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  1. Shaunamura



    Thanks for your kind words.



    In my opinion we are getting close to many ‘feeling’ we have that divine right.



    The idea that we turn up and expect to win is natural given our financial superiority. There seems little consideration to the 11-18 opposing players fighting tooth and nail to prevent our winning. We saw this with Kilmarnock today. Our team need to earn the right to play and win on these occasions. I don’t always sense the support get this and see the part they can play.



    When fans and support align in the manner we have seen in centenary season or at Love street in 86 or v Sporting Lisbon that famous 5-0 night or Milan in the groups, or the 4-2 10 men game or at Tannadice in 2008 then it is so powerful. On all these occasions and many more we had hope not expectation.



    Those who dismiss the govan lot and their ‘following’ need only look at their Euro run and the fortress that Ibrox became. Not favourites in any of their games their team rose to each event backed by a crowd playing their part. It is when they expect to win and fear coming up short ….. as they may v Aberdeen next weekend…… then their mob are totally toxic. I really hope the last bit comes true.

  2. b78



    dont recall the other mob raising the roof against teams they expected to get pumped from and were pumped by in their woat cl season.



    they certainly did during their europa league run but since then…



    they/the team got confidence under gerrard winning qualifiers and games against teams outwith the top 5 leagues



    they would not have stood for the continual shyte that we have to endure in the CL



    the subway loyal is named for a reason



    the crowds outside the main doors are not in the distant past…

  3. note that i dont know a single fan who thinks that we have a divine right to win


    every football fan does have a right to see their team fight for the right to win and to see their team allowed and enabled to the max to be able to…

  4. btw, no comments on their onion bears, their tifos (william poole), their songs ??? or is that okay so long as it contributes to the atmosphere over there ? the GB on the other hand…

  5. Burnley


    good to exchange but in my own small world i still feel the overwhelming feeling amongst fellow supporters is the love for Celtic is first and foremost


    so on the back of a disappointing day no more no less i am calling it a day



  6. Latchford



    Ever wondered why you have not been CEO at Celtic this past few decades. You seem to think know what the club needs to succeed Better than the current lot running the show ? Maybe you should give it a go.



    Personally I would not do that job for all the tea in china, I used to think I would love it but not anymore. It does seem you know all the answers though.



    Or maybe you might fancy at least actually going and supporting the team. It’s a wee bit more healthy than itching to say you are right and everyone else is wrong after 20 years of unparalleled dominance. It must be hell for you to have to endure that. The broken clock is right twice a day they say. You do come across as a wee bit bitter to me and probably, as you suggest, I sound a bit dismissive to you.



    If someone had told my dad the day I was born (as he sat in a wee 2 room flat 400 yards from Celtic Park) that in my life Celtic would win 9 more Leagues and more Cups than our nearest rivals and also win the European Cup and reach another Euro Final he would not have believed it.



    If we live through another mirror image 20 years of dominance like the past 20 and beat Milan Barca Man Utd Befoca Ajax Spartak Juventus Porto and many more on the way then I will die a very happy old man. Somehow I sense you won’t.



    I guess neither of us will be wrong either. Both will feel justified in our views. It’s about opinions.

  7. Spikeysauldman



    Of course we all expect our team to fight toe to toe in games like today. Personally I wasn’t at the game as I didn’t have a ticket but it seemed we were off it a fair bit in the second half and our manager watched it happen.



    That is the most disappointing aspect. Motivation confidence energy passion intensity and mental toughness seem to have been lost since the day Ange decided to leave. That is really a concern. Ange gave me huge pleasure this past 2 years and was never going to be easy to follow. PL or ML may get things wrong in many folks eyes but in bringing him in they got something very right. Credit due for that imo. It remains to be seen if bringing Brendan back is the right call.



    On the other point



    Do you really think I think their onion Bears are acceptable with the dross they come away with. They are a vile lot. Horrible evil types mixing with misguided individuals.



    To be honest from what I do see most of their fans can’t stand them anyway. Their board won’t take them on though.



    And course a huge chunk of their fan base is entitled. That’s in their dna. The speed of executing Beale with his actual record in terms of results really not too bad spoke volumes.



    Today frustrating for everyone of a Celtic disposition. I don’t for a second believe that with all That is at stake anyone at Celtic will spare the horses this next month to get the job done. As for the energy in the stadium I really hope you are right and I am wrong and we do have a great support for these next 4 home games.

  8. Shaunamura



    I do hope that love for Celtic really does cascade down from the stands this next 4 critical home games.

  9. b78



    good to talk :) i type one lot of shyte when we lose so please excuse. Apparently i was moaning at the wife and my cats. She knew then that we had lost !!



    hail hail

  10. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    The January window isn’t going to save our season. We’ll do next to meaningful business. Our main hope is a fit Hatate and a style that works to Kyogo’s strengths. Asian Cup is going to seriously undermine that. We’re in trouble.



    Lawwell Junior way out his depth in any case as the summer window showed.



    Holm – not trusted by BR


    Lagerbielke – not rated by BR


    Nowrocki – jury’s out


    Phillips – 🙀


    Bernardo – meh, rarely features


    Kwon – utter dud


    Yang – flop. MJ ahead of him.


    Palma – curate’s egg

  11. Paul67



    The conventional wisdom in respect of football economics is that if a club spends more on players than the opposition, that club is likely to enjoy better on field success over a period of time than competitors.



    That is still true as matters stand and whilst Killie etc will take points off us over a season, depending on match day circumstances, none of those clubs bar one, are real title contenders because none of them bar one can out wage their competitors to any significant degree.



    So the question I would have thought would have been on everyone’s lips after both sets of accounts where published is why the feck did we let Rangers FC Ltd spend more than we did on their playing squad and why did they spend on positions that needed strengthening?



    McGregor was a match winner for them but his replacement is not a down grade. Sima is a steal on loan and Cantwell, although a Barbie doll at times, over the piece makes a difference against SPFL competitors.



    Other signings are not signed with sell on value taking precedence but for what they can add physically to compete every week in the SPFL.



    We are hoping to redress that during the winter window and if we do not, heads should roll starting with The Chairman.

  12. Good morning all from a damp 1 degree Garngad.


    Well blow me down we dropped more points, who would have thought that?


    Oh wait 50 odd thousand of us apart from the board place men aka B78 who says we should not be allowed to say what we feel and sit and be grateful.



    Mmmmm nae bother.



    Well stick this in yer bunnet, we will drop more points with that squad yesterday Cal mac and AJ only quality players innt. We have strangled Koyogo’s game to the point he is a bit part player.


    For any Celtic striker to totaly miss the ball from 4 yards is forgivable if he scores more often than not but Oh does not. Not of the quality we need.


    We should have had 4 subs on yesterday around about 50mins to get legs into our side and get running in behind an attacking Killie.


    So questions need asked of the mananger.


    Oh again I might not be allowed to say that. OOPS



    D :)

  13. Matt Oriley is quality as well in my opinion.



    OOPS might not be allowed my input on my input.



    D :)

  14. I’ve often wondered why working class English people vote Tory. It’s largely put down to a cap doffing mindset where people are almost programmed to think that the rich are smarter than them and that the rich should be running the country. That cap doffing state of mind is something that I personally find fascinating and alien. Can it ever be broken ? I doubt it.

  15. We should have had 4 subs on yesterday around about 50mins to get legs into our side and get running in behind an attacking Killie.






    This is sometimes overlooked when talking about Ange. He had a strong bench to see out games. Jota off, Abada on. Hatate off, Mooy on. Kyogo off, GG on.



    On the occasions that he heavily used the squad such as when he first came in and in the last few weeks of last season, the results were poor. The recruitment was largely spot on though and it allowed Ange to go through the most of his time at the club using the same core group of 15-16 players.



    BR has his work cut out. He has wide men that don’t work back. CBs outwith CCV that are not press resistant. He’s has a player at left back who right now is a serious liability. A keeper who won’t leave his line.



    I honestly don’t think the appointment of BR changed anything in terms of the players we had targeted last summer. It’s beyond stupid that we went from Ange to BR keeping the targets but that’s what I think happened for the most part.



    I can imagine Ange’s face when he was asked to sign a new contract and we’ll furnish you with 9 young lads for you to work with, and by the way, you’re losing Jota and Starfelt.

  16. I said several weeks back that this team looks too similar to the covid season, the league is up in the air, the players getting played dont look ready to battle for the jersey, the subs don’t improve us either, this is going to test the motivational skills of our manager to get the best out of all of them, form a squad he can trust not from 4 years ago but now and play the games with commitment if he doesn’t manage this his time is up.


    For now I’m very worried about results, the old pals act, nepotism in the board and backroom staff is scandalous, but changing that would require whole new think from the plc to clean it out they only bother about turnover and profit anyway.

  17. BR does have a man management tight rope to walk now. There’s only so many times a gaffer can give the hairdryer treatment. He has a potential season defining 3 weeks ahead.

  18. Peterlatchfordsbelly ,You like thousands on here last Wednesday v Hibs praising some of the players,yesterday you change your tune ,half of them aren’t good enough,everyone is entitled to their opinions but give Kilmarnock there due they outplayed is in the second half ,we’re in all honesty we weren’t at the races,

  19. As I’ve said before the next 5 games will decide our season, everyone will have to pull together, first and foremost the players, the manager and coaching staff, but the the supporters also have a big part to play.



    The board and GB will have to declare a truce with each other because the atmosphere at Celtic Park is non existent. A club divided is not a good thing


    Win these next 5 games and we’re on the accelerator once again, a couple of decent signings and injured players back and things will look fine.


    Trying hard to be positive here, because the negative is a possibility if everyone is not united at the club, and sometimes I worry that this is the case.

  20. The club is rotten from the top to the bottom.


    Kermit and the muppets in the stand.


    John Kennedy in the dugout not got the confidence in himself to try a new opportunity or is he the muppets muppet .


    Academy ,what a joke,same men in same position for years.doing nothing.HH

  21. From looking across various fan sites and social media. Most supporters regard Palma being the only transfer success from summer window. Personally I don’t see it. He’s a slow Ryan Kent.

  22. John Hughes ( jnr) i on Acsom has nailed it several times over the last year …Celtics problem is the Board ..their lack of dynamism and accountability and their woeful recruitment strategy.There are no measurements of performance …and they quite simply are incompetent at their job…this has permeated through the club..:as they say a fish rots from the head down…We are most definitely organisationally ill!…hopefully not at terminal stage 🤔

  23. Lawwell …trust you slept well last night !?…You have now got what you wanted ….a title race ..with us marginally in front …I am sure you will be the toast of your Masonic lodge whilst you are quaffing champagne with your brothers this week …shame on you 🤔

  24. When we were told that we needed to keep the £70 million in the bank for when we didn’t qualify for the CL ,it would allow us to fall back on our cash reserves.


    This was from a position of supposed strong dominance .



    Surely it is inconceivable that our board want us to be pipped to this season’s CL pot of gold .



    That just doesn’t make sense .


    You would have to be mad to believe that ,and I don’t.



    Yet I find myself considering it, before then dismissing it .



    The issue is that apart from Ange’s inside knowledge of a cheaper market in Japan ,and Br’s inside knowledge of Sinky.


    The majority of our signings have been flops.



    From Congerton to Young Lawell .


    The experts are just not expert .




  25. Remember…



    We are x4 first team starters out atm – Cameron, Reo, Daizen and Liel – and still top of the league.



    Yet the pitchforks are out for all and sundry from the Board to the Coaches and Recruiters to the Players.



    Yes, yesterday showed some of what we’ve been seeing for years no matter who’s the manager; lots of nice possession without penetration and failing to convert chances and being harassed by brawnier opponents. Club sure seems reluctant to buy mair Wanyamas, yet our cabinet still creaks under domestic silver.



    We do need the suits to take Euro ambitions more seriously or Brendan will bolt.



    But keep the faith – we’ll still win the league imo.

  26. When or whenever Celtic are looking for another coach,hopefully it’s not left to Desmond or Lawell who picks them ,second time round has proved a disaster

  27. I am on record as stating I did not want BR back, and I stick with that opinion. His football style is just so dated and not the way forward. Out best player Kyogo, has been stifled by this way of playing.


    I make the comparison of two boxers, one very aggressive , the other ultra defensive. Who is going to win that ask yourself. Obvious .


    Sidewas , crab style is not going to prevail under any circumstance, as sure as there is shit in a nanny goat.


    Attack attack




  28. FANADPATRIOT on 11TH DECEMBER 2023 10:20 AM



    John Kennedy in the dugout not got the confidence in himself to try a new opportunity or is he the muppets muppet .



    *is that no the same John Kennedy who was in charge for a week during the transition from walk away rogers tae lenny and took us tae swinecastle and easter road where we won which enabled us tae secure the unprecedented treble treble at the end of the season

  29. TIMBHOY163 on 11TH DECEMBER 2023 10:10 AM


    Peterlatchfordsbelly ,You like thousands on here last Wednesday v Hibs praising some of the players,yesterday you change your tune ,half of them aren’t good enough,everyone is entitled to their opinions but give Kilmarnock there due they outplayed is in the second half ,we’re in all honesty we weren’t at the races,



    *don’t often agree with you oul yin but your bang on there

  30. DOWNFORSAM on 11TH DECEMBER 2023 10:20 AM


    From looking across various fan sites and social media. Most supporters regard Palma being the only transfer success from summer window. Personally I don’t see it. He’s a slow Ryan Kent.



    *wtf aye ok sammy fae the county down

  31. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Many, many years ago I recall a Celtic supporter – no longer with us, (,or perhaps he might be 🤔) …..



    ….who, when asked for a “prediction” pre-match, always gave the same reply.



    “Win, lose or draw I’ll be back at work on Monday morning”.



    Times change.

  32. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Tontine Tim – Lol.



    Most trolls on football social media are a hoot.



    Transparent as a new pane of glass.



    Problem is …. the marketplace is there.



    If the unrest did not exist there would be nothing to foment.

  33. If money is indeed what football is all about then we are toiling in a one team league. Our board are amateurs.

  34. b2b ghf



    sadly, i was also back at work today ;(


    weekend ruined, and so will my midweek, but hopefully not my xmas and new year

  35. An Dun



    So you honestly think Abada Jota and O’Riley were anything other than project prospects when they first played for us. You honestly think that more than 20% of the critical experts on here felt Starfelt was the solution when he arrived. You honestly think a 5ft 10 3rd team Spurs centre back who had failed on 2 previous loan spells in England was viewed as anything other than a project prospect by Ange.



    He knew what he was dealing with. He got the model. He wasn’t playing games. He dealt with it and got on with it. No bullshit.






    Ange also signed Hatate and O’Riley in the January window. To suggest this is not possible is garbage. Or maybe these 2 projects don’t meet your standards.

  36. An Dun



    Talk me through exactly where the inherited wealth is on our board ? They are far from a perfect and diverse group but to my mind most have earned what they have in whatever walks of life they come from. Only DD son has anything resembling inherited wealth or privilege as I see it.



    Curious on the point re folk being well off and therefore assumed to be intelligent. Doffing caps and all that.



    A counter point is that it is the easiest game in tge world to play sat in an armchair at home with zero responsibility and accountability firing shots at things going wrong and giving zero credit for things going right.