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  1. Got friends in tonight for a Chinese meal and drinks!



    Bit of a mixed crowd but really looking forward to it!

  2. Noticed McInnes and his management team on the sidelines at 1-1 busy talking tactics and urging players on….


    Meanwhile on the Celtic bench…. eh..Gavin what are you getting your Mrs for Christmas , no urgency and absolutely no encouragement .. it’s a team game !

  3. RAY SINGH-CARR on 10TH DECEMBER 2023 5:20 PM


    Just watched Spurs first half. How I miss Angeball. How quickly it can be undone



    ye thats what i was thinking!

  4. Still raging about that game. Day ruined!!!


    We have laboured the point about not replacing Jota and Starfelt efficiently and no question this is the case however we’ve not replaced Mooy and this for me is a contributing factor that has lead to poor performances like today.


    Many away games last season we totally controlled the midfield and Mooy’s good game management and physicality allowed the likes of Hatate CM and


    MOR to flourish.


    Mooy seemed to collect the ball and distribute it brilliantly allowing us to keep our shape and also win second balls.Compare that to todays 2nd half no show.


    We have a complete lack of ability in winning 50/50s and that has consequences for putting our back four under pressure ( not a good thing to happen with so many deficiencies in that dept also).


    Looking at our midfield recruitment in the summer ( TH Kwang and Bernardo) no idea what if anything these guys are going to contribute.


    Add James Macarthy ( where the hell is he) and Turnbull ( telling he wasn’t even thrown in today) shows we have major issues in the middle.


    We need Hatate back and 2 midfield signings .. both strong fast physical players required asap.


    Guys that can win headers and hold off takles.


    Win the battles against the likes of killie , take control of the game and then allow your flair players to win the game for you.


    This was MON theory and look where that took us.


    We are soft touches all over the pitch and the hammer throwers in the spl like killie will expose this painful weakness that’s been allowed to fester for the last two years or so.


    Win all our games before and after the 30th , get to the break , ship out the shit and recruit efficiently then we’re back in business.

  5. lets all do the huddle on

    We are soft touches all over the pitch and the hammer throwers in the spl like killie will expose this painful weakness that’s been allowed to fester for the last two years or so.




    the problem is that no team need to be hammer throwers these days to cause us problems



    they just need to be able to play a perfectly legitimate physical side of the game that we cant handle



    a side of the game that we used to be masters at 20 years ago

  6. Middle off the Week mostly all the players that are getting slaughtered on here we’re all heroes,this afternoon they are rubbish ,we can’t win every game but this afternoon they were all shocking,I would excuse the subs that came on ,

  7. Philbhoy



    Not worth rising to it.



    12 years of abject misery.



    The guy turns up here because his own place stinks.

  8. CQN has once again got more posters than Celtic have players, good, bad and indifferent.


    Up until today’s disaster we had played eight away SPL games, won seven drawn the other.


    Never lost more than one goal and gave up only four in those eight games.


    Kind of form that puts you top of the league even if a mix of you guessed it good, bad and indifferent.


    Today was an opportunity missed, at 1-0 we really should have scored at least one more goal before HT.


    The opportunity was to stay eight points clear with a home game next Saturday 3pm whilst our main rivals are playing a League Cup final. Do the arithmetic. Christmas come early.


    With a fully fit squad, which hopefully is coming soon, we can put out a pretty good team, more than good enough to to win the SPL. Brendan has got to stop throwing the players under the Ol Parks bus, his job is to get the best out of the players we have, not the players we don’t have. And our job is to support Celtic, you know the team that can go eight clear next weekend. That Celtic.

  9. Timbhoy 163



    A good balancing point. Perspective.



    We have 5 league games before the break.



    4 wins and a draw will leave us in pole position.



    5 wins and we are in a great place.

  10. Celtic Mac



    Thanks for that post.



    Good perspective again. Amongst the madness.



    Trying to support the team in among 50,000 experts and tactical geniuses at CP is not so easy at the minute but you make a good point. Especially in a transition period.

  11. Burnley 78,



    Unbelievable you blaming the fans. The fans have demonstrated with time, effort and money to back Celtic.



    How dare you criticise fans on Wednesday night some who have paid £60.


    Fans like the Coventry Emerald who run a bus to every home game and most away games. Leaving at 03.45 hrs.



    Look at the board, the manager and the players.



    HIl hail.

  12. lets all do the huddle on

    What time is the Deadwood post ?



    It is coming on over the plain




    are we talking a Calamity Jane song here?



    i went on the Starry Plough from the Queens Park Cafe a few times many (many) years ago



    they used to have a bus song to that tune that went…



    Oh the Starry Plough bus is coming over the hill,


    Calamity Jane is blowing off Buffalo Bill,


    And Uncle Frank, is having a w*nk,


    Whip crack-away, whip crack- away, whip crack-away.



    maniacs 😃

  13. garygillespieshamstring on

    Let’s all do the huddle



    Yes. Can’t resist a bit of Calamity Jane.



    Love the Starry Plough version.😂

  14. Nawrocki ,Bernabei Holm ,should be starting in the next SPL game ,also could we afford McTominy (would he come to us )and the Liverpool reserve goalkeeper in the January transfer window.

  15. in Brendan we trust , he will select the team to the best of his and the players ability after he watches the training at Lennoxtown.

  16. burnley78/bourne



    You should have seen ma superbru prediction for the Killie game….


    Nul points pour moi

  17. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    People lash out when angry, frustrated, disappointed, not empowered.



    It happens.



    We’ll niggle, rile and squawk on here today.



    Tomorrow will be better.

  18. lets all do the huddle on

    People lash out when angry, frustrated, disappointed, not empowered.



    It happens.



    We’ll niggle, rile and squawk on here today.



    Tomorrow will be better.





    how can a Monday ever be better? 🤷🏻‍♂️😭

  19. glendalystonsils on

    The MIB’s will be emboldened , the Meeja will be blowing a hun trumpet fanfare . They see our weaknesses and will ramp it up . Will it inspire a reaction from us?

  20. lets all do the huddle on

    If possible no more small players,




    its not really the small-ness that counts



    there”s Son just had a briiliant game for Spurs as he usually does but he is hardly a giant!



    but you could obviously never describe Son as “weak” despite his size



    compare that to our team, many of them are physically much bigger than Son, but definitly weaker



    theres the problem

  21. Were missing Maedas pace


    We’re missing through balls and crosses to Kyogo


    We’re missing forward passes



    We always have most possession though…woohoo

  22. We’re also missing early balls from the wing and through the middle



    Why play one touch two touch football when we can mess about with it and keep up the possession stats?

  23. Majestic Hartson on

    Following on from the win midweek v Hibs a couple of posters suggested we show a bit of caution as Hibs were a team trying to play football and it’s generally the difficult to break down/backs to the wall teams we struggle to beat.



    Fair play to those posters.



    As it stands we its up to the coaching team to get the best out of our olayers, finding a formation and style of play that suits them and improving them. This isn’t happening.



    The difference from last season is wild.