Kieran’s premature deadline


There is no doubt Kieran Tierney wants to represent Scotland against England at Hampden in 11 days’ time, it will be an occasion to relist for any professional athlete, but this will be a game to far for many after an exhausting season. For Kieran, who suffered a facial injury on Saturday, it is a premature deadline on his recovery roadmap.

Right now, all the player can do is make the right noises and rest. By the middle of next week, he should have an idea what discomfort he is likely to experience at Hampden. Gum shields and masks can help, but a size 5 (or worse) in an injured face is not to be trivialised.



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  1. A Stor Mha Chroi on




    Did Hearts get a sweetner not to complain?



    Why did King meet with Reagan?



    King is not the ‘chairman’ of Rangers, he is not a fit and proper person to have any influence on the Scottish game.



    Or were they just exchanging aprons?



    ONEMALLOY on 31ST MAY 2017 8:34 AM




    Thanks for you & your daughter Jaq being my minders in Lisbon along with Cowiebhoy & his good lady




    tuck tuck CSC :))





    HI S – it was great to have your company together with that of Mr and Mrs COWIEBHOY , regards to all from J and myself




  3. A Stor Mha Chroi on










    Come on Finnie, I’ve got you down for an away win. Or should we worry that the Crown has a cousin of Bryson on the bench?

  4. An Teach Solais on

    AULDHEID @ 8.52am


    Thank you, sir, for providing the link.


    Scottish clubs may well be “reticent” to complain about the cheating but perhaps any club drawn against Sevco in the Europa League (if, indeed, Sevco are granted a licence) may not be so reticent if matters are drawn to its/their attention.


    Regarding “It’s none of our business” , I prefer to think that sporting integrity is a matter for us all.


    Again, thank you for posting the link. HH

  5. Regarding “It’s none of our business” , I prefer to think that sporting integrity is a matter for us all.



    And it sure as hell should be the business of every one of our shareholders. Big and small alike.

  6. Morning cqn


    Back and rested after a few day celebrating


    “This is what it means to be Celtic”


    I was laughing from the second OT67 took off his belt and I,at ninja speed ensured the stayed up.Many memories, many Celtic fans met, and mucho Sagres downed in the heat of Lisbon :-)


    The meal laid on to award the cyclists was great,Mouldy/Vmhan and the rest of the cadence cotterie take a bow.Big Rory too who we met at Fatima who had cycled over from Donegal,to all cyclists well done and a not insignifigant amount raised for charity.The evening flattened out around 4am-ish, but big Teuchter got another in:-)


    Up bright and early breaki with Tam and ACGR (believe it or not no alcohol consumed)Mass was at 11, it was a privelege being there,our own Connaire12 celebrating mass, he seemed, if I may say to catch what our club is all about in an unrehearsed eulogy that made me feel as tho I was one of the shirt and tied working class gents from Glasgow, Greenock or the port all them years ago.The flautist was superb, with renditions of the Celtic song and walk took some time to leave but the was no rush, Celtic and those who gave us Celtic were smiling down on us as sure as was the lisbon sun



    And so after another change, coffee etc a taxi was hailed to The Estadio National.


    So many Celts met at Estadio, our own BSR and Eurochamps and Jim kelly and his band of 50 y.o celebrants.all came diff ways, diff parts of the planet, some heading back for the final.brilliant.


    The cyclists were done.the approx 2, 500 of us wecomed them warmly.


    It took an hour to get to cafe on way to train station, meeting loads of Celts and an increasin amount of astounded locals wondering were the game was, this convo generally ended in them getting an invite to pink st.



    Arrived back at cas sodre and headed to pink st, a long street overseen by a road over the arch, bite to eat with crc, timreaper and thunder road then a few beers.highlights here were many, the 67th min light show with locals joinin in, the scotti sinclair song with full jump into di-di-roo-roo-roo had the locals joinin in the chaos….and suddenly to have jorge cadetes sister in our midst, his song was should be pointed out acgr started saying cheerio at 9.30…..11…4 drams to a glass……by half3 big tumblers were needed ha.


    Left there bout 4 in mornin


    Next Mornin I met mr and mrs cowiebhoy for a trip to Fatima.Sound.To pray there was a privelege and a trip highlight for me.Thanks again N and was special and next time I will make more time.


    On coming back we went to cafe tava, met bt,ot and pog,


    I went back to hotel to freshen up before joinin kikinthedj, tam,skye and ross for an indian at the end of their meal (naw mick ah didnae hoover everythin up lol) Acgr warned me to break his fingers if he touched Scotch,,,,,,yup you guessed it bushmills


    and jamesons were sipped lol, the halo appears above his head appears lol


    Ending up in pink st til 5 and numerous coffees at hotels til ?am.another great night mixin with Celts young and old.



    And so to matchday


    Treble winning matchday


    The lionroared back into our company.Him being out of our company is another story but thanks to staff at hospital santa marta I had the honour of watchin the SCF in Billys company.(the burger and fried egg wisnae bad either ha)CR7 was just great, the tims, tattinger and prosecco and beers all popped when big tam rogic in that lazylazy way dinked the ball over the keeper to ensure trebletastic celebrations were had by all.paul whata dj




    A big italian meal and bed bout 1am


    good chat with henriks chip and aileen at restaurant.


    Flight home and lift to door by Pog who can steal ma dinner anytime lol thanks


    A lot of memories Celts and a lot more besides, a renewal of faith friendship and Celtic…..and a treble to celebrate:-)


    I have missed loads but not in my heart


    God Bless Celtic and everyone I met and said hello to


    God bless The staff at Santa marta




  7. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    Word of The Day (Donald Findlay’s strategy so far)



    Discombobulate /ˌdɪskəmˈbɒbjʊˌleɪt/




    1. to disconcert; upset; frustrate:


    2. to throw into confusion



    Word Origin


    C20: probably a whimsical alteration of discompose or discomfit





  8. Sipsini


    I pick her up tonight from the airport – She’s been in Scotland looking after ma ma’.


    I’ll tell her for sure and she will be flattered, but surely it was me who looked “older” after bevvying for 17 – 18 hours a day :-)


    Give Myfanwy a big kiss and tell her I said hello – It was great meeting you both.


    We’ll stay in touch.



  9. thetimreaper on




    Nice post, enjoyed reading that. As you say, thanks to the hospital staff that worked for LionRoars67. And thanks to you for arranging the ambulance and following him to the hospital. I’m sure he won’t forget it.

  10. Turkeybhoy 8.50.


    “What amazes me is how did he get out unscathed” ?


    That ,mate, is the big difference . Don’t rise to the bait .


    Why slap a no mark ?


    The guy will now have some explaining to police ,courts , employers possibly , friends and family trying to justify some public hatred in a Tim pub. It speaks volumes about his upbringing or influences .

  11. TurkeyBoy



    It is not a Sevco issue, it is a governance issue. Hearts and St Johnstone may have more locus this year than Celtic had in 2011, but that does not mean Celtic shareholders and supporters should not be questioning those with a responsibility for even handed governance and trying to make them accountable.

  12. LionsRoar67


    Great to see you in the CR7 on Saturday, hopefully the result was a tonic after your troubles. Huge thanks to AT for looking after you, and enjoyed the story too!


    We are all with you on the road (again) to a full and speedy recovery.



  13. An Oldco supporting mate of mine is down visiting this weekend for a couple of rounds of golf. The race is on to find a green and white hooped polo shirt…

  14. Friesdorfer


    You merit your retirement, hope mrsF and you have many lisbon-like weekends around the planet.;-)





    Check you email later :-)





    Well done on the sclaff and on gettin to the final.




  15. Turkeybhoy


    It’s looking like the huns are going all in re transfers, they look like they are gambling on making the EL group stages, Pedro is obviously getting a fair chunk of the season book money, when they fail to make the groups it’s gonna be well worth the watch imo.


    As for thems getting a licence, I posted before that it’s a good thing, uefa will impose sanctions on them that they obviously haven’t considered, it seems like it’s fine to break the rules to get into a uefa comp, but once there you have to stick to the rules, they will never manage it and will not get another licence till they do.



  16. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Interesting side note to the Cup Final.


    Both goals were scored by the players’ unfavoured foot. I don’t know if this is down to the individual skill set of Armstrong and Rogic, or is it practiced and encouraged under Brendan’s regime?


    I have noticed this with Armstrong before, he is not shy to give it a lash with his left foot.


    I used to think Kevin Keegan was never a truly World class player (in spite of the English media’s testimony), because of his “one-footedness”, and often wondered just how great a player our very own Tommy Burns could be if he could use his right foot as well. (Not that he wasn’t a great player).


    It is good to see, in our current team, and I think both goals on Saturday, may not have happened if either player had tried to get the ball on their favoured foot.

  17. glendalystonsils on



    Alves v Stockley. Who would win, or run away?



    Are they only allowed to use their elbows?

  18. South Of Tunis on

    Back home in a sunny / warm south east Sicily .



    Nostalgic way back to Glasgow from Lisbon in 67 trip done — Salamanca / Burgos / Irun / Bordeaux / Poitiers / Tours/ Orleans / Paris . Hope to do a similar thing in early May 2020 -. Calais to Milan . Hitched it then , it will be driven in 2020….No sleeping outside !!!



    Watched the Cup Final in a bar in Irun — had a struggle to get to see it -locals much more interested in watching the cycling ( The Giro) . One guy gave me the good ole ” we don’t like rugby ” routine . Get the same thing in Italy but watching the likes of Stockley doing what they do and getting away with it you can see where the joke comes from ..



    50 years ago — how things change . 17 year old me thought Irun was a lovely place ( I only knew the basics re the Civil War ). Seemed a lot less lovely this time round having learned that truly dreadful things happened there in 36..


    Anyone any info on the cup final tifo


    Was it not allowed or did the GB not


    Organise one Probably the former?

  20. Arrived back home after a magnificent 5 days in Lisbon. The atmosphere, the people, the organized events all contributed to a unforgettable Celtic experience. It started on the first morning, sitting outside a Pastelaria when an older couple crossed the street, he with his Hoops top on. A big wave then hail, hail. We swapped stories about our journey. He told me he was there 50 years ago and showed me his match ticket that was sacred to him. The mass at the Basilica was very special and I have never seen so many people with tears in their eyes, very emotional. The stadium visit allowed you to imagine how it must have been for supporters and the team all those years ago. On to Pink Street and over 3 hours of non stop singing, a magical night for us and the locals alike.


    The day of the match and I met another couple in the street as they approached, her, replendent in yellow and he with his telltale green Fedora. “How’s it goan” as he spotted my Celtic badge. He too was there 50 years ago, buying his ticket from McGinley’s travel after his wife had won the bingo and gave him the money. He worked in a baker’s and the work’s van dropped him at the airport, with the driver giving him 2 pies for the flight. Alcantara, restaurant, then “Irish”pub to watch the match, just my wife and I, strange atmosphere but magic ending. Met with some CQN’rs who directed me to CR7, quick taxi, to join in with the celebrations in bar. Great day meeting with familiar CQN names and sharing the joy of being a Celtic fan. Shout out to An Tearmann as we reminisced about our common secondary school days, turns out he was at school with my brother.



    Thanks to all for your welcome, thanks to BRTH for organising the Lisbon 50 event and thanks to the people of Lisbon for taking the Celts to the hearts. Lisbon 2017 will long live in the memory.

  21. calleyroadbhoy57 on

    Morning all. Whilst still not fully recovered (food poisoning):). I thought I would try and put something together before I go back to llurkerland. First of all a massive thanks to BRTH for everything he did for me and my Son Marc. I will be eternally grateful Jim. To all the guys I met, PMYH(an old friend). Blantyre Tim, a great guy and the love and respect he shows for Davie(Oldtim) was lovely to watch. An Tearnan, my necks still sore from looking up at you. KITK, big Paul you’re a gem. Morrisey 23, Hugh you’re a true Rebel and for those of you who may have thought Mags McGill was a cantankerous old woman, let me tell you he is a very handsome man with fantastic silver hair and the most amazing Scots/American accent. Man crush? You bet :). Great to meet you John and Hugh. Big Jim Q from Germany. Alan B from Bathgate, My old PO colleague Tam McD, fellow taxi driver Dom G and his two fantastic Bhoys Craig and Keiran. Billy (Lionsroar) get well soon and John McC(Mallorbhoy?). All the Gorbals Bhoys, Brian G, Mick R, John C and the last of the name checks, Drew Bell, thanks for allowing Marc to share a taxi into Lisbon with you.


    2 quick stories which were highlights for me, if I may. At THE Mass on Thursday morning I don’t think there was a dry eye in the Chapel. I was thinking of my Dad(RIP) and I was sobbing when this young guy, who I don’t know from Adam, put his arm around me and consoled me. We met outside and he tells me he had travelled from Jersey. Turns out he is mates with my brothers 2 pals Joe Lucas and Johny young from the Gorbals. Thomas Panton you’re a gem. Finally, make of this what you will. In 67 my Dad travelled with the Sarsfield CSC on a chartered flight, the famous one which was late getting to Lisbon. He was dressed in slacks, white shirt club tie and green blazer with the club crest. After the match my Dad and his mate Jack McCourt went for a meal. A priest sitting at a table nearby sent them over a glass of red wine in celebration of the famous victory. On the Friday when my Dad arrived home, he was still immaculate apart from three dots of red wine on his shirt. When I woke on Thursday morning, had a shower and was looking through all my tops deciding which one to wear. I picked up the “Spirit of 67” shirt which I had wore at the meal the previous night and to my utter astonishment, as God is my Judge and for those who saw me on the flight home will confirm, there was 3 drops of wine on my shirt. Hail Hail guys and God Bless.


    Back to lurking



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