Kilmarnock v Celtic, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 12:30.

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  1. celticrollercoaster on

    ***Last Man Standing 11 update- 6 days to kick off☘️⚽⚽⚽?***



    We are now 90 strong with a week to go! Additional free entry to be announced tonight for reaching 88. Heading nicely towards the magnificent 100!



    How to play



    1)Select 1 team that you have not picked before, to win from the list of football fixtures provided.



    2) Win ( You can buy back your history in week 1 to 3 if you lose)



    3) Last one standing wins the pot of 50% of proceeds.



    How it helps others



    The balance of the pot is split 80%/20% behind two great causes



    Lisbon benefactor(80% of pot)





    Seville Benefactor (20% of pot- selected by you the entrants)





    Cost to play


    £10 per entry fee. All welcome to join and you can enter as many teams as possible



    How to join



    Simply email us at cqnpredictor@gmail.com

  2. prestonpans bhoys on

    That pitch only conducive to crap football, settle for a 1:0 and no injuries. Anyone got a link to the game?

  3. Today’s starting line up ……




    Gordon; Lustig , Boyata, Benkovic, Tierney; Brown, Mulumbu; Johnston, Christie, Sinclair ; Griffiths



    Subs : Bain, Hendry, Morgan, Rogic, Edouard, McGregor, Forrest


  4. Hearing Mulumbu starts. Magic


    Read the Roll of Honour being filmed by British Transport Police. Sad bassas



  5. DD enjoy your day mate.


    I’m pub bound in about 25 mins and I have been warned that I have to be home at a reasonable time.


    You think after 30 years marriage she would know not to say such a horrible thing ???



    Hail Hail



    D. :)

  6. David66


    Having a great sing song wi the Partick Smiddy young team on train. Their fathers taught them the rebs well.



  7. Lets hope we can vary the play today 1×2’s around there box, shots, if there on, no speculative efforts , cut backs from the byline, play the long ball, just give killie something to think about , plus lets play with urgency



    shakeemup csc

  8. I think a major part of our current problems with the form and performance of the team ( abysmal transfer window aside ) is down to poor man management.



    Boyata and Dembele obviously felt let down by our management, whether either were justified in their separate grievances is unclear to me.



    Regardless of who was/is in the wrong here these situations appear to have had a negative effect on our squad which is really disappointing on so many levels given the quality of players, management and resources we have available.



    The reaction from our players to Boyata’s goal against Accies was telling. They obviously felt the big man was justified in his grievance with the club imo.



    Egos need to be put aside and people employed by our club would do well to remember Tommy’s now famous quote…”When you pull on that jersey you’re not just playing for a football club, you’re playing for a people and a cause.”



    There’s enough elements stacked against us within Scotland ready to put us at any disadvantage possible without contributing ourselves .



    As a club we need to put all the unrest behind us and regroup, unified , pulling in the same direction again. If we do that the performances will look after themselves.



    We have arguably the best manager at our club since Jock, definitely the best since Martin O’Neill . Our board need to support Brendan in the transfer market, the support will be watching closely at our dealings in January. Disrespect them at your peril.


    We also have a good squad with some good young players with loads of potential. There’s the great foundation of back to back trebles to build on. A lot of things to be positive about. The once fragile defence is looking solid . Another clean sheet today would be welcome.



    Some attitude adjustments required and the rest will take care of itself, well that’s how it looks to me.




  9. Enjoyed hearing Tommy burns stories the last couple of days.


    Here’s mine.


    A friend of my late fathers was telling me about the time he and my dad where on there way to love street to see the Celtic.Unfortunatly they had no tickets,no problem says my dad I know tommy well, he will get us some tickets.Anyway Celtic bus draws up,tommy gets of the bus,dad gets his attention,tommy comes over greets my dad warmly Mr C#&£*@. How are you? Great says dad,looking for a couple of tickets tommy.Leave it with me,10mins later Tommy’s back with two tickets.Thanks very much tommy,no problem says tommy,glad to help a former teacher.


    What a man.

  10. anybody else think that maybe playing gamboa or izzaguire instead of lustig, would give us more of an attacking threat .hh.

  11. marspapa on 23rd September 2018 11:41 am


    Well , can’t believe that line up , but Brendans the master .


    Maybe Brendan is sending a message to the guys on the bench.

  12. stolen from the papers.



    His goal on Thursday was the 300th of Brendan Rodgers’ reign, of which he has knocked in 34. In that time, he has started 47 games and come off the bench in another 40.

  13. Hello again all you young rebels.



    CTV on, a wee hauf in my haun, the rebs playin, what more could an auld


    tim want.


    Well after a great day at the rebel town golf club and a wonderful lunch


    and guess what? the chef was only the head chef at Celtic park a few years




    I guess it’s like cream floating to the top, all good tims end up in rebel town 8-))


    H.H Mick




    Hope they read it lol.



    I was hoping it would be Edouard on the left Griff through the middle and Mickey on the right .



    They might move the ball on quicker here’s hoping .

  15. MARSPAPA- just read back, the Killie system did suit Molumbu, I think he has a lot about him, maybe sit with Broonie beside him. HH

  16. soft rain been falling here in the Schwalm and it is needed…you can almost here the vegetation singing for joy…now you might be saying plants canae sing …but there are studies on the sounds of how chlorophyll is formed that can be likened to music…


    any hows I digress…the garden is green and glistening and that uplifts this wee gardeners spirits…



    smiley Clare Dywer Hogg thing






    come on the green and white …

  17. I believe Olivier Ntcham is twice the player that Malumbu is but, even if he was not suspended today, it would have been good for him to sit out on the bench to buck him up a bit.



    Lustig is a warrior who never hides and should be appreciated more by our crowd, but he is lucky to get a starting slot today. I hope he takes advantage of his reprieve.



    We have very small and lightweight front 4 which is ok on a plastic pitch against taller awkward defenders like Broadfoot. Interesting to see how 2 Celtic rejects O’Donnell and Findlay cope in the Killie defence today.



    I’ll be happy with any kind of win, even another boring performance one.

  18. I’ll be satisfied with any win today on that horrible pitch. It’s the points that count. Last season, we lost both of our centre backs within the first 30 minutes. I think that Mulumbu must play as he knows the pitch well and is a warrior. I pray that we’ll suffer no injuries. I saw someone mention Speirs last night. I read the article too. Apparently the pendulum has swung ‘back’ in favour of Rangers, ever so slightly. How it can swing back to a new club defeats me.




    Speirs cites Rangers ‘terrific’ result against Villareal but dismisses the Spaniards’ ropey form, their many reserves and misses as meagre factors in the outcome of the game. Griff, meanwhile, had to dig Brendan and Celtic out again against Rosenborg.




    In the inside pages, Paul Forsyth is on full message. His first 6 paragraphs are full of doom and gloom about Celtic while matters are being made worse by Rangers ‘progress’. No wonder the Huns expectations are raised through the ceiling. There’s no mention that we’re ahead of them in the league, just that we’ve scored fewer goals. They don’t actually point out that a win at home gives you 3 points while a draw in Spain gives you only one and there’s no guarantee they will be able to win at Ibrox.




    I love it. Mwahahaha. COYBIG

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