wee plan as a candidate.


    Its what they do.


    Burke is their foundation to waffle and lie.


    Anyway….you know all this:)




  14. thetimreaper on

    BARNEY67 on 30TH MAY 2017 11:59 AM


    Looking like its increasingly likely we wont be seeing Paddy R in the hoops next year.But as someone said in his twitter page, you may leave Celtic Paddy, but Celtic will never leave you.





    Nothing has changed in the last few weeks. He will go back to City for pre season and see where he stands.




    Trust me, I probably only know a fraction of what you know on political theory!



    I just have a deep dislike for Liam Fox. Plus, you know, I’m his biographer…




  16. thetimreaper on

    Remember that time Liam Fox put in a mileage expense claim for 3 pence after travelling 100 yards in his car.

  17. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Any time a Conservative is challenged on policy, they will claim to be acting in the ‘national interest’


    Its a well worn formula.


    Theresa May is a perfect example.


    Read her recent speeches….Its very much framed in Burkean terms.


    ‘National Interest’….i.e Vote for Theresa to give her the power to act in the ‘national interest’


    Its so old…that it creaks:)


    The surprise is….that people seemingly fall for it.





  18. Yep. Barney, Sadly can’t see him coming back any time soon. Think there will also be a fairly major clean out of fringe players. Kris & Efe are effectively gone. I think Izzy’s contract is up as well but someone posted that he had another year left. O’Connell’s contract is up 31/5/17 don’t think it will be renewed. Lads like Ciftci. Allan & Janko will go if we can get someone to take them.

  19. Wee true story…



    When my Family Moved from Scotland to Beaconsfield, upon arrival I had a severe Asthma Attack.



    My Mater took me round to the Doctors… me pale, purple lips…



    They refused to let me see a Doctor, not registered NHS, Wasn’t going Private.



    Anyway after some haggling the Receptionist agreed to take my details…






    Address: Burkes Road….



    MMMmmmmmmm… Wait one moment…



    Receptionist departs…



    Comes back….



    The Doctor will see you now…



    Emergency Ambulance with Oxygen Tank straight to Amersham Hospital…



    Lucky we had a plumb address ;)



    LocationLocationLocation CSC



    Hail Hail





    TBH,the next SFA-relevant representation I think Kieran should make is for legal proceedings against those complicit in his horrific injury.



    That will be against Madden for refusing to do his highly-remunerated job of officiating,which after earlier unpunished thuggery allowed Stockley to realise that,yes,he could get away with it.



    Despite sending him off for TWO elbows a few weeks earlier.



    The SFA for appointing him in the first place-evidence is everywhere,he might be a decent ref(stop laughing)but he has a blind spot for us. Well,not us. Everyone who batters lumps out of us.



    Stockley himself. That must be ahem stamped out.



    Sue the lot of them,Kieran. They were all complicit in it. Sue them via and with the full backing of the club.



    Surely sometime-as we’ve been saying for far too long-there must be a line in the sand where the club say



    That’s it. Enough. Our players are being seriously assaulted with encouragement from our authorities,it stops now.



    And if you think encouragement is too strong a word,well when they know they get away with it,of course it’s encouragement.

  21. I see there is a lot of online chat about Gerry McCulloch as Head of TV & Digital Media at Celtic. I wish him all the best but remain a bit unhappy about some of the things he has previously said about ‘obsessed’ fans, the Big Tax Case and sporting advantage. Please see the below…








    Not knowing that much about Miss May I was surprised to see how poorly she performed on TV, is she normally a backroom monster away from the light. She seems to have difficulty with joined up thinking…

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