Kieran’s premature deadline


There is no doubt Kieran Tierney wants to represent Scotland against England at Hampden in 11 days’ time, it will be an occasion to relist for any professional athlete, but this will be a game to far for many after an exhausting season. For Kieran, who suffered a facial injury on Saturday, it is a premature deadline on his recovery roadmap.

Right now, all the player can do is make the right noises and rest. By the middle of next week, he should have an idea what discomfort he is likely to experience at Hampden. Gum shields and masks can help, but a size 5 (or worse) in an injured face is not to be trivialised.



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  1. An Teach Solais on

    Has McGlennan taken any action against the thug Stokeley yet or will it be anther SFA cover-up?

  2. From SFM. Can Shareholders Sue Grant Thornton?






    May 29, 2017 at 12:20



    Grant Thornton,Rangers auditors during the EBT years. The facts are staggering. Over two years Grant Thornton were found to have committed no fewer than TWELVE cases of professional misconduct which meant the accounts presented to the public were mainly fictitious. Robert Napper was found to have ELEVEN cases of professional misconduct.









    The following in bold/italic is copied from a draft that Stewart Regan sent to Rangers in December 2011 where Regan sets out the justification for granting the licence to Rangers.



    Many will have read the full e mail that caused consternation at Rangers and the draft never saw the light of day.



    However we now know from testimony that an actual liability existed before 31st March and there was no dispute that it did. Any discussions that later took place were about a payment plan not appealing, that came later as part of tactics to evade payment following CL exit.



    The point is that if what is in quotes below is indeed what Grant Thornton told the SFA Licensing Committee, then it was misleading at best and they have played a part in the ongoing deception of football supporters AND club shareholders who might now be looking for someone with money to sue?



    It is noted from the report submitted to the Licensing Committee by Rangers FC’s advisors Grant Thornton UK LLP, dated 30th March 2011, that:


    “All the recorded payroll taxes at 31 December 2010 have, according to the accounting records of the Club since that date been paid in full by 31 March 2011, with the exception of the continuing discussion between the Club and HM Revenue and Customs in relation to a potential liability of £2.8m associated with contributions between 1999 and 2003 into a discounted option scheme. These amounts have been provided for in full within the interim financial statements.”


    Since the potential liability was under discussion by Rangers FC and HM Revenue & Customs as at 31st March 2011, it could not be considered an overdue payable as defined by Article 50. We are satisfied that the evidence from all parties complied with Article 50 and, on that basis, a licence was awarded for season 2011-12.



    Footnote: Since the above justification for granting the licence in March 2011 has been shown by testimony to be unfounded, don’t be surprised if another justification squirrel hitherto kept secret does not drop out of the SFA tree.




    Imagine if Boyata had done that to Hayes,he would be in jail by now waiting to be deported back to Belgium before spending the rest of his life picking up litter from the side of remote Belgian roads..



    Wan rule fur wan lot and anither rule fur us

  4. An Teach Solais on

    So Stockley gets away with assault and battery. Hope that that incompetent and bigoted Madden is shown up for what he is in any European match to which he is appointed. HH

  5. The bold/italic section above began at



    It is noted



    and ended



    season 2011-12.


    (Should have checked the hypertext)

  6. Auldheid


    Has there been any more meetings with Celtic about Res 12, or is it on hold due to the High Court case?

  7. An Teach Solais on



    Thank you for an excellent expose of more malpractice in the award of a European licence to oldco. If you have a moment, could you please post a link to the detailed breaches of UEFA licensing code for Sevco’s application for season 2017/18. Thanks, if possible and grateful thanks for all your efforts. HH

  8. fergusslayedtheblues on

    Well ,this really is how it feels to be CELTIC and I must say it’s bloody FANTASTIC .


    Unbeaten through a whole season domestically and TREBLE winners in the season that marks the 50th anniversary of our famous clubs GREATEST ever season .


    Glad so many tims had such a great time in Lisbon and sounds like they made more friends during this visit too


    The all so predictable snipes of the unbeaten season being no great shakes will of course begin to appear later this week and when they do ,all I can say is






  9. Wow, what a weekend!!!


    Alcohol haze beginning to clear!


    HH to The Invincibles!!

  10. BABASONICOS71 on



    McCulloch will obviously say whatever it takes to please his employers and make money.I’d bet if he was asked by the board to say ‘thems’ is a new club through his media role he would do it.If cut he’d bleed green but with cash not through being a tim.




  11. Fanatic @ 5.19



    Andy Walker already trail blazed for McCulloch a man that was not allowed to say the ‘L’ word in five years on air, Walker very quickly ditched what he really thought, soon after ‘L’ day.



    He deliberately does the same in commentary and says the opposite of what he knows Celtic fans have see.



    The trick is with the employer Clyde, Sky, STV, BBC , get an ex Celt and tell it like it isn’t.



    No script, no job.



    Dissappointed Celtic see fit to employ Gerry McCulloch after he helped Sevco along the journey by being a conduit for lies, deception and deflection.



    But they are small potatoes in the bigger scheme of things given that some Celtic fans harbour much more serious doubts about the Celtic board since 2012?

  12. !!Bada Bing!! on

    McCulloch hiding behind the big lie, helped get him the gig , if the Club’s silence is anything to go by




    Hadn’t seen it and it seems like a very slippy slope that one but that being said I’m pretty sure they jailed a comedian here for take the piss out of the Gov’t and recently a German/Turkish comic who’s name I forget he was banned sin dae from Swiss Tv as he really ripped the piss out of them.



    They don’t like it up ’em the old Swiss as I have found here over the years.



    Good foreigner : Do your shite job and be grateful that we let you live in our Paradise


    Bad foreigner : Ask questions, examine history or otherwise not be a sheep!!


    Really really bad foreigner : long haired Celtic supporting gobshites who do actually ask if their whole society is based on other peoples misery:)))



    mate of mine calls Switzerland the Nice Dictatorship and he’s born and bred here. The worst thing you can do here is put your head above the corn.



    Strange wee gaff, like one of those sixties movies where the wee place looks wonderful and beautiful till you stay the night!!



    There be monsters…and a sleekit tacit approval for nazi behaviour in the strangest of places…




  14. Jimmynotpaul on



    You were correct about not clicking the links, having a nice relaxing afternoon then I get myself wound up :-))) Not sure why I put a smiley face because it’s true.


    Your post at 6.03.


    It nails it for me.


    Gerry will say and do what the PLC want him to. He will follow their script now and they know it.


    Hail Hail.




    It’s different for us fans on the ground we see the thing and make our judgement. The Media Merry-go Round in Scotland is a tiny pool where ethics and morals are in short supply.



    it’s all back scorching and people changing the views like their overcoats!



    If you’ve spent any time “backstage” you’ll know what I mean.



    I don’t have much time for Gerry but now I will be forced to if it’s his coupon on Celtic TV!



    Me no likey bring back Summer!

  16. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    TAL, never got a chance to say cheerio to you. Had a great time in your company ya Maddie:-)



    Hope all goes well with the rest of your trip and things work out for the best. Pas my best to any of my cousins if you bump into them.



    HH bruv

  17. TEUCHTER AR LA 29th May 2017 11.16 pm



    Cheers for that, loved your stories especially about you horse Tornado! Had me laughing even on the way home on the plane. What was your wives horse called again ? You need to post that story, was hilarious.


    Down Tornado! (don’t know how to do the wee thingys above the A’s)



    Delaneys Dunky 29th May 2017 10.56 pm



    Thanks mate, really enjoyed meeting you too. Especially after being a lurker for so long. Love your dancing to Jorge Cadete!



    HH pinkstreetcsc

  18. Starry


    Aye it’s a slippery slope alright, am surprised the sectarian polis in scotland haven’t cottoned on as yet, but they will be working on it of that I am sure.


    Never had the pleasure of Switzerland nor have I to my knowledge met anyone from there either, seen something on youtube about it tho and your discription is bang on :-)



  19. BABASONICOS71 on



    “The Media Merry-go Round in Scotland is a tiny pool where ethics and morals are in short supply.”




    Sounds like politics. ;)


    You need to start a ‘Bring back Summer’ campaign.










  20. TET


    I met a family from outside Berne while on holiday in Turkey, nice polite people unfortunately their son supported Borussia Dortmund[fine] and the dead club, not fine, he only spoke German and the parents some English, he would not accept they are dead.




    I have only ever seen one Swiss guy here wearing a hun beanie, Told him in German a little about what they stood for, turns out his girlfriend bought it in Edinburgh airport cos it was red, he decided to biff it before he got home:))



    One does what one can:))

  22. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    He who pays the piper calls the tune.



    It’s no big deal.



    Gerry McCulloch will do what he’s told.




  23. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Starry Plough , that horror Lichsteiner at Rubentus has put me off the Swiss.



    In saying that I quite like Ramon Vega as he is always very complimentary about us.




    He’s one of their top exports and no matter our personal feelings about him which are quite strong obviously he is proof positive that their FA’s plan to invest money at the grass roots level 20 years ago has worked.



    When I came here hardly any of their players went abroad, now a lot of their team play in Germany, England and Italy.



    Their national team is always at tournaments now and sad to say the way they ran their football in the last years to get their country up the rankings shows us how poor a job the Hun SFA have been doing since most of us were still Mad Young Hoops:))




  25. Soup producers Campbell’s and Heinz have today entered receivership due to Gerry McCulloch’s leaving Radio Clyde for a new staring role with Celtic FC.