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  1. Ok, big dent put in the day. Couldnt see the game and only had a wee peek online.



    Shortie smelt blood in the water early on, and buoyed by the hun victory switched on to full gloat’n’fear methodolgy.



    Did we think we wouldnt have to fight for ir it? Do we not expect our many opponents in scoddland to rally?



    When we win we still have to be better by multiples than all of our many opponents, and to lose we must simply stumble once or fluff our lines to have scoddland ( aye) ready to pull our house down entirely.



    Perhaps today’s defeat will be a salutory lesson to the teams mindset? Surely ther’s no need to mention the ither teams gamesmanship?



    We are sad but scoddland is buoyed by this result.



    How Good Is It To Be A Tim?




  2. b78



    time and time again, you take a dig at the fans, are you PL ?



    there are not 50,000 experts just folk with opinions based on some facts, some hunches, some experience of seeing various teams over the years…a bit like some of the experts upstairs if you ask me



    any decent points you are easily dismissed when you do that

  3. We need to quit the possession and sideways football , and move much faster.


    Why Rocky does not get a game is a mystery to me, maybe he’s a bud un.



    if we continue like this , then I fear the worst.


    Very poor.



    But there again, I never have been a fan of Brendan’s style, but who do we replace him with, is my question.



    onward and upward




  4. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    We’ve not really got out of 2nd gear as a club all season. It strikes me Ange leaving was a psychic shock we haven’t yet fully recovered from. Rodgers is a top rate coach, but I’m still not convinced his heart’s in it.



    We’ve suffered from long-term injuries to key players, but there is also self-imposed dysfunction; e.g. how have we managed to render Kyogo a shadow of himself through our system of play?



    Recruitment has been a calamity. We replaced proven, battle hardened quality with unproven youth. It betrays a plc complacency that mistook our domestic margin for error. I would say big Pistol and his motley crew if cronies will learn the hard way but we’ve seen this movie often enough to know they won’t learn. Because their version of success is different to that of the fans and is measured in pounds sterling.



    Speaking of the fans, Burnley doesn’t seem to have a lot of time for them. You might even say contempt. 50,000 experts blah, blah.



    Presumably the view from the expensive seats is that the hoi polloi should be seen and not heard. Cough up your cash and know your place. Seems to be a world view he shares with his boardroom chums…

  5. bigrailroadblues on

    Bankiebhoy 7.20


    Great post.


    How good is it to be a Tim?


    It’s fecking wonderful .

  6. Have a look at the team Kilmarnock put out today .


    Journey men would be an injustice to the meaning .


    Everyone,and I mean everyone from Directors downward ,should be ashamed of that performance today .


    If I was involved in anyway with a performance like that I wouldn’t look in a mirror tonight HH

  7. Lager and Naiwroki have been out injured for months.



    I would not have played either on that pitch for their first game back.

  8. I would like to see Scales at left back with CCV, Lager and AJ at the back,



    Any news on the progress of the injured?

  9. Reading back,sometimes facts just get swept away .Nawrocki and Lagerbielkie are not projects.Both very good CHs,and starters in their leagues.Both had to be thrown straight in due to injuries,and performed very well.No settling in,no adjusting,no knowledge of team mates,formations.For BR to discard these guys,yet wax on about Mikey,give him starts,a serial loser,and play a loanee in their position,not a very good one,is demoralising.Only word on the CHs was some vague quote about training.The great man manager seems to have demolished Kyogo,and both CHs.As I said before,his Leicester team that got relegated had the worst by far set piece record in the league.Useless defenders,so you will forgive me if I don’t take his view on who our CHs should be,or striker.His tactics today were abysmal.Anyone notice him trying to change our midfield and defence collapsing second half.

  10. Very poor result today.


    IMHO our current team peaked around April last year and has been on a downward trend since.


    We may have beaten ICT in Cup Final but it was a poor performance.


    Admitted we have had injuries, and whilst the specifics can’t be forecast, participation in CL inevitably increases the number of players out injured.


    We are out of Europe, league cup and if current trend continues we won’t win the league.


    The manager needs to up his game and seems to have brought his losing streak with him. His one dimensional tactics don’t help either.


    Not sure what the solution is, but it’s not more of the same.

  11. NOTTHEBUS on 10TH DECEMBER 2023 7:16 PM


    I mean…CCV, Reo, Abada and Maeda are probably our 4 best players






    The injuries have hurt us. No doubt. Things will get better when these lads come back but right now, it’s difficult to know what state we’ll be in when that happens. This could unravel very quickly.



    Personally, Maeda’s loss is just huge. His work ethic should shame MJ and Palma. If you’re not having the best of days, make sure you’re working hard. MJ can go now. I’ve seen more than enough. The lad is playing for his career and still can’t be assed.

  12. that was bad



    not one player to blame recuritment has been abysmal


    that performance has been a beckoning for a while


    where to now hopefully lesson learned


    you need heart as well as ability sadly we lack the later in abundance



  13. Spikeysauldman



    I am not sure where you sit but honestly where I am there are nothing but armchair experts say around me. Constantly criticising players as if they are ex pros.



    The only real noise and energy comes from the GB or Celtic bhoys or the amazing Kano kids.



    I know it was never as good as we all seem recall back in the day when we stood in the Jungle or the old rangers end, as my dad did, or even walked around to the Celtic end for a quick exit down Kinnear Rd to get a good seat on the supporters bus. It really never was that great but at least there was an authentic energy about it.



    Listening to the tiresome dirges about 800 year fights is no fun either…… but the current scenario with nothing but moaners sat airing their negativity is no fun.



    Maybe that authentic energy came from years of being beaten through the 20s, 30s 40s 50s and early 60s and our having new found joy of being not just competitive never mind actually winning. Maybe now we have become so accustomed to winning we simply expect it. Maybe it’s the consumer va fan conundrum mentioned earlier ? Club treats us as consumers (cash fodder) and so we behave as consumers and expect / criticise when we don’t win. Maybe in these days if super rich players we don’t quite feel as part of shared success ? The connection does not feel the same.



    Whatever the reason I will go these next critical 4 home games but can’t say I expect to enjoy the energy in the stadium unless we get the kind of good start we got v Hibs. I reckon the away games might just be more enjoyable.



    Not having a go at any fans. It’s just the way I see it. It’s easier for the other lot in govan to get energised for winning having been starved of it. You see that as they stand up and engage intgeir big European ties or vs us whilst our fans largely sit on their asses. It’s human nature for our fans / consumers as we have had or so good for most of my life. Better than any time in my grandfather or fathers time for sure.

  14. Burnley78



    Been supporting the hoops for 60 years and to be honest have thought that for some time…

  15. b78



    the atmosphere has been discussed before



    the seats, not standing, folk not standing/sitting with their mates (and god help any of the GB id they dont sit on the correct away seat within the same section) – very much a cause of the deflated atmosphere at home games



    the % of moaners may or may not have increased but the numbers will have increased but many will say its nothing new – tommy callaghan supposedly came in for the same kind of stick that GT did



    and stop bigging up the other lot –



    they’re still in a league of their own when it comes to getting on their players backs – just ask their current Captain

  16. BelmontBrian



    no need for apologies…



    and meanwhile the genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes continue…



    the us vetoes, the uk abstains and the plc toe the party line…



    and thanks BelmontBrian, you have almost put the disgracefully poor and mentally weak performance of the management and players today into perspective…

  17. Young Lawell will get in touch with Man City for a few loans,I expect one transfer in January and that will be a striker ,what I’ve seen of the Aberdeen or Shankland (I think he is going to Sevco )the two of them not for me .

  18. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Scales at left back worth a go. Taylor has been beyond terrible this season. Targeted because of his stature, even his normally excellent passing has deserted him.

  19. PLsBelly



    Scales was mince at left back before – too slow


    They are targetting his lack of pace right now with balls over the top


    We might win a few more diagonals from the kick off tho..

  20. Sad day for all true Tims today …defeat bad enough …but the manner of the defeat was worse …like a few on here the parallels with the Covid season are alarming and growing ..and I for one am definitely of the opinion that there was more than an element of the fix being in …in that season. So Brendan we are virtually back to reset …time to earn your dosh , prove the cynics wrong and keep the Celts in our rightful place …No 1 in Scotland

  21. Burnley


    with all due respect i read your post’s and find them in the most interesting and honest


    but on this point i must disagree


    been supporting Celtic since the early 60,s enjoyed the great high’s and the real low’s


    and the great friends i have had the priviiege to have shared this journey with


    not met one who thought we had a divine right to win anything



  22. Dont know if I am allowed an opinion….please sir can I say something..cap doffed.



    We have went backwards by about 4 or 5 years, we have Ralston a loanee, MJ a loanee, Scales a loanee, could not get a game 6 years ago for us. We also have James Forrest a fantastic servant but his time has come and gone.


    We have had at least 10 transfer windows since these guys went out on loan and the squad is depleted to the point they get a game.


    We should be so far ahead of Der Hun that we cannot see them in the rear view mirror but our board lack vision.



    Sack the BOARD Immediatly.



    Oh and see if someone gets on yer goat at the game that much that you come on a Celtic blog and moan about Celtic supporters…STOP GOING.



    Now, BRRB did you make it over the souside safe ya mad man.



    D :)

  23. The players are sheep.



    The manager is a dangerous PLC plant.



    The PLC are not to blame thy are just doing what any other sharks would setting traps and eating their succulent easy meat prey.



    The 58,000 empty heads who went along with the big lie ARE to blame.



    You ARE now being motioned through another PLC Grift.



    Players and Manager and PLC ARE obedient sheep.



    What would Mr Stein and his players have said if the board back then had banned the Jungle for loudly supporting the Irish armed struggle against British colonial oppression, Internment, Bloody Sunday, BallyMurphy Massacre, etc, through their songs and other contributions?



    Brendan and his 11 sheep players said nothing about the atmosphere section being removed from the big soulless white elephant full of 58,000 plastic(how apt)green seats who`s patrons were banned for opposing mass genocide of Palestinian women and children.



    Banned by the biggest pretentious crooks in Celtic history and happy clapped by 58,000 succulent lamb pretentious rebels lol.



    But ask the Celtic captain to pose like a haddie with a rainbow flag…yes…ok…no problem…a club open to all..etc..blah blah.



    The entire club is a pretentious prick!



    PLC, MANAGER, PLAYERS, 58,000 FANS = Pretentious Parasites.



    A club open to those who concur with Media scripts etc.



    Is this moral decline down to folk who are instantly smeared as “Trolls” smeared by those who succulently finance this infestation of Celtic FC with parasitical people like a PLC Board full of Keir Starmer`s?



    Blaming “Trolls” is so easy, so lazy, so pretentious.



    Celtic Fan Virtue signalling played a huge part in these Palestinian demonstrations and mass genocide, especially by a majority who voted against the only politician who was going to recognise the State of Palestine and peacefully reunite Ireland based on a working class approach, Mr Jeremy Corbyn, stabbed in the back by Krankie Tims ffs.



    Its never too late to make ammends if you have got it in you to get over yourself and do the right thing.



    The virtue signallers voted against this man in both UK General Elections of 2017 and 2019.



    In 2017 Corbyn was 2,700 votes away from becoming PM.


    2,700 Votes away from a Peaceful Reunification of Ireland!


    2,700 Votes away from the recognition of the State of Palstine by the country who threw Palestine under the bus in 1948.






    When Tims see disaster in Palestine and the scumbag invasion of present day Ireland, you should think for one minute and ask yourself….”Is this down to me?”



    If your honest then your soul will answer back…



    “Yes it fkn is Dimmy the guy who told you isn`t a troll…he`s a prophet…and look what you have done by being a stuck up idiot!”



    Thank you Timdom you erse wipes!



    Brendan is a bluffing yarn spinning sheep a dangerous plant imho.



    Brendan`s first mission was back in 2016, get hun games back onto the season books and fixture list without any `same club` questions being asked…he achieved his objective…cuffing a hun team full of Scottish 3rd division players had happy clappers calling BR as better than MON some even compared BR to MON who only conquered an already assembled £100 million hun playing squad…a lot of money 20+ yars ago….no wonder the PLC rip the absolute pish out of these 58,000 empty heads lol.



    NFL, Broony, etc, all well drilled behind the scenes…drilled to blow 10 in a row which would have led to a Ibrox insolvency event had Celtic got the 10, just ask Shane Duffy fae Derry about it as he put it at the time…



    …”I can`t believe the crazy goings on behind the scenes…!”



    Oh yeah…what “crazy goings on” would he be referring to then?



    NFL = PLC Puppet – Mission = Blow 10 In A Row by being a dick!



    Mission Achieved = PLC Champagne Party with daft Broony jumping oot the cake…Future Manager Job Guaranteed just in time to save the Huns again lol.!



    BR = PLC Puppet = Mission Hun game back without any protests.



    Mission Achieved A Season of Thrashing A Hun Team Full Of 3RD Division players = Daft Timmy Street Parties lol.



    BR 2ND Mission = Blow Another League To Save The Huns Again and leave when Huns are uncatchable just lol.



    Imagine being one of the 58,000 empty heads who financed ching ching all of that and much much more but I don`t have time just now to tell you it all lol.



    Remember to wear some flowers in your hair…etc…lol…fkn idiots!



    Scales at left back worth a go. Taylor has been beyond terrible this season. Targeted because of his stature, even his normally excellent passing has deserted him.





    I think Scales last game at left back was Raith rovers in the cup. I believe was his last appearance under Ange.



    He’s nowhere near good enough getting forward.



    That said, Taylor’s position is untenable in this team. He’s beyond poor and is targeted every game.



    It’s perhaps unrealistic to expect a coherent change in formation in the midst of all these games but I’d try Scales as LB or go 3-5-2 to get Taylor out of this side.

  25. Just an observation Killie won the toss and elected to defend the Celtic end the first half ,hence attack the second half


    I bet you now that was a tactic ,little things matter HH