Kieran’s premature deadline


There is no doubt Kieran Tierney wants to represent Scotland against England at Hampden in 11 days’ time, it will be an occasion to relist for any professional athlete, but this will be a game to far for many after an exhausting season. For Kieran, who suffered a facial injury on Saturday, it is a premature deadline on his recovery roadmap.

Right now, all the player can do is make the right noises and rest. By the middle of next week, he should have an idea what discomfort he is likely to experience at Hampden. Gum shields and masks can help, but a size 5 (or worse) in an injured face is not to be trivialised.



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  1. Jimmynotpaul on



    I noticed Pollok won the WOS cup on pens. Tony will have had a good day. A double celebration.


    Hail Hail

  2. kikinthenakas on

    Disappointed in the appointment of Gerry McCulloch but he has been doing Celtic events for years. Hers a guy who failed to mention liquidation in all his time on the radio…tweeted about Celtic fans mentioning it as if we were paranoid…our board employed him before as I said….but if there is one thing Gerry loves it’s himself. Anyone who has been in his company would testify to that..


    Gerry yer an Anderson Puppet..away n look in the mirror…eh mibbe not you’ll fix yer hair n make up.




  3. Over on sevco media there is a 13 page thread about a hun blogger who works at the record, he sent a tweet to Gerry McCulloch congrating him on his new job at Celtic.


    Jeezo, it’s unbelievable, yer man is a long serving poster on sevco media, they reckon he should be thrown off the blog cos he said congrats.

  4. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    At least we won’t need to give him a company car


    He was on TV when he moved into the old athletes village after the Glasgow games

  5. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Starry Plough, Swiss footballers have progressed over the years plus the number of players who are the chidren of Albanians/Kosovans , have helped also.



    The sweet eff all based at Hampden along with the media and dare I say it Sir Dave of The Dodgies with his wreckless ego , have not helped Scottish football in any way.

  6. McCulloch always sounded like a silly wee boy, no matter what he was talking about and regardless of any angle – maybe he has hidden talents.

  7. BT, a cracker, it’s the way he tell ’em!



    Hope you and OT made it home in one piece.



    Resignation/Retirement letter in today, last day at work 16 June – happy days.




  8. Surely there must have been a better option than ‘Soup taker, liquidation denier’ McCulloch as head of TV & Digital Media. Did they interview anyone else? Maybe they’ll sign Andy W and Rat Nevin also. Come on Celtic – you could have and should have done better.

  9. Great blog J Forrest.



    We all do things for money. I tell folk rubbish day in and day that I don’t believe but I have a mortgage, wife, wean and Celtic to finance.



    I know the debate has moved on from yesterday but………



    Was this season a success?



    Well, now it’s uncorked, we can smell the full rich texture of it and drink in the moment of a last minute winner, in an unbeaten domestic season, where no British team beat us, not even Pep’s Blue Moon City, where – for at least 10 minutes – i forgot, i had a job that I tolerate, Donald Trump was the leader of the free world, forget about brexit, forgot about our prime minister, forgot that i was soaking wet….



    If that is not to saviour then your dead inside…..

  10. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on




    Great news A…. ☘️☘️☘️

  11. Winning Capts.



    Any chance of getting McCulloch on here to answer a few wee questions from the bhoys ??????

  12. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Jimmynotpaul, Pollok have won 4 trophies in the last four seasons.



    Cumnock went 2 1 up in the last five minutes then Pollok scored in injury time to take it to penalties.



    Tony will be very happy , I’m pleased to say . They play Petershill in the semi final of the Central League Cup.



    According to a Pollok fan I know, some of their fans are not happy with their inconsistent league form .



    Is Paddy looking forward to next season?



    I just watched Sportscene’s coverage of Saturday from Toms’s goal onwards. It was so special on Saturday with the after match celebrations coverec well by the BBC . Broonie singing along to Walk on and let the people sing was great to see.

  13. What is the Stars on



    Lucky you


    Enjoy your retirement.


    16th June, Bloomsday


    You will be able to go to Lisbon for the 51st anniversary hopefully

  14. My friends in Celtic.



    The statement :- “Having stood in the Jungle as a boy, it was a great honour to be a director of Celtic,”



    Apart from the director bit, it’s a very common statement I’ve seen mega times on CQN.



    It poses the question :- Was there any adults that stood in the jungle ?




  15. Friesdorfer at 8:07. Trying to catch up on 2 days CQN news when saw your moniker at top of page. That sounds like great news and thanks to you and Barbara for helping us to settle in at Lisbon. G sends her best wishes.


    Haven’t had the chance to get on CQN since returning thanks to 2 donkeys deciding to escape to another field so have been fence- mending for last 2 days. Still buzzing though.

  16. Jimmynotpaul on



    I’m not back until Thursday, so I watched the whole game again today and what did I see today, my bhoy and 3 other members of the Cumberland No 1 a real good close up of their ugly faces :-)). H.T. wasn’t in it this time, he was probably sitting with Lord Livingston or Ian Bankier. :-)))


    I hope Pollok thump Petershill, their fans boo Paddy because his name is Paddy. Cambuslang Rangers and Larkhall have both been promoted so he might have to get used to more abuse.


    What is your bhoy up to football wise and has he forgiven you about the ticket yet?


    Hail Hail

  17. Goooooood Evening CQN :-)


    Interesting ? The same agent sourcing all the new players for a new club in Scotland as well – now which takes priority for his superstars :-)



    Paul Lambert: Wolves boss leaves Molineux after seven months in charge


    Paul Lambert guided Wolves to 15th in the Championship and the fifth round of the FA Cup


    Wolves head coach Paul Lambert has left the club after seven months in charge.


    The Championship club will make an announcement “in due course” on a new head coach and backroom team.


    Portuguese Nuno Espirito Santo, 43, an ex-goalkeeper who has left his post at Porto, is his anticipated replacement.


    As well as Lambert, 47, coaches Stuart Taylor and Rob Edwards, their former player, and another ex-player Tony Daley, fitness coach and head of sport science, are also leaving.


    Lambert is the fifth of Wolves’ past six first-team bosses to last less than a year at Molineux.


    His role had been in doubt since the end of the Championship season over a dispute about who has the final say on signing players.


    The decision was made as part of a coaching restructure by Wolves’ Chinese owners Fosun following an end-of-season football review.



    The Mendes link



    Fosun have had a close working relationship with Portuguese agent Jorge Mendes since their takeover in July 2016.


    Several of their 12 summer signings were arranged by Mendes, although the majority of them struggled to make an impact at Molineux.


    The one undoubted success was winger Helder Costa, who initially joined on loan from Benfica at the start of the season before completing a club-record £13m move in January.


    Costa ended 2016-17 as Wolves’ top scorer with 12 goals and swept the board at the club’s end-of-season awards.


    Lambert had spoken publicly of his desire to sign mainly British players this summer. But reports of the Scot considering his future as a result of his unease with Mendes’ sizeable involvement in Wolves’ recruitment policy first surfaced earlier this month.

  18. mickbhoy1888 on

    Wonder how many bloggers CVs and applications were overlooked for the media job at Celtic. Well judging by the trophy haul and the direction the club are heading in, it seems that the board are getting the major appointments correct no matter what some others may think. So away and wallow in your never ending downward spiral of self pity and take the rest of the summer off and away and celebrate the winning of the treble.



    Ps Has there been a Pink Street reunion organised for next year yet

  19. onenightinlisbon on

    I have been impressed with the way we have handled the media in general for the past few seasons and Brendan has taken it to another level this year. I’m sure the appointment of Gerry M was made on the basis of his ability to do the job better than the other candidates (if there were any). However following him on Twitter and hearing others comment about his statements on Clyde ( I refuse to listen) makes me wonder why the club would be happy to appoint him on any basis. However as our club has, so far, done very little to deal with Sevco and the previous incarnations cheating I don’t find it surprising that they have seen fit to appoint an “old firm” apologist. Maybe the powers that be at Celtic would agree with him that we are all “obsessed” with “Rangers” and should leave our anger in the past and move on. After all, a strong “Rangers” is “good for the game in Scotland” don’t you know…….

  20. Just back from a 4 day sojourn in Majorca, flew out 4pm on Saturday:((((


    Anyway just wanted to reassure cqn I was still breathing and congratulate our wonderful club on a fantastic season..


    my two bhoys represented their old man at the game and I hope they remember being there in 50 years!!


    Anyway onwards and upwards



  21. weebobbycollins on

    So many on the bandwagon it is in danger of toppling over…


    Welcome Gerry, smashing guy, good company…

  22. I cannot give a personal opinion of Gerry McCulloch as I have neither heard him nor of him before reading of his appointment to Celtic TV on here. For those who have heard him and disapprove of his `signing`, why not let Celtic know of your disapproval via our Liaison Officer who is generally very helpful:






    `night all.




  23. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    I hope kt gets as much rest as possible – he’s got a difficult second season ahead of him tomorrow – jaw or not – any broken bone can change your performance .

  24. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Jimmynotpaul, there were problems at Larkhall when St Roch’s played there about a month ago. St Roch’s state they had no issue with the Larkhall club but with some of their fans, the polis and the SJFA. The SJFA’s response to their complaint was the old nothing to see here move on mince.



    Did you pause the telly when Paddy and his pals appeared on the screen and go FFS or that’s my bhoy. Lol



    My son has hardly played for his team since the turn of the year as he works most Sundays . He , understandably , didn’t rate the coach as he was all talk and hee haw else.



    Junior has bought a new pair of Nike boots that cost over £80 so I hope he finds anothe team to play for next season.



    He was very philosophical about it . He really wanted to go but he told me as he was going on holiday in 3 weeks it was important that he got as much dosh in as possible . A very sensible young man with the added bonus of him being a big Celtic supporter.

  25. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Friesdorfer, congratulations on hanging up yer boots.



    Lucky bassa.



    Nice to see you and Mrs dorfer in lisboa. Enjoy your time off.




  26. WITS, thanks for the good wishes. Great to meet you and your good lady in Lisbon. B sends her best regards to you both.



  27. Delaneys Dunky on




    If you are looking in Billy?


    Hope all is well wi your ticker in Lisbon. Enjoy your own company in a beautiful city. See you soon mate.



  28. Delaneys Dunky on




    Good luck in retirement.


    Send my love to Barbera Ann. Haha

  29. Scaniel, great to meet you both in Lisbon, what a fantastic time. Fence mending is supposed to be good for the soul, I believe! Keep looking after the donkeys and let the sheep and zombies look after themselves! Will be keeping a close watch out for the next series of Shetland. Thanks for the good wishes.



  30. ACGR, DD


    Thanks Bhoys, it was a hoot. Looking forward to the next bash already!



  31. Teuchter ar la


    Great to meet you too in Lisbon. Hope the recovery was sufficient for your long return trip.