Kilmarnock remarkable defence and form


And from nowhere, our return to Celtic Park is to play the league leaders: Kilmarnock.  Steve Clarke has a quiet demeanour but however he projects his ideas on the training field, he is vastly more effective than (arguably) any other manager in the country.  Our record against Kilmarnock under Clarke is two draws and two defeats.  For a club that spent half a century getting roundly spanked at Celtic Park, that is a remarkable stat.

Four wins in four games, all with clean sheets, means Killie will be confident of limiting Celtic to few genuine chances, especially when they review video from Wednesday’s game at Fir Park.  It is, therefore, more important that we move the ball quickly and our passing game as as crisp as possible.  This means a midfield with Christie, McGregor and Rogic.

Odsonne Eduard will lead the line on Thursday against Salzburg, but I am split on whether he or Leigh Griffiths will be best up front tomorrow.  I would be tempted to play Leigh but suspect the manager will go with Odsonne.

We held a halftime lead at Rugby Park earlier in the season before losing in the final seconds of the game.  Dropping three points from a winning position is always a sore one, the players will hopefully revisit that feeling tomorrow.

Celtic FC Foundation Christmas Appeal Bucket Collection

The Foundation undertakes work from Haiti to North Glasgow, but the Christmas Appeal concentrates on those in the UK and Ireland who need help at this time in particular.  The many homeless who need cover and will benefit from a warm meal.  The families with children without enough money to put food on the table and heat their home.

Those of us who live ‘normal’ economic lives will find extreme poverty is impossible to fully comprehend.  Because of the Foundation, some homeless will be warmer, some children will receive gifts and feel like a normal child for once.

As you enter Celtic Park tomorrow you will see people shaking a bucket to collect for the Foundation.  Bring some money along.  The magnificent work of the Foundation is yours, done in your name, fulfilling the cause of your club.

Be a part of it and tell your pals to do the same.  Thank you.

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  1. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    PETEC on 8TH DECEMBER 2018 3:46 AM


    I am gonnae Hate no havin ma Bhoy beside me the day.






    Know exactly how you feel.



    If you love them let them go .

  2. Macjay1,



    It is a works night oot and it kicks aff early – Too early for the Celtic game sadly. FFS he is just in the Door. :))



    When he told me that I understood.



    I hope you get to spend as much Quality Time with all of yer Family as possible m8ty.



    Rewind and the Mind thinking of Celtic owning that Bigoted Little place.

  3. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    PETEC on 8TH DECEMBER 2018 4:06 AM









    It is a works night oot and it kicks aff early – Too early for the Celtic game sadly. FFS he is just in the Door. :))









    That`s healthier than climate change. :-)






    And don`t we Tims have lots to celebrate.

  4. Petec


    Thanks mate, JavaScript off. Seems okay now but what can’t you do with it turned off?


    Thought I heard someone say that you couldn’t open links or something.



  5. macjay1,



    I’m no expert but Oh My God.



    The Copenhagen Summit certainly got the Almighty Laughing.



    Ran rings round so many…. Just by that Global Weather Experience.



    He is there. He is He.



    Celtic, the Fantastic celtic, Oui, we have a lot to Celebrate.




  6. Teuchter ár lá,



    It’s an inconvenient pain in the arse.



    Turn it back on on sites you read.



    I dinnae ken if there is a way to just block wan site on mobile phones, sorry I’d like that info as well. :))

  7. And to get a most Nefarious, Notorious and the most important FACT MERITOUS degree you must do so much Sh!t in Life to get there. That Lucifer is God.







  8. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    PETEC on 8TH DECEMBER 2018 4:20 AM



    One rule.



    Never be railroaded by the majority.



    Trust your own good sense .



    That is something you can rely on.



    For good or ill .




    2am KO for me.


    Celtic are worth it .



    Hail Hail

  9. mike in toronto on

    Greenwells @12:45



    Really liked that song. had never heard of them, but will be giving them a listen for sure. Thanks

  10. OneMalloy: condolences on the loss of your uncle Davie.



    Boarding iron bird heading to Paradise via Auld Reekie.

  11. Fairhill Bhoy.



    Wakey wakey. If you are about . Our flight has been delayed in Glasgow due to high winds in Amsterdam. Subsequently we will miss our connection to Prague.


    No chance now of watching the game there.


    Hopefully still catch you for a beer at some point.



    Cheers and HH.

  12. OneMalloy,


    Condolences on the passing of your Uncle Davie. Hard to take, even when it’s expected. Thoughts with You and all Davies Family and Friends.





    Magnificent act of selflessness from your Nephew. Can’t imagine what it would be like to make a decision like that, and to carry it through. I’m too much of a coward to countenance such a thing.

  13. On a happier note, our friend Celticrollercoaster is celebrating today the small event that is his 50th Birthday. ?



    I hope you have a great day young man. Someone who gives so much of his time for the benefit of others deserves to have nothing but good things. ?

  14. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Happy birthday CRC


    REMEMBer to return the wee package you receive from NHs????☘️☘️



    You share it with hunskelper Joe Miller who turns 51 today☘️☘️

  15. morning bhoys from a windswept Cheshire, hopefully 3 points today.happy birthday to celticrollercoaster.hh.

  16. Good morning CQN from an overcast and cold Garngad



    Onemalloy – condolences.



    Caltontongues- well done your nephew, a brave selfless act of courage, compassion and love. ?



    Celticrollercoaster- happy 50th????



    Now bring on the Killie league leaders⚽️?


    It will be another tough game with not so big Stevie Clark getting Everyman behind the ball. 2-1 to the Leather Belts. ?






    D. :)

  17. GREENPINATA-no problem mate,going out shortly to find a pub to watch it.I hope your flight is not held up to long and safe journey?

  18. Good morning friends from a very blustery and damp East Kilbride, a day for keeping the high balls low.

  19. In the absence ofBMCUWP, may I wish CRC a HOOPY HOOPY Birthday. Top of the pile would be a nice wee pressie.



    Hoopy Birthday have a great day !




    Girvan v Cumbernauld off as we thought




    Condolences to you on your loss

  21. CRC – a very Hoooooopy big 50 Marc ???



    H- sorry to hear about your uncle Davie


    May he Rest in Peace



    NB – belated birthday wishes ?




    Calmachie buoy – wow, what a gesture and effort ?? ?



    Now P67 – this iPad has reloaded at least 20 times this morning, please get a grip, the loss of posters compared to adverts must be a concern ?

  22. Can anyone clarify what has happened to Mulumbu? IS he injured? Is he training with the first team squad? Has he been banished?


    His last-minute signing was trumpeted by BR as a good deal and he was supposed to be the extra muscle in the middle of the park for the more physical games.


    What has happened?

  23. OneMalloy


    Condolences on the loss of your uncle Davie – will remember him at Mass this morning on the feast of the Immaculate Conception

  24. CelticRollerCoaster –



    Happy Birthday my friend, have a great day, hope your team wins ;)




  25. Thank you to all on the blog for their thoughts and prayers for my uncle Davie over the last couple of weeks,


    they are much appreciated.