Kilmarnock remarkable defence and form


And from nowhere, our return to Celtic Park is to play the league leaders: Kilmarnock.  Steve Clarke has a quiet demeanour but however he projects his ideas on the training field, he is vastly more effective than (arguably) any other manager in the country.  Our record against Kilmarnock under Clarke is two draws and two defeats.  For a club that spent half a century getting roundly spanked at Celtic Park, that is a remarkable stat.

Four wins in four games, all with clean sheets, means Killie will be confident of limiting Celtic to few genuine chances, especially when they review video from Wednesday’s game at Fir Park.  It is, therefore, more important that we move the ball quickly and our passing game as as crisp as possible.  This means a midfield with Christie, McGregor and Rogic.

Odsonne Eduard will lead the line on Thursday against Salzburg, but I am split on whether he or Leigh Griffiths will be best up front tomorrow.  I would be tempted to play Leigh but suspect the manager will go with Odsonne.

We held a halftime lead at Rugby Park earlier in the season before losing in the final seconds of the game.  Dropping three points from a winning position is always a sore one, the players will hopefully revisit that feeling tomorrow.

Celtic FC Foundation Christmas Appeal Bucket Collection

The Foundation undertakes work from Haiti to North Glasgow, but the Christmas Appeal concentrates on those in the UK and Ireland who need help at this time in particular.  The many homeless who need cover and will benefit from a warm meal.  The families with children without enough money to put food on the table and heat their home.

Those of us who live ‘normal’ economic lives will find extreme poverty is impossible to fully comprehend.  Because of the Foundation, some homeless will be warmer, some children will receive gifts and feel like a normal child for once.

As you enter Celtic Park tomorrow you will see people shaking a bucket to collect for the Foundation.  Bring some money along.  The magnificent work of the Foundation is yours, done in your name, fulfilling the cause of your club.

Be a part of it and tell your pals to do the same.  Thank you.

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  1. Thank You Almighty Lord.



    Thank You.



    It is Great to see Celtic do so well.



    May I just say I really detest PLC’s now….. I thought they were programmable logic circuits.



    I digress…



    I really dislike EA the gaming Corporation now.

  2. mike in toronto on




    Not sure if you are a big jazz guy, but this is one of my favourite pieces of music, and thought you might enjoy it ..



    Psalm from Colrane’s A Love Supreme … he wrote the prayer, and then played each word as a note … one of my late night listens.




  3. MIT,



    Crackin Youtube.



    Not a tube for Everyone especially not little olde Moi.



    I do ma jibber jabber (explaining what I post) in Person.



    Too many things it would take paragraphs and pargraphs to get misunderstood. Dude.

  4. Works Christmas lunch day out successfully negotiated. Sleep calling! Tomorrow we regain Top Spot!!

  5. !!Bada Bing!! on 7th December 2018 11:11 pm



    Petec- what ive heard






    That is Good. I only seen the First Half @ Motherwell and Jozo and BB done alright.



    I hope he gets Bach to his very Best…….

  6. One Malloy



    Thoughts and prayers in support of you and your family on the death of your uncle Davie.


    Rest in peace



    Calton Tong



    Fantastic act by your friend Mick





  7. mike in toronto on




    I was listening to it, and the notes ‘thank you Lord’ were played just when I saw your post with the same words. So, just thought you might enjoy it

  8. Delaneys Dunky on 7th December 2018 11:21 pm



    I expect to go to Paradise tomorrow to see Celtic go back top of the league









    Dinnae expect anything – It is Gods story. Just get there if Yucan.



    Magical Celtic SUPPORT.

  9. mike in toronto,









    There is a wee game late midweek.



    Let me on the Decks if we got the Lights.



    Fight hard Celtic.

  10. As Ever since Brendan has become Our Leader.



    Anticipation of the Team selected is HIGH.












    Again Heightened

  11. G-Thang,



    It will be a right good giggle, nae Sonics howevaaaaaah.



    I’m sure the Frame Time will be worse than hours previously.



    It will be Good.

  12. Right, back in house on PC,



    Would like to thank everyone for their kind thoughts re my young cousin.



    Hopefully, he’ll remember how to spell Calmachie and log in himself and etc…???

  13. Greenwells Glory on

    Mike In Toronto Salve salve; – JS Ondara, Thanks for sharing, this kid is really good, something of Dylan in his style. Like him a lot.





    Corripe Cervisiam



    A wee tune for you


    Easy listening

  14. Kev , brilliant post ol friend ?you may get a few snide digs from usual suspects ????, you know who my friend, the WANS !! who back doon fay the heavyweights on the blog, replay to yourself and me aw day Long !! But shoite it Fay ?? Well we all know ?????



    Kev , brilliant post ol friend ?you may get a few snide digs from usual suspects ????, you know who my friend, the WANS !! who back doon fay the heavyweights on the blog, replay to yourself and me aw day Long !! But shoite it Fay ?? Well we all know ?????





    Oih you, that’s blatent fatism.

  16. I may be the only one, I haven’t read back, but I think we will win by at least three goals tomorrow/ later today.


    Millie or Killie even, are not prolific goal scorers and we have the most miserly defence in the SPFL. 7 goals conceded in 14 games. Impressive is the only word that fits.


    Killie, on the other hand, are decidedly average on the road.W4, D3, L1.


    Our home record is impeccable, flawless. 100% scoring an average of 2.5 goals a home game.


    I fancy a few of our players will be wanting to impress Brendan and secure a place for Thursday night. There’s no doubt we will be motivated, and inspired by a full house, we will blow Kilmarnock away.





  17. I am gonnae Hate no havin ma Bhoy beside me the day.



    As long as he keeps turning up for the games that really matter (every game).



    Kilmarnock will feel Celtic Today.



    Celtic are likely to send Killie into a tailspin for a while.



    Still shocking odds for Celtic goals.



    I guess the bookies know something.



    Can You Feel It

  18. TEUCHTER ÁR LÁ on 7TH DECEMBER 2018 8:52 PM


    Down in Key West and it is very colourful and there is flags everywhere




    FFS, This site is all over the place – jumpin’ crashin’ and reloading, thought this post had gone to cyber purgatory.


    Anyhow, like I was trying to say – Ach, It’s no even worth it.

  19. Teuchter ár lá,



    If on a mobile – go to your settings tab of browser – 3 lines usually….. go to advanced (possibly) and turn java aff.



    Anyway hunt doon java, the big level 10 scumbag.